tagFetishMagic Hands Ch. 03

Magic Hands Ch. 03


Tom Anderson reached up to adjust the rear-view mirror of his sedan, looking at its reflection of the back seat. There was Sloan, his eighteen year old hand-job whore, jerking off one of her fellow students. They were parked at a playground just a block from Sloan's high-school, where they had come to earn some quick cash before her classes started.

"You've got such a delicious cock, Jackson." Sloan said to the young man. He was black and had a rather large member; it swelled with arousal and was leaking pre-cum. Sloan enjoyed handling the big ones and was working Jackson pretty hard in both of her neatly manicured hands, able to wrap both fists around his shaft at the same time. The slick sounds of her lubricated motions filled the environs of Tom's car.

"Thanks baby." Jackson replied. "But it's kind of freaking me out having the janitor watch."

"Mr. Anderson isn't the school janitor anymore, he quit." Sloan informed, pausing to pour more lube onto one of her palms. "He's my pimp, and he's here to make sure you boys don't try and take advantage of me."

Tom went back to flipping through his fishing magazine. "You got ten minutes before homeroom, kids." he warned lazily.

Not wanting to be late, Sloan picked up the pace of her strokes. "You can feel one of my tits if you want to." she suggested, hoping that might speed things along.

"All right." Jackson agreed, palming one of Sloan's little B-cup breasts through the baby-doll tee she was wearing. He squeezed it in his hand and felt how erect her nipple was; jerking boys off for money never failed to arouse Sloan, which made the tips of her tits stiffen.

"Does that feel good sweetie?" Sloan cooed, "Do you like playing with my booby while I jerk off this big cock of yours?"

"Aw shit, Sloan. You're a sexy little white bitch, ain't you?" Jackson said. "It's true what they say about them magic hands of yours, god damn."

Sensing he was close, Sloan gripped Jackson at the base of his shaft in one hand, then used her other to jerk off just the fat head of his cock, letting her palm tease over the ridge of it.

"I'm gonna cum." Jackson warned.

Sloan quickly leaned over and closed her lips around Jackson's crown. She stroked the entire length of his shaft, pumping until the orgasm came. Holding the pulsing cock as firmly as she could, Sloan let the sperm fill her mouth so that it didn't make a mess of the back seat or her school clothes. There was far too much of the pearly spunk however, and Sloan had to hold a palm under her jaw to catch what spilled out.

When it was over, Sloan rolled down the car window and spit the nasty stuff outside. A few remaining globs of it clung to her chin and she used her fingers to wipe it up and flick it away.

"You're a spitter, huh?" Jackson asked.

"Ew. You don't actually expect me to swallow your filthy ball cream, do you? I only did that to keep you from getting my clothes all messy. This is a brand new outfit."

Zipping up, Jackson shrugged and opened the car door. "Whatever. See you in history, Sloan."

Tom set his magazine aside after Jackson got out of the car, then handed a handkerchief over the seat. "Here you go darlin. Better get yourself cleaned up."

"Thanks, hon." Sloan said. She cleaned her hands up, then wiped at her lips and chin while using a compact mirror. "I wish we had time for a quick hump, jerking Jackson off made me kind of horny."

Tom put his car into gear and drove towards the high school, "You don't want to be tardy. I'll give you a good fuck tonight."

"Yeah." Sloan agreed, gathering up her things as Tom pulled into the school's drive. She arched her body over the front seat to give him a quick kiss. "I'll see you after school, okay baby?"

"Okay, I'll pick you up then."

Tom waited until Sloan got out of the car and watched her trot hurriedly towards the doors. She looked back over her shoulder at him, smiling, then gave her short skirt a quick lift, teasing Tom with a quick look at her bare ass before waving and entering the school. Tom shook his head and chuckled

Driving away, Tom reflected on the past few weeks. He and Sloan had fallen in love. It was an unconventional situation, given their thirty-year age difference, but it had happened nonetheless. Sloan had moved in with Tom shortly after the night she first jerked off a bunch of his friends. Her parents weren't happy about it, but their daughter was eighteen and legally there wasn't much they could do about it.

Tom had been able to quit his job as the school's janitor due to Sloan's popularity at giving hand-jobs. What with her doing high-school boys before and after school, plus the hand-job parties they hosted at his house every Friday night, the two of them always had plenty of money. Whenever they needed extra, Tom would drive Sloan into the city and park near the red-light district where she could jerk off the always horny strip-club crowd.

