Make that Date


read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2002 Couture


Below is a transcript of a recent episode of a new made for TV series called 'Make that Date'.

Chuck: "Hi, everyone, this is Chuck Woolery, and welcome to another episode of . . ."

"Make that Date," the audience screams in unison.

Chuck: "I would like everyone to put their hands together for our first contestant, Paul Robinson."

Chuck motions to the unoccupied loveseat in the shape of a heart. "Have a seat Paul, and tell us . . . what brought you to Make that Date."

Paul: "Well, Chuck, I saw your ad in the paper. It said if there was someone I wanted to date, but wasn't able to on my own, you guys could make it happen."

Chuck: "And who was the lucky lady Paul?"

Paul: "Her name is Rebecca. We used to be friends in high school. I've always had a crush on her, and I've always regretted not going out with her."

Chuck: "Did you ask her out in high school?"

Paul: "Well - sort of. But, she always made some kind of excuse."

Chuck: "That's okay, Paul, here on our show, we're not about excuses are we? Cause on our show, we're here to . . ."

Audience cheers: "Make that date."

Chuck: "And we made your date, didn't we Paul?"

Paul: "Yes, you did Chuck, but not like I thought. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of suing you for damages."

Chuck: "Well, Paul, that's why we have everyone sign a release."

Chuck: "Well everyone, are you ready to meet Paul's date?"

The audience cheers as a TV monitor comes on with a beautiful dark haired girl on the screen.

Chuck: "Welcome to Make that Date, Rebecca!"

Rebecca: "It's good to be here Chuck." She winks at Paul and smiles. "Hi Paula."

Paul: "Hi Rebecca."

Chuck: "I noticed you called him Paula. Why was that?"

Rebecca: "I don't date men Chuck. I'm into women."

Chuck: "Not even game show hosts?"

Rebecca "Not unless you want to grow a pair of tits Chuck."

Chuck: "What a shame. But what about you Paul? I don't see any tits on you either."

Paul: "That's why I'm so pissed off. One minute I'm here, talking to the producer and signing a bunch of forms and the next thing I know, I'm at Rebecca's doorstep with my finger on doorbell. I almost fainted when I saw my fingers. They were a woman's fingers with painted nails and the whole works."

Chuck: "The whole works?"

Paul: "The works. Long hair, long legs, heels, and tits. Worse, you guys sent me out without underwear and wearing a flimsy dress. Jesus, I looked like a prostitute. I still don't know how you did it."

Chuck laughs: "It's TV magic Paul. *TV magic*."

Audience: "????"

Chuck: "Sorry, inside joke. Anyway, Rebecca, what did you think when you saw Paul, er Paula the first time."

Rebecca: "I thought she was gorgeous. She was tall, thin, blonde, full lips, with a pert pair of breasts. Everything I asked for in the survey you sent. When she opened the door and the morning light displayed her gorgeous body through her thin cotton dress, I knew I had to have her."

Paul: "And you didn't waste any time did you? Let's see a clip."

On the TV monitor, two women met at the door, on blonde and one brunette. The blonde looked very unsure of herself - almost as if she were ready to bolt at any moment. There was a polite shaking of hands, and the blonde was ushered into the house. Once inside, the brunette caught the blonde's hands, held her against the door, and kissed her deeply. The blonde struggled at first, but succumbed to the ravishing of her mouth.

Chuck: "Paul, how did it feel when she pushed you against the door? What is she doing there? Was she kissing you or performing a body cavity search?"

Paul: "Kissing I guess. I wasn't expecting it at first, but I liked it."

Chuck: "What did you think Rebecca?"

Rebecca: "I thought she was delicious. By sheer force of will I didn't fuck her right there."

Chuck: "Watch your language. You don't want us to bleep it out later."

Rebecca says, "Well, I did want to make love to her. I like my other word better. Anyway, I stopped because I thought we should have something to eat. I was sure we would need all our energy later on."

Chuck: "Where did you two go for dinner?"

Rebecca: "Go? I took her to the dining room. I only had a day, and I wasn't going to waste precious time driving to a restaurant."

Chuck: "How did you feel about that Paul?"

Paul: "I really didn't like the way she was treating me at first. I mean it was our first date and she didn't even take me out. She kept invading my personal space the whole time - especially my ah- butt."

Rebecca: "Can you show a clip Chuck?"

Chuck: "Certainly."

The clip played showing the two women walking down hall. The dark-haired woman placed an arm around the blonde cupping her ass. Once there, it didn't just rest, but massaged, lifted the smooth round globes, occasionally delving beneath her white cotton dress and exposing her naked bottom.

