tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMarcia Goes Back to School

Marcia Goes Back to School


Authors Note: This story continues the adventures of eighteen year old Marcia (nee Marcus) Cicero. The tale opens a week after the events related in "Carol's Gifts". Marcia has shown visible signs of blossoming in the wake of Mistress Carol's injection of powerful hormones and is anticipating returning to her school for the first time as a girl. To answer any concerns in advance; all characters in this story are eighteen years of age or older. In addition to dealing with Marcia's progress towards becoming a woman, this story deals with BDSM, Femdom, analingus, cunnilingus, group sex, gay sex, sissy protection, interracial sex, prostitution, semi-public masturbation and the copious amounts of cum my readers have come to expect. The author does not approve of the type of bullying seen in this story; nor should this work of fiction be seen as an endorsement of prostitution. This is an erotic fantasy, not a blueprint for the proper treatment of transgendered persons, nerds, geeks, cuckolded husbands or anyone else. Most of the characters are amoral and should not be viewed as role models. As always I hope you will enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Marcia was painfully nervous. She hadn't been able to eat very much in days. The upside was she was even skinnier which would make Mistress and her husband very happy. She'd always been thin and on the diet Mistress Carol had her on she was already thinner than she dreamed possible. Her anxious stomach had now made her ribs and cheekbones poke out fashionably.

The budding blonde beauty studied herself in the mirror. Her breasts were already over spilling the lacy 34 B Miracle Bra she wore. She marveled at how soft her skin had become in just a one week. Had it really been seven days since Mistress injected her with the cocktail of powerful hormones that were transforming the former "Marcus" from a cute, geeky boy into a stunning young woman? Mistress had indicated that this had been an unusually high dose as she wished for Marcia to grow very large breasts and eventually lactate.

Marcia removed her bra and panties and regarded her mostly nude body. The girl was wearing only her cream thigh high wool stockings and the chastity device Mistress Carol had locked her into and had neglected to unlock since December 26th of the recently passed year. Nervously she made her way to the full length mirror.

The feminizing youth stood five foot nine in heels. Marcia weighed a mere one hundred and fifteen pounds after the second day of failing to get down her breakfast. She looked like a runway model. The realization of her beauty momentarily assuaged the girl's fears replacing them with justifiable pride. Blonde, svelte and fashionable, Marcia could have anyone she wanted if it weren't for her inconvenient plumbing.

Topped with puffy pink nipples, her breasts looked huge against her skinny torso. Her short blonde hair was styled fashionably and her makeup was applied with both expertise and restraint. If it weren't for the tiny metal caged cock and pea balls between her legs, nobody would ever suspect that Marcia had ever been Marcus.

Hot tears burned in Marcia's eyes as she choked back the disgust she felt toward her unwanted appendages. That kind of anger was a male trait. Mistress had told her that indulging her anger would only slow down the process by which Marcia was psychologically becoming female. The pretty blonde took a deep, calming breath. She forced herself to smile through her rage. She began to feel her blood cool and her heart filled with pleasure.

On the street Marcia would pass for female. There was no question of that. The problem was that Marcia was still enrolled as a student at boys only school. The eighteen year old would be graduating this year, but would have to spend the last months of high school among the same group of boys the erstwhile Marcus had grown up with as a blossoming t-girl. The Carsons had used money and threats of lawsuits to ensure that the pre-operative transsexual Marcia could attend the school until she graduated.

This was not by Marcia's choice. Marcia would have rather dropped out and begun life as a domestic servant in Mrs. And Mr. Carson's employ. Marcia would be attending her old high school until graduation by order of Mistress Carol herself. The auburn haired cougar's new lover DaShawn had demanded this of the typically Dominant Carol and she acquiesced. The black stud was swinging the biggest cock the middle aged cuckoldress had ever seen and she'd do anything to keep it aimed in her direction.

By Carol's dictate Marcia was to behave at school as if she were DaShawn's girlfriend and whore. For reason's Marcia was incapable of analyzing to her own satisfaction this demand when combined with DaShawn's sexual prowess, strength and rough masculine good looks caused Marcia to swoon. Marcia was more than a little enamored of the brutal black athlete. She had even felt the words, "I love you Sir," force themselves out of her girlish mouth after the first time DaShawn had expressed his desire to become the sissy's lover and pimp.

