tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMaking Troy A Man Ch. 03

Making Troy A Man Ch. 03


Troy looked at Glenda hopefully. His mouth was still filled with the distasteful flavour of her pussy. He was praying that in the afterglow of her orgasm, he could ply her for information, and maybe some other favours.

"Oh, Troy, I dunno," Glenda said with a frown. "Momma doesn't really believe in phones, 'cept for emergencies. She thinks it keeps people from really talkin', you know, like face to face."

Troy was struggling inside. He needed to talk to his mother. As angry as she had been with him, there was no way she could have known what sick indignities he was in for on this farm. She would rescue him. He was sure of it.

"You really miss your mom, huh?" Glenda said, her voice full of concern.

"Yeah. I do."

"Ok, Tiger, look, uh..."

Glenda sort of looked back and forth, as if she was concerned that they were being watched, or someone was eavesdropping on their conversation. Troy took careful note of it. There was no way this place was bugged or anything, was there? Well, he had to recognize that he couldn't take anything for granted. If other boys had been held here against their will and raped repeatedly by these horrid hags, there was no limit to what nightmarish possibilities could be realities.

"Ok, we could get into real trouble here, Tiger. You an' me both. We'll have to wait until everyone's asleep, and we gotta be real quiet. With the time difference, your mom will still be up, huh?"

"My mom stays up late," Troy said. "She doesn't sleep much. When she does, it's only with the help of sleep drugs. She'll be up."

"All right, let's try in a half hour then. But we really, really gotta be quiet. Ok? I'm so sorry you miss your mom like this, Tiger. I wanna make you feel real at home here. Ok?"

"I... I'm sure I will, Gumdrop... I just... The farm's really, really different. And my mom's... I'm sure she misses me. Like I miss her. She'll worry. I just want her to know I'm doing ok."

Feel at home on the farm? No fucking way! He had to get a hold of himself, use his time effectively, catch up on his sleep schedule, do a total reconnaissance of this place. There was a way out. He would find it. The quicker the better. As far as he had seen, he and his barbaric relatives were the only humans within sight in any direction. And the only vehicles were his Aunt Lulu's truck, and a couple of tractors and pieces of farm equipment.

"Uh, Gumdrop," he said sweetly to his cousin, "Do you think you'd be able to teach me how to ride a horse? I've always wanted to learn..."

In fact, he was terrified of horses. They were big, unpredictable, smelly animals as far as he could see. They looked fine in movies, but up close... they were much more intimidating.

"You don't know how to ride?" she giggled. "Well, sure, I mean, I guess we could take a bit of time out in the day. I mean, we could tell Momma we fucked! She'd be pleased as punch to hear that! She'd for sure cut some slack if she thought that. But I really don't like lyin' to my Momma... We are gonna fuck, aren't we, Troy?"

"Of... Of course, Gumdrop! I just need to get rested up a bit, and, uh, you know, wait for the right moment. I really do want to! It's just... gonna be my first time. I want to make it special."

Glenda blushed and tilted her head and bunched her shoulders up. "Aww, Troy, you're really so cute! Ok, let's get a bit of rest ok? We'll go find the phone in a bit."

They shared a peck on the lips that made Troy's flesh crawl. Then they laid down to rest and Troy was out like a light.

He was awakened a short time later by his cousin gently shaking him. He had difficultly crawling up through the viscous, clingy warmth of sleep back into consciousness, but he was finally there. His mind was surprisingly clear and focused once he shook the cobwebs off. He had an opportunity here and he didn't want to waste it.

They snuck silently down the hall, past Wendy and Carol's bedrooms, then into the hall next to his Aunt Lulu's room. There was a little alcove there. Glenda opened a small wooden cabinet on a shelf, and inside was an old-fashioned telephone, encased in a glass box. Glenda tried to open it, but was unable.

"Aw, cripes, Momma's got it locked!" she exclaimed under her breath. "Cheese it, she musta... Aw, she's got the key. We'd have to break the glass to use it... Aw, Troy, I'm sorry... Look, I'll see if I can't call Aunt Tessa for ya tomorrow, 'kay? Just to let her know you're all right? I'm real sorry, Troy..."

Troy sank a little inside. But he was also somewhat elated. He knew where the phone was now, and he knew there was a key. He could always break the glass if he was desperate enough. Anyway, he didn't have to figure out how to get Glenda away so he could speak to his mom privately now.

