An incestuous story of love between brother and sister who are twins.


All of the characters in this story are over eighteen, they are a creation from the very darkest recesses of my soul and nothing more.


It's a funny old world isn't it? Take me, my name is Jimmy Fabian and I am thirty-two years old and a cop. I have one sister called Margaret, my twin by the way, but I call her Mags for short. I have been pounding the beat here in Charity Falls for a good few years and I love my job.

I have my own home, its nothing fancy just a three bed house, but its all mine.

My sister Mags has two girls and they are twins too, how cute is that. They are named Katie and kaitlin and they are nine years old.

She's married to Tommy Carter, a slob and a lush. The only reason she married him is because she got knocked-up. He fixes cars outside their house and the place is a wreck. There are car parts dumped all over the place, and a couple of decaying wrecks on blocks.

Just about every bit of cash he makes the deposits in a local bar. He often disappears for days at a time when he's on a bender.

That fat slob has hit my Mags on a number of occasions and one time, well I paid him a visit. Basically I lost the plot and wedged his head in a car door and nearly crushed it.

I've even thought of paying some low-life I know on my beat to Wack him, he's a fucking waste of DNA, that's for sure.

On Saturday's I visit Mags and the kids, and I usually bring along a picnic basket. It's the best day of my week because, when uncle Jimmy comes to visit, I literally get mugged by the girls at the door. Mags lives about two hours from my house.

So here I am, its Saturday morning, and I am making my way to Mags and the girls.

I pull up at the junk yard, well that's what Mags calls it, and even before I leave the car I can hear the girls calling Mags telling her uncle Jimmy is here.

"Uncle Jimmy is here, uncle Jimmy is here!" I hear the girls say excitedly.

"Hey, hey, hey, how are my favorite girls this morning," I say, as I open the front door.

Wham, I get mugged by the girls, and I end up rolling around the floor in the hall with the girls hugging and kissing me. No better welcome than that, I can tell you.

"Girls, girls, girls," I hear Mags say, "give Jimmy a chance, will you."

"Hi Mags," I say, "where are you?"

"Kitchen," she replies.

Walking into the kitchen I see Mags is washing up the breakfast dishes, "How are you today?" I ask.

"Fine, just fine Jimmy," she says.

When you are a cop you notice little things, like Mags usually turns around to me and I get a big hug.

"What, no hug from my favorite sister?"

"I'm your only sister."

I go over to her and she won't make eye contact with me, I place my hand on her shoulder and slowly Mags turns around. She has her head bent, and I lift up her chin and I see that fucker had hit her again.

She has a big red mark just below her left eye.

"Mags, what the fuck did he do to you?"

"Its nothing Jimmy, really. He was drunk and fell."

"Mags this can't go on. You and the kids don't have to put up with this shit."

I grab Mags and give her a big hug. Inside I am eaten up with rage, and I would like nothing better than to find the scumbag and kick-seven-yards of shit out of him.

"Jimmy, not in front of the girls, please," she says.

The girls come running into the kitchen full of excitement and they wonder what we are doing today.

"How about a picnic and a visit to the park," I say.

"Yaaaa the park, the park" they say, "can we get ice cream?"

"Sure, come on, lets go," I say.

We head off in the car and as usual when we get there the girls run on ahead of us. I take Mags hand in mine and we follow them into our favorite spot near a duck pond.

"You haven't held my hand in a long time," Mags says.

"I thought it would be good for the girls if they saw how a normal couple behave."

We sit on a seat and the girls are busy making daisy chains in the grass.

"Mags," I say, "Why don't you call the local station."

"I would, but..."

"look, they will lift his sorry ass and throw him in the can."

"Jimmy I can't, it would only make it worse."

"Worse, for god sake think of the girls. They'll charge him."

"Yes they will, and he'd be out in a few hours on the street, wouldn't he?" She says.

Unfortunately she is right, I see this all the time on my beat. The wife calls us in, we haul another scumbag husband away, we charge him. And before you know it he's on the street.

We had a case where this happened and the husband was released, he went and knifed his wife.

He's doing life now for manslaughter.

Do these things bother Cops? hell ya, we are human too. And its even worse because you are a cop, some law this is!

"You know I was thinking about when we were about fifteen yesterday," She says, side stepping the subject of course.

"That's Funny, because I was thinking about the time mom caught us just the other day." I reply.