Marcia looked forward to being DaShawn's girlfriend and even to being passed around his circle of friends in exchange for small favors and token amounts of drugs or cash. She looked forward to a permanent end to the bullying DaShawn and his buddies had subjected her to as "Marcus". She didn't look forward to how her former circle of friends would react.

Marcia knew she would be safer than ever amongst the jocks who once bullied her but she was in a cold sweat thinking how her nerdy friends would respond to seeing the slutty blonde she'd become. Would they resent her? Would they get turned on and want her? Would they wait until DaShawn and his crew turned their backs and beat their former comrade to death for being transsexual or for having betrayed them to associate with their tormentors? Maybe they would just subject her to ridicule. The most likely outcome would be that her former associates and friends would just disown Marcia the same way her family had done when she arrived at home three days late in a miniskirt with budding tits.

The fear and embarrassment made her nipples hard and her fuckhole twitch. When Marcia got embarrassed or scared it made her horny and the only sexual pleasure she was allowed was the kind that involved her anus being penetrated. Marcia relished the delicious sensation of her anal contractions and daydreamed of being gang raped in the locker room at school. She needed to masturbate.

Marcia fingered her asshole and pinched her left nipple hard, and she let out a little moan. She needed cock immediately and the nearest one was Mr. Carson's. Mistress had taken her husband out of his chastity device and the handsome lawyer had his wife's permission to fuck Marcia any time he wanted. All Marcia needed to do now was make Jack want to fuck her. Looking at herself in the mirror, the blossoming blonde bombshell didn't think she'd have any trouble with that task.

Marcia removed the warm wool stockings and replaced them with a pair of black fishnets. Mr. Carson loved the way Marcia's legs looked in fishnets as the young slut knew. She put on her cutest black pumps and her French maid's uniform. Approving of her appearance in the mirror, Marcia made her way downstairs and paid a quick visit to the liquor cabinet. Mr. Carson was in his office doing paperwork and the maid was going to bring him a drink and a willing piece of ass to relieve the tedium. Marcia mixed a pitcher of mojitos. She prepared a tray with a chilled glass and the pitcher of minty cocktail and carried it into Mr. Carson's office.

A man had clearly decorated this room. The wood paneled walls were cluttered with mismatched antique bookcases. In the center of the room a huge green wooden desk dominated the space. All of the furniture was brown leather but none of it was the same shade of brown.

Marcia placed the tray on the desk and in her sexiest drawl said "I made you a drink, Mister Carson. I think you need to relax." Marcia made heavy lidded eye contact with her Owner's spouse and licked her ruby red painted lips.

"You should have brought two glasses, Marcia," Jack said with a wink. "Lucky for you I have drink glasses on the top shelf of that small bookcase over there," the beaming lawyer gestured leftward, "so I can check out your hot little ass while you get one down for yourself."

Marcia made a teasing show of slowly taking the glass down. She sashayed over to Mr. Carson's desk and poured two drinks. The pretty young thing handed Jack his drink. The blonde girl ran her finger teasingly across the rim of her drink and coyly remarked "I'm not old enough to drink, Mr. Carson. I woulda thought a big lawyer like you would know all about that stuff". Marcia bit her lip and looked up at Jack with her big brown eyes.

Jack chuckled and said "You are old enough to fuck. Tell you what cupcake, let's quaff these drinks and I promise not to tell anyone if you don't and then I can show you what drunk sex with a man old enough to be your father feels like. Deal?"

Marcia set aside her drink, looked Jack right in his baby blue eyes and said "I don't need a cocktail, I need cock! How about you enjoy your drink while I suck your dick? Then when you feel ready you can fuck me right here on your desk. Deal?"

Jack Carson leaned back in his dark brown leather office chair, grinned wide, and unzipped his slacks. It was a good day to be Carol's husband. He'd been woken by a good morning threesome with his hotwife and her sensuously corpulent housewife Irena. He'd spent the half day he bothered to be at his Law Offices leisurely plowing his tiny secretary Sanya. Now he was going to drink mojitos and get an expert blowjob from Marcia as a prelude to plowing her teenage ass until Carol returned and demanded oral attention.

Marcia took Mr. Carson's seemingly perpetually erect cock in her tender little hand and licked at the tip. The blonde girl looked up coyly at her Mistress' mate and mouthed the word "delizioso". She then sucked the fat cock deep into her mouth, her lascivious tongue working its sensual magic on Jack's balls and the base of his cock. Jack groaned and stroked Marcia's short, spiky, platinum blonde hair.

