Alex rummaged through her bag for the third time that night, looking for her charm bracelet. Damn, I'm getting old, she thought. She pushed the container of salt aside as she delved to the bottom of the bag and prayed that she hadn't left it. Last year she had and she'd been unable to do the ritual. She had to complete it this year or else-

She stopped and took a breath. Thoughts like that would get her nowhere. She knew she had the bracelet, she'd triple checked everything before she left; it was just a matter of finding it in this bottomless pit of a duffle bag. She pursued her lips as she felt through the contents in the bag and ticked them off mentally. Salt. Check. Box of bandages. Check. Cloves. Check. Vaseline. Check.

"Yes!" she exclaimed as her fingers slid over the cool metal.

She lifted the bracelet out and looked at it. Three charms stared back at her; heart, cross, and dagger. She smiled and pushed it onto her arm. It was loose tonight but that didn't matter, it didn't need to fit perfectly for the ritual.

Alex stood up, and looked across the sacred circle she'd etched into the grass earlier, at the unconscious man in its center. She'd secured his hands and gagged him earlier that evening after she'd knocked him out with a prick of her needle. She'd found that over the years, it was much easier to immobilize the men with something medicinal than with violence. The men never suspected the quick prick on the neck to knock them out and it sure beat the hell out of trying to hide a blunt object while wearing a cocktail dress. It still amazed her how easy it was to get a man to trust a girl these days.

Alex glanced at the old woman sleeping to her left. Her paper thin body sprawled against a large oak; she was almost completely concealed in the darkness, only an outline showed that she was there. She'd need the old womans blood to start the ritual tonight. She pushed her hand into her pocket and gripped the vile she'd brought.

It's almost time, she thought.

Alex glanced up at the sky, midnight was pressing in on her, making her arm hairs raise as All Hallows Eve drew nearer. She knelt and brought out the knife that she kept just for this night. She flicked her thumb over the edge out of habit, checking the sharpness. A drip of blood appeared on her finger and she licked it away. A long moan sounded from the man, bringing her eyes to him.

The man rolled onto his back and grunted. He tried to sit up but the effects of the drug she'd given him wouldn't let him orient himself that well just yet. Alex watched as first confusion, then fear and finally anger darkened his face. His genetics were definitely Mediterranean, with that strong jaw line, beautiful dark hair and olive skin. She smiled. She'd chosen him precisely because of those strong features. They reminded her so much of her late husband. She sighed in anticipation. Tonight was going to be perfect.

Alex's sigh drew his attention, and he swung his gaze around to clash with hers. He didn't seem to notice that he was naked. Or maybe it was that he didn't really care. She'd disrobed him as soon as he'd passed out, working her way through the clothes as if they were butter and she the knife. She'd piled them all into a nice neat square by the old woman under the oak afterwards.

He had introduced himself as Sebian at the bar, an odd name but weirdly appropriate she thought. Alex ran her eyes over his body, taking in the wide shoulders, and lean stomach. This man worked out more than her husband ever had. His eyes narrowed as he watched her take in his nakedness. She laughed, even through the dim light of the night; he could see her expression, apparently.

Alex walked over to him and knelt, letting him see the knife as she sat crouched beside him. The black dress, stretched over her body, hugging her curves and pushing her breasts together. She was close enough to rub his face between them but she paused letting him take in the situation. He stared up at her, his anger written in the frown lines on his forehead, as she brought the knife to his chest; she played the tip around his nipples, gently scratching first one then the other as she turned the knife to play between the two. She smiled as they hardened.

Alex stiffened as a thread of energy ripped through the air and All Hallows Eve dawned. Midnight was upon them, time to get the ball rolling. She stood up and made her way to the old woman, still asleep, blissfully unaware of what was going on around her. Alex crouched over the woman and pulled her arm out, flipping it over so that her wrist was bare. She drew the knife gently over the onion like skin and waited for the blood to well up enough for her to capture it.

