tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMarco & Isabella

Marco & Isabella

byBob Waters©

I saw Marco staring at Ana's ass as she exited the cab. It didn't bother me. I'm not normally a jealous person, but if I were, Marco would be the type to set it off. Wealthy, handsome, Latin. His staring didn't bother me at all though.

I exited through the other door, and then turned to hand Isabella out of the cab.

"Gracias senor," she smiled, stepping out. She walked over to her husband Marco and I put my hand in the small of my Ana's back as I passed her. I opened the door to the villa to let us all inside.

"Nos casa estan sus casa," I smiled ushering them in – 'Our house is your house.'

Well, it wasn't really our house – we were renting it for two weeks – Ana and I. A fortieth birthday trip for her. We're beach people; sun, sand and sea. A beach front villa in the Caribbean seemed like the perfect spot for us.

One week into the trip and we were on island time. The villa had come with a private beach and Ana had been sunbathing au natural. My dear was nut brown, which REALLY set off her green eyes and dark blond hair. The sun had bleached it out even more then usual and I couldn't keep my eyes off of her as she lolled on the beach in the all together. You would never know she had turned forty the week before as toned, trim and tight are all adjectives to describe her figure. Cute feet, nice legs, tight ass, small but pert breasts tipped with brown nipples – I never get tired of looking. Sweet oval face with full lips dying to be kissed, sparkling green eyes full of mischief. She's a head turner. Exotic. She was born in the Azores but raised in the US.

You can't spend ALL your time on the beach or making love (or both). We tried, God knows we tried, but you need to eat on occasion. It was on one of those forays into town for sustenance that we met Marco and Isabella.

We had decided to actually go out for a night, poke around town a bit. Ana put on a white, off the shoulder sundress. Cinched at the waist and flowing. Twelve buttons ran from the waist to the hem. She only buttoned the top four, showing a nice expanse of tanned leg when she walked. Low sandals that laced up her calf. As is her wont on vacation, she wasn't wearing underwear. I could see her dark nipples as distinct shadows through the thin, white material of her dress.

Me? Mr. Island. Khaki Linen pants, blue silk shirt with subtle island print, loafers with no socks. Unlike my love, I DO wear underwear. Silk boxers.

We took a cab into town, shopped a bit, bought the typical souvenirs for our families. Stopped for dinner and then strolled into a water front bar for a few drinks. There was a guitarist playing and singing on an open air patio facing the bay. We sat down out there and pulled our chairs close to one another. My hand found its way over to Ana's leg and I idly stroked her thigh through the thin material of her dress while we sipped our drinks and listened to the singer.

"He is very good," a voice with a cultured Hispanic accent said from behind and to my left.

I turned to see if the voice was speaking to me. He was. A handsome, mid fifties gentleman with a stunningly beautiful companion. She was much younger, thirty at most. Latin appearing; he with gray close cropped hair, fit and lean, darkly tan; her with high cheekbones, dark eyes, jet black hair pulled back. Ripe figure, slim but round hips and full breasts. Expensive clothes on both. White silk Havana pants and a shirt for him, flowing beige dress and sandals for her.

"Yes, he is," I replied smiling back at him.

"You are Norte Americanos?" he asked, not by way of a challenge, but simply making conversation.

"Yes we are," I replied. "Y Usted?"

He nodded, acknowledging my Spanish, but continued in English, "We're Argentine. I am Marco and this is my wife Isabella."

"Con mucho gusto," I replied. "I'm Bob and this is Ana."

We invited them to join us, or they invited us to join them – I really don't recall. We got to know them a little better, Isabella was his second wife – Argentina was more cosmopolitan then I had realized. Marco owned an estancia that his family had been able to hold on to during the bad years when much of the privately owned land was nationalized.

They were on holiday – it was summer in Argentina, winter here. We told them about us. We're not married but very much a couple. Second time around for us both, neither feeling the need to 'legitimize' what we have – WE knew it was legitimate, celebrating Ana's birthday here in paradise.

I had noticed Marco looking at Ana. I was used to that. Ana draws male attention, she doesn't try, she just does, she has 'it' and doesn't know she does. What's 'it'? Hard to describe. Ana is pretty, yes but she's not a fashion model. She has a nice figure, but it's more then that. She commands your attention when she comes into a room, subtly demands it.

