tagExhibitionist & VoyeurManipulating Jenny Ch. 11

Manipulating Jenny Ch. 11


Voluptuous 18 year-old Jenny lays totally undressed on her stomach, legs outstretched so the sex therapists Dr Hans , 45, and his part-time girls' only part-time male stripper assistant, 26 year-old Paul can assess her responses to erogenous zone stimulation. She is allowing them to check her libido only to please her stepfather who is concerned that her very exhibitionist nature and strong sex drive may require counselling to avoid her becoming a nymphomaniac.

But for Dr Hans and his young assistant, it is also an opportunity to legitimately manipulate Jenny so they may enjoy going more intimately into the examination than necessary. Until now no female ever presented herself to them with a goddess-like figure, a veritable Playboy centrefold looking body with 38-inch firm breasts leading down to a perfect hour glass shape, a tight hairless pussy and shapely legs. Indeed, a delectable 18 year-old presentation package they could only dream about walking in for an up close and personal check-up.

And to their advantage she arrives just on closing time so their examination continues into the early evening, just the three of them alone in the clinic. It is the final stage of her second visit before they give their assessment, but there's every chance they may go one extra step past stop.

Dr Hans has his so-called mood meter device switched on to record every sound Jenny makes while being stimulated in all her many erogenous zones, head to tail. It's an exercise that will last for 30 minutes. The very thought of what's happening has the girl in two minds. Firstly, her natural exhibitionist nature as a sexy looking 'prick teaser' makes this an opportunity to turn the two men on while disguised as a simple visit to the sex therapists knowing how sexy she looks as such a young and attractive shapely patient, but secondly she likes to call the shots and right now she can't.

She must lie still and allow her natural erogenous zones response to be sound recorded, but even naive as she is at times she can't see how this can possibly determine whether she is supposed to be over sexed and needing further treatment. She suspects it is just a con suggested by the older doctor for some recreational gratification on his last day at the clinic.

And the younger man Paul, being a part-time male stripper for women only disco parties, revels in the opportunity as he is closer to her age, eight years older. He begins from the top of her head, caressing her scalp tenderly and around her neck, leaning over to nibble her ear lobes and lick inside her ears and caress just behind her ears while the older therapist works from her feet upwards to get her into a totally relaxed state of mind for the more sensual touches ahead.

After gently massaging the soles of her feet, Dr Hans works his tongue up the inside of Jenny's leg and spends time slowly caressing the usually sensitive skin behind her knees. Jenny utters a soft but continual mmmmmmm sound as she feels his hands slowly drawing circles there, making her lift her head and mutter "I like that; that's so good." while Paul works around her shoulders with caressing and gentle squeezes to relieve any tension there. The only tension however is felt in Jenny's loins and it' s sexual tension slowly but surely building as her whole body relaxes as though she is floating on a carpet yet feeling somewhat carefree in their hands.

Paul moves to cover her entire back to her hips with gratifying finesse while. Dr Hans uses both palms of his hands to caress up the insides and back of her shapely legs, one at a time. They are rewarded with a string of soft "Ahhh, Ahhh sounds as she buries her head between her elbows and laps up the attention.

As their body stroking continues she succumbs to the pleasure of four hands and two tongues moving over her nakedness. The elder doctor finishes tickling around the back of her knees and starts dragging his tongue from inside the top of her thigh all the way down to her ankles. "Is this making you feel more relaxed and how does it feel?" he whispers in her ear.

She lifts her head and looks over her shoulder."Unreal, it's unreal. Keep going, I like it. Mmmmmmm, it makes me feel so good."

"That's fine Jenny because we are preparing you for some powerful orgasms to ascertain your emotional state when highly aroused.. If we can make that happen just standing here it will make it easier for you to have more orgasms during the next stage." She is so calm on top but excited below that his 'next stage' remark goes over her head.

Her mooning sounds soon turn to distinctive and louder "ooohs" as both men stand behind her and use their four hands to gently massage her cheeks, squeezing them and pressing their four thumbs close to the edge of her clearly visible vagina, hands spread wide and squeezing outwards together to pull her pussy lips wide apart and hold them apart as they wiggle her booty about teasingly.