Plus, he knew he could push Glenda. Get her to risk things and break rules for him. He had to count his blessings. Glenda could be counted in his mental inventory as an asset. At least for now. He shuddered a little considering what he might have to do to keep her in that camp.

They slunk back off to bed as Troy's brain was thinking, calculating, planning. Then, as they lay down, it shut off completely and he was instantly, once again, fast and deeply asleep.

The morning carried on a routine he was getting painfully used to. Coaxing his agonized limbs into motion. Breakfast. Prayers. Chores. Task after mindless, unsatisfying, menial task. If anything was motivating him to take his studies seriously and get a law degree, it was this. If he ever got out of here.

The afternoon afforded him and Glenda a break. She showed him some of the basics of horsemanship. He bent hard to learning this all as quickly as possible. Saddle blankets, saddles, bits and bridles, stirrups and reins... Adjusting all the tack. Basic horse health. Leading the animal.

He was terrified, but he tried not to show it. One of these pungent beasts could be his ticket out of here, perhaps as early as tonight. He would worry about provisioning or any other details later. Transportation of some kind was definitely key.

Glenda was helpful and supportive, if a bit amused at his ineptitude. His skill set leaned far more towards academics, dance, and sucking cock. This was a struggle uphill both ways.

When it finally came to mounting the animal, Troy found that the horse was much taller and larger even than he had come to realize. His heart pounding in fear, on his third attempt, he swung his leg up and over and perched in the saddle. The horse began slowly ambling off.

"No, Troy, grab the reins!" Glenda raised her voice at him. "Let go of the horn! Ya gotta control the horse! Grab the reins! No, Troy, come on, focus! Nothin' to be scared of! Ya just gotta... Troy! Troy! Yeah, the reins! Gently! Gently! You gotta..."

Troy was panicking. The horse was walking slowly and aimlessly, apparently ignoring the fact that there was a human on its back. The lurching, swaying gait had Troy convinced that this was an unsafe speed and he was about to suffer some kind of injury, so when he seized the reins, he pulled back sharply, trying to halt the animal.

The horse started and reared up. Troy fell off the back of the animal and hit the dirt. He lay there, a bit stunned, as Glenda did her best to keep from breaking out in peals of laughter.

That was the end of the riding lesson, as far as Troy was concerned. In fact, it was short enough that Glenda expressed her relief that they wouldn't have to use sex as a cover story for any lag in their productivity. She did offer to continue to teach him at any point if he decided he really wanted to learn.

Ok, riding a horse out of here was definitely not an option. Or was it? How desperate would he have to be to risk injury like that? Or was he already that desperate? Maybe he could hotwire the truck? But he had no idea how to do that, and there was no internet here to help him learn... Steal the keys? But he had no idea where they even were...

...Maybe he could ride out of here on a tractor? Not that he knew how to drive one. Couldn't be that difficult... Had to be easier than riding a horse.

"Ok, Troy, I can teach ya a bit more next week if ya want, ok? We got a couple of farm hands comin' in again, so it'll free up more time... I wasn't supposed to tell ya that. But if ya wanna learn to ride, I'd be glad to teach ya. It's really not that tough."

"Sez you," Troy groaned. "Ah, no, really, Gumdrop, thanks. Really, thanks so much. I really want to learn how to ride, I just... I guess I thought it would be easier. Farm hands?"

"Yeah, farm hands. We usually bring a couple on about now, it's gettin' close to harvest. We need a bit more manpower around then. Sheila and Cindy are comin' in next week too... To help." The colour drained out of her face. Troy felt a twinge of panic. To help? To help what? Sharon and Cindy were two of his cousins that had moved to the city. He could guess what they were going to 'help' with.

"Uh, I'm sorry, Troy..." Glenda's lower lip was trembling slightly. "I wasn't supposed to tell ya that either... Sharon and Cindy are comin' in to help ya get right. Should be here by Thursday...I'm real sorry, Troy..."

Troy was half-way between panic and urgency to action. What the hell. They already had four perverted relatives just itching to rape him, and now they were going to fly in two others? Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. That simply tore it in his mind. He had to be gone before next Thursday morning, come hell or high water.

He spent the rest of the day in a sort of detached state of mind. It was strange. He was almost numb; going through the motions, humouring his perverted cousin almost reflexively, automatically. His mind was taking note of location of gas cans, where gates were, tack and harness, tractors, water, flashlights, hatchet, blankets... Anything that in the most obscure scenario might be useful to him.

