tagMind ControlMagician's Assistant Ch. 01

Magician's Assistant Ch. 01


Alice was humming a cheerful little tune while cleaning the house, pleased to be adrift in the usual routine of household chores. While vacuuming the bedroom the machine bumped something under the bed and to her surprise it was a sex manual. It was obvious who had left it there and the thought of him, as though she could forget for one moment, brought a sly grin to her face. "My young lover." She murmured happily.

Across the bedroom was a gilt framed mirror reflecting a full-length image of a pretty young housewife in a short flared dress. Such a luxurious home should have a maid she thought, "and I'm it. Perhaps I should get a naughty uniform." She giggled out loud. Bending slightly revealed stocking tops with a glimpse of suspenders just as he liked them. It sent a thrill through her knowing she was dressing just for him.

Opening the book she flicked through the opening pages glancing at tasteful illustrations then paused in thought. Starting from the beginning they seemed to be in the same sequence as his demands upon her over the last three weeks.

It was a little disconcerting to find he was using this book as a guide to her body, as though it were an owner's manual. Though in one sense her young lover had become just that, the owner of her body. It was true she conceded, with a lascivious grin creasing her cheeks into glowing red dimples, he did own her body. He was leading her into more adventurous play in the bedroom and taking over more of her life.

Sitting on the edge of the bed carefully turning the pages over one at a time, nodding occasionally at what was evidently a template of their performances together was bringing uncomfortable ideas onto her head.

He was using her body as a learning device. She was his doll to be manipulated to his amusement. Alice giggled at the idea. This was a guide to her satisfaction too. The delicious activity of last night was displayed eliciting a shiver of delight at the memory. It was eerie knowing she had been performing to the dictates of this sex manual. "So what is it tonight I must perform?" She whispered. The next page would reveal the latest episode of the mischievous game but should she leave it as a surprise?

She couldn't resist it. Turning the page, taking a peek at what he would be submitting her to that evening was a shock. "No! I won't do that. I've let him do what ever he wanted but not that." She gasped, slamming it shut without reading a word. The sordid illustration said it all, that she would be submitted to something so awful could not be accepted even with the excuse of being hypnotised. Looking across the king size bed she caught sight of the clock radio. Panic set in as the time registered, five, zero, zero. It left only six minutes to escape the house before he arrived.

With a coat, keys and handbag she was ready to flee her own home. The phone rang and without a thought reached for it sweeping it under her long dark hair to automatically quote her own number as so many times before. The innocent routine yielded a tragic significance as she heard him utter the well-used indomitable phrase.

He added the instruction. "I'll be late. Not long. Wait on our favourite sofa for me. Just sit there and think about our sessions together."

She wandered into the lounge to plonk her body wearily onto the sofa. Sitting there thinking fast she thought to get up and run to the back door. "Lock the damn door before he arrives." She thought, but it seemed such a difficult task to rise out of the seat as though attached to it with limbs heavy from fatigue. Anger became fright at the loss of control finding it really wasn't possible to move. He told her to sit on the sofa until he arrived and despite the need for escape that is what she must do. It was so humiliating to be this helpless yet she couldn't become angry with anyone but herself. This predicament was of her making.

Alice perched on the edge of a sofa waiting in trepidation. The luxurious lounge had suddenly become a trap, a cage, waiting for her nemesis. Under the influence of a deep hypnotic command all she could do was sit and wait for the young man with his horrid plans for this evening. Giving up the physical struggle to break free she took a deep breath to calm a tortured mind. This dreadful situation was her own fault and no one would set her free so it was up to her to find some way out before he arrived. She sat trying to be calm, trying to think it through, back to how it had all started, seeking a clue as to how she might break free.


Her husband had taken care of organising the home and business until he had passed away over a year ago with a premature heart attack leaving her well off but lonely for company. It didn't take long to realise how helpless she was without him, since he had made all the decisions, organising her as well as everything else in their lives.