Anyway, as I said, I'm used to it, it doesn't bother me. I didn't mind him looking. Ana is mine and she doesn't want anyone else. Actually, I enjoyed his looking. For that matter, it appeared Isabella was looking too, at Ana not at me. She was nice to me, friendly, but her eyes kept stealing back to Ana, she kept trying to engage her in conversation. I was pretty amused and wondered if Ana had noticed. She usually does. She wasn't doing anything to encourage either of them, but wasn't doing anything to discourage them either. She knew I enjoyed her flirting as long as it didn't get out of hand and she kept her hand on me for the entire time. I really do love her.

We had a few drinks, laughed, danced, laughed some more. Ana danced with Marco. Maybe he stood a little too close, but nothing to take objection to – very much a gentleman. Before we knew it, the bar was closing and we were being asked to leave.

"We were having so much fun!," Ana cried. "It's early, why do they have to close! Come to our place on your way home, it's beautiful, right on the water. We can walk on the beach."

"We would be honored," Marco agreed. "Gracias."

We took a cab back to the villa and I handed Isabella out of the cab and we welcomed them into our 'home'.

Ana breezed through the house, opening the large French doors looking out to the sea. We all watched her move.

"Let's go down to the beach!" she said, leading the way out the door.

I stopped and got a bottle of white wine from the refrigerator, uncorked it, grabbed four glasses and followed them outside.

Ana had led them down to the beach. It's private, secluded, a bit of a cove. Off to the left, past the arm of the cove we could see a beach club of some kind all lit up. A band played there, the music drifting faintly across the bay to us, just audible over the lapping of the waves. The rest of the coast was asleep, palm trees and houses visible only as dark shadows in the distance.

As I neared, Ana gracefully sat in the sand. Marco sat near her, close but not too close. Isabella, seeing me approach, came over and took two of the wine glasses from my hand and held them while I poured. A look passed between us that I couldn't quite fathom. It wasn't a come on, not quite an invitation but an expectant smile that seemed to say 'stay tuned'.

Keeping a glass for herself, she walked over to hand the other to Marco, brushing against Ana as she passed. Smiling, I joined them, passing Ana a glass and then filling it. Filling one of my own, I raised it and proposed, "New friends."

"New friends," they echoed.

I sat in the sand myself, wiggling to get comfortable, kicked off my shoes and buried my toes in the cool sand. Ana smiled at me and drew her knees up, leaning forward and wrapping her arms around them like a little girl.

"I'm going in the water!" Isabella announced. "Come with me Ana!"

"No, not just yet," Ana laughed. "You tell me how it is."

Isabella balanced on one foot as she pulled her shoes off, making the awkward stance look somehow graceful.

"Don't fall Isabelita!" Marco laughed.

"Brujo!" she called back, sticking out her tongue and throwing her shoes at him in mock anger. Putting an extra wiggle in her already flowing walk, she sashayed to the water, turning back to face us as it reached mid calf.

"The water is very nice, come in!" she invited again, looking directly at Ana.

"My dress will get wet," Ana laughed. She was temporizing; my Ana wouldn't give a second thought to her dress getting wet if she really wanted to go into the water.

"Then you lift it up like this," Isabella challenged, hiking the hem of her dress to mid thigh, exposing very tan, very toned legs. "Or you take it off!" she said with a very naughty grin.

Ana just laughed again in response.

The music from the beach club across the bay started up again, faint but more then loud enough to follow.

"I love this song!" Isabella shouted, beginning to sway to the music. I didn't recognize the tune, very Latin, sexy, flowing, impossible to resist. Isabella hummed along as she swayed, still holding her hem high, water splashing up, clinging to her legs in droplets that glistened in the moonlight.

I glanced over at Ana and Marco. Marco watched his wife dance, smiling benevolently. Ana watched too with an odd look on her face. Interested and possibly disturbed. I looked back at Isabella, she was staring intently at Ana, smiling knowingly. It suddenly dawned on me that the way Ana was sitting, with her knees up and bent, her dress had fallen away and the whole underside of her thighs – and possibly more – were exposed to Isabella. Ana glanced at me and flashed me a heavy lidded, sultry smile.