Marcia continued the deep throating and tongue lashing diligently. She was craving a fuck but she also needed to taste Jack's salty sweet semen. Marcia made sweet little slurping sounds and Jack groaned and moaned and purred like a big cat. The blossoming t-girl caught a taste of Jack's pre-cum and instinctively picked up the pace and began to massage Jack behind his scrotum. Jack moaned deeply and the pre-cum flowed like wine from his thick, blue veined cock.

Marcia felt's Jack's cock pumping at her face as if her mouth were the vagina the blonde teen so desperately wished she had between her perfect legs. Soon he would blow his wad deep in her throat and Marcia didn't want that. Marcia wanted to taste it all over her tongue so she could experience every nuance of the flavor.

The skillful fellatrix took the fat dong in hand and focused her oral attention on the sweet spot where the glans connected to shaft. Marcia flicked at this sensitive spot it with her tongue as if it were her Mistress' sacred clit and milked Jack's fat shaft with her hand. In no time the pretty sissy was rewarded with a hot mouthful of Jack's sublime spunk. Thick and mushroomy, Jack's semen was a delicacy to all who tasted it. The white splooge carried notes of porcini, honey and sea salt. Marcia swallowed it like it was a life giving elixir. To Marcia every drop of cum a man spent on her was glorious affirmation of her femininity.

Marcia kept Jack's cock in her mouth. It tasted amazing and she intended to work it back to an erection aimed at her taut bottom. It only took a few minutes of Marcia's expert attention to return Jack's seemingly indefatigable member to full mast. Jack pushed the papers off of his desk and told Marcia, "Get naked and lie down on your back. It's time to fuck!" The blonde sissy maid quickly disrobed and positioned herself on the desk with her legs spread.

Jack removed his clothing and positioned himself over Marcia. The older man pushed the teenage sissy's legs over his shoulders and began driving his spit slick cock up the blonde's tight anal rosebud. Pressing all the way in, Jack could feel Marcia's tiny balls against his crotch. Soon those tiny nuts would be gone and Marcia would have a freshly crafted cunt for Jack to plow. Still, they were bothersome. Maybe Carol would cut them off herself soon. Jack would mention it to his wife when she arrived. The lawyer locked his steely blue eyes with Marcia's soft brown ones and drove the thought that he was fucking a boy out of his mind by focusing on the blossoming girl he was making love with so passionately.

Marcia rolled her widening hips beneath her lover. Jack's was far from the biggest cock she was acquainted with but Mr. Carson was unquestionably the most talented cocksman Marcia had been ravished by. The girl kept her long lashed brown eyes locked with the older man's baby blues. Many men had already fucked Marcia. Jack was the only one who had made love to her.

Jack picked up the pace and drove his fat cock hard into Marcia, milking her prostate and driving the juice out of Marcia's miniscule caged cock. The blonde girl moaned and Jack took her right breast in his hand, rolling the chubby nipple between his thumb and index fingers. Marcia moaned louder and came again, the juice squirting so hard it splashed against Jack's hairy belly. Jack was incredibly attracted to Marcia but he was really distracted by her penis. He knew he'd have to wait longer for the offending member to be removed as it would be reconstructed into Marcia's clitoris and vaginal walls. If Sanya's twat was any indication the surgery would leave Marcia with a tight, self-lubricating pussy that Jack would have no trouble giving powerful multiple orgasms.

Jack withdrew from Marcia's snug ass and demanded of the blonde slut, "Turn over, I want to finish up!"

Marcia wasn't sure why Jack always had to fuck her doggie style to cum but it was something she was used to. Marcia got on all fours on Mr. Carson's desk, pursed her lips, looked back at her Mistress' husband, and coyly begged him, "Fuck my widdle bwains out Jackie Wacky!"

Marcia had always been a straight "A" student as a boy. The girl was truly relishing the role of the stereotypical "dumb blonde". She was indulging in silliness and baby talk so much that Mistress Carol had cautioned her that her behavior was "cloying and a tell." Away from her auburn haired Domina's watchful eye Marcia was having fun relaxing and just being herself around one of her favorite people.

Jack mounted the prone teenager and drove his erect prick into her bowels with such primal force an outside observer would think he were skewering a genetic girl's vagina with a view to becoming a newly minted father. The man grunted nearly incoherently as he mercilessly nailed the wailing blonde with the perky pink tipped breasts. From the side view nobody would think Jack were sexing with someone who he had first known as "Marcus".

