Making a Baby


He stared at the wriggling woman who was face down on the bed. Her hands tugged at the ropes keeping her tied to the headboard. Her legs weren't tied but they were spread at the moment and he could see that no matter what she might have said in the beginning, her dripping little cunt was proof enough that she wanted him to do this, wanted him to take her.

And he needed the release. He needed to hear her begging for it. Moaning like a whore, creaming on his cock, as she squealed out her pleasure. And having her at his mercy, so she couldn't stop him after that initial orgasm... he couldn't wait to feel her milking his cock of all his cum.

"You look so pretty all tied up with nowhere to go, baby."

She turned her head some, glaring at him and mumbling threats into the ball gag he'd popped between her lips earlier. Not that he didn't love the cursing and the screaming... but the muffled cries made him so hard.

"And you're so wet for me. I bet I could diddle that little clit a couple times and have you dripping cum on my fingers. Do you want that? Do you want me to make your pussy cum?"

Another glare, tinged with lust, was sent his way and she struggled against the ropes again. He just chuckled and crawled up the bed. He saw her tense up, her body completely rigid. His fingers wrapped around her ankles and he spread her legs wide, pushing them up as well, until she was on her knees, both her holes open to his gaze.

And gaze he did. Her pussy was shaved, giving him an unobstructed view of her puffy lips, her barely hidden pearl. Sliding one finger from her asshole to her slit, he felt her shiver as the digit slid between her nether lips. As he lifted his hand, a trail of her sticky juice came with him and he smeared it over that crinkled little brown hole.

She jerked at this, squealing through the gag. He thought he heard a muffled, "No please," but he ignored her possible words and pushed his finger into the tightest ass he'd ever had the pleasure to feel. She grunted as he sunk it two knuckles deep and he pulled it back out, only to smear more of her cream over it. Two fingers pushed back through this time and he used his other hand to spread her ass cheeks.

"Does my little slut like it? Does she like feeling me finger her tight ass? I bet she'd love to feel something else in there. Something bigger, harder. But not today."

She visibly relaxed and he bit back a laugh. Like she could've stopped him if he wanted to fuck her ass. But that pussy of hers was too good to pass up. Wrenching his fingers from her butt, he used both hands to spread her open. Her pink folds were drenched, glistening with her readiness. He shuffled behind her, setting his cock at the entrance to her treasure.

"Okay baby. No anal tonight, because you asked me so nicely."

She moaned as he slowly began to press inside. Her cunt sucked him in, pulling at him, rippling over inch after inch. His hands flexed on her ass, his fingers digging in hard as he moved forward until he felt his thighs pressed against her skin, his balls getting gooey as they rested against her pussy lips. He twitched as he felt himself as deep in her as he could be.

"Let's go for a ride baby," he whispered.

Then he pulled back and thrust hard, her scream clearly audible through the gag. Her body bucked up against him and he held her tight, punishing her with the force of his fucking. His palms slid up to her waist and he pulled her back onto him as he shoved deep. She was so fucking tight, so wet for him.

He looked down to her hands, watched as she clenched her fingers into the sheets, clawing at the material. He stared at that movement as his hips drilled into her and he covered her body more, his weight collapsing on her, keeping her legs spread but flattening her more into the mattress.

Then he brought his hands up, covering hers and linking his fingers between her outstretched hands. She cried out over and over as he humped against her, buried deep and not really slipping out. His hips bumped against her as he picked up the pace.

"How's my little slut doing? You like this? You like my cock inside your fucking cunt?"

She twisted her head so she could look at him and he saw the pleading gaze, knew what she needed to get off. He had her in such a position that she couldn't rub against something, couldn't touch herself. He took one hand and slid it beneath her body, squirming around until his fingers found the wetness. She groaned and then let out a small squeal as he pinched her clit.

Her body jumped and squeezed him and he fought to keep from coming. Toying with her pleasure button, he rubbed it hard, moving back and forth like a windshield wiper in a monsoon. She grunted and buried her head into the pillows. He pistoned into her again and felt her little box grip him hard. She screamed into one of the pillows and he scraped a nail over the distended nerves.

"Let me feel it my little cumslut. Let me feel you milk my cock."

She thrashed as he kept a grip on her, her twitching body yielding to his touch. She sobbed and he felt her shudder. He didn't stop after she'd gotten her pleasure. No, he used her cum to keep her slippery for him and he traced figure eights over her little nub.

She cried out again and he knew she was asking for him to stop. But he snickered as he bit her neck, sucking hard and staring at the bruise as he began fucking her again. He was close now. Close to cumming. Close to filling her up like he'd always wanted to do.

He pictured it, his cum sinking into her womb, making a baby, knocking her up. She'd never leave him then. He'd have a personal slut for the rest of his life. And he could use her body every day. All the time. He wanted that, more than anything.

So he doubled his efforts. He held tight to her hips and hammered away at her body, giving her punishing thrusts and delighting in the noises she made. He felt his nuts tighten, could practically feel the cum boiling in his sac. And then he told her, because he knew she'd hate him for it.

"I'm going to cum baby. I'm going to come inside your dirty little whore cunt. You want it. You want to feel my sperm inside you, to feel it coat your walls. I'll give it to you just like you want it. I'll give you all my cum, and we'll make a baby."

She shrieked and bucked against him but he just shoved himself deep and let loose torrents of cum. He lay flat against her, his body jerking with each jet of semen. When he was finally done, spent and empty, he slowly lifted his hips. She moaned as his length left her and he stared at the vision in front of him.

Too tired to fight him anymore, her legs were splayed wide and her freshly fucked hole was red and used. She shuddered and he watched the first dollop of his cum start to seep out of her. As it dribbled down between her lips he felt a twitch in his dick.

He couldn't go again so soon, could he? As his spunk pooled onto the sheets though, he grabbed his cock and began stroking it. He pictured her growing round with his child, how her tits would grow, how her nipples would become oh so sensitive.

He needed her again, needed to feel her around him. She lifted her head and looked at him, no doubt getting ready to ask to be released. She saw his erection and shook her head. "Not again," she mumbled. "Not so soon."

He grinned and nodded, jumping back onto the bed and flipping her over. Her arms crossed over her head, blocking her vision. And her breasts squished together. With a grunt of satisfaction he knelt between her thighs and pushed himself into her battered hole once again.

"Yes baby. Again and again. We're making a baby tonight."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/12/18


Honestly this needs a part two. No unnecessary backstory. Just getting right into it made this story so hot.

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by Anonymous06/11/18

It's good Maddie

Without the history, its perfectly fine and leaves the reader guessing about the various possibilities. This is a story for people with a brain who don't mind taking it out for a walk now and then to givemore...

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