"You do remember?" I say, "that time mom caught us kissing."

"As I recall, we were kissing and you grabbed my boobs, and I slapped your face," she says.

"Ya, but you went right back to kissing me again didn't you?"

"I remember," Mags says, "and boy did we get it from mom."

"Must be a twin thing, us both remembering the same thing," I say.

Mags starts laughing, but it's the kind of nervous laughter. I put my arms around her and give her a big hug, and she begins to cry.

I hold her tightly and tell her I love her. After a few moments I kiss her gently on her forehead and say, "Lets eat."

I grab the picnic basket and lay a blanket on the grass, we set out the food and thermos, plates and food. The girls sit down to eat and we look like just an ordinary family out enjoying themselves.

Squeezing Mags hand I say, "I wish they were my girls."

"Jimmy," she says, "you would make a wonderful dad, a really wonderful dad."

She lays her head on my shoulder to rest and for a fleeting magical moment we are the family I have so long wished for, but soon we have to go back.

At the house Mags makes me a coffee for the road and I take a couple of fifties from my wallet and place it in her hand.

Tears roll from her eyes and she says,

"Jimmy you can't keep giving me money."

"Its for you and the girls, get something nice for yourselves."

I give Mags and the girls a couple of fifties every Saturday because I know that booze-hound spends it all on bourbon, and probably drugs too. I place my arms around her and give her a big hug, I kiss her softly on her cheek, hesitating briefly before saying,

"I love you Mags."

"Love you too," she says.

It takes about ten minutes of hugs and kisses from the girls before I manage to get away. I look back and wave to Mags. And I can tell you it's the loneliest drive home you could ever have.

I am not ashamed to admit tears stream from my eyes as I drive away.

Back on the beat on Monday morning I take a coffee break for a personal, I call Mags. I ring about four or five times a day just to make sure she and the girls are ok.

She says Tommy hasn't surfaced yet and I tell her don't worry about that snuck, with any luck he's been run over.

It's a long week and Tommy never surfaced, I call Mags on the phone and tell her I can stay Saturday night until about three am, but I have to leave as I am on duty at five am Sunday morning.

Katie and kaitlin are super excited when they hear uncle Jimmy is staying the night, well staying after their bedtime anyways.

After our usual trip to the park we head back to the house.

Mags cooks a little meal for us all and later on around nine the girls prepare for bed.

"A story, uncle Jimmy, read us a story please." they both say.

"Ok girls, off to bed and I will be along in a minute."

"They love you like a father Jimmy. You do know that don't you?" Mags says.

"I wish they were ours, I really, really do Mags."

So, one story about princesses later and I am standing in the kitchen with Mags having a coffee.

"Jimmy," she says, "I would be lost without you."

I put my arms around her and give her a big long slow hug. Brushing the hair from her eyes I give Mags a very passionate kiss and say, "I love you so much."

Mags smiles and says, "Well, I promise I won't slap you this time."

Without saying another word she takes her top off and underneath is just a vest. I can see her big nipples poking out through it. She takes that off too and I start to kiss her breasts slowly softly taking each of her nipples in turn into my mouth and sucking them hard.

"I have longed for this moment Jimmy for so long," she says'

She lets her skirt drop to the floor and we begin to feast on each others lips. I slide my hand into her panties and my fingers seek out her warm wet pussy. I begin to finger slowly and using my thumb to rub her already swollen clit.

"You are very wet my love," I say.

"You got magic fingers."

I peel off my clothes and she begins to lick and suck my hard shaft. Holding Mags head in my hands I start pump my cock in and out slowly between her soft lips. Her tongue dances about my gland and it feels wonderful.

Mags stands up and kisses me softly on the lips and says, "I want you in me."

She turns around and bends over for me, I drop to my knees and plunge my face into her very wet nest driving my tongue in as far as I can, Mags moans her delight at my actions and I start to savor her sweet tasting honey swallowing as much as I can.

She gasps and says, "Oohh fuck, that's so good. Put your cock in now please."

I place my cock between her pussy lips and slowly I rub the head against her swollen clit. Placing it at the entrance to her pussy I begin to slide it in slowly. She moans her delight as my shaft reaches its end and my balls snuggle up to her pussy.

"Jesus Mags, that feels so good," I say, "why did we wait so long?"

"Just fuck me, fuck me hard Jimmy." She says.