As a dark haired beauty of thirty-four, looking young enough to pass for late twenties, there had been too much interest from suitors. Or should she say lechers. She just hadn't felt ready and besides she hadn't much experience of the dating game having married young.

It put her off more than anything that they were more interested in the inheritance from husband and parents than getting to know her. When she kept quiet about the inheritance others seemed to assume she was desperate for a sexual relationship without a man to take care of her. What she wanted was a relationship, not just sex. They talked to her breasts or asked her to wear shorter skirts to show off a pair of long legs. In reaction she dressed more modestly to hide the voluptuous body until it became a habit, leaving her looking dowdy. It was easy to hide away concentrating on the home in a friendless city they had moved to just before he died.

That was the foundations of her fall but it all started when Alice befriended the neighbour's shy young son. He was helping with gardening chores when a mutual loneliness brought them closer together. He was only seventeen with little experience of girls and she had felt safe with him. The two of them sought an uncomplicated relationship becoming good friends, able to talk and laugh together. It wasn't his fault but the seeds of her destruction had started then.


While waiting for his pay Robert practised a magic trick on the kitchen table. "Well that's marvellous." She applauded. "You should put on a show." She laughed. His embarrassed murmurs had touched the past, an awkward youth still within her, enough to want to help him overcome his youthful awkwardness. He reluctantly agreed and they settled into a routine of shows until one evening he asked her to join him as his assistant. With a newfound confidence he asked if he could hypnotise her. She readily agreed knowing it would add to his growing self-assurance. Helping him along she pretended to be hypnotised while performing a series of silly harmless stunts.

Not feeling any different when supposedly hypnotised she had to remember not to let the façade slip until it became a well-rehearsed performance. Not only is it doing the lad a favour she genuinely enjoyed the shows and his company as a pleasant diversion in a boring life.

"Why don't you invite a couple of your friends along to watch the show? Your pretty good at these tricks now, especially the disappearing egg trick. I still don't see how you do it!" She cheerfully encouraged him. They had practised before an empty sofa since she became a part of the show and thought it might help him make friends.

Robert invited four friends from the office to watch a performance, which wasn't going too well until the finale when he hypnotised her. They thought it hilarious, especially when taking turns commanding her to be a puppy, a penguin and the usual harmless performances seen in any stage act. Finding it funny too she waddled around the room flapping imaginary wings making them laugh. Seeing his confidence soar among friends reminded her of a not too distant shy adolescence, spurring her on to throw herself into the performance for him. She too enjoyed their attention.


She saw it more clearly now. She had dressed in a white blouse and black skirt with seamed stockings to add a little glamour to the act but that was before they had arrived not knowing they were older than Robert. They ordered her to crawl along the floor to them and patted her head and stroked her long hair telling her, "You're a good puppy." The beginnings of something more serious were in mind when one of them patted her bottom but before it got out of hand Robert calmed the situation down by finishing the act.

That was it she said out loud. "I enjoyed someone else taking control, telling me what to do. I enjoyed entertaining. But surely I could have stopped performing if it went beyond my limits." She continued rolling through the scene of that evening hoping for a clue as to why, later, she had given in so completely.


The friends had departed when Roberts' older brother entered the lounge. "Mum wants you home now, Bobby."

Robert was surprised to see his brother James and for him it was an unwelcome intrusion. Alice walked into the lounge with a coke for Robert while he packed up the equipment.

"Hi, Mrs Periman." James said respectfully. "Mum wants Robert home pronto, as he hasn't taken his insulin this evening."

Completely ignoring James she brushed past him to hand Robert a drink.

"Robert you know you're not allowed." James hissed at his brother. He looked at Alice standing, waiting for further instructions from the Grand Magician. "Robert isn't allowed sweet stuff Mrs Periman. Mrs Periman?" He looked at his young brother whispering, "What's wrong with her Bobby."

Robert stood in the dinning room where they held the magic shows with a grin upon his face. His colleagues had left but he always waited to the last minute before giving the final instruction to his assistant that would break the spell. "Alice the Glorious is under hypnosis." He casually told his brother while packing the props away, glad to note he was suitably impressed. It was impossible to hold back now so he added; "She is under my control until I give the command to release her."

