tagBDSMMaid and Laid for You

Maid and Laid for You


Dear Reader: I had originally written the continuation of the story "Maid and Laid" shortly after I had written "Maid and Laid", but I didn't wish to share it at that time, for reasons I will not go into here.

When I reviewed this story over the past few days, I had to choose, if I was going to submit the story here to share with you, whether it should be expanded to a larger story (for, in reading it again, I saw places where this story could go that I had not gone when originally writing it), or slightly editing it to provide some clarity (particularly to establish just how the characters were where they were in this story, for it didn't start at the beginning of their relationship with each other).

However, I have chosen to share the continuation of this story as originally written (after fighting with Word spell and grammar check one last time, accepting some corrections that Word suggested, but not all its suggestions, for I followed the D/s convention of capitalization of pronouns like You for Dom/mes, and Microsoft has, of course, no understanding of this!), because I am no longer in the same place I was when I originally wrote this story, years ago, and I don't think that I could do the story justice by trying to change it with the "me" that is so much different from the "me" that was when I originally wrote this story.

I do hope that you enjoy reading.

- - - - -

...a few days later, the servers at nakedsushi.com still had not been repaired.

So, it came to pass that, as I arose from the sofa to stand before You, He asked me, "You do know that She will do what She desires with you if you continue? That She will not change Her mind?"

I nodded. "Yes, Sir, I do." I turned back to look at You, my arms outstretched, palms up.

You smiled -- and I realized that I was in for something special, something that I would never forget. Regretting it? It was clear by the look on Your face that I would possibly regret saying "yes" to You, at least a little.

But I did not care -- You had asked me to yield to You, with only my safe word as protection.

You motioned that I should lower my arms to my sides; I did so gracefully (after all, that always pleased You before). Your smile broadened, as You stepped toward me, and began to unbutton my shirt. It took You three minutes to completely remove it from my body, thus exposing my chest. You stroked my right nipple with a fingernail, hardening it.

Then, You lowered Your hands to my slacks, and unbuttoned them. Lowering Your hands further, You unzipped my fly, and my slacks fell to the floor. "I am pleased that You have lost some weight," You sighed, "without crash dieting or trying to lose weight."

"Thank You, Mistress," I replied.

You then pricked my fingertip, touching my meter strip to the droplet of blood extracted from me, waiting for the result. "One hundred and ten," You smiled. "Perfect for what I have in mind."

I stood before You, my Mistress, naked and unadorned, and waited for You. You indicated that I should close my eyes, as You held an adhesive patch before me. After I obeyed You, You placed it over my right eye, covering as little of my eye socket as possible. Then, You placed another one over my left eye.

You then whispered into my ear, "Do not cum until I do." I replied, "Yes, Mistress."

Then, I could not hear as well as I had before. A moment later, I could not hear at all -- You had plugged my ears, so I could not hear. Then, You gently pressed my lips together with Your fingers, then touched them with your index finger. I nodded compliance -- You wanted me to not speak any words, but I would be permitted to groan or cry. I felt You remove my right earplug, and You whispered, "Do not use your safe word until you make Me cum."

This frightened me, but I nodded assent, as You replaced the earplug, returning me to silence.

You then took my hand, and led me forward, where a strong pair of soft hands pressed into the small of my back, lowering me backward onto the glass topped coffee table. Apparently, You had covered it with a quilt, for I did not feel the glass on my back. Then I felt a pair of hands pull my left arm down toward the floor, then binding it to the table leg very securely, coiling the rope around my arm so that no skin was uncovered. While this was going on, my right arm was treated similarly.

Bound as I was, I was utterly helpless. But then my legs were bound in a similar manner, spreading my thighs open for You to see perfectly, to do with as You desired. In fact, my whole body lay open, helpless before You. One moment passed, then another...soon, I lost time completely.

Then, I sensed something very light and delicate upon my knees, almost feathery. Whatever it was, is swished up my legs, very slowly, very languorously. When it reached my cock, and it began to respond, I realized that You were stroking me with a curtain of Your very fine hair. I tried not to groan, but I felt it escape my throat.

