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Mama's Boy


Author's note: Welcome to my latest story! If you're new to me, then thank you for checking me out, and as always a disclaimer. All of my stories have a build up before the taboo fun. If you're more a fan of quick stroke tales, I may not be for you. For those who know me, you also know that I strive to always try something different. Mama's Boy is no different. First all my stories are about the initial crossing the line. I have however, always thought about picking one up in the middle. Writing a story where the taboo relationship is established already and working around that. In addition, although nowhere near as dark as SWB, this story deals with a little unpleasantness as I use the device of a cruel husband to explain the mother/son "bond". Anyway I hope you enjoy my latest attempt. Lovecraft68


I jerked awake at the sound of my cell phone ringing. I reached over to the nightstand, but realized I'd left it over on the bureau. With a groan, I sat up and started to get out of the bed, when Julie came out of the bathroom.

"I'll get it for you Paul," she called out.

I sat back gratefully onto the pillow. Julie and I had studied until five am for our English finals. After that we'd grabbed breakfast, come back to the apartment I shared with my best friend Rob, and spent a couple of hours studying much more pleasant things. Julie had to work later tonight and had managed to slip out of bed without waking me to get ready. While she grabbed the phone and said hello, I took a moment to take her in.

Julie was wearing the short black skirt she waitressed in. The skirt exposed her long legs almost to the cheeks of her cute little ass and was responsible for her getting enough tips three nights a week to pay her rent. Over the skirt however, Julie was only wearing a black lace bra and her small perky tits were propped up quiet well. I could see her nipples through the lace and as my cock began to swell, started to wonder if she had enough time for a quickie. That thought changed when I heard Julie speak,

"Oh, hi Sherri, yeah he's here."

Julie had said that last part with barely concealed annoyance. I, on the other hand, felt my heart skip a beat. Mom could be calling just to say hi as she did everyday at some point, but it could also mean Dad was drinking again. Or, I thought excitedly, maybe...

"It's your mother." Julie said tossing the phone disgustedly onto the bed next to me.

She turned and walking away from me went and stood over near the large overnight bag she brought with her whenever she was going to stay a couple of days and leaned against the bureau. Picking up the phone I answered, "Hey Mom!"

"Hi honey!" she exclaimed.

This time my heart didn't just skip a beat, it began to race. Mom had that mixed tone of relief and excitement she got in her voice when ever dad had to go out on the road. I could feel a smile begin to creep across my face as I asked, "Hey, everything okay?"

"Better than okay," Mom said. "Your father's going on a run to Minnesota; he'll be gone four days."

"Four days?" I repeated.

"Hmm-mmm" Mom giggled like a young girl and my smile became wider; I loved to hear her laugh like that. Of course she could sound like that all the time if she would get rid of my asshole old man. "Four glorious days of peace and quiet and...." She trailed off.

I waited a moment then rolled my eyes, but continued to smile; she wanted me to play along. As I gave it another few seconds to leave her wondering, I looked up to see Julie scowling at me. She'd guessed the conversation and I knew there was an argument coming. Whatever, she'd get over it, but I did force my face into a serious expression as I asked,

"You going to be okay alone Mom?"

"I guess," she sighed dramatically into the phone. "You know how I get. I should be thrilled to be alone, but you know I get nervous."

"Well, remember what the doctor said," I began for Julie's benefit, "That's just nerves and..."

"I'll have a hard time sleeping." Mom continued, "But I suppose I could take those pills the doctor gave me."

She released another exaggerated sigh, and I could picture her smiling on the other end of the phone, her blue eyes bright with excitement. Playing my part, I emitted a resigned sigh of my own.

"Mom, do you need me to come stay with you?"

"Paul!" Julie hissed at me from across the room.

"That's nice of you honey," Mom started, "But you have school and your cute little girlfriend's over."

"I'll still go to class mom, and Julie will understand, she always does." I added, trying to give Julie a smile.

"Not this time," Julie said over her shoulder as she began removing her clothes from the bureau drawer and putting them in her bag.

"Still honey, I can't ask you to and...." Mom trailed off then began to giggle again. I turned around on the bed so Julie couldn't see me smile as Mom continued, "Oh, honey," she whispered softly, "Will you please come keep your lonely mother company?"

