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Marci's Panties


I work all night and sleep during the day. My wife and step-daughters are gone during the day, leaving me alone to rest. This works out well, as I can walk around the house in my underwear. April, my wife, gets upset when I walk around in front of the girls like this. Brianna is 20 and she often does the same to me. Marci is just 18 and she is very modest and would never dream of doing anything like exposing me. But this all recently changed.

My name is Mark. I am 44 years old now. This story is true and is about recent events.

The girls are both blonds and both adorable in their own unique ways. Brianna is more laid back and happy-go-lucky, while Marci is more of a bookworm type. Brianna came home pregnant while still in high school. Marci had never even been finger banged! Of the two, Marci is the hottest.

Marci is tall and slim, with waist length golden hair. She has little bird egg tits and a gorgeous face. Between her legs is the fattest and sexiest cameltoe pussy outline that I have ever seen. She is much like my wife. My wife has a fat pussy on her. Lately, Marci has been the subject of my fantasies. When I am fucking April, I close my eyes to think of fucking Marci. It is a wonder I have not gotten April pregnant, as this fantasy always conjours up the thickest load of sperm in my balls!

As I said before, I have free roam of the house. Lately, I have taken to prowling through Marci's hamper for her panties so I could smell them and taste her juices. They always smell so fresh and I am sure she has the cleanest pussy. Absolutely pure virgin teen pussy! Eighteen and ripe!! Sometimes, I jack off with them and cum into the panties and then replace them in the hamper. Marci always has the skimpiest underwear. And I dearly love the scent of her young little pussy.

One particular day, I was into Marci's hamper when I ran across a thong on the top of the pile. It was so very fresh and still had a wet spot in the crotch. Talk about payday!! I immediately stripped my boxers and laid down on her bed and began to choke my shaft like it would be the last what of my life. The smell and the taste were exquisite! I could feel a blast boiling from within both balls!! Within a couple of moments, I had the thongs filled with an extra big load of my cum, right on top of Marci's juicy wet spot!

As I laid on the bed, I was so relaxed, like I had just fucked. I drifted off to sleep. I don't know how long I had been asleep when I heard Marci scream and start yelling at me. She was pissed, to say the least. There I was with her thong filled with my cum and my limp dick laying across my bare belly! It wasn't the really bad reaction I figured she would have if she ever caught me with her panties, though. I figured it to be an out of hand experience if she ever caught me.

"I knew you were doing this, you Perv!"

I didn't know what to do. I had to calm her down before my wife got home, because Marci would certainly tell on me. I began to beg her to allow me to speak in my defense. Surprisingly, she did!

"Okay. I am listening. What possible reason do you have to be fucking with my panties like this?"

Marci listened as I explained my fascination with her beauty and her purity. I told her how sexy she was. Apparently, according to her, no one had ever told her she was sexy. Only cute. Suddenly, she was relaxing with this talk of being a woman and not a girl.

"For an older guy, I always thought you were kind of hot, Mark."

I pulled on my boxers and began to try to exit the room. But, as I walked past Marci, I felt the urge to just tembrace her and tongue kiss her. She was like putty in my hands. We were all over one another.

I slid my hand up the front of her Catholic school uniform and under the little bra she was wearing. Her nipples were stiff and pointing like erasers! I lifter the shirt and sucked a nipple as hard as I could, squeezing her tita like I had never touched a titty before. Marci suddenly began to suck my tongue.

I went for broke. i slid my hand under her little skirt and rubbed her cameltoe. God, was that pussy fat! And it was wet!! It didn't take long to get the panties pulled aside and work a couple of fingers into that tight little snatch! Man was she tight! I withdrew my hand for a moment so I could lick my fingers. Marci joined me in tasting them! She aggressively licked her own pussy flavors from my hand. I stuck my fingers back into her little snatch for more. At this point, she was gushing.

Marci had never been touched there. While I wanted to eat her pussy and let her suck my dick, I was just too horny. I removed her little skirt and laid her down onto the floor. I spit on my dick and I lined it up with her little pussy hole. She was shaking, and tried to stop me at first. I kept persiting. Finally, I had her wonderful pussy exposed and she was beginning to relax. She realized the virginity was leaving her.

I slid my dick up and down the lips of her cameltoe before finally beginning to push forward. Man, did this entrance take some work! She was so fucking tight! I withdrew and pushed over and over until the head was finally in. At that point, I rubbed some more saliva on my dick as I brought her heels up into the air. At the moment her pussy opened up, I shoved into her, full dick! It was heaven! Velvety and tight! The best pussy I ever had.

I fucked fast and furious after Marci became adjusted to having a dick in her pretty pussy. Within moments, I unloaded a healthy dose of cum into that wonderful pussy.

Marci and I looked at each other, and did not disengage. My dick did not go soft. We were soon fucking without abandon again. Ovr and over, position after position, until it was time for her Mother to get home. We went into the shower and got cleaned up together. I had to get ready for work. But, I could be late toaday. I had to let Marci suck my dick in the shower. So good at everything she does, and this was no exception.

Well, sure enough, Marci has not had a period for two months. She is pregnant, I am sure, and we are trying to figure out a story about some one night stand. In the meantime, I am loving her pregnant, 18 year old cameltoe pussy and I am excited to become a Daddy to her baby. It will be our secret. My sister and I already have a baby together. So, this is not my first incest breeding!

I sure love cameltoes on a young thing like that!

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Daughters dirty panties

Hiya I also got caught while sniffing my own daughters dirty panties while jacking off at first she screamed and called me a sicko but after 10 mins she calmed down and asked me why. I just told her Imore...

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