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Manchester Meeting


I bet you are the same as me. You hate those conferences, the ones that go on forever, regurgitating points that you know fine well. Sitting there, my head going into some form of terminal relapse within a stuffy room... well, I was glad when it was over!! Waving goodbye to my work colleagues, I refused their tentative, sketchy plans to 'go for a meal' 'find a nightclub later' and smiling to myself, started thinking about my own individual plans for the evening.

The Travel lodge hotel I was booked into was on the outskirts of Manchester, nowhere near any form of life. So why go back there and stare at the four walls, watch nondescript TV, then fall asleep after drinking whatever booze I had taken there with me?

I found a bar. Nothing special, nothing remarkable, just a bar. A bit dark maybe... A bit lowlife, a bit... well, a bit seamy. But it would do, hell, after my boring day, I wanted some life! Preferably some life that was quite dark, and quite dominant...

The bar was sparsely populated. But from the few patrons that did populate the room, I could see that my white face was in the minority here. Nearly every one of the customers was black, as were the two members of staff behind the bar. One man, one woman. I felt a tingle travel through my body. Oh dear Clarissa...

I could see the look in the eyes of the woman behind the bar... one of disgust... one that said 'I know why you are here'. That look I have seen so many times in the eyes of black women when I turn up in some bar or club that is predominantly populated by blacks. White women with that itch that only black can scratch. I averted my eyes from her gaze as the bar tender himself served me, his smile was also that knowing one!

I made my way to the bar, ordered a Smirnoff Ice, and then settled into a seat, at a booth in the corner. Letting out a long low sigh of sudden comfort. Leaning back against the back of the seat, I crossed one long (elegant, even if I say so myself) stocking clad leg over the other, and took a good long sip of my drink. Shit... What a dive I was in, what an absolutely total description of run down Manchester this place was. Maybe I would settle for the drink I had, then grab a taxi back to my hotel, and then... then what? But I knew that was not going to happen, I could not complain that after a boring day, I was now willing to go back to an empty hotel room. If not here, then I would find somewhere else, somewhere else that would provide me with the excitement I craved.

I did not notice them straight away. My peripheral vision picked them up as they slid into seats either side of me in the booth. Shiny shell suits, designer trainers, corncob hair styles, flashy watches, gold chains around their necks... and both as black as coal. I was a bit taken aback. The contrast, not only skin colour, was quite immediate. The two of them in their ultra casual clothing, me in my dark blue business suit, skirt mid thigh, carefully tailored jacket unbuttoned, black seamed stockings, crisp white blouse and black three inch stiletto heels. White, and female, mature. The two of them black, male, and younger. Much younger... a quick look put them in their late teens. Both of them taller than me, both broad across the shoulders. That oh so familiar shiver ran through me again. Being close to strong untamed black strength always has this effect on me. Can I help how I am made? I uncrossed my legs, and planted my knees firmly together. In some way my subconscious was trying to show some form of prim and proper behaviour. But really, I knew that given the right circumstances (and even some of the wrong ones!) my libido would win out.

I am 37. OK, not old, but hardly a spring chicken. I still turn the occasional head, I still get laid, and I still have a spark within me that some would call adventurous. Others would call it foolhardy. But that’s just me. When it feels right, I go with it. So two young guys sitting next to me was not going to phase me, not going to make me run away. Even if... Even if... can I say it? Even if given the choice, then young black dick is always going to be my first choice... I shuddered inside, enough I thought to be almost audible outside. But it was up to me to retain my respectability, my cool, professional demeanour. Could I manage it?

PHUTTTTTT, I doubted it...

The guy on my left spoke up.

'hi sugga... ain’t never seen you in here ‘fore'

I gathered what few wits I had.

'no, first time I have been in here, first time I have been into this bar... I mean, I am not from round here, I am here attending a conference, I am here because of work...'

I knew I was babbling, making little sense, my mouth running ninety to the dozen. Every nerve in my body screaming at me. A mature, professional woman lost in mad, stupid, incoherent rambling. My emotions, my hormones getting the better of me.

'...my hotel is not round here...'

I ended almost incomprehensively, out of breath...

I reached forward, to my glass, and downed the remaining liquor in one thirsty, dry-throated gulp. The empty bottle next to it testament to the source of the alcohol.

'looks like you are ready for another of those sugga' Said the guy on my right... and within a few seconds, a fresh bottle of Smirnoff Ice was before me. Then he poured it into the glass, and I took a grateful sip of the cooling liquor.

'Thank you... my name is Clarissa, its nice to meet you both' I said, trying to regain some equilibrium. 'Do you live round here?'

The guy on the left spoke up.

'I’m Remmy, fool over there is XMan, we run together, live ‘cross the road, nearby'

'I’m here at a conference' I piped up 'at least, I was, it finished today, tomorrow I drive back home. Stopped in here to have a couple of drinks to relax'.

'oh...' Said Remmy... 'you can get relaxed as much you want, sugga, we likes you... ' his hand ever so casually dropped onto my knee... firm, black, and confident. I quivered. I could tell him to move his hand, I could move it for him, I could express my disgust at his demeanour, I could... I could do no such thing! His hand slid a bare couple of centimetres along the black silk stocking that was clinging to my leg... and I was lost!