Alex looked over her shoulder as the man grunted behind her, struggling to get up. He was going to be a pain in the ass if she didn't hurry. She grabbed the vile from her pocket and turned back to the woman to fill it with as much blood as the old womans veins had managed to produce, which unfortunately wasn't much. She hoped it was enough to draw the spirits tonight.

Alex headed to the center of the sacred circle; the energy flaring around her as she crossed into the circle, making her arm hair dance. She shivered as she walked around the circle the energy growing, as she sprinkled the blood and recited her incantations. She knew the man was studying her; she could feel his eyes watching as she trekked across the grass, and follow her as she stopped in the center and finished the first round of spells.

Alex turned to the man in the center; he had managed to get to his knees but hadn't managed anything further. She had to hurry or she would lose him. She pulled the dress up and over her body in one quick movement, the knife catching the fabric as she pulled it over her head. She felt it rip and then, suddenly, she was naked.

Alex watched as the man lifted his head and took in her nakedness. His eyes rounded as he watched her walk toward him. She smiled. She certainly had his attention now. She sauntered closer, letting him take in her nakedness. She watched him run his eyes down her body, stopping to linger on her full breasts and manicured pussy. If he hadn't been gagged, she was sure that his mouth would be as round as his eyes, right now.

"What do you think Sebian?" She asked.

She lifted her hand and fondled her left nipple, tweaking it to a hard nub as he watched at her feet. His eyes were on her hand following its movement along her skin. She smiled. He was enjoying the show.

She slowly sauntered behind him, trailing her fingers around his shoulders as she moved to his back. He stiffened when he felt her touch but she ignored it and instead leaned over him, pressing her breasts against his naked back.

"Tonight," Alex whispered, "I'm going to fuck you. Not once, not twice, but as many times as I want."

She felt him shiver.

"I'm going to wrap my lips around your cock and suck you until you're like steel, and then I'm going to slide my pussy over you and fuck you until you're bucking so hard, you think you're going to die if you don't cum."

She fisted her fingers in his hair and tugged.

"How do you like the sound of that?" Alex asked.

The man went still, it almost seemed like he wasn't breathing but then a large shudder went through his body and Alex knew that he was fine. He nodded yes and glanced over his shoulder at her. She sucked in her breath as she saw the eagerness in his dark eyes.

"Good boy," she teased, "now face front."

He obliged, leaving her free to explore him. Alex leaned against him once again bringing her left hand around to graze his cock. He started at the unexpected contact, and then relaxed when she began to stroke him. She ran her hand along the top of his cock, slipping her finger underneath to the sensitive nerves below the head. He moaned into his gag as she played with him, milking his cock to its full length.

Alex rested her face against his neck, her tongue darting out to lick his neck every time she ran her finger underneath him, mimicking her movements below. His cock was heavy in her hand as she continued to stroke him, she felt him tense, his body rocking into her hand now as he tried to implore her stroke faster. She kept her rhythm steady, building him up to orgasm slowly, making him hot in her hand.

A rush of power circled her as she teased him. She looked up and saw spirits fluttering above the circle, she could see the movement of their mouths but she hadn't given them their voices yet. She looked for her husband but didn't see him; heat radiated from her bracelet, letting her know he was there somewhere, she just couldn't see him. It was time to stop playing and call her husband forth.

She stood up and walked in front of Sebian, facing him. She took the knife and brought it to her own wrist, slicing the delicate skin open. Blood welled up and dripped down her arm as she brought it above her head and recited the next spell. Her chanting grew louder as the blood dripped down her arm, smearing along the pale skin. The spirits above began to whip around, diving at the circle, only to be pushed back by its magic.

Alex looked down at the man on his knees before her and she knew her eyes glowed with the power that had built inside the circle. He had softened during her chanting but he was still beautiful in his nakedness. He tried to stand but the ropes attached around his knees wouldn't allow him. Alex raised the knife and brought it gently to his face where the gag wrapped around his cheeks. He stilled, watching her, waiting to see what she would do next.

She placed her left hand on his right cheek and marveled at the texture. It was firm and soft with youth, he couldn't be more than 35, she guessed by the look of him. A prime specimen in both looks and time, it was a heady mixture for her. She wanted to taste him, to take him into her mouth as his cock began to stiffen again so she could lick her way around the tip as it lengthened and hardened for her. She shivered. She was beginning to get wet.

