tagRomanceMaking Decisions Pt. 01

Making Decisions Pt. 01

byDG Hear©

Thank you to Miss Lynn and Techsan for their editing of this story. If you find errors, it's because I kept making changes after the edits. Story can go in a number of different categories.

Chapter 1: Decisions we make.

How many times do we change our minds in our life? Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be everything from a super hero to the best dad in the world. I wanted to be like my dad. He seemed to know everything; that is until I became a teenager.

He seemed old fashioned, outdated by then, and didn't understand me anymore. Don't get me wrong here; I still loved my dad. I just didn't think he had the right answers anymore. I'm now in my late twenties and now know he was trying to help me. It just wasn't what I wanted to hear at the time. I guess they call that growing up.

In high school, I played sports and he was always there for me. Mom and Dad were at most of my games. I had three older brothers and an older sister. I mean much older. I came along fourteen years after my sister (who was the youngest sibling until my arrival) was born.

I guess I was somewhat spoiled but I did listen to my parents most of the time. I played all kind of sports. Dad said it would help keep me out of trouble if I kept busy. He was right to an extent but it was also what led me to the girls. Cheerleaders and after school dances were all part of my extra curricular activities.

I didn't have any one girlfriend for very long. The first one I had sex with, I thought I loved until I had sex with another girl. I figured out it was the sex, not the girl that I wanted. Football and sex were my two favorite past times.

Just before I was about to graduate, Dad caught me making out with Delores in our basement. I was fingering her cunt and her breasts were out. When we saw dad, we were both embarrassed and scared.

Dad looked at Dee (that's what I called Delores). "Young lady, I think it's time you went home," said dad.

Dee got up embarrassed but didn't say a word, which was probably best. She quickly straightened her clothes and left. Dad looked at me and told me he understood what I was going through but it was best if I could wait. "Jim, it's something we all experience but if you wait for the woman you love, it will be so much better."

See, dad didn't understand. I didn't want love, I wanted sex and to me it felt damn good now.

I think he realized he wasn't really getting through to me, so he said, "Jim, if you aren't going to listen to me then don't be foolish and not wear protection. Don't depend on a woman saying she's safe. Always wear a condom. Not only for birth control but also for the diseases that are out there. Young people just don't seem to get it. Some of these STD's can ruin your sex life forever or even kill you. Please listen to me and play it safe."

From that day on I did heed dad's warning but it didn't stop me. I saw Dee a few days later and we had sex. I put on a condom and she asked me what I was doing, reminding me that she was on the pill. I told her since the talk with my dad, I promised him I would always wear a condom. I didn't want to tell her that I didn't want to catch any disease she might have. That would have been quite the turnoff. She wasn't very happy about it but we fucked like bunnies anyway. I found myself buying condoms by the dozen.

Ellen was another girl I had sex with a few times. She loved giving oral sex, which was fine because I loved receiving it. I very rarely ate out a pussy since the talk with my dad. I had this odd question back in my mind that I didn't know the answer to. I went on line and got so many answers it made my head spin.

Here's my question. A guy wears a condom to protect against disease. After fucking a woman in her pussy and maybe even in her ass, she takes the condom off and gives the guy a blow job. Aren't diseases transferable to the woman's mouth? Herpes is the first one that comes to mind.

I do have to say that dad put that in my brain and it's hard to forget. If I go out with a woman who has a cold sore or if she gave me a blowjob, I can't kiss her after that. My dad made me paranoid. I will say that if I got real drunk or smoked a little weed that I would do most anything. Lucky for me I don't have any STD's. Well, I did have the clap twice, but that's another story I'll explain later.

As I mentioned, I played sports but wasn't anything special. I didn't get any scholarships and my grades weren't all that great. It wasn't that I didn't have the smarts but I wasted my time dating and partying.

I had a number of friends that I partied with. Most were football players and cheerleaders along with a few others. My friend Clay was our halfback and got a scholarship for football. Dee and Ellen both headed off to college also. They received a few small scholarship grants and their parents were paying for the rest of their education. So after graduation we all kind of started going our own way. I enlisted in the service and I worked part-time at the grocery store till it was time for me to go.

