tagGroup SexMaintenance Man Pt. 01

Maintenance Man Pt. 01


I should have never started working here, this is torture watching these girls in their short little cheer-leading outfits, strutting their tight gorgeous little bodies in front of me, day in and day out. Ive had a permanent hard on from the first day I started.

Two of the senior girls are watching me, as I go about my work. I can feel their eyes on me and I must admit I like them looking. I'm the groundsmen for the University, I do all the lawn maintenance and make sure the grounds are perfect for the football games played here.

I know these girls like what they see, they watch me, licking their lips and their eyes roaming over my torso when I take off my shirt, working outdoors has its benefits, I keep fit, have a good hard body and I have an all over tan, I'm 36 and feel like a perv around these 18 to 24 year old girls but damn they are fine.

I start packing up my tools. when I notice Chelsea and Dianne heading my way, they are the senior girls and I'm sure they are both around 24 years old.

"Hi Mr Randell, sorry to bother you but we were wondering if you could help us out with something?" Chelsea asks and Dianne stands there smiling as she looks me up and down.

I smile and I'm sure I hear Dianne moan, when Chelsea raises her eyebrows and then quickly shrugs it off.

"I've told you Mr Randell is my father, call me Logan and of course I can help, anything for you girls." I tell them.

They both smile and have evil little grins, I'm waiting for one of them to rub their hands together and say "Excellent" like Mr Burns would in the Simpsons, its kind of creepy.

Dianne hooks her finger and does a come here motion, as they both turn and walk toward the squad, so I do what they want and follow them, watching them both sway their hips as they walk and their short skirts riding up so high I can see their sports underwear hugging those tight little asses. I almost groan but swallow it down I can't let on how they affect me, I need this job and the last thing I need is to be sacked for sexual harassment. They stop when they reach the rest of the girls, I notice its not the whole squad here today and none of the male members are here. Its mainly the more experienced part of the team, Ive watched them do their practice routines and pretty much know them all by sight. I am most attracted to Lindsey she is a petite brunette with the biggest brown doe eyes I have ever seen, cute button nose and the most delectable mouth I have ever seen, her lips look so god damn good, every time I see her I imagine those lips wrapped around my cock, she has a nice rack, not huge but perky and an ass I want to sink my teeth into. I zone in on her and notice she isn't really looking my way like the rest of the girls.

Chelsea comes up by my side and leans her body into me as she runs her hands up and down my arm, I should pull away but there is no way I can push away a woman that looks like her wen they are hands on.

Dianne then speaks to the team.

"Alright ladies listen up, it's senior initiation day, the seven of you are now our permanents and that makes you ladies on an equal platform with Chelsea and I, so as a team building requirement, we have decided that to mark this special occasion, we need a man, to fulfill a fantasy for each and everyone of you and lucky for you girls, Logan has agreed to help us out," she announces then comes to my other side, walking her fingers across my shoulders, she winks at Chelsea and they both proceed to pull my t-shirt up over my head. The girls start clapping and whistling and I stand there in shock, not quite sure what I should do.

Chelsea whispers in my ear, "It's okay Logan, no one here will say a word and I know you will love what we are going to do to you."

Chelsea is blonde hair blue eyed, a Hayden Panettiere look alike, there is no way any guy could walk away when a girl like this is promising to make some of your wildest fantasies come true. I nod and she smiles then she surprises me and puts her lips on mine and instead of kissing me she runs her tongue around my lips and giggles. She walks behind me puts her arms around me, under my arms and trails her hands down my chest and over my abs, her hands stop when she reaches the button of my jeans, her boobs are pressed up against my back.

This is starting to feel like, my own fantasy, or some kind of dream.

"Listen up ladies, you have each been given a number, one at a time you will get to use Logan for any sexual desire you wish to perform, you will each have a total of 5 minutes and when all of you have finished we will reward Logan for his participation by allowing him a fantasy of his own," Dianne explains.

The girls jump up and down with excitement and a huge, I just won the fucking lottery grin, spreads across my face.