After a moment or two James whispered with incredulity, "You hypnotised her?"

Continuing to pack, Robert kept him waiting savouring the moment. "Yes. It's part of my magic act. The finally."

Alice enjoyed seeing him swell with pride at being able to impress James. He was only two years older but the contrast between them was greater, perhaps from Robert's illness. James was a fully mature young man with a presence in the room neither James nor his friends had. Seeing Robert with is brother showed how much he had come out of himself, gaining enough confidence to be able to put on a show before work mates and now impressing his brother. "Alice, get a coke for James." Robert commanded her as a demonstration to his brother, showing off his talent.

With a glass in hand, James asked, "Can I get her to do something?"

Robert noticed James sheepish manner, taking it as recognition of his skill, so naturally Robert nodded his head, as though granting a favour in sharing a little of this power over an adult.

James, confronted by an unusual situation, wondered what to do with her.

Robert saw his brother's bemusement, so for once he would guide him. "Anything. Say anything you like and she will do as you say."

James smiled a secret little smile at having such authority over an adult. It should have alerted her to the danger, but she felt obligated to her protégé and knew she was safe in his presence. "Sit!" James spoke with emphasis accompanied by an unnecessary exaggerated movement of his hand, as though training a dog.

Surprised, he watched as she sat on the floor right before him with her skirt up showing a lot of leg and the little white triangle of her panties. He hadn't meant her to sit right there, thinking she would have chosen a chair. In trepidation at what he had made her do he raised his voice, "Stand up! Stand up, and - walk over here." He was intimidated by the close presence of a mature woman as though she would at any moment wake to become an irate neighbour, annoyed with him.

Alice thought his face an amusing picture of astonishment after Robert and she had become so used to the act, even blasé after so long practising it.

"Oh! No! I was supposed to bring you back quickly. You had better run. Now Bobby!" James told him. "I'll bring your stuff, oh, what do I say to bring her round?"

Robert whispered in his ear and ran off through the kitchen to the back door amused at his brother's consternation.


Alice shuddered with the memory of that moment when she made a sudden and fateful decision. Hearing the back door slam the decision had to be made whether to reveal, or not, the hypnosis was just an act. Knowing it would open Robert to ridicule from his brother, knocking his confidence back, she decided to play along with the game.

Pretending at being hypnotised a little longer than usual would be no great difficulty as she had mastered the act to perfection over the last few weeks. Alice stood in the middle of the room waiting for him to utter the phrase of release. Instead he ordered her to perform the usual silly tricks, which was amusing knowing that people had little imagination when confronted with an unfamiliar situation, they seemed to think along the same lines. She was even a little proud of how well she had mastered the act; able to convince anyone she was in a hypnotic trance.

Standing patiently before him awaiting the next command, he said quietly, "Kiss me."

Taken by surprise she kissed his lips as though it were just another silly trick. "Kiss me again." He told her. This time his tongue freely explored her mouth. It was time to stop the game. Passionate kissing hadn't been a part of her life in such a very long while it had brought on long forgotten feelings which she didn't need right then.


On the sofa she remembered how easy it had been to just let it happen. It was all so nice and seemed perfectly harmless to let him be a little naughty. If it had ended there no harm would have been done.


Between snatched breaths the words to stop are allusive and to her surprise, she was enjoying it rather too much. The older brother looked more mature but surely still too young to take on an experienced woman. She decided it wouldn't be too difficult to control a young inexperienced man, perhaps a little embarrassing, but how far could he go with this? In any case she could always put a stop to it for she wasn't really hypnotised.

It had been such a long time since experiencing such earnest passion so why not enjoy it while it lasted. His kisses reach deep feelings where she became lost to the moment unaware of anything around her. Despite the inexperience she was enjoying a rough handling. Considering this obvious inexperience for a moment, she decided it was safe to leave him in charge, to let go. Besides how could she tell him it was just an act after letting him kiss her like that?