I spent five years in the service. At the end of my first tour of duty, which was three years, I re-upped for two more years. When I wrote home I was told work was hard to find in our area and the army gave me a nice re-enlistment bonus. I spent all five years in foreign countries. I spent two tours in war zone areas and three in different somewhat safe foreign countries.

It was nice seeing the different areas of the world. It made me kind of wish that I would have studied geography and history a little harder. The sexual attitude in some of these countries was so open. I would pay for sex while in the Asian countries. These women would do anything for money. Most looked so young but we were told they were all over eighteen. Every one of them would say how much they loved us while we had sex.

I remember one of the guys telling me a story about one of the Asian girls he had paid for sex. She was on her hands and knees on the bed and the room had low lighting. He had his hands on her ass and was pumping her from behind doggy style.

The girl kept saying "I love your American cock, oh so big, feel so good. Give me more GI cock. Harder, faster, oh so good; you fucky me oh so good. Oh I feel it; I feel big cock. Oh so, good, so good. Fill me with cum, oh so good."

He was busy fucking her and thinking he was quite the stud until he noticed she was reading a comic book and just saying things to make him come quicker. After that episode he realized it was just the money. It didn't make any difference who's cock was plowing her.

I mentioned that story because I can relate to it so much. The sex was a job to these women. It's how they fed their families. I would often just tell them they didn't have to talk and I'd always tip them a few extra bucks. I would like to think that they really wanted to be with me.

In other countries I actually dated quite a few good looking women. Most all would have sex with me. I did remember what my dad said about condoms. A few times I got wasted on weed and didn't use them. Twice I had to get shots and medication for the clap. After that I almost always wore a condom.

Probably a fourth of the women I slept with asked me to marry them and take them back to the United States with me. For a country so many people seemed to hate, there sure were a lot of people who wanted to live there.

One problem I couldn't get use to was a man selling his wife. Maybe they really needed the money, I don't know but having a man sit in the next room while I fucked his wife took some getting used to. The first few times it made me feel somewhat powerful. After that I just felt sorry for the stupid bastard. I often wondered if I could sink low enough to sell my wife or even watch her fuck another man. I came to the conclusion I could easily fuck another man's wife (since I've been already doing it) but if a man ever touched my wife, I would hurt him bad. Of course I'm not married and haven't even been engaged.

I'm not a bad guy and I don't want to give you that impression. It's just hard to respect a man who lets you fuck his wife. That's all I'm saying. Unfortunately, it somewhat turned me against marriage. These women had a choice too. They chose to let me fuck them with their husband's permission. Call me two-faced if you want; I'm just trying to be honest with you here.

I would get letters from my family but not from anyone else. So, it was a surprise that in my fourth year oversees I got a letter from my old friend Clay. He told me he was getting married to Dee. It was a total surprise. Clay and I slept with a lot of the same women but for some reason, he and Dee never did the nasty. I guess everyone just kind of thought Dee and I were a couple.

Thinking back, I guess for the last couple of months of school we were kind of a couple. I don't remember her having sex with anyone else after we started dating. Maybe she did have the hots for me and I just never realized it. I loved having sex with her but I never really loved her. I always thought we were just great fuck friends.

I wrote Clay back and congratulated him and told him to kiss Dee for me and tell her how happy I was for the two of them. I had to serve another year so I wouldn't be there for the wedding.


After getting out of the service I headed back home to Ohio to see the folks. I don't think I mentioned that they lived out in the country. They had a small family farm with a few steers they raised for beef. They would sell a few head and always butcher one for themselves. Dad worked in the factory and just did his little bit of farming on the side.

My brothers all lived near Mom and Dad and helped with the little bit of farming also. Most worked at the same plant as dad. I had quite a few nieces and nephews. It was really great to see everyone again. My only sister lived in Indiana. Her husband was a human resource consultant. It was the new fancy name for personnel man.