"What are you doing to me? I'm getting......oh! Do that again, it feels soooo goood." By now she feels quite sexy from all this rearward attention, especially when they take turns slipping their thumbs into her anus and stirring her until she moans a soft "Oh yeees" several times. Dr Hans turns Jenny on her side and lifts one leg over his shoulder as Paul massages her breasts while he runs his hands down the insides of her thighs from the front position but stops just short of touching her pussy. She presents a glorious site in this position, watching Paul tweak her nipples so they stand out like little horns.

Paul splashes baby oil around her breasts and across her stomach right to the top of her pussy and gently massages it into her skin until it is just shiny damp while Dr Hans reciprocates by rubbing the oil around her robust cheeks and between her legs from the back, but just stopping at the edge of her vagina now dripping inside from anticipation.

Her beautiful satin smooth body glistens from the oil, her full lips pouting as if she is kissing thin air while she revels in the pleasure they are giving her from all angles. Both men then lift her upside down so her elbows are on Dr Felicity's bed, her forehead resting on the sheets as they push her legs apart and Dr Hans takes first turn at licking her pussy from this position. Jenny moans louder and more urgently as he buries his head right between her thighs and laps into her lubricating secretions. They lift her higher so she is almost standing on her head so he can get his tongue around the full length of her clitoris and suck it up and dance his tongue around it in his mouth.

The teenager is at their mercy so completely relaxed from the full body arousal and Paul takes his turn on her clitoris, sucking it adventurously up into his mouth, stretching the whole clitoral hood up as far as he can and holding it between his teeth. He does this over and over and then massages her erect clit with his fingers bringing her close to orgasm.

They lay her on her back and her head moves from side to side, emitting continual moans, every single one of them on Dr Hans "mood meter" recorder. Her fingers instinctively go to her clit, their work bringing her into the right mood to get her nasty. This is what they are all about, preparing her so she will cum more easily, more often and more powerfully in full bodied sex.

They watch and caress the insides of her upper thighs and lower abdomen as her rhythmic fingers on her clit soon make her cum with a loud cry that makes both men look at each other and wink.Dr Hans and his assistant see the serenity in her face, flushed with excitement and satisfaction, a look of total peace.

He allows her to enjoy the afterglow of her first orgasm but intends to give her multiple orgasms by inserting his fingers into her vagina while she is so hot. He delves in with three fingers, the back of his hand resting against her body and probes for the spongy erective tissues just a few inches inside on the roof of her vagina and just under the clitoris.

He no sooner hits the spot when Jenny lets out a loud cry than turns into a lingering but loud moaning session so he continues to keep pressing gently on the spot to stimulate her g-spot more and more as his patient squirms on the bed. Jenny is literally beside herself, Dr Hans in particular enjoying the action. He is so happy Jenny's father needs to know if his daughter is a normal healthy teenager with a high libido or bordering on nymphomania and a fixation on dressing provocatively to tease men.

Paul, the lesser experienced of the two doctors, is greatly impressed but Dr Hans is only starting. His fingers inside her move with the precision of a skilled surgeon in micro surgery. He knows his way around. It is just a minute before she cums again. The first sign is her short sharp breathing and as she turns her head from side to side, feeling it coming. Leaning into her upper arm she clenches her teeth into the smooth and lightly oiled skin, leaving teeth marks by the intensity of the rising climax. Then, with a wonderful sound that only a woman can make when she is at the peak of sexual release, she arches her head right back, so her neck is pointing to the ceiling, eyes shut tight and mouth wide open while waves of pleasure run through the thousands of nerve endings in her sexual regions.

The afterglow is always beautiful and both men bask in it with her as she gradually descends from the peak of the highest mountain to the valley of serenity and calm, a loving look in her eyes at both men like a baby in the arms of its mother.

"How do you feel Jenny?" he asks to break the sudden silence.

"Oh my God, That was so nice. So nice. It was so beautiful. I've never cum like that before." He smiles at her like a bedside doctor of days gone by.