Putting my hand over my mouth, I whispered into the phone, "I would love to, can't have you all alone now can we?"

"You're such a good boy!" she purred in my ear causing a warm feeling to begin to flow through me. "I'll have to go out of my way to spoil you!" she added with a giggle that had an entirely different sound to it than the previous one.

Out loud I said, "What time do you want me to come by?"

"He's leaving right after dinner so come on over around six."

"I'll be there." I said as behind me I heard the sound of Julie zipping her bag up.

"I love you honey!"

"I love you too mom," I said.

I ended the call and turned to see Julie had put the white blouse on that went with her skirt, but more importantly had her bag slung over her shoulder.

"Listen Julie," I began as I got up from the bed. "Don't be mad, I...."

"Don't be mad?" She asked in a tone that told me she was already there. "Are you fucking kidding me, Paul?"

"Calm down, Julie," I said, standing in front of her and trying to put my arm on her shoulder.

"No!" she snapped, stepping back from me. "I screwed with my schedule and took tomorrow night off, because it's been awhile since we could spend a weekend together and now you're going to pull this shit?"

"Come on, Jules," I said softly, giving her a big smile and again trying to reach out to her.

"Don't give me that Jules, shit." She shook her head, "Do you know how much money I make in tips on Fridays? You know how much money I lost?"


"But I did it because I wanted to spend time with you Paul!" she threw her hands up, "Now I took it off for nothing."

"Maybe they can put you back on the...."

"Maybe my boyfriend can grow a pair and tell his fucking mother to act like an adult and stay alone!"

I sighed, "Its hard Julie, she has a lot of trouble with my dad and she needs me and..."

"She always needs you." She pointed at me. "And you always go, you never tell her no!"

"Why should I?" I asked getting defensive, "My mom's been damn good to me and she deserves better than my asshole father. So when she needs me I..."

"Go running." Julie shook her head disgustedly, "You're a fucking mama's boy."

"No, I'm not."

"Yes, Paul you are. Tell you what," Julie pointed at the bedroom door. "Go out there and go ask all your friends what they would do, go spend a weekend with their mom, or spend it with their girlfriend who just got an entire weekend off to do nothing but you!" she pointed again, "Go ahead!"


"Christ, you'd rather hang with your mother, than get laid."

I looked away as I bit back the remark that I could do both. Taking a deep breath, I began softly.

"Julie, I'm sorry. I know it's tough and I know you put up with a lot. I'd rather be with you too..."

"Then prove it." Julie pointed at my phone. "Call her back and tell her you can't."

"She has a hard time being alone and...."

"Then tell her we'll come by for dinner and hang out for awhile, then maybe we'll swing by on Saturday, but you're not spending the weekend with her."

"I can't do that to her." I shook my head.

"No Paul, you won't do it to her." Julie she grunted disgustedly. "You prefer your mommy to me."

"Julie please, try to understand."

This time I succeeded in taking her hand in mine and stepping closer put my other hand on her arm and looked into her deep brown eyes.

"My mom's really fragile and she needs...."

"Paul, you can try those big blue eyes on me all you want, it's not going to work this time."

My response turned into a surprised gasp when I felt her hand squeeze my cock through my boxers.

"Neither is this." She continued. "I told you the last time you did this that I won't play second fiddle to your mother."

"Babe, you know she's got...."

"And don't babe me." She said, slipping her hand from mine "And don't give me the 'I don't understand'."

Stepping away from me, she began picking up her makeup and shoving it in her purse.

"I've been more than understanding Paul. We've been together a year and a half. I have stepped back over and over so you could spend time with your mother. I tried to find her a councilor; I tried to talk to her about leaving your asshole father. I've tried Paul."

Zipping her purse she turned back to me.

"Last time I even offered to go stay with you at your mom's place. I even said I would sleep on the couch in case she thought it wasn't proper for us to screw around in her house."

"And I appreciate it Julie, I do." I told her, meaning it.

"But know what Paul? Your mom doesn't want to help herself. She wants to play victim and loves that her little boy comes running. That's why she didn't want me to stay over, she wants you to herself. It's a control game."

