tagIncest/TabooMaggie's Secret Wish Ch. 1

Maggie's Secret Wish Ch. 1


Day or night, it didn't matter what time it was. She wanted him, and wanted him so bad that it didn't matter that it was wrong. She has had boyfriends who could and couldn't satisfy her in bed, but they never took away the thought of having him in her bed. At 19 she wanted someone who would give her the pleasure she wanted from a man. Her mother doesn't even sleep with him any more, so she set out to get him in her bed. She had it all planned out for when her mother visited her parents next week. She went to the adult store in the next town and got some things, that she thought would turn him on. A sheer black panties and bra with matching robe. She also got some oils and tapes to watch while he was home. She had then hidden in her secret place behind her closet wall. "Maggie come down to dinner." her mother called.

The last few days were had to get through, but now her mother was getting into the taxi to go to the airport. She watch as her dad hugged and told her mother bye. Running up stairs she change into her new bikini, which was a very tiny thing and when it got wet it was see thru. Walking down the stairs. "Daddy want to come swimming with me?" she ask. "Sure honey give me a minute to change first." he said. "Oh Daddy you can come in without your clothes like you always do at night." she said as she walked out to the pool. He looked up as she walked away, shock but not so shock that he didn't see her bathing suit she wasn't wearing. He felt his cock getting hard, looking down at his hand, he slip the wedding band off his finger and set it in the coffee can which held the pennies he's been collecting. Reaching inside his pants he stroked his cock, while he watch his sexy daughter playing in the water. Looking down he saw that his cock was standing out like a flag pole, he walk out to the pool's edge. "Maggie how would you like to go to the movies with me later?" he ask. She told him she would like that very much. With her eyes glued on his harden cock.

She put on the matching bra and panties and a long T-Shirt dress she usually use for sleeping, slipping on her black high heels she went down stairs to wait for him to come down. "Wow, Honey you look beautiful. Lets go." he said. They had been driving for over an hour. "When are we getting there Daddy?" she ask. "We're here now baby." he said as he pulled into a road. Pulling up to the building he stops and the man asked for her I D. She handed him her ID. "Okay your 19 years old, sorry sir but she looked very young, you can go on in the shows starts in 15 minutes." the man said. He drove to the back of the lot and park. It was almost midnight and they were alot of cars here, mostly up front. "I've always wanted to bring you to one of these movies, but your mother wouldn't let me. I hope you like them as much as I do honey. Now the best way to watch is to get the seat to lay back. Help me lay the seat back." he said. With the seat back, she was almost laying down.

The movies was starting, and she look up to see a cartoon of a King fucking his Queen saying he was going to prove that he could get her with child. The next screen showed her fucking a man who protected them. She knew what kind of movie they were going to see. "Daddy it's hot in the car can I take off my dress, it's dark so no one can see?" she ask. "Oh go ahead baby, I think it would be alright." he said. They watch the movie for a while and when one of the girls kneeled down in front of this man and put her mouth on his cock. She heard her dad moan, she peek a look at him and saw that he had his cock out and was stroking it. Licking her lips she turned to watch her daddy. "Oh daddy your so big when you do that." she said. He looked over at her and saw that she was watching him. "WE WANT TO THANK YOU FOR WATCHING, STAY TUNED AND THE LAST MOVIE WILL BE STARTING SOON, CALLED DADDY'S GETS LAID." a man said. "Daddy are we staying for the last movie?" she asks. "OH GOD YES BABY." he said.

Half way through the last movie he tells her that they were leaving. On the drive home she moves closer to him and puts her hand on his cock and rubs him. "Oh baby you need to stop or something going to happen." he said. "Oh Daddy I can only hope something happens, something like you cumming in my mouth or pussy or maybe up my asshole whatever you would like to do when we get home, but for now I'm going to get you in my mouth." she said. Pulling his cock out of his pants she lick him and slip him in her mouth, sucking on his cock till he pulled off the side of the road. "Oh fucking god baby suck me suck daddy's cock." he said, reaching down her dress, cupping her titties. He squeezing them he pushes his cock deeper down her throat. "Oh baby suck daddy, Oh baby I'm cumming!!!" he cried out, and exploded in her mouth. She swallowed all his cum.

As he pulled into the driveway he told her to go on in and get him a drink and he would be in in a few. She ran upstairs and pulled off her dress and slip on the matching robe and went back down to fix his drink. When he came ion he saw that she lounging on the couch and was wearing the most provocatively outfit that made his throbbing cock harden. He had a urgency to get his cock inside of her. He watch the rise and fall of her luscious titties, and her blonde hair pussy with her fingers slipping in and out. When she saw him she stood up and walk over to him and she reach for his cock, lifting one leg on the chair she brings him closer. When he felt her hot,wet pussy touching his cock he pulls her into his arms. "Oh Daddy fuck me , I want your hard fucking cock in me, hurry please I want to cum with you inside me." she whispers in his ear. He grabs her ass and pulls her to him and his cock slips inside of her. Picking her up he carries her up to his bed. Laying her down he lays on top of her. He moves his cock fast and hard inside of her. She wraps her legs around his hips as he slams his cock in and out of her. "OH GOD DADDY FUCK ME YES I WANT YOUR HUGE COCK IN ME FOREVER. OOOOOOOO, YES FUCK ME, OH GOD DADDY I'M CUMMING!!!" she screams. He slams his cock hard into her one last time and he exploded deep inside her pussy. He fucks her in every room in the house, and everynight in his bed till his wife came back a week later.

She going crazy, she hasn't had her dad's cock in over two months, and now mom is acting funny. She had to go to the church meeting tonight, and Maggie hoped that her dad would get home early. "Maggie have dinner done early, your dad's coming home early tonight." her mom yelled. " Okay mom will do right now." she yelled back. She heard her mom leave, she put on her black sheer bra and panties and robe and went down stairs to start dinner. She open the pantry door. "MMMMMMM, I'm so glad that you dress for me, lets eat, so I can enjoy my self, your mom wont be home till after 11, she eating with the pastor and his wife." he said. She turn to see he had brought home pizza and he grab a bottle of wine and had the table all set. She sat down next to him and they ate in a hurry.

He stood in her room with the door close and watch her take off her clothes. "Oh sweet baby I've been waiting for this day all day, come over here and suck my cock a little." he said. She went over and lick and kiss his cock, then she suck his cock down her throat. " I love having you suck me cock baby, but I want to fuck your ass right now, have been dreaming of that ass of yours all day." he told her as she moved into position. He push his cock into her ass, moving in and out as fast as he could to get, he waned to leave his cum up her ass. And he did, then he turned her over and fuck her pussy while he suck, kiss, and licked her titties, when they climax, he was buried deep in her pussy.

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