A moments respite gave a chance to snatch a hurried breath. They had, while in an impassioned embrace, travelled across the room with his arm squeezed about her waist as though dancing until they slide down upon the sofa. She landed with his hand under her bottom. Desperately thinking of a way out she decided to pretend to come to before things went too far. A moment longer perhaps for after all his hand held her bottom only to prevent her sliding onto the floor.

Lost in a dreamy pleasure for more minutes of rapturous petting she gave up trying to think becoming overwhelmed with the emotion of being wanted. Too long without even the slightest loving touch brought on a powerful longing for a man's caress. With eyes closed she let him kiss her until shock exploded them wide. She watched in astonishment his lips close upon a nipple. Wide-eyed she watched in amazement an engorged nipple sucked into his mouth. How did that happen? She hadn't felt him open the blouse or pull her bra down.

It would be impossibly embarrassing to tell him she had willingly let him do this to her just to protect his brother. The sensations were overpowering allowing her to surrender to this rough handling of her body. She watched in fascination his earnest concentration sucking on a breast. Balanced on top of the bra they point up proudly, as though prepared especially for his attention, where he rubbed them, kneaded them, between finger and thumb, the other being almost sucked off.

With one hand he pulled her onto his lap where she quietly waited for him to finish with her breasts still at a loss as what to do or say. It should have been predictable, as most men were attracted to those large soft pillows of breasts. She again closed her eyes while he wrapped his arms around her cupping both of them, working them into a taught accumulation of sensations. It had all gone too far to reveal she was willingly allowing him to use her body and in any case reasoning had given way to blissful pleasure.

It was impossible not to respond to the intense stimulation, yet she must not do or say anything to encourage him, as though her compliant body were not all the encouragement he needed. Like a rag doll she bent at the waist as he pulled her back readjusting her tightly onto his lap. She felt his hardness sliding between soft thighs, unnerved for a moment at being wet and slippery, ready for him. With the last of any resistance gone she yearned for him to find her, wanting him to ram home deeply, to fulfil a desperate longing. Now she understood clearly what it is to ache for a man. Arching back to push him fully home a guttural moan escaped her throat. He was unaware of anything but the muscle gripping his cock.


This was the same sofa where it had happened that first time and she was yet again waiting for him to use her body. That first time she must have been under the influence of Roberts' hypnosis not realising it, mistakenly thinking it was just an act.

She had for several weeks willingly submitting to it, even enthusiastically pressing her mind into it. "Perhaps I must tell myself I don't need a man to command me, would that be a way out. The pleasure he gave me kept me tied into the hypnotic state, under his control. It was what I wanted even needed. The excuses for not breaking free of him, were they mine or did the hypnotic state prevent me from resisting? This time he is going too far. Perhaps I can resist him if he tries to get me to perform something I find so aberrant." She broke off speaking to herself unable to mention the disgusting act he had planned for her. She began to think about the following day, hoping for a clue as to why she continued to let him use her body.


The following day, while cleaning the house, she tried to think through the consequences of giving in to James, wondering what the neighbours would think if he began bragging about the conquest to his friends. For it would surely be spread about by the neighbourhood gossips. The memory of him making love to her the night before led to a feeling of excitement. She had to suppress the feelings saying out loud, "It can't happen again. I won't let him use me like that its wrong." She spoke the words attempting to sound confident. The mischievous feelings would have to be suppressed, as she would need a clear head to resist him.

That evening she told Robert they couldn't practise the act. "It's some boring figures I need to get back to the accountant. They will take a while and must be done. Sorry, Robert." She apologised on seeing his shoulders droop.

A little later James appeared in the kitchen as expected looking more dejected than his brother had on finding she isn't in the trance he hoped for. Did he realise how horny she felt on seeing him remembering how he had taken her. Even the unspoken, unfamiliar wicked word, horny, was a turn on. The feelings had accumulated all day becoming almost overwhelming yet she dare not reveal anything of the turmoil coursing through her body.

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