You moved past my cock, stroking my belly, then upward to my breast, especially paying attention to my nipples. Then, I felt You stepping over my neck, and sitting on the table, onto my chest, as You pressed Your pussy into my mouth. Then You fucked my mouth with Your pussy, driving my tongue deep within Your cunt, making me stroke Your clit, driving me wild with Your hair massaging my face, my forehead.

I felt my moans become louder, as You kept fucking my mouth, faster now, driving my tongue deeper within You. Then, I felt something tickling me, stroking my cock, something light as a feather, making me hurt, making me groan and cry more, making me want to cum, and cum quickly.

I realized that He was stroking my cock with a feather, trying to break me, trying to make me disobey You. I felt my throat wailing constantly now, too desperate to speak, too overwhelmed to speak, too far gone, too ready to cum at His touch...

...but You then came, drenching my mouth with Your cum, and You kept fucking my mouth, pushing Your cum into my mouth, making me swallow, forcing my tongue to subordinate itself to my lips suckling on Your cunt lips, making You fuck me harder now, pressing my head hard...

...then I screamed, as He made my cum gush out of my cock, continuing to tickle my cock, my inner thighs, my balls, and I would have collapsed right there, but I was so securely bound to the table, I could not move my body at all.

After a few moments, my eyes were uncovered, and I saw Him, smiling at me, kneeling beside me, unbinding my right arm from the table. You were unbinding my left arm, and I saw that my cum had splashed upon Your back. When my arms were released, You lifted me up into a sitting position, then sat on my lap, and bent forward.

I gently licked Your soft back, lapping up my cum -- well, it was Yours, since I am Yours, and You made me cum. And I realized that my cock was growing again, and Your cunt was squeezing it, making it swell inside You. Your eyes were closed, and I was surprised to see Him put something in my hand, and He motioned for me to do something...which I did...

...and You gasped, as I stroked Your right nipple with the ice cube that He had placed in my hand, making it hard, and making You respond by squeezing my cock with Your cunt. Then, You cried in ecstasy, as He began to stroke Your clit as You drove my cock deeper into Your cunt, when finally, You came on my cock.

After a moment, and Your cunt eased its grip on my cock, I collapsed back upon the table, and began to cry. You shifted Your body, so that Your breasts were pressing upon my chest, and You kissed me, ravishing my tongue with Yours, holding my head gently in Your hands.

"You had better let him get showered, dear," He told You, "as we are taking him to Red Lobster tonight."

You responded by lowering Your mouth onto my breast, and gently licking and nibbling my nipples, first one, then the other. "Happy birthday, my pet," You sighed very contentedly.

He tousled my hair. "You have been very good to My baby," He said, "and I very much appreciate all that You do for us. He smiled. "And My baby has a surprise for you after you shower."

You arose and brought something into my sight. I began to cry, but happily.

"Yes, my pet," You said, "it is a lovely leather collar, quite suitable for you, and you will get to wear it tonight." You kissed my neck, and I moaned.

"You may speak now," He said very happily, "if you are able to."

I swallowed, tried to speak, and whispered, "Thank You, Sir...thank You, Mistress."

You smiled. "And it is only five o'clock -- You have ten hours left in your birthday..."

I thought carefully. "Four hours?"

"Closer to five," He replied, grinning, "and I was very surprised you weren't screaming before She began stroking you with Her hair. And your groaning -- that was so fun to listen to..."

Dinner at Red Lobster was very good, and You were very pleased with how my collar looked on me. And both You and He were pleased that I was very careful what I ordered. He was concerned that I didn't finish what I ordered -- especially as I did not order dessert. When I saw the worried look in His eyes, when He asked me if I had eaten enough, and saw the concern in Yours', I did finish the shrimp alfredo I had left on my plate.

It was just after six-thirty when we returned home, and as I held the door open for Him and You, I wondered why You were concerned with what I had eaten. I remembered that You, also, had to be very careful what You ate, and You were quite strict with our diet. I once in a while chafed at Your strictures, but seeing that You imposed those strictures on Yourself as well as on me, and they were necessary, made it easier for me to bear...as well as made me appreciate the occasional dinners out even more than I always had before.

