tagLoving WivesMaggie's First Four Hands Massage

Maggie's First Four Hands Massage


Some time ago I treated my hot wife, Maggie, to her first erotic massage. She enjoyed not only the massage but a hot fuck from her masseuse, Phil. Recently my wife has been under some pressure and she tends to be a worrier. So I thought it was time to get her some relaxation and fun.

I called Phil and asked if he was still in the "erotic massage" business (which he does purely for fun and not for profit). He has considerable experience, his own heated table, hot stones and assorted oils which he uses very effectively. When we talked I told Phil that I wanted to treat Maggie to something different this time. He suggested we try a four hands massage.

Phil told me he had recruited a good friend of his for just such a massage and he told me about his friend, Michael. He is also married with children, is a triathlete and sales executive. Michael is 6 feet, 2 inches tall and weighs about 185. He has a lean swimmer's body with long, lithe muscles and excellent body tone. He is also an "ab freak" and has a true six pack of abs.

Based on Phil's recommendation and knowing that he knew what my wife was like; I accepted his recommendation and we set the date for the massage. In order to make things more time efficient we agreed to meet on a Thursday afternoon at a hotel near Phil's office.

Phil booked the room and prepared the massage table, music and candles. As agreed, he called me when the room was ready as Maggie and I were having a glass of wine at a nearby restaurant. Phil left a key at the front desk and we went to the room. Maggie was impressed with over a dozen candles already lit and soft classical music adding to the ambiance of the cozy room. The curtains were also closed making the room warm and inviting.

Maggie took her time disrobing and she was completely naked except for her tiny thong panties. They were black and lacy and very sexy. She climbed under the warm flannel sheets, put on the eye mask and placed her head face down in the massage table cradle. After I got the camera out of the bag I called Phil and told him to come back to the room. I did not tell Maggie about the surprise we had in store for her.

Phil knocked softly on the door and I opened it. After shaking hands with Phil and then Michael, they entered the room and stripped all the way down to their boxers. Michael had on navy blue silk boxers and Phil had on white cotton boxers. They both put on belts with pockets that allowed them to place the massage oil on their belts for easy access to the oil. The hot stones were resting in the water on the table. Not a word was spoken.

Phil started the massage as he had before focusing on Maggie's shoulders and neck where she carries most of her tension. He massaged slowly but effectively as Maggie started to relax and unwind. Phil moved the flannel sheet down her back and massaged his way to the middle of her back. Soon he motioned to Michael to join him and Michael slathered his hands with the warm oil. Phil had taught Michael to do exactly what he was doing on the opposite side of Maggie's back. As Phil massaged the middle of her back on her right side, Michael mirrored Phil's hand action precisely on the left side of Maggie's toned back. If she was surprised, she did not show it and seemed to remain relaxed while the four hands worked their magic on her body and her psyche. I suppose she thought that the second set of hands belonged to me.

However, I continued to click away with my camera leaving little doubt for Maggie that there were three men in the room with her. She sighed a deep breath as Phil and Michael moved down her back to her butt. They moved the sheet up to cover her back leaving her butt and legs exposed. They took special care to work on her buttocks and massaged deeply as Maggie continued to relax.

It was at this point that both men dropped their boxers. With Maggie still on her stomach her arms were by her side and her hands lay open beside her torso. Phil and Michael deftly placed their cocks in Maggie's hands at exactly the same moment. Phil's cock is about 8 inches and fairly thick. Michael's cock was a good bit longer at about 9 ½ inches and it was much thicker than Phil's impressive man meat. Maggie played it cool and did not react to the cock in each hand however; she now knew for certain that there were three men in the room as I continued to click away with my camera. Still not a word had been spoken as the music played softly in the background and her blindfold still firmly in place.

Michael and Phil lingered on Maggie's butt and upper hamstring muscles as they did not want to move their cocks from Maggie's grasp. I noticed a slight movement in Maggie's hands as she loosely wrapped her hands around the two impressive pricks and massaged them ever so lightly. At this point Phil pulled her thong pantie slowly down her legs revealing her trimmed but dark, hairy pussy.