I stayed with mom and dad for around a month while looking for work. I decided to head into town and get myself a used vehicle to get around in. I couldn't believe it when I stopped in the dealership and my old buddy Clay was a salesman.

We talked for awhile and he told me he went to college for two years and played ball. His knee went out and he was sidelined. He settled for a two year Bachelor of Arts degree in salesmanship and got the job at the dealership.

He told me how he met up with Dee. One weekend he stopped in the tavern and saw Dee. When she told him that the two of us weren't a number anymore, in fact we were always just friends, he asked her out. Within a year or so, they were married. It surprised me seeing they were both rather loose with their sex life. I wondered how they could both be true to each other.

I bought an older pick-up truck from Clay. It would be plenty good for my needs. He invited me over Friday night for dinner and drinks. He said he knew Dee would be surprised to see me.

I showed up Friday night with a bottle of rum. It's what we drank when we were all together, even though we weren't old enough to drink. We would sneak some rum and coke. Clay laughed when I handed him the bottle. Dee looked great. She had on a low cut blouse and tight shorts. I nearly got a hard-on when she hugged me.

Dee worked in one of the local offices. She had only been home about an hour and didn't have time to cook so we ordered in a couple of pizzas. It was so good to see my old friends. They told me how they met and ended up together. I told them a lot about my life in the service.

They didn't want to hear about the bad stuff so I told them about the good times and seeing all the foreign countries. Of course Clay asked about the women. I told him a few things but didn't go into great detail since Dee was there. She said she didn't mind, she was curious also. I did tell them about having sex with other men's wives and they both laughed. I didn't mention that I couldn't understand how a man could do that.

We had finished off about half a bottle of rum and most of the pizza before Clay suggested we watch some movies. Of course, it was fine with me since I loved watching movies.

Dee was watching me most of the night. I couldn't help looking at her and thinking what a great fuck she would probably be. She was good years ago and now she had experience behind her. Clay sticking to one woman was a surprise to me also and if he was going to be with just one woman, he picked the right one in the sex department.

Clay said he picked up a couple of porno movies if I wanted to watch them. I looked over at Dee and said I didn't mind if Dee didn't. Clay laughed and kissed his wife and squeezed her left tit.

"We rent them all the time. Dee loves them. Don't you, baby?" he said to her.

She smiled and didn't say a word. They sat on the couch and I sat in a recliner. All three of us had a good view of the TV. I also had a good view of Dee.

Clay poured us each another drink and put on the porno. He lit a weed and asked me if I wanted a hit. I explained to him that I was looking for work and weed would show up in a urine test, so I passed on it.

After about a half hour the two of them were making out like I wasn't there. I finally spoke up when Clay unbuttoned Dee's shorts.

"Would you guys like me to leave?" I asked.

"Hell, no," said Clay. "We want you to join us."

I looked over at Dee and I could tell she was feeling no pain. It was hard for me to understand their reasoning but I wasn't going to argue with them. I got up and sat on the other side of Dee.

She turned to me and said, "Welcome home, Jim," and kissed me using tongue and all. I reached down between her legs, slid my hand inside her shorts, and found a very wet pussy.

I couldn't believe this was happening. In the foreign countries I somewhat understood it, but not here at home on my buddy's couch making it with his wife. They were both high on weed and rum but knew what they were doing. Clay and I both fucked his wife that night. I can honestly say it was the first threesome I was ever a part of.

Overseas a few husbands were present but didn't participate. Here I was at my friend's house fucking his wife while she was giving him a blowjob. Unbelievable!

After we all came at least once Clay decided to tell me about their lifestyle. "Jim, Dee and I are swingers. We found out that we liked watching each other with other people. When I told Dee you were coming over she asked about a threesome with you. At first I wasn't sure but when I saw the way you looked at Dee, I figured we would see how it went."

"I'm sorry for looking at her..."

"No need to apologize, Jim. Dee and I have an agreement about sex with others. Neither of us will ever cheat on the other. We don't date other people or have an open marriage. We have control over who we allow our partner to have sex with. We are in it together."

