tagGroup SexManjunath Puts Heera on the Block

Manjunath Puts Heera on the Block


Heera was lying on the sofa languorously sliding along the length of the furniture in an exceedingly sexy manner. A series of tingling could be felt on her right thigh and simultaneous plunging licks on both the boobs and all these were making it very difficult for Manju watching her seated on the chair opposite to the sofa with a beer bottle in his left hand and in his right hand was the 8” long cock, waiting to sink itself into the pouting pussy spread in front of him but that was impossible and not very easy, at this point of time she was serving some body and the same had Manju’s approval, in fact Manju had masterminded the whole deal- 30 lakhs for a year contract and Heera was to spend anytime as and when needed by Rajiv and his contacts.

Rajiv was Manju’s ex employer - an extravagant woman lover.

He was married and about 32 years in age. He owned a Software training company, which made quick profits over the last 10 years and also provided him with a lot of young chicks for a good fuck.

Sheetal, an employee in Rajiv’s organization was in the room, licking Heera’s pussy, slicing layer by layer and folds after folds till she reached the coveted ‘eel’ – clitoris bud just above the pussy lips, pretty little button and very expressive, exploiting all the skills which Sheetal possessed in sucking women genitals.

The tongue ran all over the pubic area, left then right and up/down and last but not the least across the pussy lips and finally Sheetal consumed the entire pussy, she devoured it literally, ate up the bald genital in pieces and in no time Heera was cumming and cumming and nothing else but just climaxing. Heera was not cumming only because of what Sheetal was doing to her pussy but also for what was happening to her boobs – there were two men treating her lavishly on the breasts – Rajiv and his father in law, Dayal.

Dayal was in town and after having tasted most of the lovely ‘tamil’ pussies- he over heard a discussion between Rajiv and Manju which was nothing else but a graphic description of Heera’s sexual capabilities, he threatened to expose Rajiv and in the end gave up after Rajiv promised him the first right of invading Heera’s pussy when they get her in the ‘guest house’ that evening.

Dayal paid the 30 lakhs and the understanding was very clear – after the current orgy was to get over, Heera was to leave for Coimbatore along with Dayal and spend the next 2 months with him there, Dayal’s wife Reena was in UK visiting her younger son and he was all alone with only his dick to give him company.

But the dick needed company, which meant he needed a sexy pussy- that was the ‘gap’ Heera would fill up by properly allowing her ‘gash’ to be used. ‘Aaa aahhhh both of you –aaaaaaaaaaaaaah my young lover and this old lover, assssssshhhhhh suck me my darlings, suck my boobs, aaaaaahhhhhh suck me.’ her boobs were laved with the gung saliva and spunky betel nut paste, the boob set was really in a multicolor looking red and browny all over. Saliva sliding down the body and reaching the navel and down, down mingling with the pubic excretions- Sheetal was in a delirious situation, not only was she consuming the pussy juice but also these fluids. The two men kept on their sucking from each side of the sofa with Dayal lying on the floor and Rajiv sucking the right boob bending over the sofa from the other side. After a while Dayal lifted his leg and slowly rested it on Sheetal’s shoulder, he was in his clothes and was regretting that the trouser was still on him, he tapped Sheetal and signaled her to remove the garment.

Sheetal momentarily lifted her mouth from the wide spread pussy, reached for the belt on the vast expanse of Dayal’s tummy, removed the trouser and along with it rolled the underwear also, revealing the flaccid cock and just below the rod were the pubescent balls- old but turgid. Sheetal took hold of the balls in her hands and slowly ran the finger nails all along the skin and of course over the ball sacs. Dayal started shaking his lower body while still sucking on the lovely dovey boob, Heera was totally oblivious of all that was going on- her eyes were closed and between her lips were her own lovely fingers getting suckled like a nipple between an infant’s mouth and lips.

Manju was masturbating, this was a great sight and more than the visual effects, he was turned on by the feel of the briefcase lying next to him containing the 30 lakhs paid to him by Dayal a little while ago. He was feeling great- and just look at it why he should be feeling great, in just 4 weeks from the time he had caught Heera with Firdaus, his fortune had completely changed, he was no longer a driver and in fact could hire a few now.