Soon the two men moved down to Maggie's calves and feet. They worked on her lower legs as Maggie totally relaxed. We all knew what would happen soon. Phil finally moved up to Maggie's ear and whispered..........."Time to turn over." She demurely turned on to her back while keeping the sheet in place.

Phil left the sheet in place and began massaging her shoulders and neck. Michael moved to her left side and mimicked Phil's actions. Soon they pushed the sheet down to her waist exposing her magnificent breasts. They measure 39 D and while some who read these stories find it hard to believe, these breasts are fantastic.

Her lovely nipples stand proudly at attention when she is stimulated and even though the men had not yet touched her breasts; her nipples were long and stiff.

Both men reached for her nipples at precisely the same moment as if they had rehearsed the moment many times. Soon the massage of her breasts began and these guys knew how to work the tissue deeply. After what seemed like a long time the men reluctantly moved from her breasts to her stomach and then down to her lower abdomen. Soon her pubis was exposed and Michael exhaled audibly as if to say "WOW!"

Phil and Michael moved down her abdomen and then to her upper thighs without touching Maggie's lovely pussy. They worked all around it but never touched her labia or clitoris. The moved down her legs massaging her thighs and then down to her lower legs and feet. Michael was totally in sync with Phil as they moved methodically down her body.

Once her feet were massaged again while on her back, they moved slowly back to her thighs. Soon they encircled her vaginal area and it wasn't long before Phil found her clitoris and began massaging it slowly. I noticed Maggie's legs beginning to stir and I knew her first climax was soon to follow. As she warmed to his touch, Michael slowly slipped his middle finger into her vagina. Maggie climaxed suddenly and almost violently and totally surprised both men. Her gushing climax caused both men to come to full arousal and their impressive cocks soon found Maggie's hands on either side of the table. This time she was totally in to massaging their cocks to insure they were at full attention when she needed them.

I watched and clicked away as Michael had one finger inside her and was massaging the nipple of her left breast with his other hand. Phil stayed focused on her clitoris while also moving a couple of fingers to her right nipple. Maggie was totally engaged and writhing mightily on the table. She is multi-orgasmic and once she starts cumming she is a machine and can climax over and over. She did not disappoint on this occasion.

Soon Maggie turned her head towards Phil and said, "This would be a good time to fuck me." I so love it when she talks dirty and she always does it well when she is in a sport fucking situation..........like this one.

Phil took the cue and slowly slid Maggie to the end of the table so that her pussy was right on the edge of the table. This placed Phil's cock right at her opening and she was begging for hot cock. Phil slid his impressive cock slowly into her savoring the moment. He pushed all the way in with a slow, steady motion. Meanwhile, Maggie was stroking Michael's cock with vigor. Michael moved his mouth down to her breast and began flicking his tongue on her sensitive nipple. This pushed Maggie over the edge and she came long and loud on Phil's cock.

He continued to pound away while Michael mauled Maggie's breasts with his hands and his mouth. Maggie never seemed to stop climaxing as she came over and over again.

After pounding Maggie's pussy to a number of noisy and wet climaxes, Phil finally moved away and Michael quickly replaced Phil's cock with his tongue. Maggie loves to receive oral and she can cum an unbelievable number of times while being eaten. Phil moved his glistening cock to Maggie's mouth as she turned to the side to allow easy entry into her waiting mouth. It was difficult for Maggie to move so Phil did most of the work essentially face fucking her with his cock. Michael established a steady rhythm of tongue fucking and Maggie rewarded with him climax after wet climax. Michael's mouth and jaw were soaking wet with her juices and watching her suck Phil's cock while Michael was eating her was one of the hottest scenes I have ever witnessed. Of course I captured it all on my digital camera.