I begin to thrust my cock in and out slowly, and with each thrust her pussy clinches my shaft and she lets out a long moan of pleasure.

I begin to quicken the pace and her pussy is flooding my balls with honey. I can feel her pussy starting to clinch my cock harder and she lets out a deep moan of pleasure, and with a gasp she says,

"I'm cumming, ohhhh fuck I'm cumming."

"Ohh Mags your pussy, fuck I'mm cumming too," I groan.

"Fill my pussy, fill me with your cum Jimmy."

Grabbing her by the hips I drive my cock forcefully into the hilt and start to fill her pussy with my seed. I can feel it draining, drawing all my cum into her. Pulling her up to me I place kiss after kiss on her back as we both try to catch our breath.

"Fuck Mags," I say, "that was incredible my love."

"I have dreamed about us this way for a very long time Jimmy."

She lets me slip out and she turns around and we begin to kiss passionately. I hug Mags close to me and say,

"I love you babe, love you so much."

As the heat of our passion slowly recedes its soon time for me to leave.

Mags holds me in her arms and whispers to me and she says, "I don't want you to leave."

"I know, I love you and the girls so much it hurts to leave you."

With a last long kiss I leave and make my way back to Charity Falls. I love my sister so much I ache in side when we are apart.

Sunday morning she rings me, we spend the whole time talking about nothing really. We both just want to hear the others voice and in a way it is torture.

I hear the kids playing in the background totally unaware of the tragic love story that is playing out around them. We say goodbye and hang up for now.

About lunch time on Monday Mags rang me and she was in a frantic state.

"Mags, what wrong? Did that fucker hurt you or the girls?" I ask, starting to panic he did.

"No, no Jimmy, he's, he's dead!" she blurts out.

"Dead! How?"

"I found him in a car outback. And Jimmy, I think he's been there a day or maybe more."

"Have you called it in?"

"No, I panicked, I didn't know who to call."

"Ok, call the station. Then get the girls out of the house. I will let my sergeant know what's happened and I'll try to get over as quick as I can, ok?"

"Yes Jimmy ok."

I call my sergeant on the radio to report what happened, and even though it is out of our jurisdiction he sends a cruiser to pick me up. Its amazing the difference its makes to have flashing lights and a loud siren. My driver Pat pushes the car to the last and traffic just opens up and lets us through.

Nobody in their right mind will get in the way of a police car in full-flight.

The normally two-hour journey takes only ninety minutes. We pull up outside the house and the perimeter has already been sealed off. We are allowed passed the tape and I rush to Mags and the girls. "Are you all right?" I ask.

Mags is shaking with shock and the girls who seem to be oblivious to all the commotion run to hug me.

Mags gathers herself and replies, "We are fine Jimmy, fine."

"Mags I have to go, you understand don't you?" I say.

"Yes, I know, its ok." She says.

I head out round the back to where the other officers are peering into one of the old clunkers Tommy had on blocks. They are waiting on the coroner to come and collect his body.

The officer in charge comes over and introduces himself to me,

"I'm Officer Dan Pender, pleased to meet you," he says, "are you her brother Jimmy?"

"Yes I am. I'm over at Charity Falls. What happened?" I ask.

"Well it looks like he came home drunk and was in the car drinking when he had a heart-attack. There are also traces of narcotics around his lips and nose. We'll know more later."

I peer into the car and Tommy is slumped over the wheel, his skin has a purplish tinge to it and his eyes are wide open staring straight ahead. I think to myself finally, the fucker got his. But I feel Mags and the girls got short-changed, they are safe, and that's all that counts.

I walk round to Mags and the girls. Hugging Mags tightly I whisper to her,

"Its ok, you are all coming home with me now."

I explain to the girls they are going to my house in the squad car, and they are so excited.

"Can we put the lights on?" They ask.

"Of course we can girls," says officer Pat, my driver.

In no time we are outside my house, I help Mags and the girls inside. Officer Pat says he'll explain to our sergeant what's happened.

I have a bottle of brandy in the press and I pour Mags a glass and get her to take a sip, she is still in shock and her whole is still shaking from their ordeal.

Taking a deep breathe she settles herself and says,

"I found him like that Jimmy. I got a smell from the side of the house and I went to see what it was."

"You have had a terrible shock Mags," I say.