Part of his mind was dedicated to 'Glenda management.' He was trying to figure out the best way to keep her motivated to help him, should he need it. An ally right now could be critical, and she seemed like the best option. He knew she wanted to have sex with him, as revolting a thought as it was. He was considering that giving in and doing the deed might be the best course of action.

But would it really make a difference? He had a sense that Aunt Lulu, Carol and Wendy intended to rape him whether they were convinced Glenda had 'cured' him or not. And if two other cousins were coming in to partake of this sick gang-rape scenario, he'd best be gone before they arrived. So really, the only factor at this point seemed to be keeping Glenda happy. And maybe a bit off balance.

A third, and even more insane scenario kept popping back into his mind. What if he confessed love for Glenda? Like, asked Aunt Lulu for her permission to marry her or something? Would that buy him the time or space to escape their collective clutches until he could get the hell out of here? Being raped by one of his twisted kin certainly seemed preferable to being raped by a whole gaggle of them. His mind was stretching into weirder and weirder territory to try to plot an exit.

At the end of the day, Troy was, again, absolutely bone tired. Evenings were getting fairly predictable. Dinner, baths, TV. Rurally oriented conversation. Troy drifting in and out of sleep on the couch. He took his leave as early as he thought polite. He was still completely wiped out, but made out like he was worse off. Feigning exhaustion was a way to keep Glenda convinced that he was unable to perform, not unwilling.

Glenda bedded down with him, as was the routine. He cringed. He knew he was going to have to perform some kind of favour on her, just to keep up the façade. He wanted to cry, he felt so hopeless and compromised. He wanted to escape tonight. Hell, right now!! But that would have to wait. He would have to suffer more indignity and horror. But in two days, at the most, he would be gone. He promised himself that.

"I'm sorry the horsemanship lesson didn't go the best, Tiger..." Glenda said with a hint of a giggle as they crawled under the covers.

"Uh, that's ok, Gumdrop... We'll get to it another time, huh?"

"Sure thing... In the mean time, Tiger... Could I, uh... maybe show you how good I can ride?" She cuddled up against him, rubbing her breast against his shoulder. It felt like a huge, warm, pink water balloon pressing up against him. He struggled to not shrink back in disgust.

"Hold on, hold on, ok Gumdrop? Hold on, here, look at me. You're really, really, pretty." Glenda blushed deeply. "And I really, really like you. But I'm a virgin. You'll be my first. I want you to be my first. And I have an idea. It's gonna be real special. Just be patient ok? I'll be a real man for you, I'll make you a real woman. Like how it's supposed to be. Ok? Just tonight, let me... Just let me..." He began raising her night shirt and lowering his head towards her abdomen. The nausea and fear was rising in him again, but he fought it down. Just do this. Just do this. Make it quick, get it over, and she'll leave you alone. Then you can get up at night, look for keys, maybe tonight... Maybe tonight you can get the living hell right out of here...

"Oh, Tiger..." she giggled, shifting around in the bed, clearly with arousal. "You don't know how bad I wanna... But I'll wait... I'll wait for you, ok? I've really gotta say somethin' tomorrow ok? But don't worry, tonight, tonight's fine... And, uh, I've got a little treat for you, ok?"

He was a little confused at her words. What did she need to say? And what was this supposed treat?

She pulled her panties off and spread her legs with a sigh, revealing a smoothly shaven pubis. "Do you like it, Tiger?" she asked. "I did it for you! I wanted to be smooth and clean for you, if that's what you like..."

"Oh, yeah, Gumdrop!" he lied. Nothing could make him like this. He was sure of it. On the other hand, anything that could make it less distasteful was a step in the right direction... He wanted to laugh with bitter irony. A step in the right direction seemed like cooling hell down from the temperature of boiling sulfur to only the temperature of boiling water.

"It's wonderful! You're so sweet, and so considerate... I can't wait to lick it!"

Glenda giggled and undulated with excitement and glee. Troy dove in and bit the proverbial bullet, licking her pudenda up and down, slipping his tongue across her swollen, pink lips, parting her labia and tasting her inner folds. An automatic part of his brain took over as he just tried to please her, to bring her off, to get this over with.

Troy shuddered with revulsion. His mind and all his emotions were screaming with all their might against what he was doing. He couldn't believe this was what his life had come to - sticking his tongue inside his chubby, homely cousin's cunt, just to avoid a potentially worse situation. But once again, he overrode everything he was feeling, and just serviced her, doing his best to please her and in some way convince her that he was enjoying doing it.

