tagLoving WivesMandy Collect the Rent

Mandy Collect the Rent


Shaun pulled into Mandy's driveway. He was returning a day earlier than expected due to the job finishing ahead of schedule. He had been away only a few days instead of the week originally planned. It was early evening and only a few lights were on in the main house. He walked around the back and noticed Mandy was up on the steps of the rear flat that she rented occasionally. Usually to out of town tradesmen staying for work. Shaun stopped and wondered why Mandy was over there at that time of the evening.

Watching he saw Mandy knock on the glass door. She was wearing her favourite red denim shorts and a black singlet. Her preferred relax clothing on warm summer evenings. The small flat had big glass windows and Shaun could see a guy get up and go to the door. Shaun guessed he was probably late thirties, and noticed he was of solid build average height and dark short curly hair. He would give the local girls a few heartaches if he stayed too long Shaun thought.

The door opened and Mandy entered, once inside she then leaned back against the door frame. Shaun could see they were chatting. Shaun hesitated, thought about going inside the main house, but then stopped. 'I wonder what she is up to,' he thought aloud to himself. Watching now, he noticed Mandy chatting away. Her hand played occasionally with a strand of her honey blonde hair. She's flirting Shaun thought. By which Shaun also noticed he was getting a little turned on watching this interaction. They sometimes made jokes about having secret lovers. Sometimes too their sex talk included stories of other lovers, usually whispered by Shaun to Mandy about her being ravaged by a stranger. Such stories got them both horny and usually resulted in intense orgasms for both. Looks like a story might be coming true, he thought as he felt his cock harden.

Mandy had kept chatting and her tradesman tenant went to the table, picked up an envelope and handed it to Mandy, which she received with a pouting smile and folded into the rear pocket of her shorts. He then moved a little closer to Mandy, the distance between them only an arm's length.

Shaun continued to watch and wondered how far they, and he would go. He was standing now in the darkness of the back yard and knew he couldn't be seen. He was very hard so with little hesitation he unzipped his jeans and slipped out his cock. Precum was already leaking from his cock head, so his firm stroke started lubing his shaft straight away.

Shaun watched as Mandy half turned to leave, and he saw her tenant reach out and his arms wrapped around her. He pulled Mandy in and kissed her neck, one hand caressed her breast, firmly. His other hand slipped down to her belly. Mandy surrendered back into his arms and hands. From where he was, Shaun could see her eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted. Mandy just melted into her tenant's embrace, with no resistance. His hands continued to caress her body, pinching her nipples through her top. The hand on her belly moved down and slipped under her shorts. Shaun saw Mandy gasp at that touch.

Her tenant was now fingering Mandy's wet lips, rubbing her clit and squeezing each nipple in turn. Pausing for a moment, he tugged at her top and pulled it free over her head. Shaun found the sight of Mandy only in her shorts, being fingered and caressed by this man, her short term tenant very erotic. He was watching his partner fulfil his fantasy. In fact, both of their fantasies he suspected more and more as he continued to watch.

Mandy turned around and reached down to her lovers shorts. She pushed those down and went to her knees. Before her his cut cock was stiff, firm, and inches from her lips. His hands held her head and gently guided her mouth onto his cock. Mandy licked the head, scooping up a big drop of precum then slowly swallowed him. Her hand fondling his balls and she sucked and swallowed his cock head. His hands continued to guide her head, gently but firmly so Mandy didn't feel gagged with too much cock. Shaun watched as Mandy gave this guy a great session of cock sucking. Mandy certainly knows how to suck cock, Shaun mused as fondled his own.

Mandy's tenant obviously had more in mind than just a blow job. He soon pulled Mandy to her feet, and pulled her back with him towards his bed. He stepped out of his shorts and lay back onto the bed. Mandy unbuttoned hers, let them fall to the floor, and climbed onto the bed so she straddled her lover. Shaun could see her as she lowered her arse down, so that her lover's cock was now poised at the opening of her pussy lips. Slowly Mandy lowered herself and Shaun knew she was impaling herself on that cock. Mandy moved up and down slowly at first, letting the intensity build as her motioned quickened. Firm hands held her arse and guided the motions of her hips. Shaun could see her arse bobbing and her tits jiggling back and forth as she fucked this guy hard and fast. Shaun was wanking his cock almost in rhythm to the two lovers he watched. I'll cum soon at this rate he thought as his hand slipped back and forth over his cock made slippery with precum.

Mandy her slowed rhythm and then let the cock slide out of her. Her lover sat up and pushed Mandy forward onto her hands and knees before kneeling behind her and gripping her hips. Shaun watched as her lover slid his cock into her taking her from behind, burying her head into the pillow. Mandy gripped the bedhead, as his pace quickened and his thrusts pushed deeper into her now very wet pussy. He maintained a firm hold on her, one hand on hips, the other pulling her head back with a fist full of hair.

Shaun could see the increase in pace of the fucking and knew something was going to blow and it wasn't going to be just him. Sure enough within another minute Shaun saw Mandy's tenant arch his back and push deep into her, as he filled her pussy with hot cum. Seeing that sent Shaun over the edge. He came as he wanked over the lawn. His orgasm sending long spurts of cum several feet in front of him.

That was intense he thought as he watched the collapsed bodies on the bed. But back to reality and what to do from here he said to himself. Zipping up Shaun back tracked to the drive way. Better make a plan, he thought.

Shaun called Mandy an hour later, when she answered he explained he was on his way back as the job had finished early and he'd be at hers later in the evening. Asking Mandy how her evening was going she said she'd been busier than usual as she had to pop over to sort out the rent with her new tenant. 'A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do to make ends meet these days,' Mandy quipped.

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