"Perhaps that's because no one has ever taken more time to get you in the right mood to completely give yourself to them in utter surrender. There is a difference you know, young lady, in being lubricated for sex in the vagina but unless the mind works in unison the best orgasm goes missing. And that requires you to be totally relaxed and ready to trust the giver to take control of your body so you have no control over yourself."

Paul strokes the side of her face. "You are hearing this from the professor of sex, Jenny, did you notice the difference?"

"Oh yes, it was fantastic, thank you so much."

Dr Hans chuckles. "Well, we're are not finished yet Jenny, we've got two more things to do before we make out your report card. Now be a good girl and let the professor go back to work on you, and then my macho young assistant here can do the final stage."

She shuts her eyes wondering what else they could possibly do to be better than her last orgasm. She quickly feels the older man's fingers entering her vagina again. More of the same? she wonders. Dr Hans estimates she will cum again with just a few minutes if he gets it right, only the next one will be the most riveting she's ever experienced.

His fingers delve expertly into her saturated pussy and glide to her cervix. He knows that some women have their most explicit orgasms by stimulating the cervix carefully with pressure against it. He also knows some women cannot stand it. Some faint from sheer ecstasy, while some recoil from discomfort. He is unsure about Jenny so continues to explore and once his fingers are in the best position he applies his skilled knowledge and luckily, the teen obliges with the responses he wants to hear.

She has never felt anything like this before. She gives a sudden "ooooh" sound so he whispers to her "More?" Jenny's eyes are quite glazed from being on Cloud Nine so long but this is also heaven to her. "Yes! Oooooh" she moans. Dr Hans maintains his pressure against it, her legs wide apart as Paul sucks on her nipples. Jenny is jiggling her bum about on the bed and saying some very rude things.

Dr Hans is carefully stimulating the highly sensitive nerve endings at the bottom part of the cervix that he hopes will send Jenny to a place she's never been before. He watches her face for progress. The sounds are extremely encouraging and as he continues to work on the spot her changing expressions confirm his course of action.

She is not moaning, she is groaning and thrusting her hips up at him faster and faster. She seems like an animal on heat as sexual tension overtakes mind control, her face like a boiler about to explode.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! She shouts, puffing and panting. He keeps going relentlessly, her face contorted and looking up at him scowling, teeth gritted and making deep groaning noises. She feels the intense spasms and grabs his wrist to try to pull it away from inside her but it's too late. She shouts at him "Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!" But he just smiles.

Her body shakes, back arched off the bed as the cervical orgasm comes with a shattering crescendo that seems to reach all points of her body but nowhere in particular. Her long loud cry sounds guttural from deep within and then her body goes limp, her face turned sideways eyes shut as if she's passed out. He puts his hands on each side of her perspiring breasts and watches carefully. Then she moves her head again from side to side, eyes half open in glazed expression. He lets her gradually come down to earth from heaven before speaking.

"How was it?"

"My God, I nearly passed out," she mutters feebly. "You've made me cum time and time again but this was unbelievable. How did you that?"

"As I said before Jenny, by preparing you for orgasms and making sure I gave you a nice clitoral orgasm first before giving you vaginal orgasms. It is quite simple. One will follow the other if you do it right but sadly, many men don't."

"My stepfather is very experienced and so were the other men who did it to me but they were not that good. Why?"

"Maybe because they wanted to have intercourse with you so much they didn't have the patience to get you fully prepared for the better wow factor. Also, don't forget a lot of women can't wait for it either but powerful vaginal orgasms are the responsibility of both the woman and the man. It's not a his or her fault, it's shared responsibility although mostly men take the blame." She wipes her brow and grins. "I think I got the wow factor. But why was that so different?"

He laughs lightly. "I was just playing around inside your perfect pussy young lady. You know, you have a few sensitive spots in there you can have a lot of fun with once your man knows where to find them and it isn't all that hard. "Now that orgasm is what we call a cervical orgasm and it is a very sensitive part of your pussy that some women don't like touched. You are lucky, like the many who can handle it.

"Now the final part of our examination has something to do with your love of a big cock and don't jump to conclusions about this. Paul for example has a very big cock and let's agree that 10 inches is a big cock and just to see it turns the girls on big time. They love to suck on it and feel it when he does his girls' only parties. Some even like to get it inside them."

