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My vibrator is broken. Well, one of them anyway. No, it's not just one of them, it's my main man vibrator. It's been broken for almost a month. I can't find another one just like it anywhere. Discontinued model. It is kind of old but still good except it doesn't work. I turn it on with fresh batteries and nothing happens. This is a disaster. This is Armageddon. This is cruel and inhumane. It should be illegal.

I could use it like it is but that's like going to a movie and watching a blank screen. It was so quiet too. I left it in the bed once and walked all over my bedroom and out in the hall and you couldn't hear it at all even at high speed. When it was on high speed it shivered all the way from the tip to the tail end. I mean the vibrator, not me.

I can't ask mom to fix it. I can't ask my brother to fix it. Dad always fixes things I have that get broken. I'm either going to die of a broken vibrator or embarrassment asking dad to fix it. What does he know about vibrators and how to fix them anyway. I could ask I guess. I'm getting down to nothing here. It's starting to get serious.

I waited until Saturday because dad liked to putter around in the yard on Saturday and mom went shopping and my brother was, well, my brother. We persona non grataed each other. He was already at college early for sports training anyway. I found dad. I said, "Dad, I would like to ask you something. When you have time."

"Sure Sherlock," he said. "How about now. " He sat on the bench. It was a deep smooth concrete bench and he started taking his gloves off. A good omen for me. "Ok," I said. "Now's good." I sat down beside him but stared down at the grass. We were both quiet. Finally I condensed it down and said, "I have something broken. An electrical problem I think. I would appreciate you seeing if it can be fixed. It's very important to me. Please make an extraordinary effort."

"Sure Sherlock," he said. "Give it to me when I'm finished out here or put it on the kitchen counter."

I kept looking down at the grass and said, "Dad, it's in a lock box in your workshop behind the drill press. It has a combination lock. I changed the combination just for you. It's the year you were born, four digits. Absolutely no one on this planet can see it or hear about it." I got up and left. I figured he was watching my back thinking I was nuts.

I didn't mention it for three days and he didn't mention anything. So far so good. Then one evening out of the blue he was walking past me and whispered, "The garden bench. The far one." He went out the back door. I waited one minute and followed him and sat beside him, staring down at the grass. Well the mulch, where that bench was. The far bench was removed from the house and would be super private.

"Della," he said, "Electrical is correct. A wire from the battery got frayed from the little module inside and started to shred. I cut a very thin and clean surgical line down the middle, not that long, and spread the opening and took out the module and tied new wires to the old wires and pulled them through, replacing the wiring. I wired everything up and the module still worked intermittent. It's wearing out too.

"I bought a whole new one about the same and took the module out and put it in yours. The material isn't silicone but rubber so I could repair the cut very precisely. It's good to go. The module is newer so hopefully it's more vibrant and acceptable. I understand why the shape is important to you. I can get another module if that one isn't suitable. It's in the lockbox behind the drill press."

I said, "Thank you dad." I got up and went in the house. I figure he was watching my back again, thinking I was nuts.

We had a rule in our house. No locked doors, in case of accidents. We always knocked on doors or called out and never entered until invited or ok'ed in. I had my gown on, no underwear, on the bed. The lockbox was in front of me. I opened it and immediately changed the combination back to my secret one. The vibrator looked normal except my dad cut a pee dimple in the head. There wasn't one there before. It looked real. I saw my brother's pee dimple once. He was asleep in the den, up.

I rubbed it all over with cleaner and dried it. I couldn't even see where the cut was made. I sat still a couple of moments and turned the end. It started vibrating right away. It was stronger than the old one. I turned it up about half- way and it vibrated about the same as the old one up full. I turned it up three-quarters and it almost jumped out of my fingers. I turned it off. It was a different kind of vibration up higher than half-way.

I turned the lights out and slid backwards to the headboard, putting my pillow at my lower back. I was much closer this way and could work easily. The vibrator was about seven inches long and about one and three-quarters wide. It vibrated right at the ridge under the head and the ridge was prominent.

I lubed a little, me and it, and got it at the top of my hood and lightly let it ride down to the nib. It was smooth, pee dimple and all. I lifted, turned it on about a third and opened my legs wider and went again. This time it was very good, almost normal. I turned it to half-way and went again. It was almost like my old one on full like I figured but a little different. I easily fell into my normal routine for a while.

I decided to turn it up to three-quarters and go again. I couldn't stop. I rode it right down past my clit and pushed in as far as I could and kept it there. I almost went crazy when it went through the entrance of my vagina. I was squeezing tightly around it and managed to pull it out to my g-spot and let go and squeezed and it stayed right there. I froze in that position with my mouth open. Finally I closed my thighs and held it in place and all hell broke loose.

I had an orgasm so intense I had to hold my mouth closed so I wouldn't scream. Maybe I was turned on from not having it for so long. I turned it off and got it out and just lay there and breathed. Something was wet and I felt around and the bed was wet. I thought I peed in the bed but the more I thought about it I think I squirted. I've never done that before.