Dayal was getting used to feeling young pussies and their lovely mouths on his dick, that night a few months ago with Shweta had been ‘ultimate’ satisfaction. He was enjoying Hema regularly and was now slowly getting tired of her, had blown a whole lot of money on that ‘slut’ and it was all in a split second, all because of his excessive lust and overgrown need for sex and sexual release.

Hema had turned a whore and was into it full time, she had made good progress in all cases given by him starting with the one involving Ananth and Rajeev Nambiar. His lusty mind was looking forward to the day when he enjoys both the sisters together.

Hema also had started frequently traveling to Delhi, Ripu was easily using all her charms to get good business dealings in the government circles- North Block-South Block all over, and including an African country embassy deputy ambassador, Abn-Niraskei who was provided the naked body of Hema for a whole weekend, Hema returned to Chennai totally bruised and mauled but satiated, richer. She was paid in dollars for this effort and the amount was 40000 US dollars.

Hema was becoming consummate and seasoned, richer and very very effective day by day. She was 27 today and knew very well, this will last another 4-5 years.

Sheetal was still busy with the cock, she had laved it well and was using all oral skills possible to make Dayal fully aroused, it was very erotic for Manju to notice the saliva frothing on the cock and balls, gooey and slick is what one could see in the entire pubic area, ultimate satisfaction for a sex yearning male. Finally Sheetal took Dayal’s cock nearer to the spot where she had been earlier sucking on Heera’s pussy and asked Dayal to lift himself so that she can suck both the cock and the pussy in an alternating manner, Dayal liked the idea and easily agreed .He rose and bent slightly in an inclined manner allowing the software engineer access to her desires. Sheetal redid the lubrication around the pussy and inside the pussy, Heera was enjoying it all, her fingers were now replaced by the hard 32 year old prick of Rajiv in her own mouth.

Rajiv had little difficulty in fucking the desiring women, after all he had the money and there were enough females wanting ‘money’ and willing to trade with their ‘sexuality’. He was pumping his cock in and out of the sexy mouth in front of him and was getting aroused more and more watching the lipstick-laden mouth leaving marks on his long shaft and erasing the same in a full cycle of in and out while sucking the cock. It was a real treat to watch, for our dear Manju too, who was not a novice and had been paid to enjoy all these visual effects.

Slowly Dayal was made to insert his dick into the waiting pussy lips with Sheetal poised just above the junction- she inserted the cock into Heera’s pussy and easily saw the twitch it created after Heera sensed the invasion, Heera was getting her first fuck of the evening and everyone knew this was not going to be the last. Every time the cock went in and came out, it gave Sheetal an opportunity to run her tongue on the cock-length before it disappeared again, this went on for quite some time, Heera was getting the best of all the 4 worlds, Manju as a voyeur, Sheetal as a lesbo- bisexual, oral mouth sucking of Rajiv’s cock and of course the fucking in the cunt by Dayal.

After 14 minutes of ‘peaking’ performance display, all the participants felt it was important to go for a change, Heera was asked to get down on the floor and quickly Rajiv in a stripped condition laid on his back down on the floor, Sheetal took a petroleum jelly tube and applied it well on the damsel slut’s ass, she massaged the bung hole well and made sure that there was enough juice to ‘gobble’ a good hard dick up through the ass and simultaneously Sheetal sucked on the pussy and could smell and taste the dick which had just invaded and made the cunt restless for some time .

Finally Heera rose from the sofa and sat on Rajiv’s dick with her face facing Manju and back to Rajiv, Rajiv quickly grabbed her boobs from behind and tied her hair strands around the boobs from both the sides, Heera possessed long and big tresses which was an advantage for males interested in playing with her hair while fucking (Read ‘Heera, a new slut in the neighborhood’– her exploits with Firdaus – I).

