Mandy "Rides" Again


"Mmmm hmmm," was all Mandy could manage.

Rick stroked up and down her chest for several minutes as his cock throbbed away, still inside her. He was enjoying the feel of her firm young breasts, but he was going to have to cum soon, damn it. His dick was fucking screaming.

Slowly, Rick stood up, pushing Mandy up with him. She could barely stand on her own. Her body was so relaxed, her eyes half shut...she was drunken with her orgasm. Still holding her up, Rick said, "Peek out and see if the coast is clear."

As instructed, Mandy opened the door to the stall slightly and looked out. The coast was indeed clear. Everyone had either gone home for the day or those lame cunt bitches she used to call her friends had gone on to cheerleading practice. Mandy shut the door and locked it again. "Yup...we're alone."

Rick slowly pulled his cock out of her cunt. She winced as he pulled the tip all the way out. Without saying a word, Rick turned Mandy around, still holding her up for the most part, and pushed her back against the cold, painted concrete block wall roughly. After taking her clothes out of her hand, he threw them onto the floor in the corner of the stall. He lifted her off her feet and spread her legs wide, wrapping his arms around her thighs and holding her open to him. Just as Mandy put her arms around his neck and smiled down at him, he shoved his cock inside her hard and deep. Her head flew back against the wall and her mouth opened slightly as her eyes shut tightly. Again, she looked as if in both pain and pleasure. Rick, though, didn't really give a fuck. He pounded her young, tender cunt as promised. He fucked her hard and fast...concerned, at the moment, only with his own pleasure. He knew he was probably hurting her a bit. He had her legs pinned against the wall, stretching her as wide open for him as her body would allow. But his harder than hard cock felt so good inside her, felt like it was where it belonged, that he didn't care about much else. He pounded and pounded her teenage cunt almost as if his goal was to hurt see how far she would let him go. Suddenly, she leaned down and bit Rick's shoulder. She at no time asked for him to stop, though. Her fingernails dug into his back and Rick knew she, too, was enjoying the intense fucking he was giving her. Her cunt was so wet and slick...still juicy from her own cum. Rick moved in and out of her effortlessly, her pussy squeezing the life out of his dick each time, drawing him inside her as far as possible. Rick tried to last longer...he desperately wanted to...he NEEDED to be inside her as long as he could. But, to his dismay, his mortal body could no longer hold out. One last super hard thrust and Rick's cum went shooting up inside Mandy. His cock was surely harder than it had ever gotten before as his body began to shake and shiver. Rick dug his hands into Mandy's hips roughly and pulled her onto his cock as close as he could get her. He was cumming and cumming like never before. His thrusts slowed, but he could feel his cum continue to shoot from his cock and seep into Mandy's body.

Finally, Rick felt drained, as Mandy had earlier, and he put her back down onto the floor. He stepped back away from her, his softening cock falling from within her, and he leaned against the stall opposite the wall where Mandy was still standing. Rick closed his eyes and leaned backward, panting. That very well could've been the best cum of my life, Rick thought to himself.

"Wow...." Mandy whispered.

"" Rick breathed.

They stood like that for several minutes in silence. When Rick finally recovered for the most part, he stood back up onto his feet, put his cock back in his pants, and zipped them up. He could feel a little wet spot of Mandy's cum near the zipper of his pants and he cracked a little smile. He took a step toward Mandy, who was half smiling, shaking a little. "You ok?" he asked, rubbing his hands up and down her arms. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"My...well, it's throbbing, but it doesn't hurt too bad, no."

"Let's get you dressed, sweetie," Rick told her, picking up her gym shorts and t-shirt off the floor as she fixed her bra. Rick took a step back again and watched her as she got dressed. My god, he wondered to himself, how the fuck did I get so goddamned lucky? "Do you have somewhere you're supposed to be? At a practice of some sort?"

"No...ohmygod! I missed the bus!"

"Mandy, honey, I'll drive you home. No problem. I wanted to talk to your parents anyhow...tell them what a good job you're doing with the boys."

"And my gym teacher! She's gonna wanna know why I didn't come back to class!"

Rick smirked. He reached up and cupped her face in his hands. "Go get your things and get dressed, baby. I'll take care of your teacher."

Mandy smiled up at him...her bright blue eyes dancing. "Thanks, Rick."

"Of course, my darling Mandy," he said, then kissed her forehead before she exited the stall and headed back down towards the gym.

I'll do whatever it takes...WHATEVER it takes, Rick thought, to keep that beautiful, young, tight piece of ass at my beck and call.