Jerking off men for money always seemed to turn Sloan on, so much so that she and Tom would fuck like newlyweds nearly every night. She earned the cash, he kept her safe, and the two of them had lots of hot sex. It was an ideal situation. Yep, Tom's life certainly had taken a nice turn, he thought. It was like a dream come true for the middle-aged ex-janitor.


Bored in homeroom, Sloan sat and twirled a curly ringlet of her blonde hair around a finger. She noticed a pair of nerdy boys two rows over talking in hushed tones and looking at her. Word had gotten out about Sloan's magic hands and the fact that she gave hand-jobs for a hundred bucks; the boys were obviously discussing that fact. Sloan didn't care that people knew, or that some thought she was a slut. It was true after all, she /was/ a slut! And the more people who knew the more business she got. Business had gotten so brisk, in fact, that Sloan had quit cheerleading.

Spreading her legs a little, Sloan gave the two whispering boys a view up her short denim skirt, letting them clearly see she wasn't wearing any panties. Their eyes about popped out of their heads and Sloan giggled, giving them a little wave along with a sultry lick of her lipstick decorated lips. The poor boys, she thought. They'd probably have boners the rest of the day.

After homeroom, Sloan stopped at her locker to grab a notebook when one of the peeking homeroom boys approached her. He was a skinny kid with glasses and nerdy clothes. Derek was his name, Sloan knew, one of the school band geeks.

"Uh, hi Sloan."

"Hi Derek. Did you come to tell me how much you enjoyed the view in homeroom?"

Blushing, Derek looked down to the floor. "Um, no. Actually I heard that you'll, you know, do stuff for a hundred bucks?"

Smirking knowingly, Sloan pushed her locker door shut. "It's called a hand-job, Derek. For a hundred bucks I'll jerk you off. Has a girl ever jerked you off before?"

Embarrassed, Derek could only shake his head.

"If you have the cash, I could do you after school if you want?" Sloan offered.

Derek lamented, "I can't. I have an afternoon job right after school. Could I get one sooner?"

Sloan teased, "I don't really do them in the hallway, sweetie, the teachers tend to frown on that."

Derek let out a shy laugh, "There are sound-proof studios in the band room? It'd be private in one of those."

Sloan considered. She didn't really like giving hand-jobs when Tom wasn't around to pimp and protect her, however Derek was probably harmless. Besides, he was obviously a virgin and likely wouldn't last more than thirty seconds. It would be easy money.

"Okay." Sloan agreed. "Third period is free for me, I just have study hall. Meet me outside the band room then?"

Derek quickly nodded in agreement. "Okay Sloan, thanks."

The first two periods went slow for Sloan. She was horny from jacking Jackson off and had trouble paying attention. She thought about skipping and calling Tom to come pick her up. He had turned out to be such a wonderful man. It didn't matter to Sloan that he was old enough to be her father. Tom didn't judge her sluttish ways, or ever get jealous of her servicing other men. He protected her and made Sloan feel safe. He doted on her and treated Sloan like a princess when they were alone together. He was a gentle and capable lover who satisfied her sexual needs completely.

The bell interrupted Sloan's thoughts and she gathered up her books. Derek was waiting for her outside the band room after second period, as agreed. The two of them went in together. The large area was empty, as the band practiced during later periods, and Derek guided her into a small windowless room that band students used to practice in. He was right, Sloan thought - total privacy.

"Here's the money." Derek offered.

Sloan counted five twenties and tucked them into her purse. "Why don't you pull your pants down and sit in that chair there, sweetie?"

"Uh, yeah. Okay." Derek said, unfastening his pants rather slowly. He looked uncomfortable, his cheeks blushing brightly.

Sloan thought he was cute and offered a disarming smile. "It's all right Derek. I've seen a lot of penises."

"I'm sorry." Derek apologized. "It's just that I've never shown a girl, my...my...you know."

"Your cock?" Sloan grinned, removing the bottle of lube and a small package of tissues from her purse. Virgins always amused her, with their combination of shyness and eager anticipation.

"Yeah." Derek replied, "I've never done anything like this before." He finally pushed his pants and boxers down.

Sloan gasped. "Oh my god." she said, looking at Derek's penis. Even in it's flaccid state, it was gigantic. It hung between his legs like a thick sausage. "Derek, you...you're huge! Look at that thing."

Derek stood there, still blushing and obviously embarrassed by it. "I know. I'd understand if you didn't want to do it anymore...but could I have my money...?"

Interrupting, Sloan shook her head and said "No! No, it's okay. It just surprised me is all. Let me take this off and we'll get started."

