tagNonHumanMaraschino Cherry: Illusion

Maraschino Cherry: Illusion


6 months later

The room poorly lit by one dark candle reveals two naked bodies in heat. Bracing her hands against the wall she grinds against him. Her lithe figure braces against him, sharp fangs nip sweetly against her neck flickering with anticipation his thin tongue laps against her skin. Her breasts held firmly by his strong palms, her nipples are rolled between calloused fingers. Clutching his hands for stability she pushes against heated skin. Groaning a claw- like finger carefully slips into her mouth. Greedily sucking another follows, biting down a masculine groan fills the air.

The meaty fingers withdraw slipping over her stomach to tease her folds. Gasping her body yeans for his invasion. As if reading her mind her cheeks part and his phallus enter her tiny orifice. For many years she has reframed from this act only remembering pain and punishment. Easily he enters filling her with ecstasy they rock together as one. Quivering she begins to croon as the pulse of pleasure echoes through her. Arching she screams in torment as the feeling becomes too much to contain.

Chuckling his full lips nuzzle behind her ear his hands skim her waist sinking his claws into her thighs lifting her. The sound of his body quickly withdrawing from hers just to sink deeper into her second orifice fades as they gasp in unison. Slightly shifting she cups then pinches his balls while bracing the other against the wall. Softly she commands, "Fuck me."

Easily shifting her weight he violently thrusts. Hiccupping, her body lifts with every stroke causing tremors of pleasure to streak throughout her body. Pound for pound she meets his thrusts as he vies for dominance. Twisting her lips to his, his questioning tongue invades her mouth, instinctually she bites down. Anchoring her wrists high above her head he begins to thrust with long cruel strokes. Forcing her shouts of ecstasy with each thrust closing her eyes her body becomes slick with sweat slowly his fingers wraps around her throat. Squeezing she begins another assent to the stars this time gasping for breath.

She utters the word he longs to hear.

"My beast."


"You see the half-breed slut has been haunting me, with her wickedness. Taunting me with her tainted body. Soothing me with her lies! The half-breed cunt will scream, and whimper for me! This time I will brand it and understand its mistake."

Forcibly he calms down. "Do you know what her names mean? Pleasure spot." Motioning the barmaid for more drink he pauses. The wild passion he just displayed becomes tucked underneath the madness.

The whore escaped me once. Now, now with him as an ally cock-sucking tease will be mine. It finally made a powerful enemy. It won't escape this time. He is so willing for revenge. The piece will be his, again.

Cackling he downs the nauseous brew called ale then staggers to the upper rooms, anticipating her demise. His companion shifts, you cannot see through the darkness of his hood. His dream or vision lingers in his mind, then he smiles.

The hunt begins again....

Fleeing again her body falls. Exhaustion nips at her senses as she flees from her nightmare. Her slave owner has found her and wants her back. She knows this time he will try to break her soul. The warm forest, seemingly dark and mysterious is her only haven in this cold world of towns and cities.

This is the time of magic her people were once a part of the Eleven class. Proud with rich heritage and status until a group of war mongrel wizards took a tribe of sea faring eleven and twisted their souls to shadows. Poisoned they spread among the land like locus. Programmed to destroy the remnants of the villagers fought enslaved and pillaged leaving behind devastation and babies.

An outcast can survive here. No one to answer to she is free to do as she wills.

The sky turns dark from the overhead clouds. Pausing she looks up in wonder, quickly glancing behind her she hears nothing. Almost sighing in relief the notation hits her. The air is still and the ever teeming woods is quite, like before a storm. Slowly maneuvering with pointed ears alert she makes it across the ravine. Body so tense she could easily break in two, taking short breathes her eyes squint against the darkness. The foreboding taste of magic is in the air, cursing her luck she fights to quell the growing fear growing inside. Drawing her weapons she flushes her back to the mountain drawing closer to her home deep within the foreboding rock an abandon dragon's lair. The air stirs brushing against her hair.

Distrustful she glances around before ducking into the crevice tucked behind a boulder. Nimbly running down the narrow passageway reaching the spacious room she finally feels safe in her stronghold. Clasping on the stone floor sighing "By all that is and will be..." Rolling on her back focusing on the sound of the hidden spring she wonders what the night will hold.

Someone mockingly applauds her from the shadows "Oh, it has been quite sometime since we have been together huh, puppet?"

Deep-rooted fear instantly ricochets through her. He found her, the bastard whom spawned her, Daddy Demitier. Tears of hatred threatened to spill from her eyes as he comes into the light. A small twisted man, his clothes hang on his thin body as his one good eye blinks with equal hatred. The scare stretching from his crown over his eye and nose down to the opposite cheek was her last parting gift. Years of abuse from this man molded her to be the creature she is today. Her source of strength and weakness lived in him. The only one to escape his bordello, alive, she vowed to destroy him. Spreading rumors was his key to destruction. All his secrets were told; then he was the one to be abused and hunted. Both smile as the air crackle with anticipation of death.

"I see you escaped the magistrate. What did you do slither out of the city through the sewer?"

Wiping his mouth he sneered "Flogging you was always the pleasure. It will be a pleasure ripping your miserable flesh again." Without another word they lunged into each other. Locked in death she didn't see the other sitting watching. Blows given in hatred caused damage between the two but with youth on her side she plummets her fists into him. Flashes of her lost innocents appear in her mind as he mocked her. Using her as a toy for others she earned fast sums for him. Her mind may have been weakened but her resolve for survival was keen. The crunching of bone fell on her deaf ears as fist began to hit the earth. Strength spent she staggers to the table trying to wipe his blood off her.

Trying not to hyperventilate she reaches for the pitcher of water. Vaguely she notes she didn't place it there before she left. Before she could comprehend what just happen the other occupant of the rooms speaks.


Turning she faces him, the posturing peacock. Fatigued she barely groans. Briefly he becomes out of focus. Her body trembles with horrific knowledge. Seeing surrender in her eyes he quickly grovels "No, I meant only to give you a gift." Confused Nuzhah backs away "Whoa?!"

Quickly transforming into his menacing demon form Kaif kneels with manacles. Flabbergasted she falls into the chair appearing underneath her. Looking between her father's body and a submitting demon mage her mind almost gives in to a fit of hysterical laughter.

Bowing with his face mere inches from the floor "Did you enjoy your gift?" Drained "How did you know I was able to beat him?"

His words directed to the floor "Because you dreamt of his death for years." Mentally agreeing her body trembles as the adrenaline leaves her body.

Reaching for him she falls to her knees. Catching her he steadies her then proceeds to kneel.

Cupping his chin "You went through the trouble to find and bring him here for me to kill. As a gift?"

Bashfully he nods, leaning into him she smiles "Then you deserve a thank you." Leaning her head on his shoulder she plays with the chain hanging from one of the manacles.

Looking into his eyes there is one emotion that she could understand.

Gently kissing his neck in gratitude she becomes limp. The most powerful, hated and adored wizard of the seven kingdoms cradles her body close, lifting her he turns. The doors to her bedroom open, the body disappears, and everything becomes right again. His plan worked his goddess is within his arms.

Softly she whispers, "Biaste."

"Yes, mistress?"

After a moment of silence she utters,

"My Beast shall keep me warm."

And he shall no longer be alone.

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