tagIncest/TabooMaking The Grade in Biology Ch. 03

Making The Grade in Biology Ch. 03


This story is a work of fiction. While I myself fantasized about something like this happening when I was in High School, it is only a fantasy.

A re-cap of the previous 2 chapters:

It was my senior year in high school and my grade point average was barely getting by to be able to graduate. I was 18 and in my second semester. My grades were good enough to graduate in all but one class, Biology. There were a couple of other classmates that were in the same predicament as I was and had resorted to studying together in order to bring our grades up. I had teamed up with Carol, one of my classmates, in order to do some togetherness studying at my house.

On the weekend before a large test, Carol had come over to my house so the two of us could study together. With the focus of our studies being genetics and reproduction, our thoughts were pretty saturated with things about sex. One thing lead to another and it wasn't long before both of us lost our virginity at the same time. Succeeding weekends ended up the same; Carol and I would start by cracking the books and end up fucking each other until exhaustion.

The week before graduation, Carol informed me she was pregnant. We got married a month later, I went to the local junior college in the Fall, and Carol had a beautiful baby boy in January.


I can tell you, having a kid at any age can be exhausting but when you're that young, things can get a little stressful. Thankfully, Carol's mom would come over to our apartment to help out and I really appreciated it, especially since my days were in class at the junior college and my evenings were devoted to studying. Carol's mom moved in to help out. Since her husband Jim had to be in Europe for 6 months on business, it just seemed to make sense.

The first three months were what were really took a toll on both Carol and I. Having the baby really exhausted her and, being short on sleep because of frequently breastfeeding our son, she usually went to bed early. Our sex life went from fantastic to zip. The doctor didn't want Carol to get pregnant again for at least 6 months, to give her body time to recover. That left me in a predicament. My sex drive hadn't diminished much and our son occupied so much of Carol's time, there were few opportunities for her to tend to my needs. Also, it felt a little awkward to be giving myself a hand job with Carol asleep next to me. The need for sex was driving me crazy. Carol's mom provided an answer to my problem.

It was on a Friday night that I found myself sitting on the couch next to my mother-in-law Judy. It was about 8:30 and Carol had breastfed our son and put him back in his crib. She had been short on sleep all week and went to bed immediately afterward. So it was just Judy and I on the couch watching TV.

Let me tell you about Carol's mom. She is a real knockout. I can see why Jim had the hots for her when he'd first met her. Even though I was deeply in love with Carol, I couldn't help thinking about what it would be like to have Judy in bed. My need for sexual attention didn't help. Judy's mom was about 5'6", and I guessed her other dimensions were about 36-28-32. She had straight, long brown hair that flowed down her body and didn't stop until it came to her waist. She had a perfect face and dreamy eyes. I guess Jim was somewhat like me and Carol in that Him and Judy got married right after high school and had Carol soon after.

The movie Judy and I were watching was some steamy chick-flick. Right at a commercial, Judy lost attention in the movie; her ears had perked-up to the sound of my son starting to cry. I was about to get up to tend to him, when Judy pushed me back into the couch and told me she would take care of it. Less than 5 minutes later, Judy came back, only with my son in her arms. Apparently, he needed changed but was too fussy to go back to sleep.

My attention was mostly on the movie and I barely noticed how Judy was cuddling my son until I heard some faint sucking noises. I looked over and saw my son sucking on Judy's nipple. I knew my son couldn't be hungry, he just needed some comfort to go back to sleep. Carol and I didn't want our son to get addicted to pacifiers. When Carol was awake, she'd have our son sucking on her breast. Not only did it give our son some comfort but it provided Carol with a measure of pleasure as well. Anyhow, since Carol was too exhausted to wake, her mom stepped in.

I had always tried to imagine what Judy's breasts looked like but never thought I'd get the chance to see. When I looked over at what was going on I could tell Judy had taken off her bra and the all the buttons of her blouse were undone, giving my son easy access to Judy's tit.

Judy's breasts were beautiful, just like my wife. They were still firm, with pinkish-red nipples that reminded you of pencil erasers. I couldn't help stare as my son softly sucked at them. Soon, my son was almost fully asleep, taking a few tentative sucks every 5-10 seconds. Gently dislodging his mouth from her tit, Judy cradled him in her arms and got up to take him back to his crib. As she walked back to his bedroom, I had time to reflect on what just happened.

