tagRomanceMaggie's Hard Day

Maggie's Hard Day


What a day it had been. I was wore out from the stress of another day at the office. It seems that the days just get longer and longer. Anyway it feels good to be driving home at last. First I guess I should tell you my name is Maggie and I live just outside the city because I need to get away from the rush and craziness of the city. It is a longer drive this way but that's means I can unwind a little before I get home so I don't snap on my boyfriend.

As I pull into the drive I see the Mike is home. He usually isn't home till after 7. As I walk into the house I notice that there are candles light and soft music playing. Hmmm make me wonder what he is up to. As I call out his name I don't hear an answer so I start to look for him. As I wonder through the house I hear water running and I assume he is in the shower. I stick my head in to tell him I am home and he is standing there with a big smile on his face. As I look down I see a tub full of bubbles. He says I thought you could use a nice hot bubble bath after a long day darlin.

With that he walks to me and slowly starts to take my jacket off. He kisses me as he removes it. Then he pulls me into his arms and looks deep into my eyes. And tells me how much he cares and he wants to make me happy. He softly holds my face in his hands and gently touches his lips to mine in a soft yet passionate kiss. As his lips touch mine I feel his tongue softly touch my bottom lip as he starts to kiss me a little bit harder. He is still holding my face as he nips my lower lip and my mouth opens a little as I breathe in. His tongue sneaks out and the tip of it finds the tip of mine as we kiss. I feel my arms going around his shoulders as our tongue swirl around each others in a dance all their own. As he gently breaks the kiss he says hey the water is going to get cold if we keep this up.

And with that he removes my clothes. As I try to help he says relax let me take care of you right now. After he removed my blouse and bra he slowly rubbed his thumbs over my nipples. He smiles and says they were calling to him to do that. Then he helps me out of my skirt and panties. Picking me up and sitting me on the counter so he can remove my stockings. I never realized just how much he knew about undressing me till now. His hands gently roll my stockings down my legs being careful not to tear them. Massaging my legs as he works them off.

With all my clothes off he helps me down and over to the tub. I can feel the steam come up off the water and the bubbles look so inviting. As I start to step in he picks me up in his arms and slowly lowers me into the water. His shirt getting all wet as he does so. As he pulls back from putting me in the tub he peals off his shirt. It make me shudder a little inside when I see his chest. All that hair to run my fingers through. Oh that comes later I am sure. As I sink into the tub submerging all my body into the hot water and feeling my muscles relax as I start to soak. I feel his hands on my shoulders as he pulls me forward slightly so that he can start to wash my back.

He whispers in my ear that he is going to give me a bath I will not soon forget. With that he lathers my back and massages my skin as he does so. Feeling his finger tips slipping all over my back as the soap makes it slick and easier for him to caress. I can feel it as his fingers spread out all the way then slowly he draws them back in till they meet. Then he moves down a little and does the same over and over again. Till he has covered my whole back and shoulders. MMMMMMMMM.. It is so relaxing to feel this in the water.

As he rinses my back off he softly kisses my forehead and says he hopes I enjoy what he has planned. How can I tell him I am already in heaven at this point. He softly washes across my chest being sure to avoid my breast at this time going around to my tummy and my sides. It feels like he is teasing me as he soaps up my body everywhere but where I want to feel his hands. It is relaxing yet it is very sensual. And I can feel my body reacting to his touch. As a small moan emits from my lips he just smiles and says I see you are enjoying the bath.

And then he runs his soapy hands over my breast and I feel my self breathe in sharply as it catches me off guard. His fingers slipping under my breast lathering me. My nipples give my passion away as they harden and swell with his touch. As quickly as he starts to lather it seems that he is done there and has moved on down toward my legs. I don't think he knows just how sexy he looks leaning over the tub shoulder deep in bubbles giving me everything my heart desires.