"Now you're just being stupid." I shook my head.

"No, I'm being honest." She smirked. "Your Mommy wants to be your number one girl Paul. She doesn't care your with me, but when she needs you, it's perfectly clear I'm supposed to be number two." She shrugged. "I told you last time Paul, that that would be the last time."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked.

"It means, you tell me right now that after work, I'm going to come here and you'll be here and we'll enjoy our weekend. If you're going to tell me you're going to your mother's than I'm done Paul."

"Just like that?"

"Paul we've been arguing about this for months. It's not just like that, you just don't care." She sighed and looking upset for the first time said softly.

"I love you Paul. You're a great guy. You're smart, responsible, you're good looking and you're sweet as can be. But I will not spend the rest of my life with a mama's boy, so you need to choose and you need to do it now. I won't cave again."

I frowned and looked away. I felt the same about her as she'd said about me. Julie was pretty, an A student, and damn good to me. I could see her point about Mom, but she also didn't know the whole story, nor could she. Mom had always been my number one girl, as Julie had put it and always would be. Just the sound of Mom giving me that playful little purr in my ear was all it took to make my decision. I sighed as it appeared I had reached the end of being able to have my cake and eat it too.

"Sorry Julie," I said quietly. "Mom has to come first right now."

Julie looked away from me quickly, but not before I saw the look of hurt in her eyes. I felt a pang of sadness. She was a great girl and I hated to let her go, but then again, in a way she would be better off, it's not like I had been entirely upfront with her during our time together. Julie took a deep breath and nodded.

"Fine, you go running to mommy. You can tell her I broke up with you and she'll be all happy she's got her little boy to herself again."


"Forget it Paul, you made your choice." Turning she walked quickly towards the bedroom door.

She grabbed the knob and as she began to open the door turned back and looked at me.

"I hope you're happy with your choice Paul, because I want you to remember one thing. I may not be your favorite girl, but this girl did things for you, your precious mommy can't"

She exited the room and as she slammed the door behind her, I thought well....


After Julie left, I went back to bed and despite how upset I was, managed to fall back to sleep for a couple of hours. After all, I didn't want to be tired when I went over Mom's. After getting up I quickly showered and after packing enough clothes for the next few days, hopped into my ten year old Toyota. It was a twenty minute drive to moms and it was all I could do to force myself not to speed. It had been over a month since dad had gotten a run that had taken him more than an afternoon away. I saw my mother at least once every couple of days, but it was different when dad was in town. He had a habit of stopping home at random times during the day. Dad had always claimed he was in the area so why not stop in and grab something to eat or drink rather than go out on the road?

The truth was my father was a jealous possessive asshole. My entire life he'd been that way. He'd never wanted Mom to work, even when times were tough, because he didn't want her around any guys that might actually be nice to her. On the few occasions they would go out, he would even pick out her clothes, making sure she wasn't dressed trashy as he so kindly put it. I remember one especially embarrassing day that I'd had Rob and a few friends over after school. It was a hot day and mom had been wearing a pair of denim cut offs and a white tank top.

The shorts showed off my mother's long legs and the shirt looked as if it were straining to hold her tits which even back then I couldn't help but notice were pretty damn impressive. Rob and the other kids couldn't help but notice either and were ogling her every time she passed by. Mom had also had her long blond hair down and whenever she would come in to see if we needed anything was laughing and joking. Her big blue eyes and huge smile added to her killer body, made her even more difficult to ignore. Even Rob who had known mom since we were back in kindergarten had been commenting to me about how fucking hot she was.

Then dad came home. He'd been drinking, which came as no shock. What was shocking was that right in front of my friends he told my mother she was dressed like a pig. As my face turned crimson with shame, and my friends sat there stunned, Dad had proceeded to accuse Mom of looking slutty on purpose, that she was cock teasing my friends and would probably fuck one if he gave her the chance. Rob had stood up and quickly told the other kids it was time to leave. Once they left, Dad had told Mom to get in the other room and put some real clothes on. He then tried to tell me he was sorry that my mother was a whore.