Rebecca: "Just look at that ass Chuck, can you blame me?"

The video continues to play.

Chuck: "Not in the least. Now, what's going on here? Why are you sitting and sending Paula- I mean Paul to the kitchen?"

Rebecca: "I asked Paula be a dear and serve the food. Oh, and I told her to put on an apron so she wouldn't ruin her clothes."

Chuck: "Why on earth did you make her serve the food when she was eating at your house?"

Rebecca: "I like being in charge."

Chuck: "Oh . . . didn't that seem strange to you Paul?"

Paul: "Strange? *You* turn me into a woman and then you have the gall to ask if I felt it was strange to be asked to serve food?"

Chuck: "Well, you looked cute in your little apron, I'll give you that. Now, why did she stop you and make you go to the other side of her?"

Paul: "She said to serve from the left, collect from the right, and bend at the hips."

Chuck: "Now, Rebecca, I see the reasoning for serving from the right. After all . . . it's proper etiquette, but bending at the hips?"

The monitor showed Rebecca's finger stealing beneath Paula's jutting backside.

Chuck: "Oh . . . I see."

Paul: "I didn't ask for that Chuck. She practically forced herself on me every chance she got."

Rebecca: "Don't even try that shit with me girl. You came to my house, wearing next to nothing, no panties, a shaved cunt, a very wet shaved cunt, I might add. You were practically begging for it. Anyway, it looks like you were enjoying it."

Paul turns an even brighter shade of crimson watching his formerly female body react to Rebecca's ministrations.

Paul: "I was *not* begging for it. I didn't even ask to wear that stuff."

Chuck: "It does look like you were opening your legs wider Paula. Are you sure you were the innocent victim you'd like for us to believe."

Paul: "I was the victim."

Chuck: "Well, enough of that. Let's watch some more of your date. It looks like you both had a nice dinner. Maybe not a lot of conversation, but how was the food Paul? Maybe not so good, it looks like you just spit out a piece of asparagus. There's nothing worse than overcooked asparagus."

Paul: "It wasn't the food. Even the asparagus was good. I was sitting there, trying to enjoy dinner, when all of a sudden I felt something between my legs."

Chuck: "I take it; it wasn't your cock was it?"

Paul: "No, it was her foot. She was pushing it against my er vagina."

Chuck: "You can say pussy, Paul. I think it is safe to say this show is going to have to be aired on cable. And tell us Paul, what did you think about her foot on your pussy?"

Paul: "What do you think I thought? No, don't tell me. I thought she was moving to fast, so I closed my legs and grabbed her foot. I told her about how I was a man. That I went to high school with her. And that somehow you guys had forcefully turned me into a woman."

Chuck: "What did you think of that Rebecca?"

Rebecca: "I didn't think anything of it. I told her to prove it. I said; show me your breasts Paula. Let me see if they are a woman's breasts. If they're not real, then I'll believe you, but I knew they were real enough. I just wanted to see them in the flesh so to speak."

Paul: "You lied to me!"

Rebecca: "You should have seen her Chuck. She was so adorable as she unbuttoned her dress and saw her titties for the first time ever."

Paul: "I wasn't thinking straight. I had a buzz from the wine. Usually, I can drink a lot more than that. Then there was her foot sliding up and down my legs, which didn't help matters at all.

The video showed Paula unbuttoning his blouse and baring his firm ripe breasts.

Rebecca: "They're beautiful, aren't they Chuck? That's what I told Paula too. I said they were beautiful and I'd love to kiss them. And then she tried to hide her hardened nipples and tells me they weren't hers."

Paul: "They weren't!"

Chuck: "And then what?"

Rebecca: "I said. They sure look like they belong to you. Pinch it. Pinch a nipple and see if you feel it."

On the screen, Paula hesitantly reached up and tweaked his erect nipple under Rebecca's penetrating stare. "Oh!" she gasped.

Paul: "Don't look at me like that Chuck. Th-th-they were more sensitive than you would think."

Rebecca: "When I saw that, I knew I had to have her. I told her I wanted desert. Paula said, what's for desert? She was so naive - preciouse really. I said you."

On the video, Rebecca got out of her chair and advanced on her guest as a lion might stalk an antelope. She tilted Paula's head up, smothering her with a kiss, groping her body as she did so. Next, Rebecca stripped the slightly protesting blonde right there in the dining room.

Paul: "Jesus, are you gonna show this Chuck? Don't you need to cut to commercial or something?"

Chucks eyes don't leave the screen: "And now a word from our sponsors. . ."

Paul: "But it's still on!"

Chuck: "We don't really cut to commercial. That's just for the people at home."