I suddenly drained the second Smirnoff Ice, and then another appeared in front of me. When XMan, sat back down, his hand took up residence on my other knee. There I was, mature, professionally attired white female, with a black youth either side of me, caressing my thighs. I moaned a little. Quite unprofessionally!!

The conversation was stilted, staccato. How old was I... where was I from, what was I doing in a black bar... Had I ever been with a black man. My answers were quite short, and precise... they were probing... seeing how far I could be pushed or prodded into doing what they wanted. I think they quickly noted that I was going to be putty in their hands. Easy meat.

They took liberties. I sipped my drink as hands slid under my skirt, found stocking tops, bare flesh, pussy unencumbered by a thong, g-string, or Marks and Spencer’s knickers!! Almost involuntarily I slid my legs a little further apart to give them even more access, more access as I downed drinks placed in front of me. My head was swimming, and not just from the alcohol! Large, confident and assured black hands stroked me, made me shiver, made me yearn for the attention. I bit my lip as one of them stroked a thick digit over my very wet slit. This time my moan was much more pronounced!! I almost humped at the finger, trying to capture it with my slick lips. But it was to no avail...

Remmy downed his drink, and spoke to XMan. 'lets go, and lets take this bitch with us'. I almost let out a squeal of delight... lets face it girls, if you are white, female and submissive like I am, then being treated like a piece of property is a REAL turn on!! Being talked about as if I am not there... with sexual undertones... well subbie girls, I am sure you know what I mean!

I had time to grab my handbag, tug my skirt down, and then was being led, pushed, prodded, manhandled out of the door... a firm hand on my ass... led across the street, a couple of turnings, and we were at the front door of a very run down terraced house. Then inside, and then planted onto a couch, opposite the TV. My head was spinning, my mind in a turmoil. I got a drink thrust into my hand (neat vodka!!) and the TV was turned on, a video springing into life. Yes... interracial sex, some young cute nympho teen fucking two huge Black Studs. It was mesmerising. My eyes glued to the flashing images as her pony-tailed brunette head bobbed up and down on the thick black pole presented to her.

We all knew why I was here. We all knew what was going to happen. As they settled onto the couch either side of me, I put the drink down on the coffee table in front of me and leaned back against the couch... waiting... waiting... Then they started, nuzzling my neck, stroking my body, hands on my breasts, on my thighs, my thighs drifting apart as the oh so welcome assault was underway.

They stripped me of my suit, my blouse, my lacy white half cup bra, freeing my breasts. Not big, 34b, but enough there to elicit response most times. Which is what happened now, with mouths fastened onto each of my erect nipples, biting, nibbling at the hard nubs. I ran my hands through their short cropped hair, pressing their faces to me, urging them to engulf more of my breasts. I heard moaning as if from a distance, then realised it was me. My pussy felt as if it was on fire, it ached for attention, ached to be touched, spread, splayed and played with. As if in answer to my unspoken wishes I felt an insistent finger start to open me up, my slick wet lips parting as the thick digit penetrated me. So, so wet... So, so turned on... so, so needing of this attention.

As if in a daze, I was manhandled onto all fours on the carpet... My black stocking clad thighs spread wide, wider... Pussy aching, I looked up to see XMan kneeling before me, his thick cock in his fist, stroking it before me... right in front of my face. I licked my lips, and tried to move forward to capture it in my now open mouth. As I did so, he took a tight one handed hold of my hair, and pulled my head forward, my mouth opened wider and I engulfed the wonderful black tool into my salivating mouth, my scalp tingling as he used my hair as a handle. Wrapping my lips tight around him, I flicked my tongue around the shaft. Feeling it pulse in my mouth, tongue bathing it in saliva as I licked it like a good girl. Like the good black dick sucking bitch I truly am. I was so lost in the attention I was giving to the dick in my mouth, I had almost forgotten about Remmy. That is till... I felt something rubbing over my slit.. rubbing back and forth, finding the entrance, positioning itself.

I reared up!!!... pushed even further onto the dick in my mouth as Remmy RAMMED himself into me, with no further pretence at any foreplay. I was speared between my two teen black gods. Remmy took hold of my hips and started to pound into me. XMan moved himself in and out of my mouth, as I became a fuckpiece to my twin assailants. I was shuttled back and forth, between them, cocks embedded in my cunt and mouth. I could hear them discussing me, XMan asking how tight my cunt was, Remmy saying he was looking forward to having my mouth next. Talking about the 'ho' being a good little bitch. Music to my ears! I felt or more clearly sensed that XMan was nearly ready to cum. He was grunting, and pushing ever harder into my mouth, almost making me gag. I tasted the first tell tale drops of pre-cum, and readied myself for the blast that was coming my way. His hand tightened even further in my hair, I felt his pubic hairs tickle my nostrils as he let out one more loud grunt and his cum BLASTED into my mouth. He held me so tight, I had to gulp it all down, or risk drowning! One blast, two blasts, three blasts, four... he kept on pouring it out as I sucked it down. Concentrating on the one in my mouth, but my pussy was telling me how good the other one felt as well!