"Oh God," she says, "thank god the girls didn't see him."

"Its ok, you are safe now. He can't hurt you or the girls anymore."

The girls are out back having fun in the garden and do not think badly of me when I say. I am glad that son-of-a-bitch is dead. Mags the girls and I can now be a family; a family Mags and the girls deserve.

I order in pizza and a few other tasty tit-bits for us. The girls wonder where they are going to sleep tonight, and I say,

"Pick a room guys, and I'll move in an extra bed."

After another long princess story I tuck the girls in, kiss them good night and Mags and I settle down on the couch.

"What happens now? what about the house?" She asks.

"There will be an investigation," I say, "and the cause of death will probably be a heart-attack."

"I don't want to have a funeral," she says. "he does not deserve it."

"You can have him cremated."

"What do I tell the girls?"

"You will have to tell them Mags, tell them he fell asleep and didn't wake up." I say.

I help Mags up and put her to bed as well, she wraps her arms around me and hugs me tightly saying, "Jimmy I love you, love you so much."

"I know Mags, I know. I love you too."

I have about a months vacation coming to me so I take it off. The funeral took place a short time later at the crematorium, the only folks there are Mags myself and the girls. I know one of the guys that works there, and he takes me out back to watch that fucker burn.

Mags won't go back to the house, so I go to collect his personal effects and promptly dump them. I box-up all of the clothes and belongings for Mags and the girls and pack them into a truck and return home.

I managed to get the girls into a school nearby and they only miss out on a few days. It's a wonderful feeling to see the girls off on the bus each day.

All too soon I am back to work on patrol again, I draw the short straw and wind up on the graveyard shift. It's not so bad and I do get home about five-thirty am in the morning. And besides, Mags is there waiting for me to come home with a hot cup of coffee for me.

"Have your coffee," she says, "and I'll run a shower for you."

I head to the shower and slip off my clothes and step in, a short time later Mags comes in and joins me. We begin with a very slow passionate kiss as my fingers seek out her pussy.

Slowly I begin to rub between the soft lips before slipping my finger into her love nest.

She begins to wash me down, and with her hand full of liquid soap she starts pumping my hard cock covering me with a thick lather of bubbles before rinsing me off.

Looking down she giggles and says,

"Oooh so clean, now you can put it in me."

Moving around behind Mags I start to rub my cock between the lips of her pussy. Slowly I start to slide my shaft into her very wet honey pot, I place my arms around her, and resting my head on her shoulder I begin to fondle her tits, pinching her nipples gently.

We stay locked together under the cascading water, and it's as if the water washes all the pain and hurt away from both of us.

Slowly I begin to pump her pussy, with each thrust it clinches the top of my cock and it feels amazing. Mags moans her delight and I continue to slowly increase the intensity of my thrusts, driving my cock hard and deep into her nest of love.

I can feel the pressure building in my balls and I drive my cock into the hilt hard and it releases my seed deep into her.

She gasps, and says,

"Jesus that's so good. I'm cumming, ohhh, fill me Jimmy. Fill me with your love."

Her pussy throbs intensely as her orgasm slowly starts to spread through her body.

Pulling her close to me, I start to place baby kisses along the back of her neck, I am in no hurry to release my lover from our passionate embrace.

She lets me slip out and turning around she gives me a very passionate kiss and I pull her closer, looking into her eyes I say, "I God, I love your pussy babe."

Taking me by the hand Mags guides me out of the shower and dries me off, we return to the kitchen and She starts to set the table for breakfast. Mags appears to be in a daydream so I ask,

"Are you O...wait, pregnant. You are pregnant!" I exclaim, excitedly.

"How did you kn...Oh, it's the twin thing, isn't it?" she says, and starts to giggle.

"Of course I am going to know if twin sister is pregnant," I say.

I literally lift Mags off the floor and holding her tight to me I twirl around in excitement.

"Whooo Hooo, I'm going to be a dad," I shout.

"Shush Jimmy," she says, "the girls, you'll wake the girls. I love you so much."

The girls of course hear all the excitement and join us in the kitchen wondering what is going on.

"Mummy has something wonderful to tell you girls," I say.

"Katie, kaitlin," she says, " Mummy is going to have a new baby."

Katie begins to jump up and down with excitement, while kaitlin, looking very serious eventually asks,

"Are you going to be our daddy now that bad daddy is gone?"

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