tagNovels and NovellasMainely About Honor: Bk 01 Ch. 02

Mainely About Honor: Bk 01 Ch. 02


My thanks to ladyleveaux for her editing skills, for without the editors the stories would not be the same. All of us both readers and writers would lose a great deal.

Book 01: Prague May Be the Death of Me Chapter 01

The sounds of laughter fill the room, coarse jokes and memories flow through the air, old friends becoming new again, made that night one of the happiest of my life. My seven best friends from high school were all gathered together for Jimmy Doyle's bachelor party. My name is David Murry, and I had not seen any of these friends for 8 years. After High School we all went off to different colleges, went into business and got married, except Jimmy. He stayed in Lincoln, Maine and played the perennial bachelor, the man who would never get married, yet there he was finally caught.

We had been drinking for hours and catching up on each others lives, and I had just finished telling everybody about my four years at Whiting School of Engineering in Baltimore, Maryland, my lovely wife Mary who I met after I graduated while working for her father, and who I had married only two years earlier, the electrical engineering company I had started, with her fathers help, and the hotel management company that Mary and 4 of her best friends from college had started. Both businesses were doing well, although Mary did have to travel about once a month. Luckily it was only for one or two days usually except, like this week, when she went to Prague to visit the hotel there, then she stayed for 5 days, but that was only three times a year. I went with her on some of the two day trips, but I couldn't get away for the trips to Prague, there was just too much to do with a fledgling engineering firm. We had a nice home outside Baltimore and as soon as she got back I wanted everybody to come to visit.

I had just gone to the bathroom when they yelled for me to hurry up or I'd miss the main event. When I returned they had shut off most of the lights and turned on the DVD projector that one of the guys had rented, the opening credits showed the title as "Drunk Sex Orgy -- Glory Hole Heaven". I sat down and laughed as someone yelled that this was what Jimmy was going to be missing once he was married.

The video opened with a bunch of beautiful women in some type of club drinking and dancing, so after a few minutes I got up to get another drink. When I got back there were a bunch of women gathered around this big wall at the end of the room and there were guys on the other side sticking there cocks through large holes. There was already one woman in a black dress bending over deep throating some guys dick and playing with his balls. Soon all the holes had women at them and in some cases they were waiting in line. The camera began to switch from the wall to the dance floor and soon there were male waiters walking around and women taking off there clothes and women getting fucked.

We were all yelling and saying we wanted to be the waiters, when the camera panned back to the wall to show the girl in the black dress with the top of her dress pulled down to show some great looking tits, and the bottom of her dress around her waist with a waiters cock buried in her from behind, her mouth still wrapped around the cock sticking through the wall, everybody was saying how amazing she was and how we all wanted to fuck her. Finally she pulled back from the wall as the glory hole guy came into her mouth and onto her face and within seconds the guy fucking her pulled out yanked off his condom and squirted all over her ass.

As they finished, she stood up and turned around and began to lick the come off her lips, and everybody agreed that she was the hottest little slut they had ever seen, I had to agree, after all she was my wife.

I couldn't believe it, that couldn't be Mary, it had to be someone who just looked like her, and I knew there had to be an explanation. I got up off the couch and went over and picked up the case that the video had come in and began to read the back. The first thing I noticed was that it was filmed live at a club in Prague.

My friends knew something was wrong when they heard me crying and stopped the video. They clustered around me asking me what was wrong and were shocked and angry when I told them what I now knew to be the truth. We talked for about an hour and then I said I wanted to see the rest of the video. They all said that I shouldn't, but I had to know everything. Over the next sixty minutes I identified all four of my wife's partners and saw them fucked by strange guys and even saw my wife being double penetrated, this even though she had always refused to let me take her anally because it was dirty.

When it was finally over I apologized to Jimmy for ruining his bachelor party and told him that I would not be able to stay for the wedding the next day. They all expressed concern about my being alone but I told them it would be OK, that I was just going back to the motel to decide what to do. We said goodbye, and that was the last time I saw them.

I drove the two miles to the motel, and by the time I got to there I was in a rage, I wanted to hurt her, to make her feel the pain that I was feeling. I knew that if I confronted her that she would just cry and say that she was sorry, and that it was all a big mistake, and that it would never happen again. I also knew that if I saw her cry that I would forgive her. Then it came to me, if I didn't confront her, if she thought I might be dead, the hurt would go on forever. I called Jimmy and told him that whatever people said, that I was OK and that they were not to tell anyone that they had talked to me after I left. Jimmy wasn't happy, but after I explained he finally agreed.

Once I hung up I got out my cell phone and started composing a text message for my wife, I wanted to word it in a way that would hurt her the way she had hurt me. I knew that she really did love me, and could not understand how she could do this, our sex lives had always been great, there was no hint of what was going on, but now it was time for her to pay, it said;

"Dear Mary:

I have seen the videos from the club in Prague, and now know that you and your friends are nothing but cheap whores. How many men have you had on your trips, how many men have fucked you in the ass, a place you never let me go? That must be a place reserved for your lovers, and I wasn't one of them. Did you ever love me? You obviously never meant the vows we took on our wedding day, the five of you must have been laughing your asses off at the stupid little cuckold you had married. Well congratulations, you have just torn my heart out, I can never love again, and without love there is no life. So goodbye, the marriage is over and you have killed me.

May you rot in Hell.


Having finished, I hit send, turned off my phone placed it on the bed, and walked out the door. I left my car keys, wallet, and clothes in the room and left the motel. I had taken out over a thousand dollars in cash for the party and wedding and had about eight hundred left so I started walking towards the cabin my parents had left me when they died. Mary had never been there and didn't know that I had been planning to bring her here on a surprise vacation this summer. It was a long walk, about thirty miles of back road going past Cold Stream Pond and through Burlington, but I had started at about 10:30 p.m., and had plenty of time.

Just before morning, at about 5:00 a.m., I stopped at the general store in Burlington and picked up some food and continued walking down route 188 until I reached the path to the cabin, and from there it was about a thirty minute walk. It sits in a small grove of trees next to Saponic Pond; there are no roads into it only the path, no electricity and you get the water from a spring. The stove is wood burning, the lights are kerosene lamps.

By the time I got there I was pretty tired, so I lay down to get some sleep. I didn't sleep well, lots of nightmares which woke me up crying. When I did wake up, it was almost dark and I went out and got some wood and started a fire in the stove. Once it was started I took a couple of gallon bottles and walked out to the spring and got some water. While out there I also went to the outhouse, yes I said the outhouse, an actual old fashioned two-seater.

I went back into the cabin and made some coffee and some sandwiches, it wasn't what I was used to, but it would have to do. I slept again that night and in the morning started cleaning and getting things ready for a long stay by chopping wood. I knew I'd have to walk to the General Store again in a few days, but it wasn't that far and I might be able to find a ride back to the path. I figured I could stay there until she knew how she had hurt me; about three months ought to do. I knew the local sheriff wouldn't help her look for me; after all, he was Jimmy's father and besides the bitch was from away.

She wouldn't know if I was alive or dead. Now it was her turn to suffer.

To be continued...

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