I moved to the other side of the bed and went to sleep. I was exhausted. In the morning I showered and changed the sheets and sprayed them and the bed where it needed. It didn't smell like pee. It smelled like something else. It wasn't an uncomfortable scent, it was quite familiar. I thought it was from my vagina.

Two weeks later dad said, "Garden bench."

I waited about a minute and followed him out. Normally we talked to each other like everybody else does but on the bench I knew it was for unspoken things. I sat beside him looking down at the grass and waited. He said, "Della." It always seemed so formal when dad started a conversation with my name. "I thought I would check and see how the item is working."

I thought it would be about that. I was ready. "Dad, Up to half-way it's just like the old one. It's so powerful I can't turn it up any higher than half-way. It's way different higher than half-way too."

"Ok," he said. "I can limit the control so it only ever goes up half-way or I can reduce the power so full up is like half-way now. I don't have to open it up again to do either one of those. Actually I would like to see if there is a way to make it enjoyable all the way up from half-way. Whatever I can do."

"Let me think about it," I said. "I'll let you know. Thanks for checking." I got up and left.

It took me a whole week but I could only think of one thing so I got dad in the backyard and told him. He agreed. He would come to my bedroom one night and in the dark I would, well, show isn't the right word and demonstrate isn't either. I would 'clue' him in on what goes on with main man. It wasn't going to be easy. Dad would have to 'man up' as they say. I loved dad and I knew he had the cojones to do the job. I knew he wouldn't be secretive with mom. He would work it out with her.

It was almost midnight on a Friday. A soft knock on the door and I ok'ed and in came dad and mom. Oh ho. They came over to the bed and mom sat on the side while dad stood. My bed side light was still on. Dad had on a t-shirt and pale red briefs. Mom had on her gown. She said, "I envy you. It's going to be fun working on this with your dad. It should be exciting. Don't worry about a thing." She smiled and left the room.

There was a clear outline of dad in his briefs. Over and down one leg. He wasn't up but he was big. Without another word I reached over and turned off the light. The bed rustled when dad got in and under the sheet. He was on a pillow next to me, very close. I could feel his breath on my hair and he was touching my body with his a couple of places. I kind of took a bigger breath. He said, "I think the thing to do is relax a little and get comfortable with each other." So we did.

I'm 19, 5ft6 and weigh 120lbs. My hair is shoulder length. My neck is a little longer than normal, I think. I walked to school, about three-quarters of a mile, and back home. I walk to work, about the same and I plan on walking to college this fall. I work in a vegetable growing facility and bend over a lot.

Dad is bigger. He's 41, 5ft10 and weighs 150lbs. He isn't skin and bones and has a nice layer of soft stuff around him. He's as loose as I am, as is mom. Getting comfortable with a human being like dad in bed is an adventure in itself. When we relaxed and got comfortable he got his arms around me and matched my curves with his curves and my openings with his protrusions.

I almost got out a sex utterance but choked it off at the last billionth of a second. My main man vibrator had a rival. This wasn't as cold and calculated as I thought it was going to be. My temperature was up a little and dad seemed hotter. Finally he said, "Could you give me an idea what is normal and what isn't. We can go from there. If that's ok with you."

"Do you want me to be literal or descriptive?"

"Literal, please." He said. "It gives me more information."

"Ok," I said. "I'm going to take everything off. I suggest you do the same." I wanted him to more or less feel what I was feeling. We did. I was on my back with my knees up. I opened my legs like normal and felt the outside of my thigh against his upper hip. I closed my eyes and almost bit my tongue too. There's no way a man of his experience could feel what I'm feeling but I forged ahead.

I said, "I'm lubing me and the head of main man. You can put a couple of fingers around or on the middle and try not to deviate my movements." I felt his fingers slide down the top of my thigh until he hit the bottom, right beside my vagina. He lifted and found my hand and got on main man.

That was more sexual contact than I've ever had in that short period of time. I was totally up for dad. About that time he extended and I felt him stabbing around my bun, a little underneath near my vagina. That was twice now. He had his arm laying down the inside of my thigh so his hand could grasp main man a little. A couple of times the heel of his hand got into me solid. I think I must have pushed it up a little. He didn't do anything. He was probably used to that.

"I usually do one or two dry runs, like this." I held main man up with the head down at the top of my hood and slid down to my clit bottom and off and on down and tilted it and under a little. Not that far up my butt. Coming back the head went right between my outer lips and up to my clit. I lifted and went on up to just below my tuff.

Dad followed. I could tell he was trying to stay away from touching me but when I tilted main man a few times it rotated him right down against me. He weathered it nicely. I thought so anyways. He was distracting me with his dick flipping around the bottom of my bun, not that far from the bottom of my outer lips. They were open a little. No real barrier and they're lubed for ease of passage.