Alex took the knife and slid it under the thread on his cheek, slicing through it to free his mouth but keeping it by his face. She watched him lick his lips before looking up at her, waiting to see what was coming next. He was waiting for her command. She liked that about this one, he was easy to get along with.

"Do you want to taste me?" She asked.

"Ye-," he croaked before his voice broke.

She raised her eyebrow at him, waiting. He coughed and then gulped in air, steadying himself before continuing.

"Yes. I want to taste you." He finally replied.

"How badly?" Alex asked.

He ran his eyes down her body, lingering at her breasts as he answered.

"I want your pussy in my mouth," he answered, "bad enough to let you restrain me."

Alex started.


"I said," he purred, "that I want your pussy in my mouth bad enough to let you tie me up."

"You didn't let me, I knocked you out and did it myself," Alex fired back.

He rose up on his knees; his stature seemed bigger now than before, Alex mused. He was still looking up at her but now the balance had shifted somewhat, she didn't know how or when but he seemed to envelope more of the space, to take control of the area around him. Then she felt it, the first trickle of power seeped by and she knew. He wasn't an ordinary man like her other targets had been, no, this one was very different. This one was a shape shifter; she just didn't know what flavor.

She could kick herself at the rookie mistake and for not checking and making sure he was human but there hadn't been a shifter on the East Coast in over a 100 years and she'd just assumed- wrongly apparently- that he wasn't. Humans were used in this ceremony because they could be easily manipulated, and typically had no powers of their own. Occasionally, you'd find humans with psychic abilities but that wouldn't normally through off the power needed to perform this calling of the spirits. But a shifter; that power was unstable.

You've screwed yourself, royally this time girl, she thought.

Alex gazed down at the man at her feet and watched as power filled his eyes. They began to glow softly, the dark brown of them turning lighter as if golden amber, with his power. She felt his power build inside the circle, and build until she thought she would burst if the power didn't flow out of the confines of the circle. She took a deep shuttering breath as she tried to relax. She'd come too far to spook out now but she wasn't sure if she had the right ingredients for the ritual, she'd brought herbs for a human not a shifter.

Sebian smirked as he watched her emotions play over her face, her glowing eyes dimming in her uncertainty. She wasn't the only one with a secret tonight. He'd known she was a witch the moment he'd seen her but was intrigued enough to follow her here. He'd smelled the medicinal cocktail she'd given him and had known it wouldn't do much to him but make him a little tired but she hadn't. He'd watched beneath his lids as she had undressed him, and it'd been hard as hell for him to not become-well, hard as hell- as her hands had whispered over his skin and she'd picked off his clothes one by one. Oh yes, he would enjoy tonight.

He saw her eyes shift and knew she was looking for something, probably something in the duffle, but she'd never make it. Rope wasn't much more than a child's toy for his kind. His arms were beginning to ache where she had them stretched behind him which he normally wouldn't mind but after seeing her nudity, he wanted her. Now. Preferably, beneath him and moaning while he pounded into her. His beast padded inside him, pushing to come to the surface, responding to her scent. It wanted her too. She'd bitten off more than she had anticipated with him.

Alex stepped back away from the man, she wouldn't be able to control him and she needed to for this to work. She shifted her eyes to the side, trying to find her bag in the darkness. She heard the spirits whispering above her, prodding her to submit to this new power that filled the circle. His added power had given them their voices. She clenched her hands into fists, and realized that she still held her knife; but she didn't want to kill him, just immobilize him.

She had to contain his power. Her decision made, she ran for the bag, ready to break the circle to get to it. Behind her she heard tearing, but she didn't slow down, she had to get to the bag. An arm came around her just as she reached the bag, jerking her off her feet as she screamed, flailing uselessly against him. A hand wrapped itself around her right wrist, squeezing until she dropped the knife. She felt him all around her, his body molding hers from behind as he rubbed himself against her letting her feel how happy she made him. She tried to jerk her arm away but he didn't budge. Her foot struck out trying to connect with his shin, but she was unsteady, and he was much taller than her, over 6 feet, so that all she managed to do was tire herself. She hung in his arms like a sack of dry goods.

