tagMind ControlMaking My Own Personal Slave

Making My Own Personal Slave


Catching the victim:

It started innocently enough a message on an Internet dating site, a picture of a very pretty girl and some chat. The girl turned out to be very religious and would not discuss sex or anything to do with her body at all and would stop talking for a week or more at a time as punishment, it was getting very frustrating. I had some revealing pictures that showed a very cute 32A chest with the best looking nipples I have seen in a long time, this girl was succulent and would look so good spread wide and waiting in my bed.

Things slowly progressed until there was a request for some money, just a little to help pay a few bills, no problem it was only a little money. Things kept getting better at least now we could discuss the possibility of sex. Then came the bombshell she claimed she was still a virgin and 38 years old now that has to be every mans wet dream a girl that has the body of a teenager and is that old, and totally innocent. Also she was an orphan, that is when the resident perversion in my mind broke loose, no friends no relatives and no one to wonder where she has gone I had to have her, preferably as my sex slave. How do you enslave a girl that is so innocent and half a world away? Mind control was the answer. How? I thought about it for a long while and could see no answer. Suddenly the requests for money increased and there was an inheritance it started sounding like the typical dating scam to me. What the hell I could afford to play the game for a while. I played along and found out that she was telling the truth, but I decided I had had enough of the games when she was deported back to her country of origin for not having the correct documents. I had contacts with consular officials and immigration people all confirming it was real. But after several attempts to bring her to me I was running out of patience and I decided that she had made her bed so to speak and she could lie in it and accept the consequences of her actions. After several tear jerking e-mails and cries of despair I finally managed to crack her composure. I demanded nude pictures to show the evidence of the suffering she claimed to be undergoing. I asked for pics of her on her back with her leg spread and her pussy open, and her nipples stiffened so that she was aroused and wet and looked to be begging for sex. The answer was better than I expected, not only did I get my pictures I also got a chink in her mental armour that gave me the leverage to control her mind and eventually her body as well. Time to push the plan ahead as much as I could.

What a result I got 6 pictures of tits and pussy including two close ups of a very tidy looking pussy. Slightly larger inner lips hanging open begging to be sucked and nibbled and maybe even pinched a little if my plans come good. The nipples look so good ready for nipple clamps and some seriously painful nipple play.

I told her I wanted to fuck her and use her body for my sexual pleasure and she was very hesitant to talk to me so I refused to answer her requests for a chat for several days, slowly she was becoming dependant on me for her mental survival. Alas she saw through my plans and stopped talking. What the hell I had some amazing amateur pussy pictures. I forgot her and went on with my life.

6 months have gone by I kept the pictures and deleted all the rest of my contact with her. Out of nowhere I got e-mail asking to restart things. No way I had had enough and did not need this again. I told her that I had no feelings for her at all and did not what any sort of a relationship. She begged me to reconsider, I did. No change. She begged again, so I told her I only wanted to use her body for my sexual pleasure. No contact for a week, then a chat request, with the all important question, "what sort of pleasure?"

I replied. "any thing I want to do that does not mark or scar you, but I will cause you pain."

We had long chats as to what I wanted from her. I told her I wanted her tied up or maybe retrained while I spanked her and tormented her pussy. I explained to her that in my house she would only wear clothes when we had visitors and then only a long robe tied at the waist. I managed to ingrain 3 commands in her as well, the first was DROP meaning she went to her knees and stared sucking me. The second was PRESENT at which she was to get on her hands and knees and lower her head and shoulders to the floor presenting her pussy and arse for my immediate pleasure. The final command was TOP and was to be used when we were away from home and meant that she should immediately reveal her tits to me or anyone else that was there with me and be ready for me to fondle and maul her breasts.

Several days went by and then a reply "if that is what you want, I agree to your terms to help me."