"Ok," I said. "I'm turning it up to almost half-way. My hood and clit is the normal process and before I have an orgasm I enter my vagina and just before orgasm I return to my clit. It may be faster with you here." I turned main man on. The buzz was almost identical in sound as the old main man module. It was so comfortable hearing that sound. I knew what it would bring.

Dad was quiet through all this setup. I started working it down my hood occasionally flipping over to the other side and back. Sometimes I tilted it down so the head would get into my clit and sometimes way over so it would get up under my clit. That was really good. Every time I did either one of those, dad's fingers would be down either on or in my outer lips. Sometimes his little finger got very near my vagina. I moved my hips once so he would be right at the entrance. I don't know why he didn't push in.

He was probably holding main man with his thumb and pointing finger. I said, "Can you tell what that does to the body?" He said, 'no', so I lifted and handed it to him and said, "Give it a try. Take your time." He took it and I kept my fingers on the end and followed him down between my legs. His dick was down there. I had to reach a little but it was ok.

I felt him push his crotch into my outer thigh so his dick was higher between my legs and main man moved around then at a steady pace. He started thrusting just that little bit and I felt his head poke me in the side of my outer lips where my vagina was hidden. That was so nice. He wasn't moaning but humming. The whole thing was so soothing.

A few moments and I felt him tilt over against me a little more and his knee touched my left foot. His dick was more between my legs and was actually thrusting, slowly, further up grazing my ridges. I was getting just as worked up this way as with main man so I kept quiet and let him give both of us some great feelings.

A little strained he said, "Ok, you better take it back. Thanks."

I got the head back on my hood and clit and got the routine going. I was further along than normal after that. I slid main man on down to my vagina and felt dad's dick pull a little down to my bun. It was sticking well over towards the center of the bottom of my butt crack.

I pushed the head in my vagina and dad's fingers stopped it about half-way from going in. He moved back and knocked my fingers off the top. I got back on and around his fingers which were on the top and we sprang into action together. He knew exactly what to do and he knew when to tilt it to get my g-spot. My g-spot doesn't fully wake up until later in my orgasm.

When coming out I would stop just when the ridge comes past and tilt main man down and push back right into my g-spot and reverse and rake the ridge and head backwards to the entrance then mess around there. Sometimes all I had to do was hang on and dad worked it wonderfully. It was very erotic with dad fucking me with main man and hitting my g-spot so expertly. I was way turned on.

The vibration was still running about as full as the old module. I felt dad's fingers move in a different way and the vibration increased noticeably. A different vibration. I stayed with him and tried to handle it. I wouldn't last long. Then he turned it all the way up and all hell broke loose again. He got it across my g-spot twice and I let loose with a strong orgasm that had me bouncing around like crazy.

I barked like a dog, twice. Not too long a bark. It wouldn't wake the neighborhood. I got settled down and dad was out from under my middle. Darn. Within two minutes were talking at each other like two magpies. Dad said the vibration at that speed set up a resonance frequency that amplified the effect and my g-spot was highly susceptible. I should enjoy the extra speed and resonance but work just past or just before the g-spot until I could handle it right on.

About ten minutes later we decided to go again but do the vagina first at half then full speed and move to my clit before my g-spot got too up there. Dad said, "Would it be ok if I got up under and pushed against main man while you're got it down there?"

"Yes," I said. "But let's hold main man just like before with my fingers on yours and you'll be able to do better. Why don't you get in position and I'll latch on when you get started." Dad slid down a little and I felt his dick up between my thighs. It flicked around. He was excited. He lubed us and got started.

Just being there and letting someone else do the work was so different. I could thrust up easier and open up and close down easier without having to reach down that far. Of course I was fully on my back and not up against the headboard like normal. For dad. I could feel his thighs push into mine as his dick worked itself against main man and his vibration.

It was becoming a factor around my vagina. It was fully on and I could easily handle it this way. Sometimes I felt dad's head plow down in around the entrance only to be held off by main man. It never dawned on me what would happen when he put main man on my clit. I guess I just assumed his dick would follow. It didn't.

I was getting pretty active and I finally felt main man on my hood and clit. It was turned down to half way. About four or five good up and downs and I felt the head of his dick touch my vagina entrance then leave. Soon it was a routine and soon the head was going in. With my mouth open and my eyes shut I lowered my right leg and pushed out.

Dad got over between without leaving my vagina and I pulled him up on me. He never stopped thrusting and he was going way in. Main man disappeared and got replaced with my other main man, dad. We melted into each other and he kissed me like he's never kissed me before. He squashed my boobs and grabbed my buns and fucked me like the pro he is.

I had an exceptionally strong orgasm again but I didn't pee or squirt on dad. Dad squirted for sure. I ruined his dick and he was very thankful for that. We breathed more and magpied again and did it all again, well before the sun came up.

Dad fixed main man then he fixed me. We don't go sit on the bench anymore for private conversations. He got mom a secondary man to play with. Looked like I was going to have good sex all the way through college. Mom was all for it. So was I.

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