I smiled. Classic Ana, she may not know she has 'it' but she knows when someone is attracted to her. I knew she wouldn't do anything, no worries there, but she moves on an instinctual level when dealing with sex, always pushing the envelope. Ana was the most amazing lover I have ever had, constantly trying to bring things to the next level. She was aroused by the sexual tension in the air and was adding to it as a way to get us both further, higher. She knew Isabella's naked desire for her was arousing me and she was encouraging it, to a degree, as a way of trying to excite me to the point of losing control. Exciting me excited her, which, added to the feelings I suspected Isabella was provoking, meant she must be dripping by now. I wasn't sure what was going to happen next, but I knew it would be memorable.

Isabella's movements became broader, her dancing more sensuous. She held her arms out to Ana, beckoning her over to join her. The skirt of her dress – held bunched around her thighs to keep it dry till now, fell; the hem floating on the water. Ana smiled and shook her head in negation. Isabella smiled crookedly and began to move towards her, leaving the water, the damp parts of her dress clinging to her legs as she swayed up the sand.

She stood directly in front of her, softly, sexily gyrating to the distant music. Ana's dress slipped down her upraised knees, exposing her legs from high up the thigh. There was no question now that Isabella was getting quite a show. Marco watched them hungrily, his expression, I'm sure, matching my own. Ana leaned back, supporting herself by placing her hands behind her, leaning back on her arms. Her legs parted several inches and she smiled naughtily at Isabella.

Isabella's face lit up. Still swaying, she reached behind her and lowered the zipper of her dress, letting the top fall to expose her large, well shaped breasts. They were pale in the moonlight in spite of her dark tan. Her nipples were large but not too large for her size. I KNOW I was grinning. Isabella ran her hands sensuously over her breasts, grinning at Ana.

I couldn't sit still any longer. I knew Ana was waiting for me to make the next move, to signal her to go forward with whatever it was she had planned. I got up. Isabella immediately jumped, startled by my abruptness. I winked at her and moved behind Ana, kneeling down behind her. She leaned back into me, turning her head to kiss my neck. I reached around and hooked my thumbs in the elastic neckline of her sundress. Ana gently bit me, laughing into my neck.

"OK?" I whispered to her.

"Of course OK," she whispered back. "What took you so long?"

I slowly slid the dress down over her shoulders, exposing more and more of her until her small, pert breasts sprang free, the dark nipples crinkling in the cool night breeze. Now it was Marco's turn to grin as he studied Ana's breasts. The smile stayed on his face so I assume he liked what he saw.

Ana got up and began to dance with Isabella, close, very close, swaying ever nearer but not touching. Both women knew they had our undivided attention and were reveling in it. There was a side game going on here. They knew we were watching and were playing it for our benefit, but at least on Isabella's part there was more. I noticed her subtly sway in closer to Ana but Ana deftly kept the space between them constant without breaking the rhythm of the dance. Teasing the girl as she was teasing us.

Marco rose; Ana tracked him without seeming to, ready to react if he tried to breach the unseen boundaries she had set about herself. She needn't have worried; he had other quarry in mind. He moved behind his wife and, saying not a word he unzipped her dress the rest of the way, giving it a little push to help it fall to the sand where it formed a puddle of silk at her feet.

She stepped out of it, gently spinning, naked but for a black thong. Her body firm and ripe. She looked at Ana, an unspoken challenge in her stare. Glancing at me briefly – more to ensure I was watching then to ask permission, Ana pulled her dress up and over her head, holding it out to me imperiously, arm extended, eyes locked on Isabella's.

She looked like an empress, standing there on the sand, gloriously naked, commanding every eye on the beach. Her skin glowed in the moonlight, back straight, breasts outthrust, the smooth line of her belly and haunches broken only by the thin dark strip of pubic hair left by her beautician to proclaim her womanhood. She dropped her dress into my hand as I reached out to take it from her. She ran her hands through her long blond hair, spreading it out in a mane as she slowly gyrated and swayed to the music, faster now that the tempo had increased.

Visibly excited, nipples jutting into the night air, Isabella matched her, mirroring her movements in some primal ritual.

Ana broke the spell, moving in closer to the girl.

"You're still dressed," she observed softly.

Lightly, she placed her hands on Isabella's hips, slowly pushing the waistband of her thong lower, giving the girl ample time to stop her should she choose to. Isabella remained still and so Ana pushed the small undergarment over her hips. It fell to the sand, a wisp of cloth, a banner of meaning.

