tagIncest/TabooMarcia and Daddy Confessions Ch. 01

Marcia and Daddy Confessions Ch. 01


My sweet daughter, daddy is writing this letter to you because if I don't, I will surly go crazy with what I am feeling for you. I also have to trust that you do not share this letter with anyone because I would get into a great deal of trouble if you did. So my little girl, if you cannot keep this letter a secret between you and me you should not read any further.


I had a dream about you Marcia right after you turned 18, and the memory of that dream has brought forward all kinds of sexual thoughts I have had for you for many years. I was thinking lustful thoughts about what we could do with each other if we became lovers. I decided to walk past your room to go to my office one evening after you went to bed. As I passed I heard some noise coming from your room. That is what this note is about.

Marcia, do you remember the day I walked into your room without knocking and caught you playing with your pussy. You had turned 18 a month earlier. I think I was as surprised as you. But I cannot forget how sexy you looked with your young legs spread wide and your fingers rolling your pussy lips and clit round and round. Your other hand was massaging your big sexy breasts.

I watched you pinch your nipples and suck one nipple into your mouth. I was so impressed with how big and firm you breasts are. I wanted to hop into the bed with you and make love to you on the spot.

I have to confess, I stood there watching you for about half a minute before you opened your eyes and screamed with your embarrassment. Yes, my sweet little girl; daddy was watching you and getting so hot from looking at you play with your sexy pretty little pussy. Daddy's cock got so hard and swollen from watching his little girl.

I had to jerk off four times that day just because of what I saw.

I could not get the thought of you out of my head. I fantasized squirting my hot cum onto your big breasts and nipples. Then I asked you to lick all my cum off you and show it to me while it lie in your mouth. In my fantasy you opened your mouth and rolled my cum around your tongue, smiled and swallowed it. Then you opened your mouth to show mw you had swallowed my entire hot load.

That night I even thought about coming into your room while you were sleeping and uncovering you to see if you slept without panties. I did go into your room but decided I was being a very bad father and could not get beyond that. What would you do if Daddy did come into your room some night? I need to know. I will assume you did not read the letter unless you answer Daddy.

Daddy, I knew you were watching me. Why do you think the door was ajar and I had no covers on? I've noticed you checking me out, almost drooling as I bend over when I pick something up. I could hear the door open. I acted surprised just in case I was wrong. I want you. I have never let a boy touch my sweet pussy. I am saving it for you

My sweet beautiful young daughter Marcia,

I am overwhelmed with desire and lust for you. I cannot think of anything but you and how hot and sexy you looked while touching yourself. You made a confession to me and told me that you left the door unlocked and had uncovered yourself on purpose. You wanted me to find you playing with your virgin pussy. I am glad you told me this because I have to confess something to you as well.

I am sure you will remember this. How could you ever forget? Remember the night when I went out with some of my friends drinking because I was feeling lonely after your mother left us. That was exactly two weeks after we had your 18th birthday party at Applebee's with your friends. I had far too much to drink and thankfully was not driving. Mike and Robin brought me home around 10:00 p.m. and had to help me into the house.

I vaguely remember you watching something on the downstairs TV when they brought me in. They brought me up to my bedroom, removed my shoes and left me. I was able to take off the rest of my clothing and crashed into the bed. I fell into a rather drunken stupor sleep.

You came into my room much later that night. After your confession to me about wanting to masturbate in front of me I know I did not dream it. You walked in and looked at me. You saw me sleeping in the nude, on my back as usual. I know what you did. I was not 100% sure until I got your note. Oh, my God. I wish I could go back and relive that night again only totally sober this time.

After you came in you checked to see if I was sleeping. I did not want to talk with you; I was embarrassed because of my over drinking and not being a good role model for you, so I made believe I was sleeping. You stood over me and looked at my naked body for a minute or two. Then you did something that was so shocking to me. You reached down with your delicate hand and touched my cock! If felt like an erotic electric shock running through my whole body. My first instinct was to reprimand you for touching me because you had stepped way out of the acceptable boundaries between a father and daughter.

