Male Babysitter


Gina wasn't quite sure what to do with herself in Keith's absence. She knew it would be 15 or 20 minutes for him to make his purchase. She was still tremendously worked up. Gina went back upstairs and peeked in on the boys. Both were sound asleep. She went back into the spare bedroom, locking the door behind her. She carefully removed her clothing, piece by piece. She lay back upon the bed, remembering how Keith had been there only minutes earlier. She could still almost smell him in the room. Gina closed her eyes and imagined her new young lover's firm body. She pictured what his cock would look like. She knew it would be long, strong, and full of virility, eager to possess her, penetrate her. Gina's fingers slid between her thighs, and she played with herself. She took her time, teasing herself. She could have rushed to an orgasm, but wanted to be on edge and on fire when Keith returned.

She lost track of time, but soon enough there was a soft knock on the bedroom door. Gina sprung up and opened it, peeking out to see Keith, smiling like the Cheshire Cat. She let him in and quickly shut the door behind him. He smiled even more broadly at the sight of her naked body.

"I was playing with myself while I waited," she explained, kissing him once more. It felt especially naughty to be nude while he was fully clothed, almost as if she was some sort of pleasure slave for a young, beautiful prince.

"Why don't you show me what you were doing while I get naked too?" Keith asked. Gina nodded and slid back onto the bed. She was amazed at her own wantonness. She didn't want to let Keith down. She knew she wasn't as supple or firm as a college girl, but she figured she could be more kinky.

Keith's eyes shone with lust as he removed his clothing, watching Gina rub her pussy. She went slow, trying to pace herself. She wanted her orgasm to come from Keith. As he removed his jeans Gina gasped, seeing his cock outlined by his snug boxer-briefs. With a confident smile he hooked his fingers in his waistband and slid those off. Gina practically came as his erection came into view.

It was impressive to say the least. Not oversized, but it was long, and very, very thick. "You're much bigger than my husband... EX-husband," Gina said, not realizing it was out loud. "Oh, sorry," she added, embarrassed.

"No, it's ok," Keith said, stepping towards her. "I don't mind the comparison. How much bigger?"

Gina stopped playing with her pussy. "Let me check," she said. She swiftly moved forward, her head aimed at the wonderfully hard cock before her. She grasped it gently and took the large head in her mouth, wrapping her lips around it and sliding down Keith's manhood.

Keith groaned, loud enough that for a split second Gina worried they'd be heard. She knew her fears were unfounded, being so far down the hall from the other bedrooms. Gina concentrating on pleasing Keith's lovely cock with her mouth and tongue.

He contented himself to kneel on the bed, placing his hands on his hips and looking down at the sexy older woman sucking his cock. Gina took him into her mouth deeply, gagging slightly before coming up for air. She placed a finger several inches away from the base of Keith's cock.

"You're that much longer," she said with a grin. "And MUCH thicker," she added, hefting his heavy cock. She couldn't wait to have his meat back in her mouth, and quickly slid her lips back on him.

"God, that's nice," Keith moaned softly. Gina used every trick she knew, swirling her cock along the underside, sucking him as deep as she could, and using her hand. Part of it came from a desire to worship the god of a man before her, and part of it came from a desire to prove her worth and sexiness.

"I... I want to taste you," Keith groaned.

"Later," Gina replied. She slid upon her back once more, spreading her legs slightly. "Feel me," she instructed. Keith moved his hand between her legs, his lean, firm body towering over hers.

"You're very hot, and very wet," he observed.

"Yes, and very ready for that beautiful, big cock of yours. Please fuck me, Keith. Would you put your cock inside me?"

Luckily he didn't make her beg. Keith shredded a condom package and slid it onto his cock, which still glistened from her saliva. Gina closed her eyes as her young lover positioned himself between her thighs.

"Are you ready?" he asked, teasing her by rubbing the tip of his cock against her pussy.

"Yes! Please, be inside me!" she exclaimed with hushed breath.

She braced herself, expecting him to slam his sizable cock into her with force. She was surprised to feel him lurch forward with deliberate caution. She moaned, feeling the big head push into her, past her labia, into the pussy that had known no man for years and only one man for many more years before that. She felt almost like a virgin again, especially with the size of Keith.

He penetrated her slowly and steadily, gradually working more and more of his length into her. "You've done this before, haven't you?" she asked lustfully, looking into his eyes.

"A couple times," he answered with a grin. "I learned the hard way that when you're "blessed" like I am you have to take your time."

"Well I'm... Very... glad you... learned that," Gina said, gasping as he continued rocking in and out of her slowly. "God, is there still more?" she asked, honestly feeling very full.

"Just a little. You doing ok?" he asked with genuine concern.

Gina grabbed his face and pulled him down to her in a fierce kiss. "Can you feel how hot my pussy is?" she asked. "I'm MUCH better than ok. Fuck me, Keith!"