Glenda squealed and burbled with pleasure as he licked her. "Mmmm, Tiger! You're so good!" she remarked. Troy was burning with humiliation and distaste. As much as he tried to forget where he was and what he was doing, every once in a while he would come back to reality. A horrifying reality. Every time the realization came to him again, it jolted him like 500 volts. He had his tongue in his own uncivilized cousin's cunt. And it was there to try to save him from an even direr fate. This disgusting arrangement of squishy, wrinkly, fragrant female flesh was being probed by his tongue so he didn't have to do the same with his Aunt Lulu and his other cousins Wendy and Carol.

He tried to let the grey fog take him. Let his tongue work automatically. But try as he might, he was bound to this situation. Resigning himself, he took her clit mound into his mouth. He began sucking. His cousin squealed softly in delight. Squealed just like a pig, he thought. Exactly like a pig. He began to feel utter defeat take hold of him. He sucked her clit. She kept her little squeals and mewlings coming, in time with his motions. His thoughts drifted for the first time in a while to Kevin. His lover. He should be servicing Kevin, not this repugnant, provincial simpleton. He sobbed. And sucked.

He timed his sobs with his sucks so that Glenda would not notice. Burning tears began streaming from his eyes and splashing down to his cousin's already soaking, shaven womanhood, and he blubbered as he ate her out.

He drew her deeper into his mouth. He beat his tongue against her clitoris. He cried softly as she came, bucking and grinding her pussy all over his face. She squealed out again, long and loud as she dared, holding his head and quaking in her release. He sobbed with sorrow and misery, using her genitalia to muffle his pitiful cries.

Troy kept softly sucking and kissing her folds, trying to get a hold of himself. He feigned gently taking her down from the heights of her orgasm as he subtly wiped his eyes and fought to get control of his breath and trembling. He felt like a dirty whore. And not in a good way, like Kevin made him feel.

"Oh, Tiger!" gushed Glenda, glowing with pleasure and joy. "Oh, Tiger, I love you!"

Troy froze. Again. His poor, tormented mind couldn't take much more of this.

"Oh, uh... Troy..." she whispered, with a nervous titter. "I, uh, I meant... Oh, dash it all... I, uh, I was gonna tell ya tomorrow... I... I'm not sure, I mean, I really, really like you, Troy."

He looked up at her, completely bewildered. Fortunately he couldn't even process the horror that a very small, far away place in his brain was screaming out as loud as it could.

"Troy?" she smiled in a vulnerable way with a deep blush. "Oh, Troy, no one has ever made me feel like this... I don't care if you like makeup an' heels an' such... You're the most beautiful boy I ever seen..."

Makeup and heels? How the hell did she know about that? How much of that phone conversation did she hear? And what exact level of detail did his mother get into with his Aunt??

With resolve forged of fire and ice, he forced a smile across his face. "Gumdrop," he began, "I never even thought a girl like you existed." That much, at least, was true. "I want to make you the happiest girl in the world."

She took a kerchief from the night table and wiped his face clean of her secretions, and unwittingly, his tears, and kissed him full on the lips. He forced himself to return her kiss. Cold claws of nausea tore at his stomach. He fought to ignore them.

"Oh, my, Tiger, your eyes are so red! You need sleep, honey, here, lie down. I'll massage ya again until ya drift off..."

He allowed her to. And she did. And again, once he got past the revulsion and total disdain for this awful beast who straddled him and was touching him all over his flesh, it felt absolutely wonderful. With skill and baby oil, she coaxed and teased all the quiet agony from his limbs until he slipped off into warm, blissful unawareness.


Troy awoke the next morning to his Aunt Lulu's customary bellowing. "Mornin's here! Sun soon to follow! Cock's gonna be a-crowin'! New tasks and opportunities! New challenges and learnin's! C'mon, y'all, up an' at 'em!!"

He sat up and gasped in breath. He tried to shake off the cobwebs. "Good morning, Tiger!" said his cousin's voice from his left. Shit. Damn! Fuck!! He had slept through the entire night! Maybe he could have, or would have been gone, but here he was still, faced with... this hell. Stuck. Stuck for one more day at least. Well, he didn't really have a complete plan, or an incomplete plan, for that matter, as to exactly how he was going to make good his escape. Having at least an incomplete plan by the end of the day was a goal he set for himself, regardless of what else might happen.

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