tagErotic HorrorMaleficent's House of Horrorgys

Maleficent's House of Horrorgys


The big poofy dress didn't make those stairs any easier. Yet she was still outrunning her beau. She looked back to see trailing behind by a few metres. "Will you hurry it up? We're already late and you're taking your sweet ass time!"

"Is it my fault you took as long as you did getting ready?! Is it my fault the pumpkin carriage encountered traffic?!" Andrew enjoyed teasing her like this. "Plus, doesn't the fairy tale say you're supposed to be late to the ball anyways?"

Stacy groaned and rolled her eyes as she scurried along the stone pathway to the mansion. "For the last time, I'm NOT Cinderella! I'm Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty!! Get your facts straight!!"

"Pfft, tomAYto, tomAHto...they're all the same to me." Andrew caught up with his girlfriend. He was dressed just Aurora's saviour in the classic story: in all blue save for a pair of brown boots and a red cape. At least Stacy looked presentable. She had it easy. Her tall, Taylor Swift-like body wrapped in that embellished dress gave off a nice classiness to her. "This is a ridiculous costume you picked out for me by the way. Just wanted to point that out for the millionth time."

"Well, if you don't hurry up, I'm going to throw a tomAHto AND a pumpkin at you!"

"Now that's no fair...you could've at least given me a sword!" He leaned in close to her. "Not that I don't already have a weapon of great potency."

For the first time Andrew's cheeky responses worked as Stacy laughed and tried to push him away in a joking manner. The pair walked up the final few steps before Andrew opened the door for his lady. Nodding approvingly, the blonde princess stepped into the house and took in her surroundings. The party for them began at the threshold. The music pounded through every inch of that main room. Seas of ghouls, superheroes and animals let go of their inhibitions in enjoyment of this party.

"Quite the party, eh?" Andrew stepped in from behind her. "High five to the guy who scored an invitation!"

Stacy was unimpressed with his pride. "Do you know anything about this party?"

"Well, no. But they're supposed to be legendary!!" His enthusiasm faded into a state of ponder. "Although...nobody's ever said why. Hmm..."

Stacy shot him another look of indifference and directed them both into the party. Navigating that main room was a feat in itself due to sheer volume of people. Gradually they crossed the floor and found themselves at the food table. A variety of Halloween themed treats sat. Stacy elected to cure her thirst with some witch's brew. She brought the liquid to her lips and formulated her first impressions. It tickled her tongue. It was sweet, maybe even a little tangy actually. It also included something else that Stacy couldn't quite identify that made it different. But all in all, it was very delicious!

"Mmmmm," she approved. "You need to try this honey! It is SO good!"

"No thanks, I'm good. I don't eat at parties."

She laughed as she dipped into the bowl for a refill. "Since when?"

He winked. "Since we started going to parties at creepy mansions."

"Hey, it was your idea coming here Mr. High Five." She sipped her drink once more and abruptly jumped. "Mmmm, who's hosting this shindig anyways?"

Andrew cocked his eye at the random question. "Ummmm, somebody told me about her. Letsee where she is...." Andrew scanned the room. "OH! There she is! See that tall redhead talking to those 3 sultry maidens near the centre?"


"Apparently she's a lonely MILF that hosts a grand Halloween party like this every year."

Stacy smirked at the comment and decided to press him on it. "MILF?"

"Yeah, mother I'd like to -- I mean, not that I'd wanna, not that I would...erm, I love you?"

Stacy simply laughed at his fumble. "Relax, dummy, I'm not going to shoot you. You have urges sometimes; I'm not going to put you on trial for that." She looked over to woman and took note of her great stature and presence. Her smile above all when she laughed was magnetic. She refilled her drink and clutched her boyfriend's elbow. "Now let's go meet her!"

"Umm, ok?"

Stacy winded them through the masses while giddily greeting all the revellers she passed. Andrew felt a mixture of embarrassment and amusement. It was embarrassing in the sense that he, Prince Goofy-looking, was being dragged through the room by his obviously inebriated princess while onlookers gawked. But of course, it was always entertaining to see her giddy like this.

Beyond these observations of Stacy, Andrew made note of the room itself. There was an unusually large amount of people already furiously making out and practically having sex on the dance floor. Overzealous (and drunk) much?