Sheetal bent on the floor and took hold of the cock from below and gave it few licks and tasted the lubricant saliva of Heera on the same and slowly inserted the prick head into the bung hole (well lubricated), the cock entry made Heera scream and it took some time and lot of sweat to bring some semblance and peace to the pain and agony faced by the ass hole, finally Heera was enjoying the reaming, she brushed the hair in front of her eyes and on her breasts away and coiled both the tresses into black balls and tied them together on her head top. Dayal was meanwhile rubbing his cock around her face and made her eat her own cum juice, Heera picked up the scent and really started relishing the effects of her own pussy excretions. After getting ‘royal’ treatment, Dayal went around and daringly right in front of Manju (Heera’s husband) inserted the thick cock into her pussy. Heera was plugged and only a thin sheath separated both the cocks from each other, in fact both could feel the bulge of the other through the cartilage separation.

Sheetal rose and went around to the other side and bent down on Heera and started kissing and licking Heera’s mouth. Sheetal had slowly removed all her clothes and was left in her bra and panty. After a few jabs at the mouth, Sheetal bent her legs over Heera’s mouth and slowly descended over the sexy mouth, and upon reaching the spot, Sheetal quietly denuded the pussy area by slipping the panty to the left side of the thigh and holding the garment with her fingers separated the pussy lips before placing it on Heera’s mouth. Heera was all ready, her tongue entered the pussy lips with no regret or remorse and was quickly sucking the 19-year-old engineer. Every time she licked the pussy, Heera encountered the panty cloth and her nose was getting tickled in a very odd manner, finally Heera who had both her hands free, tore the panty and freed it from one of the legs, making it possible to suck the cunt free of any obstruction.

Sheetal was with her eyes closed, enjoying the sucking and it was really an erotic sight for Manju, who could not stand it any longer, for him it was either using his own hands or getting Sheetal to suck his cock, he took the better way out. He got up and caught hold of Sheetal’s mouth over her face and inserted his cock with ease, Sheetal was startled and taken aback, as she was not in a mood to serve a ‘driver’ but then was there any option available?

Finally in no time, Manju started splattering his jism on her face and it trickled down her neck and onto her breasts covered by the white bra. The crevice was full of Manju’s jism and look extremely erotic and sexy, Heera took his cock out of her mouth and got up only to bend her chest on Heera’s face, in a split second the gooey cum started dripping from in between the crevice through the bra and fell on Heera’s face. Heera knew the taste of this fluid and in no time the bra came off and the entire chest area and boobs were licked clean of the cream left behind by Manju’s thirsty dick.

Heera was slowly experiencing back pain, she had to remain bent backwards for nearly 20 minutes with Rajiv watching all this below her, fucking her ass in and out, slowly Heera straightened up and started sliding up and down on both the cocks.

Dayal was the first to grunt and groan and came with a shout and scream. His cream was total and all of it deposited in her cunt hole. When he finally got exhausted, he pulled his dick out and it made ‘blup’ sound like a plug when released from a champagne bottle. The gooey cum started trickling out and Sheetal who was primarily brought in today to do all these peripheral acts, quickly got down to licking away the same from the pussy hole and did that very well, after licking the area clean and dry, she dipped her tongue into Heera’s mouth with both tasting the after effects of Dayal, fearlessly and shamelessly.

It took another 15 minutes for Rajiv to complete the fucking trilogy, by the time he creamed inside her ass, Heera felt a massive pain resulting from scratches and cock bites around the ass crevice, she literally had to pull the dick out and took the entire creaming on her pussy lips and below the navel. The whole lower torso was laved and painted in white cum, Rajiv ejaculated in liters and not just in drops. Sheetal did the rightful honors and dutifully shared the same with Heera.

Both the ladies finally getting their share of the cock booty, retired to the bathrooms for a quick wash, the men were all lying on the floor in the AC confines of the room.

Outside in the dining room of the ‘guest house’, Ramu the cook was waiting for the troupe to come and have dinner. He had been watching all the proceedings through the keyhole. He was a 25 year old ‘dehati’ from Bihar and was now looking forward to a nice time with Heera. He had masturbated 3 times during the entire proceedings and most of the Dal and other preparations contained his scum- Aaah what a tasty food for the gang after all the ‘carnal fulfillment ‘.

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