"Wow, Clay, it's hard to believe that you two can have a marriage like this. What if one of you find someone else attractive?"

"That's why we're always together when another couple is involved. No cheating, we trust each other. It's all in the trust. If I were not here, Dee would never have had sex with you. We just have that kind of commitment to each other. Without the trust there would be no marriage."

Wow! I still couldn't believe that this type of marriage could be strong. Maybe I was just living in the past. I don't know but if Dee was my wife I sure the hell wouldn't be letting my buddy Clay fuck her. Thank God, Clay didn't think like me.

I had to get up and take a piss. When I got back the two of them had started again. I sat over in the recliner and watched. Dee jacked off Clay until he came. He went to get us all another drink and Dee, with no panties on, straddled me while I sat in the chair.

"Clay, is it alright to fuck Jim one more time?" she said to Clay.

He replied from the kitchen, "Sure, Baby, go ahead." She had been riding my cock before she even asked him. She just looked me in the eyes and smiled.

Before I left that night they invited me to a swingers couple party. I had never been to one and always wondered if it was like you read about. When I told them I didn't have a partner to take, Dee said she had one for me. All I had to do was show up the following Saturday and my date would be here.

I couldn't get over everything that happened at Dee and Clay's. This swinging stuff didn't seem right. I really wondered if they would be honest with each other. The following Saturday I showed up at their house and when I went in, there sat my old friend Ellen. She got up and gave me a hug and a kiss. I loved having her boobs pressed against my chest.

I told Clay we didn't need any old swingers party. We had two great looking women right there. Of course he laughed not knowing I was serious. I would have been more than happy to be bedding down either Ellen or Clay's wife Dee.

Ellen was one of our friends from school. I always thought she was a fun girl but it surprised me that she was a swinger. When I asked her about it she told me that she's been to a couple of parties. It wasn't really her thing but when Dee called her and said I was going and needed a date, she agreed to go.

It was a bit odd because I remember years ago she had a crush on Clay and I was with Dee. Here today we were with the opposite ones and going to a swingers party to boot.

The party we went to was out in the country somewhat. There were maybe fifteen couples in all. I didn't know anyone else there. Most were probably in their thirties and forties. We were probably the youngest ones there or close to it. The party was underway with a lot of drinking and loud music. Of course a lot of the men came right over to Ellen and Dee and asked them to dance.

Clay told me to come along with him as we mingled with some of the women. In no time I had my hands up a number of women's dresses and skirts. It was a lot like I always read about except the women and men were older. They were all far from being models but some were very nice looking. Before the night was over, I had fucked two, received two blow jobs and had my hand in at least three other pussies.

In case you're wondering, I did use condoms when I fucked and kissed no one on the mouth. I did wonder about not wearing a condom with Dee the week before. If I knew she fucked other people besides Clay, I would have worn a condom.

I had no idea what all Ellen and Dee did that evening. I was too busy getting my own rocks off. Ellen and I stayed at Clay's that night. She wanted sex when we got back to the house but I didn't have anything left. I finger fucked her till she went to sleep and then went and slept on the couch.

I have to say while it was all going on, it was great. But, after I had time to think about it I started thinking about what some of the women had said to me. They were trying to put love back in their marriage. They wanted more excitement in their lives. Their husbands didn't do it for them anymore.

These weren't happy people. These were people out looking for happiness thinking they would find it in having sex with others. I began to feel sorry for them. People like Ellen, Dee, and Clay thought it was a new wave of sexuality but all it was is having sex with others.

I looked for work for the next couple of weeks but there wasn't much work available. One night I got a call from my sister Sally who told me that Ben said to give me a call. There was a job opening at the plant and if I could be there on Monday, he would give me an interview.

My sister got serious for a moment. "Jim, Ben told me to ask you if you smoked any weed in the last couple of months. He said usually marijuana can show up in your system as much as thirty days after use. You will have to take a drug test.

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