I followed You and Him into the living room, darkened because You did not leave lights on unnecessarily (You have more than once corrected me for inadvertently leaving a light on, and He even required You to correct Him when He did). Suddenly, I tripped on something, and I fell forward; as I fell, I expected to fall onto the floor. My belly hit first, letting me know that it was the sofa arm that I had just landed upon, forcing the breath out of my body.

Then, things got very confusing for a moment, as I felt several hands doing things to me. First, while something was placed over my eyes, my arms were pulled back behind my back, then strapped together wrists to elbows, and in between, my palms resting flat upon my arms. While this was going on, my ears were being plugged, as they had been earlier. Once my arms were restrained, that person knelt behind me and spread my legs. I felt a snap, and then another, as my ankles were manacled. I tried to move my legs together, but could not -- apparently, a spreader bar had been placed between the manacles, so I could not move my legs.

Once this was done, I felt something moving on my back, and something else sliding up my pant legs, one after the other. I soon realized that my clothes were being cut off of my body, and I would soon be completely naked, and utterly helpless. And in a moment, I was helpless, my ass raised in the air as I was bent over the sofa arm, my face in the cushions.

For a minute, nothing happened, then five minutes...then, I lost track of time. When it happened, all I could tell was that I had been bent over for somewhat less time than I had been bound to the table earlier in the day. SMACK! Someone was paddling me, with Your bamboo paddle. I had no idea who was doing this to me, as I could neither hear nor see. And I could not tell whether it was You or Him, as both of you paddled hard.

Then, nothing. My ass was a bit sore, but I had not made any sound. Then, nine more in rapid succession, then a brief moment, then four more. After a few more moments, six more, slower. By now, I was screaming inside, and my ass was throbbing, and I was trying not to cry, to not use my safe word.

You had never paddled me in this manner before, where I had been completely restrained, where I had been stripped completely, where I had not been able to see who was paddling me, where You had paddled me more than ten times, where You had not told me that I was being corrected. I had just realized all this, when the paddling began once more, steady, perhaps a stroke every two seconds, over and over, and I lost count of the strokes, trying not to scream, to cry.

Finally, the paddling stopped once more, and then, nothing. For several moments, nothing. Then, I felt something touching my asshole, gingerly at first, then crashing into me. I was being fucked, and very hard. I did not know who was fucking me, but the pain I felt inside me was amplified by the pain I felt on my ass from the paddling.

And yet, I was feeling proud of myself. I had not screamed, I had not used my safe word, and although I wanted to cry, I had held it within me. I had completely submitted myself to my Mistress' will, Your desires, Your pleasure. And, it may seem strange, but I began to feel wonderful; I began to enjoy the fucking I was receiving.

After a few more minutes, I wanted to beg You to fuck me even harder. I then wondered why I was not growing hard, realizing that, in the position I was in, bent over the arm of the sofa, my cock simply could not grow hard, because of the compression upon it. Then I realized that was what You had intended all along, because it would increase my pleasure as You fucked me as I had never been fucked before.

At that moment, I felt something splash onto my face, something very warm, very viscous. As the splashing continued, as Your fucking continued, I broke; I began to sob uncontrollably, shaking my whole body, shaking the innermost part of me. I do not remember losing consciousness -- the last thing I remembered was sobbing helplessly, as You fucked me, as He came onto my face, as I wanted to cum so desperately...

...I sensed someone licking my face, my arms still bound behind my back, my ankles and feet now also bound, as I was lying on my back. My ass still ached from the paddling I had endured, and from the fucking that You had given me. Even my eyes hurt, from trying to cry while they were blindfolded.

I tried to open my eyes but could not -- they were still blindfolded. But I could hear Him whisper into my ear, "Relax..." As You kept licking my face, cleaning His cum, I felt as if I were melting into the bed, and I sighed happily.

At that exact moment, I felt You shift slightly, and I felt Your breast on my mouth, Your nipple growing hard as You pressed it onto my tongue. I could not hold Your breast, being bound as I was, but You pressed Yourself into my mouth, and I accepted Your invitation to pleasure Your breast, circling Your areole with my tongue, then lightly nibbling Your nipple, then gently sucking on Your nipple. You gasped, and shifted position, pressing Your other breast onto my lips, and I responded to You as I had before.