The tape shows Paula giving in and trying to put her arms around Rebecca. Instead, she catches them and puts them behind Paula's back.

Chuck: "What are you doing there Rebecca?"

Rebecca: "I like to be in charge Chuck."

The video shows, Rebecca leading Paula to her bedroom, and pushing her forcefully to the bed. She kissed her, she fondled her, she caressed her, but every time Paula tried to return the favor, she pushed her back down with her arms to either side of his head.

Chuck: "Still in control I see."

Rebecca: "Yes, I warned the little sex-pot that if she kept that up, I was going to have to truss her up."

Paul: "I thought she said sex me up. Who says truss these days?"

On the screen , Paula's hands stay at either side of her head for a minute , but then they move down and start stroking Rebecca's dark hair.

Rebecca: "I warned you, didn't I?"

On the screen Rebecca got up and retrieved a coil of rope and what appeared to be several leather straps from the nightstand. Paula was in a daze, and she was rolled on her back and her wrists cuffed before she even started to struggle.

Rebecca: "See? I'm trussing her up. Just like I said I would. At this point she tried to tell me she didn't want to play anymore, so I put my trusty old ball gag in her mouth."

Paul: "It wasn't fair to gag me. You could have hurt me and I wouldn't have been able to say anything. Come on Chuck, can't you skip this next part. They've seen me naked, isn't that enough?"

Chuck and the audience watch in silence as Rebecca stroked and caressed the bound blonde on her bed. Watched as the blonde's struggles grew weaker and weaker.

Rebecca: "From here on out, it was easy work, Chuck."

On the screen, Rebecca strapped Paula's forearms together and another just above the elbow, pulling her arms behind her back and forcing her very vulnerable breasts out. Next, she strapped her ankles and herthighs, but instead of strapping them together, they were tied off to the bedposts.

Rebecca stepped back and surveyed her handwork.

Rebecca: "As you can see, I had her trussed up pretty good here, but I felt something was missing."

On the screen, Rebecca took two long leather straps, she placed one just below Paula's breasts and one just above, ran them around her body and tightened them. She ran a coil of rope through the steel link and connected it to a hook on the ceiling and began to hoist the bound blonde's upper body up, until it was parallel to the bed.

"Now that was a good trussing. Look, Paula could even see herself in the mirror."

Neither Chuck, the audience, nor Paul could tear their gaze away from the helpless and struggling blonde on the screen. They barely noticed as Rebecca stopped stroking Paula and left the room, her ass wiggling saucily along the way.

Rebecca: "I told her I was going to go change, not to go anywhere."

Paul: "Go anywhere? Who was she kidding? I couldn't even budge. Please, do we have to watch this."

But, Paul's eyes never left the image on the screen either.

On the screen Paula tugged uselessly at her bonds. She couldn't move and inch, save for a fetching wiggle that had an enticing effect on her newly acquired breasts and plump bottom. Paula looked toward the door Rebecca left from and her eyes widened in shock and welled with tears. She struggled frantically.

Paul: "Look, I was scared. This wasn't my idea of a date. I hadn't seen Rebecca in years, and well, she obviously has changed a lot. And then when she walked back in the room with *that*, I was terrified.

On the screen, Rebecca returned, wearing a shiny black corset, hair pulled back severely, and an impressive dildo strapped to her crotch. By the time she reached the bed, Paula was struggling frantically against her bonds, her muffled cries sneaking past the gag.

Rebecca unhooked the gag and pulled it from his mouth. Tear streaked mascara ran down Paula's face.

Rebecca: "The poor thing said she was scared and didn't want to play anymore. I kissed her and told her to relax; I wouldn't do anything she didn't want to do."

Paul: "Yeah, and I said to untie me right then, but did you?"

Rebecca: "Except for that."

Chuck: "How sweet, it sounds like you two had a lover's quarrel."

Rebecca: "Not for long. I told her if she didn't like what I was doing, just tell me to stop."

On the screen, Rebecca bent down and started to kiss her way from the nape of Paula's neck down to her dangling breasts.

Paul: "And I told you to stop right then, but you kept going."

Rebecca: "But I did stop, didn't I. You didn't want your breasts kissed, so I moved on to other things that needed to be kissed.

Chuck: "Why did you ask her to stop? Didn't it feel good?"

Paul: "It did, but, I ah- didn't want people to watch me on TV like that and get the wrong idea."

On the screen, Rebecca got on the bed beside the helpless blonde and kissed her way down her arched spine.

Paul: "I told her to stop again."

Rebecca caressed Paula's bottom and spread her rounded cheeks. The camera moved in for a close-up of her puckered ass and very wet pussy.

