tagGroup SexMags Takes It Home

Mags Takes It Home


Maggie has for a long time been letting her friend Liz use her apartment to meet up with Liz's boyfriend Jeff. Jeff is a teacher at the same school as Liz and, having fumbled about in the stationery cupboard for a while, they needed somewhere slightly more discreet to meet.

They usually come round once or twice a week, using 'teachers meetings' as an excuse to their respective spouses. Maggie tends to stay out of the way whilst they are there, although they often cook her meals after they have used the rug in the lounge for their sex play. Liz has told Mags that she is up for a threesome, and Jeff left her in no doubt about it at all whenever he got the chance to give her a goodnight kiss.

A little while ago, when she was feeling more than usually pissed off with me, she decided to get her own back by 'playing away' a little. I think she was even more pissed with me when I got excited as she told me the details....

Liz and Jeff asked her if they could cook her some dinner and she readily agreed. The wine flowed freely, and as they were all old friends the conversation was very relaxed. Its not hard to overcome all offers, and having decided she would, determined to relax and enjoy it. She has lots of 'brboundaries when you are entertaining a friend whose place you use to shag like bunnies in - especially when you know that she is into sex games anyway. Mags had never joined them before despite frequent eak the ice' games, her favourite of which involved taking cards and acting out the instructions. The cards go in three stages, from fairly mild to full-on.

The first round tasks were quite tame, generally involving massage and loosening of clothing, but all three enjoyed the touching and stroking, knowing that this was the prequel to an event that they had talked about for a long time. The second round tasks go a lot further, with much more kissing and stroking and, Mags's favourite, swapping underwear. Mags was wearing her favourite pearl thong, a band of black lace around her waist with just a string of pearls threading their way from front to back. She wears these during the day as they excite her every time she walks and especially when she climbs stairs. She stripped them off and watched as Jeff put them on, the pearls running tight across his scrotum and around his engorged cock.

She put on Jeffs boxers, and waited while he started the second part of the task - removing them with his teeth. Liz was watching her intently - she had told mags she was cool with everything other than Jeff actually fucking her - that was for Liz only.

Liz's turn ended up in her getting a long slow licking out by Jeff, followed by her giving him a full blow job. Mags watched her friend licking and sucking at her lovers cock and couldn't help stroking their bodies, just enjoying the touch of so much skin and making no differentiation between Liz and Jeff. The contrast between her soft and smooth sking against his hard and hairy body made the sensation even better. Liz stopped before Jeff went too far - there were a lot of games left to play before he got to shoot that load.

The next task was for Jeff and Mags to strip naked and for Jeff to excite Mags as much as he could without her being able to move. She had to keep her hands by her side no matter what he did. The only thing he couldn't do was touch her pussy so he concentrated on kissing her mouth and her breasts and stroking his rock-hard penis against her body anywhere he could. Mags was trembling with the effort of not touching back as the buzzer which controlled the length of each task went off.

Next Jeff had to watch Liz and Mags kissing and touching each other for two minutes whilst he looked on and gently stroked his dick. He felt so close to coming he had that wonderful warm feeling combined with a twitch every time he touched himself. Mags loves girl-play and spent her time educating Liz into kissing gently and enjoying the soft feminine feelings that girl-on-girl can bring. Liz has small pert breasts with hard little nipples and Mags loves to kiss them.

The next round led to Mags kising Jeff, no holds barred this time. She started with his mouth, slowly licking around his face, ears and neck. Sliding her tongue across his chest she nibbled and bit his nipples - a cross between agony and extasy which she can exploit to make the end of your dick tingle even whilst you squeal with the pain. She slid on down past his round little pot-belly to the cock which was straining upwards from his groin. Hard and hot, she licked it with quick little darts of her tongue, making him quiver with excitement. She could taste the hint of pre-cum from the end and licked it out of the slit, tasting and swallowing. As she took more and more of his cock into her mouth Liz looked on, stroking his chest and obviously wanting to get involved. Jeff was in extasy, finally having the two girls paying him full attention, his only problem being that he knew Liz would be really pissed with him if he came for Maggie.

Mags had no such qualms - she loves the taste of cum and will swallow as much as she can get. She slid her mouth up and down over his quivering member, loving the feeling of power she had over a man she didn't really like that much. She knew he was only shagging Liz because he could and had no time for him, just another bastard taking whatever came his way. The feeling made her enjoy the control even more, and she made her lips run lighter over him the closer she could feel hime get to release. Just as he got really close she pushed a long-nailed finger into his arse. She has sharp nails and really knows how to combine pleasure and pain. Jeff obviously majored on the pleaure because he immediatley started to shoot come out of his prick like a fountain. Mags took it and swallowed, milking it for all she was worth.

Liz looked on and was distinctly underwhelmed. Jeff realised immediately that he had a problem, Mags just didn't care that much. Leaving them to it for a moment, Mags went to get a drink as Jeff desperately tried to keep his prick hard enough to shag Liz out of her impending mood. Laying her on her back, he entered he and started pounding away, kissing her mouth and doing his best to look desperate for her. Mags returned to see them sweating on her carpet, Liz slowly melting and Jeff looking like the concentration might kill him. She knelt beside them and once again started to stroke jeffs arse. The sweat made her fingers slide along his crack, and she cupped his balls then slid her fingers right underneath to fee his prick sliding along Lizs pussy lips. Moving her hand back up, she used Lizs juices to ease her middle finger back into Jeffs anus. He clenched his butt-cheeks but couldn't dislodge the sharp and painful intruder. Mags quickly found his prostate and rubbed away merrily. Jeff couldn't work out if this was the best or the worst thing he had ever felt. Whatever it was it was certainly memorable. Mags felt no reason to be delicate. Knowing she wasn't going to get an orgasm out of this she decided to push on and see what happened. Jeff was seeing stars by the time Liz screamed to a climax. Assuming that he had done enough he rolled off and away from the demon finger.

Mags decided that that was it for the night and left them to it. She went into the bedroom and rang me up, telling me in long slow detail everything that happened. I think I won - I got to take part and come without walking like John Wayne in the morning...

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