My mother-in-law had just calmly flashed her boobs at me as my son sucked on her tit. The sight of seeing my son suck her tit got me really horny and my cock was rock hard underneath my sweatpants. I was beginning to wonder if I had dreamed this, when Judy came back in the living room and sat down on the couch next to me. When I looked over, I saw her blouse was still undone, with boobs mostly in view.

I was about to speak, when Judy calmly told me she had put my son back in his crib, then checked on Carol, re-closing the bedroom door afterward. I was even more astonished when she told me "Looks like something needs attention", looking at the bulge in my sweatpants. I was still speechless when her hand rubbed over my cock, still hidden by my sweatpants. I was still in stunned silence when her hand slipped effortlessly under the waistband of my sweatpants, wrapping her fingers around my stiff cock. I suppose I should have objected but I was too enraptured with her fingers working my cock to complain. It was obvious that Judy had a lot of practice giving a hand-job. Her fingers would softly slide up and down my shaft; sometimes her fingernails would graze across my balls; sometimes her palm would twist around my knob. At some point, I even slipped my sweatpants down to give her better access. I was already slouched on the couch so when she swung her leg over mine, it made it so she was sitting squarely on my lap, and without her hand on my cock missing a beat.

The look of astonishment on my face prompted her to tell me that she knew Carol and I hadn't been able to be intimate for months because of the doctor's orders and because Carol had been pretty worn out with the baby. Knowing how much I liked a perfect pair of boobs, she thought she'd give me a show and some relief. I couldn't deny it, Judy knew my weakness for great looking boobs and it sounded like mother and daughter had been confiding with each other.

Additionally, with Jim having been gone for more than 5 months, she was feeling awfully needy herself. Junior sucking her tits was just not cutting it, she needed a man to take care of her needs. Scooting further up on my lap until Judy's pussy was hovering above my cock, she reached under her skirt and pointed my cock at her panty-covered pussy. When my knob made contact, I realized there was no cloth barrier, only wet pussy lips. Apparently, when Judy had taken my son back to his crib, she had this in mind all along and had removed her panties in preparation.

In smooth, slow motion, Judy sank down on my lap, impaling herself on my cock. For her age, she had an incredibly tight pussy. As she wiggled back and forth and bobbed up and down on my lap, her tits were in easy reach of my mouth, imploring me to suck them. Being the dutiful son-in-law, I didn't object to my mother-in-law's offering, alternately latching on to each nipple and sucking as if I were starved. While Judy's tits did not give me a fluid reward like my wife's tits, I was still deriving pleasure from sucking on mom's tits.

Each time Judy dropped down fully on my cock, she would do a little forward and backward motion, which I suspected was a way to rub her clit on the base of my cock for extra stimulation. This was a technique I noticed Carol started using about 6 months ago. I wondered if mom had been giving daughter some pointers on fantastic sex. When I lifted mom's skirt, I saw she was shaved smooth, leading me to suspect Judy had planned for this to happen and had been waiting for just the right time.

Each decent onto my cock became faster and faster, emphasizing Judy's urgency. While she was bouncing and grinding my cock in her pussy, my hands were kneading her boobs. My mouth hungrily sucked her tits, my tongue flicking across the stiff bud. Both of us were totally lost in lust.

When my cock shot its hot cum into her womb, she just grinned and kept bouncing faster. When I saw her face contort and she dropped down onto my lap and stayed there, I knew she was cumming. If I hadn't acted fast to cover her mouth to muffle her scream, all the neighbors would have known what was going on. I had no idea she was a 'screamer'. The muscles in her pussy went into pulsating contractions on my cock.

When Judy was totally spent, she slumped on top of me, with her head resting next to mine, on the top of the couch. I could feel her heart pounding as fast as mine. Even though we were in this position for no more than 10 minutes, it seemed like forever. Every time Judy shifted her body even slightly, it caused my cock to spasm inside her.

I was brought back to reality, when Judy suddenly jerked her head around at a faint noise coming from the living room doorway. What Judy and I saw had us both prepared for the worst. There, standing in the doorway with a stern look on her face and her arms crossed, was my wife Carol. I'd been caught red-handed by my wife, fucking her mother's brains out. I thought I was a deadman. Carol held the silence for an incredibly agonizing long time. All the while Judy's body was still sitting on my lap and my deflating cock still in her cunt.

I was about to do one of those "I can explain" responses, when Carol cut me short with dismissive waive of her hand. The next words from Carol were something I would never have expected.

"If you two are going to make so much noise screwing each other's brains out that you wake people up, the least you could do is save some of his hard cock for me."

To be continued? Possibly. I'm working on some ideas for the next chapter.

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