Isabella, now as naked as Ana, stood almost trembling. Her desire was plain to see. Marco and I held our breaths waiting to see what would happen next.

In a sudden gathering of will, Isabella leaned forward and kissed Ana on her full lips. At first this was their only point of contact, but as Ana began to kiss back Isabella soon placed her hands on my love's shoulders. As the kiss deepened, the hands soon moved from her shoulders to her breasts, softly tracing each hard nipple. Ana allowed this caress for a moment and then broke the kiss, softly pushing the girl's hands away with a gentle smile.

She turned and walked to me. Taking my hand, she began to lead me back to the house, looking over her shoulder at the others and issuing the simple command, "Follow us."

I didn't need to glance backwards to know Marco and Isabella were following us. Nor did I need to glance back to know their eyes, like mine, were locked onto Ana's delicious ass as it swayed back and forth while she climbed the sandy path back to the house.

Ana led me through the open French doors into the large, open living area, turning to kiss me softly, hungrily. Isabella and Marco entered the room, Isabella coming up behind her and softly touching her bare back.

Ana broke the kiss, turning to them, gesturing to one of the two large couches in the room and saying, "Sit here. Watch."

After a brief hesitation, Marco sat down and Isabella followed, snuggling close to him. Ana turned back to me and began thoroughly kissing me again, her tongue caressing my lips, probing my mouth, fencing with my own. I ran my hands down her smooth back to cup her ass, almost, but not quite forgetting we had an audience.

Ana hadn't forgotten. She began to unbutton my shirt slowly, exaggeratedly, following each opened button with a kiss, leaving a deliciously wet trail down my chest. She pushed my shirt off before dropping to her knees and working my belt. I had an insane urge to command, "On your knees, wench!" - a private joke between us, but I refrained knowing she'd burst into laughter and that was NOT the reaction I was looking for at this moment.

With very little fumbling, she undid my belt and pants, pulling them down over my hips. My cock stood out, tenting my boxers. She shifted to the side slightly so as not to block Marco and Isabella's view, going to ¾ profile, wanting to show me off. She hooked her fingers in the waist of my boxers and slid them over my hips, she had to pull them way out in the front to get them over my stiff cock, but it soon sprang free. I was momentarily embarrassed at being exposed but I looked over at Isabella and saw her staring intently at us. My embarrassment immediately converted to excitement.

Letting my boxers fall to the floor, Ana quickly captured me with her mouth, taking the full length of me in a quick, liquid motion. I groaned feeling her warm, wet mouth wrapped around my shaft and instinctively put my hands on her head. She reached up and pushed my right hand away, surprising me at first but I quickly realized it was blocking the view of our guests. I moved it and stifled a chuckle. Ana was really getting into showing off.

Not knowing what to do with my hand, I dropped it to my side and soon forgot about it anyway as Ana went to work on me. She's talented, alternating deep strokes with shallow, using lots of tongue and occasionally the hint of teeth. She soon had me groaning. With her usual excellent sense of timing, she stopped before things went to far, letting my cock pop wetly out of her mouth. She bent and captured my balls next, gently sucking one then the other and back again, all the while caressing my chest with her soft fingers. She took my cock back in her mouth.

I looked over at Marco and Isabella. His hand was buried between her wide spread legs. I saw his fingers, slick and glistening, thrusting into her. She had his cock out, long and uncut, and was jerking him in time to Ana's rhythm. Their attention captivated by what Ana was doing.

I decided to give a show of my own. I gently pulled Ana's head away from me. She looked up questioning.

"Stand up," I told her with a smile. She did. I kissed her wet mouth then turned her around to face Marco and Isabella. Holding her by the shoulders, giving them a good look.

"Don't move," I whispered to her, sliding my hands across her chest, down to her breasts, tracing the nipples with my finger tips. I felt them elongate, already hard, they stiffened even further. I pinched them hard, causing her to gasp. Marco smiled, Isabella just stared rapt.

Continuing to toy with Ana's left nipple, I let my right hand glide down her belly. Enjoying the feel of her smooth skin, I quested lower until I met with the coarse hair of her small patch. I found the dimple of her cleft with my finger.

"Open your legs," I commanded to her.

She did, standing with her legs apart, breathing heavily. I reached lower, teasing her lips apart with my finger. Ana's inner lips are small, but they protrude from the outer ones. I knew that Marco and Isabella were getting a good look.

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