About 45 minutes later, after Rick had carefully fed Mandy's gym teacher some line of bullshit he'd come up with and after Mandy had gotten dressed and met him at his Escalade, they were pulling up into Mandy's driveway. "Only my mom's home," she announced after seeing a late model red sedan in the driveway.

"Mind if I come in and say hello?" Rick asked her.

"Not at all," she smiled at him nervously.

Moments later, they were at her doorstep. Mandy used her key to let them inside. Upon stepping into the house, Mandy told Rick, "Make yourself at home...I'll find ma."

"Ok sweetie," he said, smiling at her.

Rick looked around Mandy's house. It was a humble home...a country farmhouse, nothing like the near mansion Rick called home. He liked it very much was very warm and cozy. Hell, if it weren't for Debra and her wanting to "keep up appearances", this is the kinda house I'd live in, he decided to himself. Rick made his way over to the fireplace and looked over the pictures of Mandy and her siblings and her parents. Frowning, he realized he and Debra didn't have anywhere near this many photos displayed.

"Mr. Garrison!" Mandy's mother exclaimed as she entered the living room.

"Mrs. Cartwright! So nice to see you again!" Rick exclaimed, admittingly being a little fake...he barely knew Mandy's mother. Mandy filed into the room a moment later, watching the two of them as they shook hands.

"You as well, sir. To what do we owe a visit? Is Mandy performing her babysitting duties thoroughly?"

"Oh, yes ma'am. Very much so. Debra and I are very pleased to have her...she's practically a part of the family. I was just in the neighborhood and thought I'd pick Mandy up from school, bring her home, and brag to you about what a wonderful daughter you have."

"That's ever so kind of you! We are very proud of our little Mandy, here," her mother said, looking at Mandy adoringly.

"Mom!" Mandy said, looking embarrassed.

"I will admit," Rick began, "there is another reason I came to speak to you, Mrs. Cartwright."

"There is?" both Mandy and her mother said simultaneously.

"Yes, ladies, there is. I've talked to Debra about this and she suggested I not ask, but I can't help myself...I'm at a loss and don't know what else to do."

"Go on, Mr. Garrison."

"There's a big project that I'm working on at the that requires HOURS of research...internet, library work mostly, but I simply don't have enough time to do it all. I've got a girl at the firm helping me, but I don't trust her. She's not efficient at all and this is a time sensitive project. I know Mandy's interested in going into business as a career someday and I know she would be an excellent assistant. I thought perhaps she could help me out one weekend, if she wanted to and if you'd let her."

"That would be a great learning opportunity for her," Mrs. Cartwright agreed.

"I'd love to help, Mr. Garrison!"

"Well, Mandy would, of course, have her own hotel room and I'll pay for all her meals along with a generous hourly wage."

"Hotel room?" asked Mandy's mother, one eyebrow raising at this new development.

"Oh, yes, well, we'd have to go out of town for a weekend to a much bigger library with better resources. I was thinking the library near the State Capital building would be more than useful. As I said, I'd pay her expenses along with a salary."

"Oh please mom! Can I, can I can I?! This would be a great learning experience! I could get a feel for what I'm going into BEFORE I go to college! Pllleeaassseee??"

"When would you need her to help you, Mr. Garrison?"

"This weekend perferably. I'm really on a deadline."

"Well, I suppose that'd be all right," she said, hesitantly.

"Oh thank you, mom! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Mandy exclaimed, giving her mother a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"And ladies, if you don't mind, please don't mention this to my wife, Debra. She thought I shouldn't ask to begin with given that Mandy's busy with school and other activities at the moment. I'll have to hear about it if she knows I asked for Mandy's help against her advice, and of course, I'd rather not cross Mrs. Garrison if I can help it," Rick said with a wink.

"I understand, Mr. Garrison," Mandy's mother said, smiling, knowing she'd be the same way if it were her husband.

"When are you gonna pick me up?" Mandy asked, wide-eyed, standing at his feet.

"Would Friday evening after school be okay with you? We could drive up, get a good night's rest, and start early on Saturday."

"Perfect!" Mandy exclaimed excitedly.

"Ok, then. I'll see you Friday afternoon. Thanks Mrs. Garrison for letting Mandy help me with this project. It'll really save my butt!"

"Of course, sir. No problem. She's obviously glad to help out."

"G'day ladies!" Rick said, making his way out the front door and down to his Escalade. He rubbed his hands together...not because he was cold and wanted to warm them up, but because he knew in 3 short days from now, he'd have the sweetest, most perfect cunt there ever was at his disposal for 2 and a half days straight. Oh god, Rick thought, the things I'll do to her! Already, Friday seemed way too far away...

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