He then picks up my leg and starts to lather it from the foot up. As he runs his fingers through my toes and around my feet my body shivers. Then he slowly comes up toward the knee lightly tracing his fingers on the back of my knee making me jump. He smiles and says I always get you there darlin. Then he washes up my thigh only to stop as he gets to my torso. Then he does the other leg the same way. Now I know he must go where I want him too. He has teased me enough that I want to feel his fingers on me there. Just when I thought I had him he eluded me again. As he reached for the razor and says he is going to shave my legs for me. I am a little bit nervous about this. But I trust him and will try it. He holds my leg up and lathers it again. This time watch as he slowly strokes the razor from the ankle upward. I hold my breath at first till I see that he is being gentle. And it starts to feel erotic as he shaves both my legs slowly and gently. As he rinses my legs off I feel his fingers slip over my mound. And his mouth closes over mine again as he kisses my with a passion I haven't felt for a while. Then I realize it has turned him on as much as it has me. The water is getting colder so I tell him lets finish this bath and continue this in the bed room. With that he washes me and rinses me off. As I stand he wraps a towel around me.

He does not lead me to the bedroom as I thought he would. He leads me to the patio. And on the patio he has a blanket laid out and he lays me down on it. That is one nice thing about living outside the city. After he lays me down he starts to kiss me all over my face. Soft little kisses along my forehead and across my eyes and down my cheeks. Till he finally finds my mouth. By now my desires are to great for the soft kisses he is trying to give me and I grab him and kiss him hard. Pushing my tongue into his mouth searching for his tongue this time.

Feeling it as he opens his mouth to except my kiss and wrap his arms around my body. He pulls me tightly to him as we kiss. As we break away from the kiss he rolls away a little from me and removes my towel. Then I am laying there naked for him to see and do what he will with me. He grabs me again in his arms and starts to kiss my neck. As he holds me I can feel his hardness pressing against me through his jeans. I decide it is only fair now that I treat him to something I know he loves. I push him onto his back and start to slowly kiss down his chest. Stopping to kiss and bite at his nipples causing his body to spasm as I do.

My fingers slowly working on his belt buckle and the buttons on his jeans. Feeling his manhood fill the front of his jeans as I try to free it from the confines of the cloth. Kissing my way down till my head is at his jeans. Hearing him moan as I kiss his cock through his pants. I pull at his jeans with my teeth as I lower them slowly being careful not to hurt him. As I pull his jeans down his cock jumps out and stands tall right in front of my face. Seeing the veins running along the shaft as it pulses and twitches with his every heart beat. I softly cup his balls in my fingers as I caress them and feel their weight in my hands. It is not a huge cock just about 6 inches long but it is thick. I can not get my hand all the way around it.

My finger lack about an two inches of touching. It is swollen and red the head looks like it is angry it is so red. Slowly I reach with my mouth and touch the tip of his cock. Feeling his body quiver as I make contact with it. Licking down the shaft along the big vein that runs down the bottom of it. Teasing just lightly touching with my tongue as I go lower toward his balls. Licking across his balls sucking them one at a time into my mouth. Feeling them roll around in my mouth. After I remove them from my mouth I lick lower yet feeling the tightness of the skin under his balls. As I start to lick back up along the side of his ball in the crease by his leg. Feeling him shudder as I get closer to his cock again. It twitches on it own as I breathe across it with me warm breath.

Grasping it at the base with my hands I slowly swirl my tongue around the head. Just the tip at first teasing him like he did me in the tub. Licking it downward just my tongue around and around till I get to the base where my fingers are. Then I nip along the bottom of the shaft as I go up biting gently along the thickness till I reach the top again. Then slowly taking the head in my mouth and sucking hard as I swirl my tongue under the head tickling it as I suck. He bucks his hips up toward my mouth and I pull back only wanting the head in right now. I can feel his fingers intertwine in my hair as I suck on him. He softly tries to help me go lower and I pull off and tell him to relax and enjoy what I am doing and where I am taking him.

Sound familiar I say as I smile and swallow his hard cock all the way to the base. Feeling it brush against my throat. I start to suck harder as I slide it all the way out till just the tip is in my mouth then drop my head back down swallowing it all. I can feel the pulse in his cock as I suck it and lick it at the same time. I can feel the precum as it starts to drip from the head. I pull back and just stick the tip of my tongue in the small hole in his head feeling the percum slip over my tongue and make it slick. The taste is something I have grown to like over time. I can hear it in his throat as he starts to moan louder that he is getting closer to giving me all the nectar that he holds.