She grins. "Well I must be honest it does turn me on. I like to feel a big one inside me. "

"Well that's nice Jenny but what's most important? Having a real good orgasm or just feeling stuffed?"

Paul asks Jenny to be patient. "Size does matter, yet it doesn't," he says. "Many women love big cocks like many men like buxom women compared to small breasts. But are large breasts more sensitive than small ones? No. Some women cum when a man is in them long enough with a thicker rather than a longer penis. Some do like the extra length but good lovers with big dicks don't use the whole length to get her to cum. Yes, the feel of it stuffing her is an emotional ride and some cum, some just pretend to so they don't upset their lover."

"Why are you telling me this?" she asks.

"Because it seems from the answers you gave me yesterday and your interest in the size of Paul indicates to us that if man's less than eight inches you could consider that he can't satisfy you. Dr Hans just a short while ago gave you two very strong orgasms just with his fingers, what about five inches long?

"Would you think a cock of about six inches or a bit less even as many are could so the same? Yes, if the man knew where to put it and its places such as the g-spot, the cervix and a couple of other parts just inside the vagina that can produce great orgasms with a smaller penis. Why can smaller footballers out manoeuvre bigger footballers on the field? Because they can twist and turn faster and so it is with a man's best friend."

"What are you getting at? I've never met a man yet with one smaller than eight inches."

Dr Hans laughs. "Well lucky for you since size turns you on but remember that unless a man with a big one can get a woman in the right frame of mind size won't matter. Let me ask you this: do you like the look and size of Paul's erection?"

"Yes of course, you must know that. But it doesn't make me a nymphomaniac. Lots of girls would say the same, the younger ones like me especially."

"Okay, now put your hand around it and feel how thick it is when it's rock hard, look at the sexy head of his weapon and slide your hand up and down the shaft. Yes, like that. How does it feel?"

"It feels quite sexy actually. Very manly. Very solid and like it's really hot and I've got to have it."

"Would it feel good inside you?"

"Ha, what a silly question. Of course. Well, I think it would,"

"Okay Jenny, Paul is going to demonstrate how you can have multiple orgasms with just half that length of cock and the whole length and just because you've been a really good patient, we should at least let you enjoy the last part of our assessments."

"Paul is going to put that in me?"

"Yes. But in about six different positions and you will probably have another two, three or four orgasms in the next 30 minutes. Now is the time to do it after giving you those clitoris and vaginal orgasms with just fingers."

"My God, are you serious? I suppose it would be nice to feel what he's like since your receptionist Alison says the hen's party girls rave about him."

Dr Hans beckons her to lie back on the bed while his assistant stands ready with a throbbing edifice hungry for pussy."I will watch you merely as a spectator my dear as my part of this is all done. I'm still recording the music, arr, I should say the sounds you make so I can compile the total tape back at my studio from all our sessions today."

Paul pushes her lightly on the shoulders and as she lies back, he opens her legs to freshen her wetness with his tongue. They enjoy the mutual pleasure for several minutes and then she lifts her head to see his huge manhood aiming for her pristine honey pot.He intends to vary the positions several times without either of them hardly getting a chance to catch their breath. Jenny is about to enjoy the fuck of her life.

The only words he speaks are just as he sinks it into her in the missionary position, on her back, her legs outstretched either side of him in an almost horizontal position. He looks down as his erection digs into her moist vagina lips and slowly slides into the love pit.

"God, you are really tight Jenny," he exclaims as he guides his missile deeper. She gasps as she feels its thick pliable shape pushing her vagina wider. "I was 17 until a few months ago Paul, and this is still fairly new to me."

"Don't worry, you are handling a big one pretty well for a newcomer. The whole 10-inch shaft buries into her until his lower abdomen is pressed hard against her pubic bone. "Jenny keep telling yourself you have 10 inches of thick man cock inside you; not a vibrator but the real thing. Ten inches of it throbbing inside you as far as it can go. Enjoy!" What he says is meant to turn her imagination on as many women fantasise at the thought of a really macho cock inside them.

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