Stacy was oblivious to all this. Instead she concentrated on finding the hostess. Somehow she felt drawn to this woman as soon as she saw her. Her red hair and lips certainly made her stand out. She was clad in a dress herself but it was a lot more simple than her own princess gown. For one, it was a darker shade of red to contrast with her light blue attire. Very beautiful, Stacy thought. The older woman was still speaking to the three younger girls when their sights met. She only looked at her a second before focussing back on her conversation but it was enough for the blonde to know that she had her attention.

The couple neared the group and caught the end of the conversation. "So I'll convene with you again when I need you, alright?"

After shooing the girls away, the older woman turned to Andrew and Stacy. "Well well, if it isn't Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming. It looks as though we went through the same fairy tale for inspiration. I guess that makes us nemeses tonight." Through all the awe for the woman, Stacy managed to ask an (semi-) intelligent question. "Wait, are you supposed to be Maleficent? Wasn't she really, really ugly?! You're completely gorgeous!"

The villainess, who exceeded smirked at the girl who she exceeded in age. "Why thank you. And why are witches always depicted as deformed? Evil can look good you know. That's what makes it so tempting. Have you thought about the dark side, princess?"

Stacy only saw her face as she spoke those last words. Her lips were so full and perfect. She followed their movements closely. Then there were her eyes. Dark. Fiery. An eerie glow to them. An apt window into a blackened soul. Stacy believed the eyes were the sexiest organ on both the male and female form. She knew a captivating pair of pupils when she saw them. She was surely staring at a couple right now. The rest of the world didn't exist while she looked through her face.

Remembering the question she whimpered an affirmation. "Yesssss..."

"Ugh, no she hasn't," Andrew cut in. "You're Princess Aurora, you can't be bad, remember? Stacy?"

The blonde however didn't listen. She was still focussed on the great Maleficent. In a way she reminded her of Sigourney Weaver. She possessed a sexy yet dangerous aura to her.

"Relax Prince Charming. Let the girl have a little fun." She winked. "Aurora dear, have another sip of your drink. It's wonderful, isn't it? I made it myself. It makes you feel really good. You want to feel really good don't you?"

"Yes, really good..." She robotically replied as she gulped down more of the brew.

The witch caressed the princess's cheek. "That's it. Feel it bubbling down your wonderful throat and through your sexy body. It makes things more fun. You like fun don't you Aurora?"

"Mmmm, fun..." She mindlessly replied again.

Andrew had seen enough. "OK then, that's it! First of all, her name is NOT Aurora...it's Stacy! And second, we have to go now! Have a nice night!!"

With that, he grabbed his girlfriend by her gloved hand and forcefully led her away. The whole time Stacy looked back toward the sexy witch. She was Andrew's unwilling subject at this point. When they were far enough away, the man interrogated her. He gripped her by the shoulders and tried to make sense of her. She was still looking in the direction of the woman.

"What the hell has gotten into you?! Helloooo?!" He waved his hand in front of her eyes. Nothing. She was unresponsive. "STACY!!!"

Still nothing. He shrugged and then elected a more drastic route. He wound up and open-hand SLAPPED her across the face! Under other circumstances he wouldn't even dream about hitting his girlfriend but something needed to be done. Stacy immediately recoiled in pain.

"OWWWWWWW! What the hell was that for?!" She was back. "What is up with you jerk?!"

"What is wrong with ME?! What is wrong with YOU?! What was that back there?!"

Stacy reverted back to a state of giddiness. "What? You heard her, I want to have a little fun!"

Andrew couldn't believe this so he was about to put an end to it all. "There's to be no more fun for you because we're going!" With that he grabbed her once again.


He should've stuck with his instincts and kept going but he stopped to hear her out. "What?!"

"Please...I wanna stay a little longer." Her bottom lip dropped and her blue eyes sparkled. "Please..."

Andrew couldn't resist that look. He sighed. "Fine. We'll stay a little longer. I didn't wear this ridiculous costume for nothing I suppose. But you are NOT to go near that woman! I have a baaad feeling about her."

Stacy's eyes lit up. She jumped all over Andrew and showered him with kisses of gratitude. "Oh thank you thank you thank you!!! Let's dance now!"

He laughed. "Fine, I think I'm fine with dancing."