I swiftly take his cock back in my mouth letting him rub against my tonsils as I move my hand and let him sink all of his cock into my mouth as he starts to buck up toward my head. I am trying to keep up with his thrusts but he is starting to get close to losing it. I can tell from the sounds that are coming from his throat and the fact that he is doing the movement now I am just sucking and holding on.

Trying not to let him jerk to much I hate it when he drives to deep into my throat. I can hear him now he is starting to really moan and talk to me as he tells me how good it feels and he is close to cumming. He reaches down and grabs my breast in one hand as they sway under me as I feel him start to swell even more. With one hand on my breast and the other on my head he tells me he is going to cum. OHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD Baby here it is.... He starts to yell as I feel the head swell and explode inside my mouth.

I try to swallow and keep up with the sudden onslaught of semen coming from the head of his cock. But he is cumming like a fountain. Feels like a volcano shooting lava out of the top over and over. Some of it slips out of my mouth and down my chin as I keep trying to stay with him. Then it starts to slow down and he starts to stop bucking so hard. Slowly his spasms stop and he lays there breathing rapidly and trying to regroup. He still has my breast in his hand and he is swirling his fingers around the nipple. As he slowly opens his eyes I am staring up at him and smiling. I ask him if he liked where I took him he just grins and says yep now it is your turn.

With that he lays me down on my tummy and starts to lick slowly down my spine. As he gets down to my ass he starts to lick and nip at my ass cheeks. Biting and then kissing where he bites driving the heat up in my body. Then he slowly licks right along the crease of my ass touching both cheeks with his tongue. Licking till his chin rests on my legs and he starts to lick harder tonguing his way into the crack trying to get to my pussy from behind. I feel my legs starting to part as he keeps up the pressure with his tongue. His nose brushing up against my ass as he licks deep into me.

As his tongue get to the bottom of my pussy just touching the hole as he tastes my juices that are flowing from the pleasure I got from making him cum. He licks back towards my ass as I feel my body tell on me when it shudders as he touches the spot right between my pussy and my ass with the tip of his tongue. He pulls the cheeks apart and softly licks around my asshole and along the crack from top to bottom. Hmmmmmmmmmmm something new he is trying I think I am going to like this. The feeling that he is finding in me is new to me I have never liked my as played with but knowing that it is fresh out of the tub and he wants it makes it feel right. So I push my ass in the air so that he can get better access.

Feeling this he licks back toward my pussy and runs his tongue into my hole tasting it again and moaning that he likes what he tastes. Then he licks back and forth between the two holes teasing me as he pushes the tip of his tongue in both. Then he tells me to turn over he wants to get more serious.

So I turn over and he comes up to my breast and starts to lick around the bottom of them along the line where they meet my body. Hmmmmmmm yes baby I hear myself say as I grab his head and try to move it to my nipple. He pulls back and says no no I am taking my time baby. going to make you want it worse then you do already.. And he has an evil grin on his face. With that he moves his tongue to the outside of my breast licking and nipping at the side of them. slowly working his way up to the top of them touching lightly with his tongue and lips.

As he does this his hand slips down my body till it is resting on my mound and his finger tips are at the top of my slit right above my clit. As his tongue slowly works in toward the nipple his fingers tease down the outside of my lips touching ever so lightly. Feeling almost like little butterfly wings softly dusting across my lips and my inner thighs. He finally gets to my nipple and sucks the hard nub into his mouth and runs the tip of his tongue over it. I can feel my back arch as I try to get him to take more of my breast into his mouth. At the same time his finger is probing at the opening of my pussy trying to sneak in.

God I can't believe the feeling running through my body and my mind. Not only is my body on fire but my mind is reeling from the sensations going through it. As his fingers start to enter me I can feel his teeth brush over my nipple as he bites down gently on it. My body spasms as I feel my first little orgasm coming on. I can feel it building as he slips his fingers deeper into me and sucks and chews on my nipple. My body starts to go over the edge and just as I do he pulls out of my hole and off my nipple.