I'd been so angry I'd told him that he was a drunken piece of shit and to never talk about my mother like that again. That had earned me quite a memorable ass whipping and was certainly the day that I decided I truly hated my father. It was also the day something else had happened, something I suppose was wrong, but was the most amazing and beautiful experience of my life.

Dad had gone on the road that afternoon and as I'd walked past mom's room I heard her crying. I'd gone in there and sitting on the bed next to her told her things would be okay. That was when she saw my eye was black and my lip was split. She'd started crying harder, and we'd held each other closely. Eventually we calmed down and started talking, Mom said she was sorry for dressing like that and I told her she had no reason to apologize. She said it was probably embarrassing for my friends to be saying things about her. I told her in a way it was nice to see someone looking at her for the beautiful woman she was.

Mom had looked at me strangely and asked if I really thought she was beautiful. I blushed because not only had I always thought that, but many times had caught myself looking at her in ways that were far from appropriate. I didn't say that, but told her she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Mom had misted up again, and then before I could react had taken me in her arms and kissed me. The kiss had been directly on the mouth and....

My thoughts trailed off as I saw the familiar sight of The Dells lemonade stand that had been on the corner of our street since I could remember. The one mom used to take me to every day in the summers. As I took the turn and saw the small white cottage I had grown up in coming up on the right, I felt my heart start to race again. I pulled into the driveway and after grabbing my bag from the trunk. All but ran up the stairs. I knocked on the door and stood there rocking from side to side. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning, excitedly waiting to unwrap his presents. And what a present I was going to get to unwrap! I...

Dad opened the door.

I stood there stunned as my father looked at me with the scowl that was pretty much his permanent expression. As we stood there in awkward silence, I looked at my father and felt that familiar wave of anger rise up. My father was a possessive drunk who'd been verbally and emotionally abusive to my mother for years. I imagined physically as well, although mom denied that. I often thought she was lying to me so I wouldn't do anything stupid. Returning my father's distasteful stare, I again thanked God I didn't resemble him at all. Dad had dark hair and eyes, with a hint of an olive tone to his skin, whereas I had inherited mom's big blue eyes, blond hair and fair skin. Dad's complexion wasn't just dark at the moment, it was red and I could see in his eyes he had been drinking. Shit, maybe they'd cancelled his run.

"What the hell are you doing here?" he asked.

"Hey, I miss you too dad," I said, rolling my eyes.

With a grunt Dad turned and walked back into the house, not even bothering to hold the door open for me. That was to my benefit however, as since he had never opened the screen door, he hadn't seen my suitcase. Quickly opening the screen door, I stepped in and while his back was still turned I slipped the suitcase into the small hallway closet that was partially open. Dad knew I stayed over from time to time; but there was no reason to give him anything to get going on. I followed him into the through the parlor and into the kitchen where he grabbed a beer from the fridge. He sat down at the table where he had a plate with a couple of hamburgers and opened the beer. Looking over at me, he shrugged.

"Hard to miss you when you're never gone. Christ Paul, you're over here every other friggin day."

"I miss you guys." I said, trying to keep a neutral expression on my face.

Dad put the beer down and laughed harshly.

"Hey that was funny! Saying you missed me!" he snorted. "You come here because you miss Mommy."

"Well yeah," I began, "I..."

"Miss her making you dinner, doing your laundry...."

"I don't come here just for that." I told him, trying not to let him get to me.

"Right." He said around a mouthful of his burger. "The main reason you come here is so she can fawn all over you and tell her little boy how much she misses him."

Waving his hand at me disgustedly, he snorted, "Fucking mama's boy."

"Knock it off dad." I said quietly, I'd just heard this from Julie; I didn't need it from this drunk.

"Christ, you're like the daughter I never had." He shook his head. "Shit, you even look just like your mother, maybe you should have been a girl."

As I bit back another response he sighed.

"I'd have been happier with a girl than a sissy."

"I'm not a sissy!" I snapped then felt stupid as soon as he smiled, because he'd gotten to me.

"What you think just because you have a pretty little girlfriend, that makes you a man? Shit she probably gets laid on the side and just keeps you around for some girl talk."

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