Stacy was dancing super close to him. She was also wiggling her hips. A lot. Her crotch grinded up against him quite a few times. He could also feel her breasts through her gown pressed right up against his chest. Looking around he saw similar if not more raunchy behaviour from all the other guests. There were a lot of cups around as well. It was at this moment he truly questioned what kind up party this was.

Stacy leaned into his ear and whispered with a hint of more frivolity, "Guess what? I am REALLY horny right now."

Looking around he made the assumption that she wasn't the only one. Couples were all over each other on the dance floor. A bunch of them were headed up the spiral staircase at the back of the room. They were no doubt going to do unmentionable acts. What was triggering this all? Wait! He let go of Stacy and motioned her to stay put. Bad mistake.

He turned around to his nearest neighbours, a pair of cute lesbians. "What the hell was in that punch?"

They laughed. "Wouldn't you like to know big boy!"

He tried it again with a more stern tone. "Just answer the question ladies."

"Fine." They giggled. "Maleficent laces the drinks every year with a powerful aphrodisiac. I thought everyone knew that! Ever been in a group orgy?! It is MASTERFUL!!!"

"Okaaaaaayyyy, THIS is where I go." He turned back to Stacy. "Stacy, we're -- Stacy?" He circled around to look for her. Where did she disappear to in the few seconds he was away? This was unbelievable! He scrambled around asking around for her, but quickly found that people were too much in their own worlds to be of help.

Then in the distance he spotted her! She looked like a mindless drone being led away by none other than that woman. They were about to head up the spiral staircase. Andrew scurried past the bodies to catch up to them.

He was making progress before he was stopped by three girls. They were the hot maidens from earlier, now without He tried to play to it cool even the sight of them made him nervous. "Um, excuse me ladies, I've gotta get to my girlfriend."

One of them, a raven haired vixen, caressed his chest. "Relax big boy. She's in good hands now...wouldn't you rather spend time with us?"

He looked at her. Then he looked at Maleficent and Stacy. Then he looked the three girls before him who were nearing him now. He looked again at his girlfriend and her temptress who were moving up and away from sight. "I REALLY gotta go!"

He tried to move past them but they held their ground. Instead they clung onto to him and dragged him down to the ground.


He yelped as he disappeared beneath the surface of people. On his way to the floor he caught a final glimpse of his girlfriend being led way. The three maidens ripped off his clothes and showered his naked body with kisses. He tried to plead with them but the sensations on his lips, neck, and chest were making it quite impossible.

"Please....mmmm....please....I gotta know where they went!"

"Shhhhh...Don't worry about that..." The brunette cooed. "Now how 'bout we really see how charming you really are down there hmm?"

With that, she slipped off his blue tights and boots. She looked at his semi-erect member and licked her lips. "I think I want a taste of royalty!"

She gripped in her hand and placed her lips over the tip of it. Then slowly she filled her mouth with his meat. With a smack of the lips, she removed herself to commend the hapless prince. "I see what Aurora sees in you. Looks like you came from a very well endowed family."

Andrew could only mount a feeble protest against these three seductresses. The blonde sat on top of his head and effectively removed his most of his verbal capacities. The final girl, the raven haired beauty, showered his naked belly and chest with delightful pecks and nibbles which would've made speech difficult even if he had the full option.

"Mmm...eat me out...trust me, my fruits are fit for a prince..." The blonde teased. With his nose and mouth trapped in her snatch, there was little he could do to avoid this unseemly act. He twisted his head from between her legs but in was of no avail. He apologized to Stacy in his head and just got it over with. Her pussy was actually quite enjoyable. It was neatly shaven, experienced, and encased a slightly enlarged clit. Finding it was not an issue. The girl herself squirmed on top of him as she straddled his face.

These physically pleasurable yet mentally agonizing acts went on for eternity. The sultry trio alternated positions thereby giving Andrew new "flavours" and habits. They made it a game on who could make him blow his top first. Once that first orgasm was about of the way, the rest came in fast succession by all four of them. He tried to remind himself that with every climax he'd be on his way to rescuing Stacy. This was all for her.

By the end of it, cum and energy banks were depleted and they all faded into a much needed slumber.


