tagMatureMammary Mansion Ch. 02

Mammary Mansion Ch. 02


“Molly will take care of you. I have to go to the office,” said Monica, turning to leave.

“Wait a minute. What if I have to go to the office?” I said.

“I know all about you Michael Williams. You are a self employed financial consultant, currently between contracts. You don’t actively seek work and spend a lot of your time on the beach and the rest of the time screwing scarecrows. Or rather, girls that looked like them. People come to you with corporate financial problems and you solve them. You’ve worked for me about seven times probably without knowing it and I have to say, you are good at what you do. Look on this as a bit of a holiday.” So saying, she turned and left.

“Well lad, you must be starving. Sit down and I’ll have some breakfast for you in a jiff. Start with this coffee.” Molly looked amused by my rather startled expression. I wasn’t too sure about the “scarecrow” reference. All the babes I had fucked would grace the cover of any fashion magazine. Monica on the other hand, was shortish and definitely not a fashion model. Unless you count “Plumper Monthly”.

Within minutes I was feasting on a mountainous plate of eggs, ham and beans, and a second coffee. I watched Mollt move about. She was certainly an amazon, above even my height but graceful with it, even if she was much older than I. She was wearing a sleeveless white T-shirt and a dark blue skirt that was mid thigh in length. She was not wearing a bra and the material strained over melon-like breasts the rolled and moved as she did. Large nipples poked out, threatening to puncture the material. The skirt revealed thighs like small tree trunks, smooth and shiny. Watching her, I became aware of a burgeoning erection that I surreptitiously made vertical under the dressing gown before it became obvious sliding down my thigh.

When I finished, she came and took the plate away and I pushed my self back from the table. I started to get up but she pushed me down. “I have more for you to eat,” Molly said, smiling that brilliant smile.” She straddled my legs, facing me, then perched on the edge of the table. I didn’t move but my eyes opened wide as raised her feet to the arms of the chair and slowly spread her massive legs. The ebony skin of her inner thighs showed some snail-like trails of liquid as they slowly slid apart, wider and wider, until her pouting black pussy was revealed in all its glory. The outer lips were thick and bulging beneath a forest of black curly hair and shone with moisture. A hint of inner lips showed.

“Show Molly your appreciation for a fine breakfast, lad,” she said, and pulled my head firmly towards her treasure. She leaned back and sighed as my longish tongue traced the folds upwards, collecting aromatically sweet oozings as I went. My nose bumped its way up over her bulging clit hood and into the wiry forest of her pubes. I did it again and again, very slowly and looked to see the purple inner lips peel out and over her outer lips spreading like a butterfly. Her vagina started to gape open and the shocking pink maw pulsed at me. “Oh, you’re gooooood,” she moaned. I kept going, occasionally sucking on her clitoris, swirling my tongue and continuing to slurp an increasing yield of her cuntal juices.

I slid my hands up under her T-shirt and felt for her massive tits. They overflowed by hands as I found, fingered and tweaked her huge nipples. I massaged her breast flesh, all the time licking and slurping at her pulsating pussy, feeling her gigantic thighs pressed against my ears. My cock was throbbing with need. She came on my tongue, panting and moaning. I gave her clit another long suck and pinched both nipples, hard. I stood and pushed my rampant dick straight up her cunt using absolutely no finesse at all. It was my turn to groan as my cock ploughed into an unbelievably hot, closely clasping cunt. I let it soak and raised her legs to drape them over my shoulders before pulling out and shoving it back in. I held onto to wobbling breasts as I drove in and out. She smiled up at me but closed her eyes as she groaned to another climax. Harder and harder I fucked her until the glazed look in her eyes told me she had experienced a biggie. I couldn’t hold on and spurted crazily. She dropped her legs and that forced my cock out of her cunt, still spurting ribbons of creamy cum up over her dark belly to land on the underslopes of her breasts.

“Whew, that was some fuck, lad. Grandma was right, you’re a natural. We’ll have to keep you. Sit down.” I sat down and watched as she knelt, grabbed my deflating cock and proceed to lick and clean it with her lovely pink tongue. “Yummy, yummy -can’t wait to have that back in mummy’s tummy.”

She stood and pulled both her shirt and skirt into place. “Come on mon, tuck that thing away and I’ll introduce you to the folks.”

I puled the robe back together and followed her swaying arse through a door into a large lounge room. On one chair was Grandma looking very smart and smiling a big welcome. Across from her sat two younger versions in their forties - same blue eyes, same curvy, hour glass figures. All were wearing outfits that displayed plenty of creamy cleavage.

“Oh mummy, he looks scrumptious,” squealed one of the women. “Can I have him now, please mummy. I haven’t had a decent fuck in years and you had him this morning. C’mon mum, please.”

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