I say a silent prayer, "Thank you God, I always knew you were a good guy and thanks for listening to my prayers man, I owe you one."

Chelsea's hands have now proceeded to undo my jeans, she undoes each button slowly then tugs the down to my knees, I bend to undo my boots and she slaps my ass.

"Uh uh ah, Mr Randell, the ladies get to undress you, you have to be a good boy and let us have our way with you."

I stand up snickering, fuck I must be doing something right, how lucky can a man get.

"Jasmine and Dolly. could you please help Logan out of those uncomfortable boots and take his jeans off the rest of the way?" Dianne ask in an ordering type manner.

The two girls obey and come over to me giggling, they each take a foot and begin removing my boots, quickly they remove them and my jeans folding them and placing them next to my t-shirt. Both girls are blondes, one with curly shoulder length hair, the other cut in a short pixie fashion, I think its Dolly who is the latter and she has the biggest boobs I have ever seen on an athletic girl. They bounce, as both girls go back to the team jumping up and done with glee and my cock does the same.

"Time to get this party started, we will draw numbers at random, the first number I have here in my hot little hand is number three," Chelsea announces.

A tiny little redhead raises her hand, with the biggest smile and reddest cheeks I have ever seen, I'm pretty sure her name is Piper, such a cutie, I cant imagine her fantasy being anything too wild. She walks over to me and reaches up to whisper in my ear.

My eyes go wide as she tells me what she wants.

"I want to be licked, from front to back, your tongue in my pussy and then in my ass, while your fingers penetrate me and flick my clit."

She looks away, like she is embarrassed.

I tip up her chin and tell her, "Anything you want baby girl, no judgement here and no need to feel shame about your desire."

I press my lips to hers and she moans, then she gets aggressive, pushing me down to the ground, I lay on my back in just my boxer shorts, I know I'm going to have a grass rash but it will be worth it.

She stands above me and removes her shorts and skirt then proceeds to straddle my face, impatient little vixen she is, her gorgeous pussy is waxed, except for a landing strip, of tight red curls, I position myself and wrap my hands around the back of her thighs, then I lift my head and take a deep breath, her arousal hits me full on and I dive in, plunging my tongue straight into her waiting wet cunt, her juices hit my tongue and she cries out, as she falls forward slightly. I begin to lap her, licking her folds and circling her clit every time my tongue reaches it. I then realize, we have a time limit and begin to pull her down on my face more, I know she is already on the verge of coming and it wont take much, I trail my tongue to her back passage and as lick around the tight little hole she starts making the weirdest sound ever, its like she is meowing, my dick was so hard and as soon as I heard that sound, he started to deflate, wanting to get this over with, I push two fingers inside her and flick her clit with my thumb, as my tongue goes into her back passage she screams, like a cat on heat and her pussy almost breaks my fingers when she tightens around them, pulsing over and over.

After a few seconds she stands up and puts her shorts and skirt back on, then slowly walks over to the other girls, the undeniable satisfied glow on her face, as her friends all whisper and giggle with her.

I stand and Dianne brings over a bottle of water and mouth wash, I smile and wonder if they've done this before.

The next two girls are fairly tame and just want, some petty kissing and one of them rubs herself on the top of my head until she comes, weird yes but leaves me smiling. Dolly shocks the shit out of me when she announces her fantasy.

I'm sorry, was that too much, honestly I only want to do this oif you're okay with it."

This gorgeous double D dream come true fantasy asks me, if I'm okay, with taking her from behind while she licks out her friend Jasmine, Really who am I to deny these girls their desires and dreams, if I can help with this dire situation, I will, its my destiny... okay, I may be a bit egotistical and sarcastic but really did I just hit the god jackpot. or the wish come true fucking genie in a lamp. ... to be continued

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Logan the mature man

Give this sexy mature man a bit of hair for that great outdoor chest. When they strip him of his t-shirt, I hope they see a sexy hairy chest ripe for touching and licking!

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