Marcia, I hope you can forgive me for not stopping you, but I guess I was too selfish to do that. You see, even when you were 14 I thought about what it would be like to share my love for you in a physical way. You are so beautiful, so pretty, so hot. I watched you grow from a little sweet girl into a sexy, hot young woman. I have to admit to you that after your mother left I started to think about what it would be like to have YOU as my wife.

I fantasized being with you every day and felt like a pervert and both a bad man and father because of those carnal feeling for you. Not only is incest severely frowned upon in every society, it is also a serious crime in Florida; one that would put me in jail for a very long time. I was so afraid to say anything to you about me feeling for fear of losing you forever.

So my sweet daughter, please forgive me for not stopping you that night. You started to pump my cock and were immediate rewarded with it getting hard and swollen. I was peeking through my eyes and had such a difficult time making believe I was sleeping. You looked so curious when stroking it. Then you noticed a drop of my pre-cum on the swollen purple/red head of my prick. I almost came because of what you did next. You took your finger and wiped the pre-cum of my cock and brought it to your nose to smell it. Then you licked it off your finger and tasted it. You swallowed that little dollop of cum with a smile on your face.

You know what you did next. You bent over and still holding my cock in your hand you smelled my manhood. You put your nose into my balls and took a deep sniff. My Lord, I wanted to reach out with my hands and take your face in my hands and shower you with kisses while telling you I was in love with you. I am in love not like a father, but rather in love with you as a woman; my woman. I wanted to tell you I would do anything for your love to be returned.

Again, I was too afraid to bare my feelings to you. I was afraid and really felt you were just curious to see what a man's cock and balls looked and felt like. I thought you felt safe that nothing would happen to you because I was your "Daddy" and even if I woke up I would not do anything sexual with you.

When you licked my cock head I thought I had died and gone straight to heaven. My cock started to pulse and get even bigger. I was so hot. Marcia, I can honestly say I have never been hotter in my life then you got me that night. You were so tentative with your young tongue when you started; so unsure so innocent. I knew you were tasting my manhood, deciding if you liked the smell and taste of my cock.

I got my answer very shortly when you put my cock head into your mouth. You sucked it like a lolli pop at first and got frightened because you heard me moan. I tried not to, but with my daughter's sexy mouth rapped around my cock, I could not stop the moan from happening.

I was afraid you would run out of the room for fear of me waking up. I covered it by moaning again without your hand or mouth on my cock. You thought I was just moaning in my sleep and went back to your naughty dirty work. You were sucking your Daddy's big hard cock off.

It didn't take you long to realize how sensitive the rim of my cock head is. You started to roll your tongue round and round it. I knew I was going to cum soon and wanted to tell you, but I knew that was not possible because you wanted me to be asleep. That made you feel safe and secure, knowing you would not get in trouble for the naughty things you were doing with your father's cock.

You continued to suck and stroke me until I could not hold it back any longer. You were so surprised by the amount of jest that shot from the slit in my cock head. You tried to keep it all in your mouth, but you were overwhelmed by it. Some of it dripped out of your mouth and fell on my belly. Some more ran down your mouth to your neck. I was sneaking a look at you when I came so I know what happened.

What was absolutely amazing to me was that you swallowed my cum! Your mother never would do that. I felt closer and more intimate with you at that moment then I have ever felt with any other woman in my life.

You got up and went to your bathroom after that and came back with a warm wash cloth and cleaned the cum off of my belly and cock. The last things you did made me cry with pure joy. You gently bent down and planted a sweet kiss on your Daddy's cock and then kissed me sweetly on my lips.

After I woke that morning I thought I had had a very erotic dream about you. When I saw you in the kitchen that morning you had a very knowing smile on your face. I thought that was you way of trying to be the lady of the house dealing with a bad daddy who went out and got drunk last night. I now know better. My 18 year old daughter was a very naughty and bad girl last night with her "Daddy". My 18 year old daughter sucked her Daddy's cock off and swallowed his cum.

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