Keith nodded, and pushed into her. Gina moaned, feeling wonderfully full. Pleasurable feelings continued to spread across her body. His whole length was inside her now, opening her, filling her. She felt free, alive, and awake. Keith slid his cock out slowly before slipping it deep inside her once more.

Gina's senses were on overdrive as Keith made love to her with practiced ease that betrayed his depth of experience. She was acutely aware of his masculine smell, the exhale of breath he made each time he thrust into her. But she was particularly aware of how her skin felt as his more hairy body rubbed against her own smooth skin. "You never forget how," she whispered to herself with a smile.

"What was that?" Keith asked, pausing and looking her in the eyes.

"Nothing," she replied, grinning almost stupidly. "You just feel so amazing. I was a little nervous, it's been a while since I've had a lover."

Keith suddenly gripped her hips and rolled them over, his long cock never exiting her. Their positions were reversed, with her astride his hips, his cock still deep within her.

"Why don't you show me what an "older lady" can do?" he requested with a smug smile.

"I'd love to," she replied, sliding her hips up and down. She was acutely aware of his greater length as she slid her body up and down his. Gina thrust her chest forward, presenting a nipple to Keith's mouth. He lapped at it tenderly before wrapping his lips around it and sucking upon it firmly, causing Gina to gasp with pleasure.

She continued sliding up and down his length as she presented her other nipple for similar attention. She could feel from Keith's hardness that he was highly aroused, yet he didn't seem too close to climax and ending the party too soon.

"You have a lot of stamina for a young guy. Aren't you kids supposed to shoot off too soon?" she teased, grinding her clit against his pubic bone for emphasis.

Keith grabbed her ass and pulled her against him even tighter. "Baby, I haven't even begun to fuck you!"

"That's too bad, because I'm just about ready to cum on this big cock of yours? Would that be ok?" she asked in a bit of a submissive tone.

"God yes! Cum on my cock Gina!" Keith hissed.

Gina always enjoyed being on top for a reason. She placed her small hands on his chest for support and continued sliding her hips against his. She positioned her clit perfectly to achieve maximum stimulation against his body while they fucked. Keith groaned and held her hips firmly, rocking his own in unison.

"I can feel you," he whispered. "You're getting so warm, and tight."

Gina merely nodded, her eyes closed tightly. She focused on herself, and the warm feelings emulating from her pussy and the big cock thrusting within it. With a sharp intake of breath Gina thrust her hips forward and exploded. She gasped as wave after wave of pleasure shook her body, filling her with almost unimaginable sensations.

Gina almost collapsed upon Keith's chest. He wrapped his arms around her tenderly. "You didn't..." she whispered, but he shushed her.

"In a moment," he said. "Just enjoy yours."

Gina sighed and rested her cheek against his breastbone. His cock was still big and hard within her sensitive pussy. Gina shuddered as an aftershock of pleasure hit her body.

"Ready?" Keith asked. Gina smiled and nodded.

Keith held her hips and began thrusting his cock into her. It was a different motion than when she rode him, it was for his benefit. He was sliding in and out of her directly, penetrating her deeply, working towards his climax. Gina groaned as he rapidly pistoned in and out of her still sensitive pussy. Clancy had rarely let her come first, and it was a treat to get fucked while in post orgasmic bliss.

"Yes, yes, fuck me. Fuck me Keith. Fuck me with your big cock. I want your cum. Cum in me!" she whispered eagerly, cheering her young lover on. His face contorted and his cock swelled up even bigger and harder than it had been.

"Oh god. Yes!" Keith cried out softly. Gina felt his cock spasming within her, his body shuddering with pleasure. "Yessssss," he moaned, his cock contracting one last time before his hips settled back against the sheets, his body still.

Gina kissed his lips tenderly. "You are amazing," she cooed. "Simply amazing."

"You are too," Keith answered.

"Really? Even compared to your college babes?" Gina teased.

"Oh yes. God, you're so into sex. A lot of young women don't know what they want. You were so into it, unafraid to show passion, to savor your own orgasm. Not to mention the nasty things you said before I came," Keith said.

"Mmmmm I'm glad you enjoyed them. This older lady knows a thing or two about what guys like to hear," Gina replied, feeling very satisfied with herself.

After a few minutes of shared bliss the lovers disentangled themselves.

Sitting on the bed, Keith began to say something, but Gina interrupted. "I was thinking I'd like to have you baby-sit again. Frequently. In fact, I'd like it if you could come over sometimes in the evenings when I'm around and play with the boys, then perhaps play with me after they go to bed. I'm not sure I can pay you the full rate, but do you think we could work something out in the evening?" Gina asked seductively.

"I don't know," Keith replied with a grin. "Let's go take a shower together and negotiate the details of our arrangement."

"That sounds great," Gina agreed, following Keith to the bathroom.

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