XMan pulled from my mouth... and wiped himself on my cheek, I gulped in air as Remmy continued to pound me from behind, my hands splayed out to support myself on hands and knees. I now tried to concentrate on gripping his cock with my cunt muscles, rippling them along the shaft, rotating my ass, pushing back as he pushed into me. It was then I felt the first slap. HARD against my buttock, once, twice, three times, a rain of stinging blows as he continued to force himself into me. That was almost enough to send me over the top... almost... But what really did it was when Remmy pushed even deeper into me, dug his nails into my thighs, and ERUPTED his blasts of white hot cum into me, making my cunt boil and froth. I opened my mouth wide and let out a long, loud and sustained howl of shear pleasure as my orgasm ripped through me, his balls pumping out the thick sperm into my cunt. I saw stars...I blacked out...I fell to the floor, totally drained. Whimpering softy.

My orgasm had left me in that wonderful state of near euphoria... the afterglow warming my soul and my inner being. I am sure my smile was from ear to ear, but I had little time to bask in this, before Remmy presented his sticky cock to my mouth, and pushed it over my lips with a 'clean it bitch' command. I dutifully applied lips and tongue to working on cleaning said member, tasting not only the wonderful taste of man that was his cum, but also my own secretions adding a very delicate frisson to the combination. I licked and cleaned, half sitting up to do so, as my hands softly caressed his still heavy balls... and other hands played with my nipples, tugging on them, pinching, making me whimper around the sticky cock in my mouth.

Then they were both kneeling before me, as I licked and sucked them both back to erection. My hands stroking along those wonderful ebony rods, lips, tongue and mouth sucking and lapping in coordination with my fingers. Their veiny uncut members growing as I showed full appreciation with my oral ministrations. I was slobbering over these thick black fuckpoles as they talked about me, and to me. Did I like sucking Black Dick, what a dirty white bitch I was, how my tight cunt was going to be a lot looser when they let me go, and I was not going to get away without my ass being stretched as well...

Honestly, their words were just making me even hornier. I could feel my cunt leaking not only my juices, but some of Remmy’s spunk as well. It was running down my thighs. I licked and sucked harder, totally lost in the reverie of it all. Until they both pulled away, and stood up, looking down at me, makeup smeared face, lipstick smudged, mascara blotchy... hair dishevelled... The perfect epitome of a Black Dick loving white whore I suppose...

XMan sat on the couch, with his thighs wide apart, and invited me to straddle him. I didn’t need a second invitation... I shuffled onto the couch facing him, and grasped his shoulders as I started to lower myself onto the thick Black erection that stood up proudly from his groin. I bit my lip as I felt the crown stroke over my labial lips.. he held my hip with one hand as he held his cock with the other, I felt it part me a little more, and I slid down onto it with a long low moan... filling myself with him, and I should have known what to expect next.

Remmy was behind me, and started to insert two fingers into my ass. It hurt at first, but he totally ignored my whimpering and stretched me open to take his cock. Very soon he was starting to press his thick Black erection into me. My ass slowly opening to accommodate him, all this going on whilst I was slowly riding up and down on XMan’s wonderful cock, moaning, whimpering, a fuckdoll for these two to play with to their heart’s content. As my ass became accustomed to the thick invader, they started to work up a coordinated set of movements... As one rode into me, the other pulled back... then in, then out... I gripped the back of the couch and did my best to keep as much Black dick inside me at one time as possible!

I humped up and down, I humped back onto the one in my ass, I screamed a little, I moaned a lot, I whimpered all the time. My cunt was streaming, my ass was burning, my whole inner being was on fire as they increased the pace at which they fucked me. I wondered which of us would cum first. I knew I was so near, but I also knew that Remmy was fucking a very tight hole. Time becomes stretched, and it also becomes condensed. At the end, I felt Remmy twitch in my asshole, and that was enough to send me crashing into my orgasm, it ripped through me and it made me clench harder on both cocks with my ass and my cunt muscles, making them gush their tribute into me. I twisted and screwed down, shuddering as another orgasm hit me, melding into the end of the first one, cocks pulsing in my holes, spurting their seed into me. I passed out again...

I am not sure how long I was out that time... But when I woke up I was alone on the couch, my clothes strewn round the room. My mouth, and my ass especially, felt very sore. I gingerly reached down and stroked my burning ring, and felt cold semen there. I was sticky, sore and used, the sides of my face felt tight, where the semen had dried in place. Perfect! I gathered up my clothes, and started to dress, wondering where my twin assailants had got to. I found a mirror, and then used my make up to make myself look a bit less like a ten dollar whore on pay day! Leaving the house I walked across the street and found a taxi rank. I am sure I reeked of sex in the back of that taxi, and when I got back to my hotel, I showered for what seemed like hours

Later on, curled up in bed, I reflected on my night, and fell asleep with fingers buried in my pussy...

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