I was back in business, now, how do I make her my slave. We spent several days chatting as I slowly introduced the idea of sex into the conversations and she stayed with me as the chats got more explicit, I asked if she would play a game with me as we chatted and asked her to pretend to be my slave the immediate reply was "yes Master" I think I had discovered an unknown dark side to this lady. I told her I wanted to tie her up on my bed and take her by force and leave her there for the day so I could fuck as I pleased for the day she claimed to like the idea and that she would be my submissive and willing slave. I also convinced her that she could only chat with me if she was naked and ready to masturbate for me. Slowly she has come to associate me with sexual pleasure and gratification. Now that I had got her to become dependant on me for pleasure could I make her understand pain as part of sex, and understand pain and punishment were now part of her sex life as my sex slave.

I explained to her about her body and told her that she could feel really good if she used a small clamp on her clit when it was erect to hold it firmly. She asked me what sort of clip and I asked her what she had, she said she had a bull dog clip (you all know the ones black with a couple of big levers and hurt like hell if you pinch your finger in them). I told her that might be firm enough and that she should play with her nipples and pussy until her clit stood up waiting to be clamped. She told me several minutes later her nipple were hard and her clit erect. I suggested she try the clip, I almost heard the scream of pain as she let the clip go and let it crush her clit. I demanded that under no circumstances should she remove it until I told her as the pleasure should kick in any moment. Her immediate reply was "master it hurts so bad" I asked her if she wanted me to tell her how to make the pain less and you guessed it the answer was prompt "how master?" I explained to her that clamping her nipples would draw the pain away from her clit. Again I could almost hear the screams as she let the clamps go on her swollen hard and sensitive nipples. I was enjoying the images of her naked and on her back with this huge clip slowly and painfully crushing her clit and nipples when I got my next surprise, "Master it hurts so bad but it feels so good as well . . . I need something . . . I am not sure what but your slave needs something"

I asked her if she felt empty and needed filling the reply was "oh yes but what"

I think I had finally made the breakthrough I needed. I think I was at last in control of her decision making processes.

Creating the slave:

Now the question I had to answer did I want a personal slave or a slave that would act like a whore and fuck any thing I pointed her pussy or arse at? Time to question the slave, while she was still in the clips and in pain I asked her if she liked the pain and she replied "not at first but as I goes longer I am enjoying it and when I play with my pussy it feels very good"

I asked the slave again and she said "yes" now was my chance.

":YES WHAT" I demanded, "yes dear" was the reply

"WRONG ANSWER SLAVE" I returned a moment of silence then a very meek

"Yes Master" I had her she would be my slave!!!!

I explained to her that we were no longer playing games and that from now on if she wanted any more assistance from me she would address me as MASTER and that I now owned her body soul and mind and would do nothing without my permission or risk punishment as I saw fit to administer. We had an argument about this but eventually she understood that I controlled her.

I told my new slave to remove the clip from her clit and continue to rub her pussy. Suddenly came the question "Master what is happening????" it was the slaves first ever orgasm obtained from physical contact and pain. I explained to my innocent still virgin slave that she had just experienced the sensations her body was built to deliver to her, also that those feelings would be more intense again when she was filled with my cock and cumming on me. Her reply was "Master I thought I was going to die"

"No" I replied "you are just starting to live."

I now supplied my slaves essentials for life, food and intimate company. I could control her with money, she was dependent on me for money to live. And her mental health.

Many more conversations followed with the master slave scenario reinforced, and punishment and negative comment when the Master reply or form of address was not used. Over weeks it became a normal form of address for my slave, she greets me as Master if I become the least bit negative then she apologises for disturbing the master. All her e mails and IM's use Master as her greeting for me she agrees to let me do all sorts of things to her that she would not discuss a while ago, she has vowed the her body is mine to do with as I please, pleasure or pain. It is time to bring her home and finish her training and make her my sex slave for ever. Fares were paid and documents acquired, she was told what to wear and why.

Arrival details were checked and the day arrived and so did the slave. She looked just like her pictures only nervous and shy.

I walked up to her and said "your master is here to claim his posessions" she looked at me and said the words I longed to hear "your slave has arrived as you asked master and waits for you to use her"

I took her in my arms and hugged her and whispered I her ear how pleased I was with her behaviour the slid a hand between us and felt her pussy surprise it was very hot and wet, my slave was getting off just by arriving here. I then lifted my hand and openly grabbed her tit only to feel a huge hard erect nipple poking me in the palm, definitely a good sign. I sent the slave to the toilets to get changed as per my instructions and she returned with a see through blouse and knee length skirt and about 2 inch heels and a little make up. Just slightly on the sluttish side of decent. I hugged her again and felt up her bum as instructed there were no panties. Time to find the car and go home. This had been a good morning the slave had arrived, the mind control was in place and now for the training and use of her body for my sexual gratification. I had a motel room booked and some tools ready for use.