He felt her indecision as he held her; her scent wafting up to him as she struggled. The scent reminded him of rain, the way the air smelled after a good cleansing from a summer storm. Her hair had blown back into his face as he'd reached her and now he could smell the shampoo she used, it had an undercurrent of spice to it. No. That wasn't her soap, he sucked in a large breath of her, it was her he smelled.

Alex stilled as she felt him nuzzle her neck, she knew he'd smelled her but didn't know if it was because she'd stirred his beast or if that was just what shifters did. She groaned; this night was turning into a disaster. He must have taken her groaning as permission to do more, because he began to lick her neck. He swept his tongue over the pulse he found there, tasting the sweat on her skin, and she shivered. She felt her nipples pucker as he continued his tongue exploration along her flesh.

The power in the circle was now almost overwhelming choking her with its heaviness. With the added heat that he was beginning to stir within her, she wasn't sure what might be called forth if they stayed inside it. She glanced up at the spirits swirling above them; it looked like a great mist had developed above the clearing they were so numerous. Spirits were pushy bastards; they had been summoned and now wanted their rewards. If she didn't get Sebian under control again, she'd never be able to get the ritual finished for her husband. She sighed, frustrated in more than one way.

His power trickled along her skin, flaring up between them where their skin touched. The affect made them both aware of each other, when one moved, the other felt the power glide along their skin, like a second hand, caressing the flesh. She felt her power spark once again as the rush of energy began to flow inside her as her excitement grew. She gasped as he slid her body down along his so she touched the ground. He let his right hand trail to her front, grazing her lower stomach with his fingers as he held her to him.

"What was it you said to me before?" He asked, innocently.

He teased his fingers lower, grazing her pussy, then retreated back to her lower stomach.

"Weren't you going to suck my cock until it was as hard as steel?"

Alex arched back as his fingers threaded through her pussy hair, tugging slightly, before he slid one finger further down and around her slit, toying with her clit at the top. She sucked in her breath as he ran his fingers just along the outside of her, not entering, but fondling. He licked along her jaw, kissing his way to her mouth as he played with her, and she squirmed under the attention his fingers were paying her.

"Mmmmmm," he purred, "You were also going to fuck me as much as you wanted. Or did you change your mind?"

He pulled her face around so he could kiss her lips, his mouth covering hers as he continued to dart his fingers around her lower lips. She squirmed trying to get his fingers to enter her but just as she thought he would, they darted away, to trail along her outer edge. The almost penetration was driving her nuts.

He grinned as he felt her frustration build, every time his fingers danced around her opening, her kissing became deeper, trying to entice him in her mouth as his fingers were enticing her pussy. But he wanted her wetter, he wanted to make sure that when he took her, he could pump himself all the way inside in one long thrust. She wasn't quite there yet.

Alex was panting as she felt him tease her slit, he'd slid his finger slightly in and stopped, kissing her deeply before he plunged his tongue inside her mouth. He began a rhythm, licking around her lower lip and then plunging inside her mouth, while his fingers mimicked the rhythm below. She groaned, her pussy on fire as his tongue fucked her mouth the same way his fingers fucked her pussy.

She trembled as he continued the rhythm, plunging again and again into her. She was close, the tension building inside her as his fingers continued their assault. He must have felt her tense because he increased the assault, quickening his plunging fingers until she thought she'd pass out from the intensity. She was so close to coming. Just a little-

"How bad do you want me to fuck you?" He whispered.

She couldn't understand what he was saying with her mind so fuzzy. She squirmed in his hands, trying to get him to finger her again as she tried to concentrate on what he was saying.

"How badly," he licked her ear, "do you want me inside you?"

She shook her head. She wasn't going to admit it. She had to be in control for the ritual to work. She took a deep breath and steadied herself. Without his fingers manipulating her, she could think better.

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