Derek watched as Sloan peeled her tight tee up and over her head and hung it on the music stand. She was wearing a pink lacy bra and he could see the outline of her nipples through the material. Even though Sloan's breasts weren't very big, the bra helped make them appear full and round.

His cock started to twitch and Derek sat back into the chair, his eyes unable to leave Sloan's tanned half-naked torso.

With her palms suitably slick with lubricant, Sloan knelt between Derek's legs and took his cock into her hands. She stroked it slowly, watching in amazement as it thickened and grew. She didn't think it was possible, but this skinny nerd had the biggest penis she'd ever seen. He was even bigger than Jackson!

"You're really pretty, Sloan." Derek suddenly said.

"Thanks Derek, you're kind of cute yourself. And you certainly have a nice cock, I don't think I've ever seen one this big."


"Do you masturbate a lot?" Sloan asked.

Derek bobbed his head shyly.

"How do you usually do it?"

"I...I usually go slow at first, then really fast when I'm close."

Sloan nodded, gliding her hands up and down Derek's length slowly, marveling at it's size. "So, you don't have a girlfriend or anything?"

Derek shook his head. "No. Girls aren't really interested in band guys. They all go for the jocks."

Licking her lips, Sloan commented "If more girls knew you were hiding this monster, I bet things would change. Does this feel good sweetie?"

Derek breathed out an affirmative, now fully erect, and Sloan noticed him staring at her chest. She reached around and unclasped her bra, letting the straps fall down her shoulders to reveal perky little breasts capped by perfect pink nipples.

"Do you like looking at my body while I jerk you off Derek? Do you think I'm sexy?"

"Y-yes." he said, staring at Sloan's tits like a deer caught in headlights.

Returning both hands to his cock, Sloan felt that familiar itch between her legs. Handling Derek's monstrous dick, coupled with the lusty way he was leering, made her pussy slick with arousal. She paused to shrug out of her bra and reach for more lube, then went right back to pumping slowly with both fists. Sloan gripped him tightly, working the cock like the pro she had become.

"I like masturbating your big dick." Sloan whispered in a sultry voice, working her thumb in rubbing circles over the tip of his cock. "I can't wait to see how much cum it spits out."

"Sloan..." Derek moaned, excited already to the point of orgasm. He'd never been in the presence of a naked girl before, especially not one as sexy as Sloan. He certainly never had received a hand-job before.

"It's okay sweetie." Sloan said, increasing the pace of her slick attentions, squeezing and jerking him with rapt fascination. She couldn't wait to see this big thing erupt. "Don't be afraid to shoot. You can cum on me if you want. Do you want me to aim it onto my tits?"

"Oh god..." Derek said, his mouth hanging open in undeniable pleasure.

Sloan felt his shaft grow thick in her hands and she quickly pointed it towards her chest. He grunted and tensed uncontrollably, his cock spitting out a long wad of semen that landed on Sloan with an audible splat. She kept pumping him through several more long roping ejections, all the while silent and holding her breath in amazement at the sheer volume of semen hurling out of Derek's humungous penis.

Derek slumped in his chair when his orgasm subsided and Sloan squeezed her fist up along his shaft so that one last dollop of cum came drooling out onto her hand. "My god Derek, look at all this cock juice. I'm a mess!"

Looking at Sloan through lidded eyes, Derek noticed her chest was coated with his seed. It hung off her breasts, stringy drops of it falling to the floor. "I'm sorry..." he apologized.

Sloan smiled, letting go of him to smear the sticky stuff around and into her skin for his viewing pleasure. "It's okay, really. I don't mind. I liked jerking you off."


Sloan nodded, "Yeah." and rose up to retrieve some tissues. She dabbed at her chest, trying to absorb some of the gooey mess, then took some more to wipe up her hands. "It's not often a girl gets her hands on a cock like yours. You should be really proud of it."

When Derek stood to pull up his pants, Sloan took another look at him. She reached up to take his glasses off, then ran her fingers through his hair. "You know, you're actually kind of handsome."

Derek blushed, unable to make eye contact due to his shyness.

Sloan winked, then reached for her bra. "Do you want to do this again tomorrow?"

"I wish I could, but I won't have the money." Derek said, wishful that his afternoon job paid better.

"It's okay." Sloan replied. "No charge. Meet me here at the same time." She kissed him on the cheek, then grabbed her top. "Jerking you off beats studying, after all."

"Really? You'll give me a free one?"