After we were in the car and ready to travel, again as demanded and without needing to be reminded, showing total submission and obedience the slave lifted her skirt to reveal her thighs and pussy to me, as we moved onto the freeway she slipped her fingers into her pussy and showed me how she had learned to cum. My slave was progressing well.

Training the slave:

We arrived at the motel and I allowed the slave to become more presentable. I was already registered and we went straight to the room. Once we enter the motel room I stripped the slave naked, removed my own clothes and sat on a straight back chair. I pulled the slave over my lap in position for spanking, she started to resist this so I took a firm grip of a nipple and used the tension on her nipple to pull her down and hold her down while causing her some discomfort. She was now over my lap, legs spread her pussy visible and slightly open ready to be spanked. I started gently and got a purr from the slave, not what I wanted, I hit a bit harder and got an ouch, from there it was simple her cheeks got red she was crying well when it was time to up the pain level and the next smack landed fairly on her pussy, that got a scream and again for five strokes, by this time the pussy was wide open and bright red, and very wet. Now was the time to reinforce the pleasure pain link. I sat my slave up and let her stand, the next instruction brought a smile to her face for moment, it was "lie on the bed on your back with your legs wide open and your knees up, in a position to be fucked." I slid a hand under a pillow beside her head and found the three small clips I had left there. Without her realising I quickly attached a clip to each nipple, getting a quick sharp moan and some heavy breathing as the pain levels rose. Next I got between her legs and spread her pussy open, it was somewhat wet and her clit was staring to swell. Obviously she liked being spanked. I slowly licked her pussy and clit, her clit rose up firmly. She was starting to hump at my face, now was the time and I clamped her clit. She screamed and her hands flew to her pussy to remove the clip but I managed to catch them and stop her doing that. I continued to eat her pussy paying attention to her clit and the top of her pussy. Then suddenly she stopped fighting me and started to moan. She was starting to orgasm with pain as the base. She came and came her legs wrapped around my head so I continued to work her clit around the clip. I managed to reach her tits and pull off the nipple clips increasing the pain in her breasts. As her legs started to relax I forced my head free and sat up enough to remove the clip from her abused clitoris, the flood of blood magnified the pain and made my slave orgasm again, she was almost comatose from pleasure and pain and I think had almost lost the ability to tell the difference. As she lay there, her pussy wet and hot and swollen ready for penetration I was tempted. But no I had other plans for that virgin barrier and they included more pain for my sex slave.

I continued this reinforcing of my masterhood for the rest of the day and the next one without fucking the slave. I made simple requests and demands and any hesitation or resistance earned pain and punishment. By the end of the second day if I looked at the slave sternly she was on her knees apologising for upsetting her master. Time to use the slave.

Using the slave:

I woke the next morning to find the slave asleep beside me worn out from the emotional shocks of the previous couple of days and the travel shock that I was just now allowing to catch up with her. I got out of bed gently and slowly moved the naked slave to the centre of the bed, waiting on each corner of the bed was a rope and cuff which I applied to the slave, she was now gently spread, her legs open giving me access to her pussy and inner thighs, her arms were above her head gently pulling on her tiny tits making the nipples stand up vertically. Time to wake her for her next lesson.