Andrew woke up sometime later. The three girls blanketed his body. Carefully the young prince slid them off him one by one off so as it make his escape. He laid them peacefully on either side of him and slowly fumbled to his fight. The rush to his head and remnants of sex slightly overwhelmed him. With his mind fuzzy and corrupted he found his face to the stairs.

Andrew staggered up the staircase - dripping wet cock, dried cum and all. His chest was covered in the lip prints of the ladies. He could still feel the harsh tingle in his member. The memory of those multiple set of mouths coiled around his shaft remained. He was a mess and he knew it. But still, he pressed on. Mind over matter became a mantra. He hunched up those winding stairs trying not to pay attention to the various group sex flings and wild gay and lesbian make-out sessions at either side of him.

At one point he encountered a lone nude Amazon-like woman standing against the railing and fingering herself. She licked her lips as she rubbed her pussy and said something Andrew could not make out. For one it was in a foreign language (judging by her huge stature and blonde hair, probably Swedish) and even if he could understand her, at this point in his quest up the stairs, his mind was too clouded to cognate any significant meaning to her statement. Thus, he continued past her as if nothing had transpired. The Amazon, however, would have none of it. She intercepted Andrew's path and blockaded him. Her expression turned to angered. She spitted out some sort of protest in her native tongue. The height difference between him and her was alarming. She towered over him. Making note of his predicament in offending this beast, he began in plead with her in English. Again, the statuesque woman was not impressed. She mouthed more angry slurs.

Then she grabbed his hand and switched to a friendly tone. She guided it along her bosom, down to her flat belly, then finally over her clit. All the while she whispered giddy little sayings to him. He was still dazed and horny, but he still rationalized that the only way out of this was to give the beast what she wanted. He forcefully clutched her wrists, spun her around, and mounted her pussy from behind. It was a hard task in itself because of the sheer size of this gargantuan beauty but he managed to do this while also manoeuvring them both over to the side of the stairs. Andrew peeked around the tall blonde and noted how high up they were. They overlooked a sea of wild revellers. Those who were not caught up in their own dealings looked up to see the two of them. They howled up at their fellow party goers in mass approval.

For Andrew he continued to go on his wild intuitions. The Amazon was obviously taking a liking to it. He would just give her what she wanted and be done with it. It didn't take much to outsmart a sex crazed beast no matter how big she was. He pounded her for several minutes with sustained vitality. The whole time he thought of Stacy and her captivity. This was for her. This was a necessary evil on his quest to recovering her. His plan was working. The beauty moaned short and lustful approvals in her native languages. He figured they were the Scandinavian equalivalents of "Yesss..." and "more, More, MORE!"

With one swift move he flipped the tall blonde over the side of the stairs. In quick thinking fashion, the crowd below cushioned her fall. Another orgy formed around the girl upon her fall which told Andrew that she would be alright. He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the pile of people take shape and knew he had to press on.

The upper level was a long and wide corridor and like the rest of the mansion was full of the sounds and sights of uncontrollable sex. Andrew navigated the room with extreme caution. He gripped his member and watched for clutching arms from the piles all across the floor. The hallway contained many rooms. All of them had opened doors save for the one at the very end. Andrew's clouded logic told him this was likely the room he had to go to. Along the way he had a number of close calls with being swept into yet more orgies. At this point, he could not afford another assault on his member so with careful side stepping coupled with a clearer mind he successfully conquered the obstacle.

At the end of the room was an unusually large wooden door. This was quite obviously the master (or mistress?) bedroom. Andrew crept up to the door and put up his face right up against it. First he heard the squeaking of the bed. Then came in the constant sound of the headboard colliding with the wall. Then they were the screams. The author of those moans was undeniable. Who knows what horrible things that woman was doing to his princess, he thought. He charged in with vigour and bore witness to his fears: the bare back and ass of that woman situated on top of Stacy! She was completely having her way with her! There was no way Stacy could be enjoyed being absolutely used by this older woman and her fake cock, could there be?

Her grunts and shouts of course answered his ridiculous question. He looked at her face and saw the pleasure. Her cheek muscles tightened, her eyes squeezed shut, her mouth opened as far as it would go. Then the woman buried her own face in the younger girl's bosom and rained a trailed of kiss all the way up her chest, neck, jaw line, and before finally resting on her lips. His still dripping wet cock found it erotic but his mind and heart deemed it rather disturbing.

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