"Take it Marcia!" Jack said gutturally, "I'm gonna breed your ass good you dirty little bitch!" Jack hammered Marcia's bubble butt fast and hard. Marcia was crying big tears of joy as Mr. Carson forgot himself and fucked Marcia like the girl she was on the inside. Jack's cock swelled up to nearly half again its normal size and pumped a thick load of cum deep inside the wailing blonde. "You feel that bitch?" Jack asked demandingly. "That's my seed you little whore!" Jack crowed at the girl as thin cum poured out of her caged dicklet, "Take my seed you horny little slut!"

Jack ground out every last drop of his nut into the pretty tranny on his desk. He heard faint applause and looked back to see Carol in a red dress golf clapping his performance with Marcia. "Bravo husband! Good show!" Carol's tone was mocking but the smile in her eyes was affectionate, "Now be a good boy and show momma how much you like eating the nice fudgepie you just created!"

Jack broke out into a sweat. He had no problem eating freshly fucked ass. He had eaten many of Carol's fudgepies over the years. What tweaked Jack about this command from his Dominant hotwife was the thought of Marcia's tiny nuts on his stubbled chin. The Domina's husband went from cocky lawyer to cuckolded wimp in a nanosecond. Jack knew that as Carol's cuckold she could change her mind and put him back in chastity at her whim. If Carol wanted to see Marcia fudgepie Jack, Carol would get to see exactly that.

Jack gulped, sighed, and took his place lying on his back on his own desk. Marcia sat down on Jack's face. It was understood that if Jack were on his back obeying the commands of the sinful Mistress Carol then Marcia was above him in the pecking order. This would be the second time Marcia would be given instruction on "queening" from her Goddess. For the moment, Mr. Carson was Marcia's to rule over and dominate under the tutelage of Mrs. Carson.

"Sit down on his face nice and slowly, dear," Carol directed in a calm, cheerful tone. "Make sure your rosebud is over his open lips and if he won't open his mouth for you, squeeze his balls as hard as you can."

Jack had intended to co-operate easily, but when presented the option of resisting and being subjected to genital torture he clamped his lips shut as hard as he could. Marcia squatted down and her puckered asshole met Jack's puckered lips. The blonde girl grabbed Mr. Carson's big balls in her left hand and gave a hard squeeze that completely caught the blue eyed wimp off guard and his mouth opened as he cried out. Marcia may have been full of estrogen but she still had a stronger grip than a genetic girl or Sanya who had lost her testicles over a decade ago. Marcia let the sperm flow from her pink anus into Jack's hungry mouth. Instinctively the older man stuck his tongue up into Marcia's bunghole and he licked all the hot goo from her insides. Carol wasn't satisfied. Marcia's little balls hadn't gotten a reaction from her husband. "Marcia, make sure you grind those pea balls all over my husband's face," the regal Mrs. Carson directed her tender young maid.

Jack cringed but continued to lick the inside of Marcia's anus. Marcia had an orgasm from the combination of the anal stimulation and the sensation of dragging her silky scrotum across her older lover's stubbly chin. The thin spew oozed onto Jack's face from the tiny caged dick attached to the teen Goddess whose perfect backside was reigning supreme over the powerful lawyer.

"Hold him there a while sweetheart and then put your little balls in his mouth for good measure," Carol instructed Marcia and added "Jack if you don't co-operate completely I'll never touch you again so this is your choice."

Jack supplicated himself and tried to leave his body as Marcia nearly smothered him with her beautiful ass and then plunged her tiny balls into his opened mouth as he gulped for air. This was the second most humiliating thing Carol had subjected her cuckold husband to in their twenty years of marriage. Jack still remembered the taste of black cock in his mouth from his honeymoon. Jack had been spared this indignity since. Carol regularly implied she felt she was too patient with her husband's aversion to other men's cocks and balls.

Jack survived his ordeal and screwed up his nerve. His feelings had to be taken into account. Jack never wanted to see Marcia's balls again and he needed to address this immediately. "Carol, I think it would be a good idea for you to castrate Marcia before she returns to school," Jack began.

Based on the look of anger on Carol's haughty face Jack's timing couldn't have been worse. The magnificent woman remained silent for several minutes just staring at her husband with incredulous disgust. "I can't believe how homophobic you are Jack. I think it is time for you to suck another cock for me."

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