I used just a smear of lube on my fingertip and slowly rubbed her sleeping clit, it noticed the attention and started to swell and stand up like the cock on a teenage boy with his first dirty magazine. As her lips loosened and her clit stood up I took it in my finger and thumb and squeezed as hard as I could. The result was stunning, she tried to close her legs to protect her tender pussy, she tried to sit up but the ropes held her down, her eyes bulged and her mouth was open in a scream of pain, the muscles in her neck were all tight and she was pale, almost white. She did not notice me on the bed at first so focused on the intense pain that had jolted her rudely awake, not even sure if it had really happened or was a dream. I reassured her it was not a dream by repeating the action on her clit, same result except this time she noticed me as the cause of her pain. No questions no demands just a meek "good morning Master"

For the first time I slid a finger into my slave and met resistance very quickly, this demanded a closer look using two hands and a torch in my teeth I opened my slave and looked into her pussy, shock and joy there visible in the light of day was the hymen on my 38 year old virgin. What a rare thing a virgin and at her age. I prodded and poked at her hymen and found that she was tender and did not like it. I resisted the temptation to poke my finger through her and decided I wanted to feel her tear on my cock. I might add I am not huge about 7 inches long and nearly two inches thick, just a little above average, but plenty for an older virgin to cope with the first time. Next I played with her tits sucking, licking, biting and generally getting her steamed up for the main act this morning taking her anal cherry, and starting her addiction to sex.

As her body started to enjoy my attention my slave relaxed, but her clit stayed red and swollen and very tender from the abuse I had administered, as I used my tongue on my slave the pleasure seemed to increase when I sucked or licked her clit, she was very close to an orgasm when I stopped to untie her legs and roll her onto her belly, I lifted her onto her knees and put pillows under her belly. I reached for the last two ropes I had pre fastened to the bed and tied them around her knees, this effectively spread her legs and stopped her laying flat to avoid what was about to follow. I took a small syringe that I had loaded with lube and slowly inserted it in her little puckered rose, I could feel her tense up at the invasion but it went in anyway without consideration to her feelings or sensitivities. I emptied the contents into her and withdrew the syringe. Next I poured some lube in the top of her crack and let it slowly trickle down to her pussy, finally I put some lube on the head of my cock, finally all was ready for her to start to understand what she could expect in the future as she fulfilled her duties as my personal sex slave! Yes I had decided to keep her for myself and not share her, who wants a slut for a concubine anyway. If anyone was going to fill the slaves belly it would be me.

As I got in position behind my slave I heard a soft and questioning "Master?" I smacked her arse hard and told her "I did not want to hear any more noise from you until I cum in your bowels" I slid the head of my cock up and down her pussy lips and gently pushed and prodded letting her think what she wanted I lifted my cock and notched it in her rosebud, grabbed her firmly by her slender hips and pushed hard. With all the lube I entered her easily but having had no attention to her anus she was very tight. I kept pushing until I was in as far as I could go. How good were the feelings, her body was shaking I could feel her trying to eject my cock, the sensations were unlike anything I had ever felt before. As I rested there I could here a muffled crying, I lifted my slaves head by the hair and asked her what was wrong the answer was that she was in pain and was trying to be a good salve and make no noise as ordered. I started to move in her and found her to be so tight it was almost impossible, I would pull out about an inch and a half and thrust back forcefully with my balls hitting her hot wet pussy. The ropes holding her in place were perfect she could not slump down or evade me. Slowly she loosened up and I could use my full length in her, the sounds slowly changed from whimpers of pain to the groans she makes when masturbating for me, was my slave starting to get off on anal sex? I gave her permission to make a noise if she needed to and she groaned out loud, at the same time pushing back at me. I reached under her and found her tits, hanging down they were very pointy and the nipples were very stiff, I could not help myself and pinched both nipples hard and pulled them sideways out from under her chest, I was rewarded with a loud groan of pain and pleasure. I continued to thrust firmly and deeply into my slave, I could feel her getting closer to an orgasm, I was starting to get close myself, my slave was now an active participant, pushing herself back on my cock firmly, so active was she that I stopped and let her do the work. That was good for me as it slowed down my impending orgasm and sped up hers. At last her movements became erratic, her moans and groans very loud, and her bowels clamped onto me very firmly as she came with my cock in her guts. It also finished me as I grabbed her hips firmly and pushed as deep as I could go into her and started to fill her with cum, it felt like forever, it was very intense, I slumped down over her back and grabbed those firm little tits again and pulled and twisted them as I returned to normal from my orgasm. As I softened in her arse I started to slide out of her, causing a whimper from my slave, finally with a firm squeeze from her sphincter I slid free with a little gush of my hot cum dribbling down over her pussy.

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