tagFirst TimeMaking Love: The First Time

Making Love: The First Time


The breeze was making her mad. The memory of his touch was still fresh. Now he was standing right in front of her- a man, her man, the man she had always wanted. She could feel his arousal as he slowly walked towards her, putting his arms around her, he lifted her up with his arms around her waist. Her thin skirt was flying with the wind heightening the sensation in her vagina. As he started to kiss her- nearly assaulting her with his mouth she felt the man holding her tightly.

He was kissing her neck and shoulders by the time her breathing returned to some normalcy after she broke the passionate kiss. His hands had moved to her hips and he was caressing them over her thin skirt, tugging and teasing the sides of her panties.

While picking her up he could feel the ever expanding bulge in his trousers. She never needed to do much to arouse him, and now her scent was filling his mind. He knew he will have to fight a tough battle with his instincts if he had to make it enjoyable for her. He carried her into the main room in the cottage they had rented for their honeymoon. While carrying her to the room he was caressing her back and teasing her bra strap before finally snapping it open. Her moans were getting louder and louder, that she was enjoying every bit of this made his penis only happier.

He put her down on the bed and she jumped to hug him- she wanted him to stay close. He responded by putting his hands in her blouse caressing her back and then lifting her open bra slightly and softly massaging her breasts, her reaction bordered on being violent she shrieked with pleasure and he responded by a deep kiss and flick on the nipples. Then he removed her blouse and kept on kissing her- this time continuous short kisses, so that she would not feel breathless enough to break the kissing.

Then he laid her on the bed, this time she didn't hug him. She knew he was admiring her breasts- how she looked half naked, she enjoyed the admiring look in his eyes. But not for long, he was licking and sucking her nipples like a madman and her loud moans only egged him on to do it harder.

He moved one of his hands on top of her skirt while still sucking her breasts. Lifting her skirt with one hand he started to caress her vagina over her panties- this nearly pushed her over the edge and all she could do was to scream his name over and over again. The moment he inserted his finger in her vagina it was drenched in her juices, his finger inside her vagina had brought her over the edge. Happy that he had aroused his bride so much, he moved his finger in and out she responded with moving up and down on his finger. Then he inserted another finger to see her response, he was not disappointed, her oohs and aahs rhymed with his finger movements.

The look on her face was that of a sexually aroused woman, she was in the throes of orgasm and was grinding her hips on his fingers. He knew should flow any moment and when she did he moved closer to her and slowly slipped her skirt off her. She was now lying naked in front of him. He was conscious of his hardening cock but decided to fully prepare the virginal bride for the final assault.

He kissed her mouth gently softly sucking on her lips and moved southwards down her neck to her breasts. He loved the taste of her hard nipples but decided to go for the bigger prize- her wet, fragrant hot vagina. The touch of his tongue on her vagina told her that another orgasm was in the offing. He licked and sucked her vagina voraciously and she was moving her vagina against his tongue.

He could no longer contain his bulge in his trousers. It had grown big- bigger than he had ever seen - must be her- so she should get it now and pushed it inside her red hot wet vagina- she screamed and for him the pleasure was beyond words. As he pumped into her vagina and flowed into it, he hugged her, took her into his arms and slept next to her with his penis sleeping in her vagina; it won't be a sound sleep he knew.

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