Sloan wriggled back into her slinky baby-doll, adjusting her own breasts and running a hand through her long blonde curls. "Yeah, but don't tell anyone okay? The last thing I need is a school full of horny boys asking for free hand-jobs."

"I won't." Derek promised.

After going her own way, Sloan realized there was still time before her next class. Especially since Derek didn't last that long. She was feeling even more horny than before after jerking Derek off, so Sloan ducked into the ladies room and secured a stall. Hiking up her skirt, she started to rub her itchy little clit while thinking about Derek's big cock. She could still smell his spunk on herself, and Sloan rubbed herself to orgasm, letting her wet juices drip out between her legs and into the toilet.

Sloan was unable to get Derek's dick out of her mind for the rest of the day. It didn't help that the scent of his semen still stained her body, causing her to remain horny despite her earlier masturbation. When the last class was finally over, Sloan hurried through the halls hoping Tom would be waiting outside to pick her up.

She saw his car and rushed to enter the front seat. Sloan looked flustered and Tom noticed she seemed out of sorts. "You okay babe?" he asked, pulling away.

Sloan replied, "I'm fine. It's just that you wouldn't believe the size of this cock I jerked off today."

Tom grinned as he started towards home. "Oh yeah?"

Sloan nodded, "He was kind of a nerdy kid, but Jesus...he was hung like a fucking donkey. He's a virgin too, I was the first girl to ever get her hands on his penis."

Tom laughed, "Sounds like you enjoyed it."

Sloan slid over on the car seat so she could sit right beside Tom, slipping her hand between his legs to caress his crotch. Tom swallowed and tried to concentrate on driving.

"I did. It made me really horny. I need it baby, I need some dick." Sloan whined seductively.

"Can you wait until we get home?" Tom asked.

Sloan shook her head, "Pull over, okay? I need your cock so bad, I don't think I can wait. Please baby? I want you to fuck me."

Tom quickly pulled into the nearest mall lot, parking the car as far away from the stores as he could where few other cars were. Sloan already had his pants undone and was caressing his now-erect cock in her hand. As soon as the car was shut off, she crawled onto the seat and straddled his lap, her denim skirt riding up her hips.

"Good thing you're not wearing any panties today." Tom remarked, sliding his hands around Sloan to grasp her tight little ass.

Sloan reached down between her kneeling legs and gripped her lover, guiding him into her slick sex. "Oh baby..." she moaned, like a bitch in heat. "Your cock feels so good. Fuck...I needed this."

Tom squeezed Sloan's butt cheeks, mauling them in his palms, as she leaned back against the steering wheel. He could feel her tight cunt grip his penis like a wet glove. "You're soaked, sweetheart. Jacking that big dick got you all worked up, huh?"

"Oh Tom..." Sloan mewed, rocking her hips. "It was so thick, I couldn't even close my fist around it. I touched myself in the bathroom afterwards but it didn't help. I've needed your cock inside me all day..."

Leaning over, Tom nibbled on one of Sloan's taut nipples through her baby-doll. She curled a hand around his head, encouraging him to continue chewing on the hard tit.

"I told him I'd take his sperm again tomorrow...for free. I can't wait to jerk his big fucking cock some more. Am I a slut, baby?"

"You're such a naughty slut." Tom said, knowing the words would turn his teenaged whore on.

"I am..." Sloan moaned, her pussy starting to flutter on Tom's shaft. "I'm such a filthy whore. Fuck me. Fuck my naughty pussy..."

Tom bucked in the car seat, grunting and thrusting his cock deep into Sloan with hard pumping motions. Sloan started to scream, her slender arms reaching out so she could plant her palms against the car's steaming windows.

Lifting his hands up her backside, Tom hugged Sloan body close. He mashed the side of his face against the mounds of her small breasts. "...uhn...I'm cumming....uhn!"

Sloan could feel Tom's warm jism erupt inside her, flooding her cunt, and she curled her arms around his head to hold him close to her body. The lips of her pussy quivered and her own orgasm came. She grinded her hips against Tom's and the two rutted against one another, holding each other close, until their mutual pleasure finally passed.

"Mmm." Sloan cooed, "That felt so nice." She held the sides of Tom's face and kissed him, letting her tongue dance with his. "I love you baby, you know that right? How fucked up is that? I'm in love with a fifty year old man who pimps me out."

"I love you too Sloan." Tom replied, kissing her chin. "And it's not so fucked up. You still get to jerk off lots of boys your own age."

Sloan laughed and kissed the top of Tom's head. "Take me home you old perv. I'm going to fuck your brains out all night."

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