After many climaxes by Maggie and none by her lovers, they picked her up off the bed and moved her gently to the bed. As they laid her on the bed Phil asked her to turn on to her stomach. Once she did he laid down on his back beside her and pulled her on to his chest. Soon her body was fully on top of Phil and his hard cock was standing straight up. It soon found her hot, wet pussy and she slid all the way down on his cock controlling both the depth and the pace of their carnal connection.

Michael was still in the "eating" mode and he quickly moved to her ass where he started kissing her butt cheeks while stimulating her anus with his fingers. Soon he moved his tongue to her anus and began kissing and licking her anus in anticipation of what was to come. Phil was talking softly in Maggie's ear telling her what Michael was going to do. She responded by fucking Phil hard and fast while begging him to cum in her pussy.

Maggie was furiously fucking Phil as Michael moved between Phil's legs while spreading Maggie's legs. He rubbed a lubricant on Maggie's anus and then a bit on his impressive cock. He was long and hard and I worried for a moment that Maggie would not be able to take the length and girth of his cock in her ass. It looked every bit of the 9 ½ inches and it was at least two inches across. He slowly slipped the head into her ass as she slowed her pace with Phil.

Michael finally got the head of his cock inserted and he stopped for a moment to allow Maggie to get used to his thickness. He asked if she was okay and she nodded her head. He renewed his journey and pushed his cock deeper into her anal cavity. It took some time but he finally reached the bottom as his cock was deeply in her ass. Once in to full depth Michael pulled slowly back out almost to the tip before plunging back in again. He soon established a smooth rhythm while Phil resumed his thrusts. Maggie was in heaven moaning, groaning and cumming over and over sometimes so loudly that I was afraid the hotel manager might call the police. Meanwhile, I continued my camera work eager to capture every moment.

This hot action soon led to both men finally proclaiming their need to let go. Both men bellowed and climaxed at the same time filling Maggie's ass and pussy with torrents of white, hot sperm. Maggie climaxed again albeit more softly as both men softened and relaxed.

Michael moved off of Maggie and fell on to the bed beside Phil. Maggie rolled off of Phil and fell to his other side. All three were exhausted and breathing heavily as they collapsed. The moment provided a fabulous photo opportunity with the three naked bodies spread out on the bed. When I looked at my watch I realized that the massage had started almost 3 hours earlier. They deserved a break.

After a brief rest Maggie rolled over and grabbed Phil's limp member. She stroked it back to full attention as Phil responded by playing with her nipples. Michael went back to work on Maggie's pussy and soon they were all engaged again. Michael was eager to feel Maggie's hot pussy and after washing his cock with a hot towel, he pushed Maggie to her back and spread her legs. He stuck his cock all the way in to her warm and wet pussy as Maggie stroked Phil's hard cock.

Michael moved Maggie's legs to his shoulders so he could penetrate deeply and Phil started stroking his own cock while Maggie was being royally fucked by Michael. This time it did not take long for Michael to reach the point of climax. He held off as long as possible but soon announced that he needed to cum. Maggie urged him on with two noisy climaxes as Michael roared and grunted as he showered Maggie's womb with his love juice.

Once he rolled off, Phil moved to Maggie's waiting mouth and announced that he wanted to cum in her mouth. She worked his cock with her right hand while cupping his balls with her left. She moved up and down on his large shaft and kept a furious pace willing him to cum deep in her throat. She was soon rewarded with a loud yell as he filled her mouth with his load. She swallowed all of it never allowing a drop to escape her lips. What a fabulous slut she can be.

It was clear at that point that everyone was completely exhausted. Maggie moved to the shower as the two men dressed and began packing the massage gear. It had been an incredibly steamy and sexy afternoon. It may have taken two men to get Maggie to relax and enjoy herself but we all agreed..............mission accomplished. She kissed them both goodbye and gave them each a little cock squeeze before they departed.

I couldn't wait to review the photos with Maggie and fuck the daylights out of her once we returned to our house. It is safe to say that Maggie thoroughly enjoyed her four hands massage and as we drove home she asked me when we might be able to schedule another get together with Phil and Michael.

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