Paul: "Stop the tape! Chuck, that's far enough. Look, you're getting turned on at my expense. You're all getting turned on."

Chuck: "I can see why you gagged her Rebecca. She - I mean he talks too much. I'm hard. So what? Call me Chuck *Wood*ery, but we're not stopping tape."

On the screen, Rebecca stroked Paula's stomach. Her hand moved down until it was almost touching Paula's sex. "Stop," Paula mouthed.

Rebecca: "Chuck, can you turn up the sound on this thingie?"

Chuck motions and the studio darkens, and sound is added the images on screen.

On the screen, Rebecca took off Paula's heels and kissed and sucked on her painted toes. Tiny moans escaped the blonde's clenched lips.


"Please-" she gasped.

"Please, what," Rebecca asked.

"please. . . stop."

Rebecca got off the bed and picked up a remote control from the TV. Paul suddenly realized, maybe too late, that he didn't really want her to stop. He was relieved when she knelt in front of him and resumed kissing his lips. He didn't say a word as she kissed her way down his neck and suckled and nibbled as his full nipples.

"Oh God," she breathed.

Rebecca stood up, and moved behind him. She grasped his hips and slid the cold latex cock sliding up and down his nether lips. Paula arched her back to make herself available.

Instead of penetrating her, Rebecca continued to tease Paula's wet lips, sliding the latex cock back and forth. The wet sounds echoed throughout the small studio.

"Is this what you want?" Rebecca asked.

"Yes," Paula gasped.

"Tell me. Tell me what you want."

"Stick it in me."

Rebecca touched the head to his opening. Paula pushed back, but couldn't move a muscle due to the tight bondage.

"Tell me what I want to hear," Rebecca demanded.

"Fuck me," Paula admitted.

"Fuck you where?" Rebecca teasingly swirled the head of the cock against the blonde's opening. "Tell me or I stop for good," Rebecca said, smiling wickedly. "Oh baby, I'm gonna fuck you like you wouldn't believe."

The audience watched in horrid fascination as the girl's bare and blossomed sex was penetrated.

"Oh shit, Owww! Please stop," Paula begged, as the pain hit. "It's too big

"It's only six inches. It just looks bigger because you're smaller."

"It hurts," Paula whined. "It's not supposed to hurt."

"It always hurts the first time." Rebecca pulled out and examined flecks of red on the dildo. "I just took your cherry."

The image on the screen froze and the lights were turned back on.

Chuck: "So how did that feel Paula, losing your virginity that is?"

Paul: "It hurt and it felt good at the same time. And stop calling me Paula."

Chuck: "What did you think about it Rebecca?"

Rebecca: "I loved it. At first when you guys approached me about this whole date thing, I turned it down. But then I realized, I not only would be her first. I would be *the* first. She had never even had the opportunity to touch herself there. I got to teach her everything."

Paul: "I'm a man, not a her."

Rebecca: "Let's watch the video some more and then you can tell me if you still believe that?"

The lights in the studio darkened. On the screen, Rebecca started to fuck Paula in earnest. Slowly at first, but eventually pounding the cock into her pussy. The pain had long since disappeared from the lines in Paula's face, replaced by the half-lidded eyes of pleasure.

Rebecca: "Look Paul, look how your pussy clung to my cock."

On the TV monitor, the helpless bonde's pussy swallowed the latex cock, her nether lips stretched out clutching and clinging to the cock as it was withdrawn.

"You're close aren't you?" Rebecca asked.

"Yes," Paula gasped.

"Don't hold back," she said. "Let it go. Let it out."


Paul: "Please Chuck, show anything you want, but please don't show this next part."

Chuck: "Why?"

Paul: "I don't want anyone I know to see me act like a - like a-"

But it was too late. The video continued on to Paul's humiliating performance.


"Let me hear you or I'll stop," Rebecca warned as she stopped thrusting.

"Ugh," Paula forced out a moan. It was obvious she was reluctant to do so.

Rebecca fucked Paula with a shallow thrust.

"Yes," Paula cried, and Rebecca fucked the hapless blonde again, a little harder, and stopped.

It was obvious Rebecca was making him. . . moan for it.

Rebecca flexed against her bonds, then gave a long plaintive whine and received a slow and deep thrust.

"Yes!" Paula cried and was fucked by a swift sure thrust. And then, as if a train were starting down the tracks, her cries started slow and soft became louder and more urgent.

"Yes-yes-yes-mmmmm-fuck-fuck me. Oh God. You're doing it. You're fucking me. God, I can feel you all the way inside - oh fuck -hammering me - oh -oh -eee- eeee- I'm cumming!" Paula cried.

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