OHHHHH Damn you Damn you I hear myself saying. And he has this evil little laugh then says not yet baby I am not going to let you get there yet darlin. As my body lay there shuddering he holds me tightly letting it subside somewhat. As the spasms slow he again slowly starts to lick down my body. Pausing at my belly button to lick and tease for a moment. His fingers probing at my sex again as he works down till he is licking my mound.

As he licks painfully slow across my mound teasing me with that tongue that I know so well. I feel him lick down along the side of my lips right between the lips and the thigh. Till he gets to the bottom of my lips then he again licks toward my ass slipping his tongue between my cheeks and touching me there again and making my body jump with anticipation of what is going to happen. Slowly he drags his tongue back up to my pussy licking his way to my clit.

Holding my lips apart with his fingers he swirls his tongue around my clit just touching the outside edges of it. Then starting back down to my hole where he slips his tongue in and strokes the inside of me with it. His finger tips lightly touching my clit as he does so. God I can feel it coming on again my tummy starting to shake and my clit starting to throb as the orgasm starts from the center of my body and works outward. And again as I start to crest he pulls away and says not yet baby I want it to build more.

He knows he has me now because all I can do I say please let me cum baby I need to feel the release. In due time darlin I will let you just enjoy the feeling you have getting there. With that he goes back to licking my hole and rubbing harder on my clit with his fingers. His tongue feels like a hot little poker sticking into me as he thrusts it as deep as he can in me. Then he pulls it out and licks up to my clit and sucks it into his mouth and flicks his tongue rapidly over the top of it.

Causing my body to buck up against his face. I reach down and grab his head as he tongues my hard throbbing clit. Causing me to reach the point where I have been twice already and not been allowed to go. I have his head now he can't stop and I feel it coming on the fire inside and the shaking of my legs and my nipples getting rock hard and starting to hurt. All the signs of a tremendous orgasm. And then DAMN him he doesn't pull away he just stops licking and mumbles from out of my pussy nono you are not going yet baby. I try to rub my clit against his mouth GOD I need to come so bad it hurts me inside. I can feel it right there and he just won't take me there.

I look down at him and say please baby let me cum.. And with that he starts to lick and suck on my clit. I can hear him mumble cum baby cum for me. As he takes me right back where I was ready to go over the top. Only this time he lets me go I can feel the waves of pleasure come over my body as I start to fall into the abyss of orgasm that only being teased and made to wait can bring. My body shakes and quivers as he continues to suck on my clit and gently bite at the base of it as I orgasm. The pleasure just keeps building in me as the orgasm grows even stronger as he plunges two fingers deep into me. Causeing me to scream out and start to convulse on him as my mind overloads with pleasure and I see only the darkness of pure pleasure surround my mind and body.

As I come back to reality with a shudder I can feel his eyes on me. As I look down I can see him smiling over my mound at me and he asks me if I am ok. I manage a smile back and tell him yes and then he immediately starts to lick my pussy again. Taking his tongue and lapping at the juices flowing from me telling me how good I taste and that he has to have more of them. Holding my legs apart and up on his shoulders he pulls my lips apart and buries his face in me and his tongue as deeply as it will go into me. Curling his tongue so that it rubs against the top of my pussy rubbing just inside and almost to my g-spot. Causing me to jerk again. then he softly blows across my clit and his breath feels like hot wild winds causing me to tremble as he takes four fingers and surrounds my clit and starts to stroke it from all sides at once. Trapping my hard pulsing clit between his finger tips and pulling up and back with them. As he does that I feel his tongue sweep across my clit as the whole top is exposed to his licking. His fingers keep it from slipping back into it's protective hood and he knows how damn touchy it gets.

And he puts his top teeth on one side of it and then flips his tongue under the other side driving my clit into his teeth and causing me to start all over again. God the things that he does to me YES YES YES baby I am cumming again. Lick that clit baby suck it into your mouth and lick it baby...... OHHHHHHHHHHH damn my body once again spasms and shivers as my orgasm takes over and he stays right on my clit pushing my way over the edge. Can't even form words to describe the feeling running through my mind. God it is so wild the feeling of total pleasure wrapping it's self around you and taking you away from it all.

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