I heard You cry out in pleasure, and it took a moment for me to realize what was happening, as the bed began to shake slowly in rhythm -- He was beginning to fuck You from behind. With every stroke of His cock into You, it pressed Your breast deep into my mouth, then pulled it away from me a bit. I dared not nibble on Your nipple any longer, for I was afraid of hurting You -- but I could still lick and suck on Your breast and ravish Your nipple with my tongue.

I felt Your nipple grow very hard upon my tongue, as He was fucking You, making You fuck my mouth, both at the same time, and very soon, You screamed delightedly in my ear, as He made You cum. A moment later, His groan of utter delight and He came inside You, while You were still cumming, while I was still kissing Your breast. A moment later, You collapsed upon my body, and He pressed His body onto Yours. My body was pressed deep into the mattress, and I heard His slightly labored breathing, and Yours.

This lasted a few moments, until He arose, and then You joined Him. I still could not see, but I could feel my body being turned over on the bed. Then, one of you straddled my legs and began to stroke my buttocks, massaging me gently. I felt the pain easing everywhere the hands touched me, possibly aloe vera -- yes, I could smell the freshly crushed leaves.

While this was occurring, another pair of hands kneaded my shoulders, releasing the tension that I had not realized I had stored inside me. I sank into the mattress, reveling in the experience that You and He were giving me. I could not tell where You and He were -- Your hands, and His, were both so soft and gentle, and both surprisingly small. And, despite everything that had happened today, despite all the pleasure I was receiving, I began to cry.

After a few moments, I was turned back over onto my back, and I was shifted so I was sitting a bit upright, still bound hand and foot, with my head resting upon Your breast. Then, You removed my blindfold, and I saw Him lying next to us. He was worried a little bit -- that showed clearly on His face. I felt a prick on my shoulder, and I realized You were checking my glucose, as I could not, as I normally did.

"Sir," You said to Him, "seventy."

At this, He blanched, and left the bedroom. He hurried back with a glass and a saucer. He put a straw in the glass and placed it on my lips. As I drank, You held me to You, Your hands resting on my breast. After a few sips, He removed the glass, and placed something on my tongue. "Take your time," He told me. It was leftover grilled salmon, now chilled nicely. After alternating bites of salmon with sips of pineapple juice, I felt better. Looking at His face, it was clear that He was feeling better too, as He sat up on the bed beside us.

He looked at me, and I could see He was still worried. "When She asked You to yield to her tonight, I know that you had no idea what She had in mind." He took a deep breath. "When She told me what She wanted to do tonight, I could not tell you, nor could She give you, any hint."

I nodded.

"What I had in mind," She continued, "was to help you yield yourself instinctively to Me -- and in order to do that, I had to push you just a little bit past your limits."

"And She knows how difficult this can be," He continued, "because I needed to do something similar with Her." He smiled at us. "And you do know that She is a very strong woman, and one needs to be a strong person to be a good submissive."

You pressed me closer to You. "When He asked me if I wanted to become truly His, I had been His sub for several months -- or so I had thought. I knew He has had several other subs, but He told me that I was the first one He has ever had that was worth taking to a higher level of submission."

"And She wanted to go there," He continued, "but to get there, the sub cannot do so without the Dom, no matter how much she wants to, desires to, works toward that end. And what She endured at My hands brought Her to where She wanted to be, and where I wanted Her."

"In some ways, Mine," You continued, "you are a far stronger person than I am, yet you wanted to be Mine, because you see strengths in Me that exceed your own, and feel no shame in admitting this." You stroked my nipples, making them hard. "I think you are a very special person, and I think that your weaknesses, when comparing them to My strengths, are always complementary. The surprising thing is that some of your weaknesses are actually not weaknesses at all, but merely a matter of relative strength, where comparing yourself with anyone else, including Him, turns what is a weakness when compared to Me, into a strength."

"I think," He said, "that a part of why it has not been easy for you to become completely submissive, to the point where it comes completely naturally, is because of Me." His hand, resting by my hip, moved lightly to my thigh. "You are Hers, but I think you sense that I was a bit reticent about this."

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