Making a Cuckold


Under the weight of his body on top of her, and the fullness of her pussy being stretched more and more with each thrust, Brandi was crying out in pleasure. She felt multiple small orgasms ripple through her body, each wave growing.

Derrick took her hands by the wrists, and lifted them over her head. He pinned her down, holding her wrists over her head, pressed against the bed. The position opened her pussy even more to him, letting her take his full 12 inches inside of her. A massive orgasm began to build. She arched her neck and let it out, screaming, moaning, and just crying out.

As she cried out, he thrust faster and harder inside her. It prolonged the orgasm, as she simply cried out louder, her entire cunt in a spasm. She finally bit her lip as she tried to ride out the ongoing waves of orgasm. Their bodies were enmeshed in sweat, as Derrick announced, "I'm going to cum . . . "

Brandi took deep breaths, trying to regain some sense of control, "No..." she shook her head, "You can't cum inside me."

"But I need to cum," Derrick insisted.

"Use Brianna," Brandi muttered between her remaining moans. As Derrick slipped off of her, she looked down at her slave. She was worn out by Derrick's ride, but in her exhaustion, she still gave a firm order, "Brianna... be a good slut and finish off Derrick."

Brian's eyes lit up in fear, but he did not refuse. Brandi saw Derrick's eyes light up in excitement, as he gripped a handful of Brian's hair. Derrick started to pull Brian's head towards his cock.

Brandi stood up, and went to the night table drawer. She pulled out a vibrator, and approached the side of the bed, where she could stand behind Brian, who was inching closer to Derrick's cock.

She leaned down and kissed her slave on the cheek, "You like the taste of my pussy, don't you?" she asked Brian.

Brian nodded in reply. Brandi then continued, "well.. Derrick's cock is covered in my pussy juice.... it's like a delicious lollipop, that tastes just like your Mistress."

Brandi saw Derrick grinning out of the corner of his eye. Brandi and Derrick then both put their hands on top of Brian's head, and drove it down on top of Derrick's cock, "Now suck the lollipop."

Brandi watched as Brian closed his eyes, but his open mouth enveloped Derrick's mighty cock. He could only get half the cock into his mouth without gagging, but he started to bob up and down. Derrick guided him, as Brandi turned on the vibrator. She reached under Brian's french maid skirt, pulling down the panties entirely. She teased his anus with the vibrator.

She whispered to her slave, "that's a good sissy... suck Derrick.... show me what a good sissy you are..."

She then drove the vibrator into Brian's ass, "be a good sissy, and I'll fuck you nice and hard."

Brian moaned out loud, but his moans were quieted by having a mouthful of Derrick's cock. With one hand, Brandi pumped the vibrator in and out of Brian's ass, while she teased his cock with the other hand.

She saw the look on Derrick's face, he was about to cum. She kissed Brian's cheek again, as she continued to play with him, "be a good sissy... swallow Derrick's cum for us..."

"And cum for me," she ordered her slave. As she saw Derrick's body brace, and knew that the cum was squirting out of his cock into Brian's mouth, she told Brian, "I love you my darling."

She smiled as Brian's own little cock erupted, the white cum shooting out. Meanwhile, she saw Derrick's cum dribbling out of Brian's lips. Proudly, she watched Brian make a face as he swallowed.

All three of them collapsed in a heap on the bed. Brandi sighed loudly. After a few moments, Derrick shifted and kissed Brandi deeply.

"Thank you, " Derrick said, "I hope you had a fun evening."

Partially to torture her slave, partially because there was some truth to it, Brandi answered Derrick, "Thank you . . . for the greatest fuck of my life."

Brandi turned to look at her slave, "What do you think Brian? Maybe we should have Derrick over again next week?"

"Whatever my Mistress wants," Brian answered.

--- The End ---

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