tagRomanceMardi Gras Time In New Orleans

Mardi Gras Time In New Orleans


A fine sheen of sweat glistened over her body as she readied herself for the shower. The sound of the Mardi Gras seemed to pulsate through the walls of her hotel room. It hadn’t stopped since she arrived early that morning. But she had been so jet lagged from the trip that she had to try and get some sleep before she ventured out.

As she showered Fran thought about her trip. It was her lifetime wish to come to New Orleans. The food, the music, it had all appealed to her senses and she saved long and hard to get there. When her little sister said she would like to go overseas for a holiday, she talked her into the trip and started to plan their holiday. Her flight was paid and a hotel booked for Mardi Gras when her capricious sister had met her latest one true love and told her she couldn’t possibly leave the country at the beginning of their new romance. So Fran decided to go ahead with the trip on her own.

Now here she was in her little hotel room about to shower and change before joining in the festivities being celebrated in the street outside her window. The heat helped her to decide what it was she would wear. Her short, red, cotton dress would do the trick.

Fran slipped into her skin toned bra and thong before slipping the dress over her shoulders. Sweeping her long wavy auburn hair up in a ponytail, she donned a light coat of lipstick and looked herself over in the full length mirror attached to the wardrobe.

“Not bad for someone on the nearer side of forty.” She told herself.

Though she had a slight bulge to her tummy, the result of her two beautiful children she had left behind with her ex mother in law, her figure was still worth a second look. Her long legs were still smooth from the waxing she had done the week before she left. She put on her strappy, black, leather sandals.

“No heels tonight,” she informed the empty room. “Not if you are doing a lot of walking.”

Finding her shoulder bag, Fran only put enough money in it for a meal and a few drinks. She had been advised of the pickpockets that abounded New Orleans at Mardi Gras time. She would leave the rest of her money and passport and travelers checks in the hotel safe.

Giving herself one more look over, she left the room, locking her door behind her. Once in the lobby she handed over her valuables to the desk clerk and watched him lock them securely away in the safe.

“So Eugene,” she asked the clerk, “Any suggestions as to where I should start?”

“Miss all you have to do is step outside and allow the crowd to carry you along. There are many bars and restaurants along the way, should you wish to eat or drink.” He answered with his sexy southern drawl.

Fran smiled at him and head out the door. She loved accents and the accent abounding here could certainly get a girls pulse racing. The beat of the drums set the rhythm of the music as the crowd poured along the street. People were dressed in all types of costumes and or masks. Beads were loaded around their necks and as she joined the throng, a swarthy Latin looking man put a set of beads around hers and smiled at her.

“Not that you need any decoration to make you look any more beautiful, Ma’am” he told her.

Fran blushed and thanked him as they were pulled along with the multitudes.

As she followed the procession, she noticed a particularly wide set of shoulders directly in front of her. Her eyes followed the body down to a sexy tight butt clad in a tight pair of jeans. Coming back up she noticed dark slightly graying hair cut quite short.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm” she thought to herself as she continued to ogle the back of the stranger. He must have felt her eyes on him as he turned around to look. At that moment Fran was pushed from behind and felt herself falling directly at him. He put up his arms to catch her.

“Are you all right?” an English voice asked her.

“Yes,” Fran answered tentatively. “Though I think I may have twisted my ankle.” She said as she stood up straight and winced a little at the pain.

“Here, let me help you love.” He said as he put his arm around her waist and directed her through the crowd, letting her lean against him.

Fran felt more than the pain of her ankle as she leaned on him. Her pulse throbbed as she inhaled the unmistakable fragrance of Aramis.

“Oh God, that’s me lost,” she told herself as she snatched a peek at her handsome champion. The white shirt he wore gave her a glimpse of a wide chest with a mat of dark curly hair. She raised her eyes to take in a handsome smiling face and she blushed deeply as she realized that he had caught her out in her scrutiny of him.

“You should get off that ankle and maybe an ice pack will help.” He informed her. “Shall we go into this pub here and see if they can help?”

“I hate to be any trouble to you. I am sure you want to get on with the parade.” She replied.

“My pleasure,” he said, “unless you would rather I got in contact with your husband?”

“No I am quite single these days,” Fran informed him. They made their way in and he sat her at what appeared to be the only available chair in the bar.

“My name is Ian, by the way, and what can I get you to drink while I am trying to find you an ice pack?” He asked.

“I’m Fran and beer would go down a treat in this heat.” She answered.

“Do I detect an Australian accent?”

“No getting away from it,” she told him. “And you, your British one either.”

He laughed and head off to the bar. After some minutes, he returned to the table with two beers and a plastic bag filled with ice cubes. Handing her a beer he put his down and knelt in front of her to put the ice pack on her ankle. He examined her ankle and informed her that there appeared to be no swelling so it was probably just a slight sprain.

“But my advice would be to stay off it as much as you can tonight. The barman tells me we can get a cab from the back entrance that will take you back to your lodgings”

“How can I thank you for all your troubles?” She asked him.

“That’s easy,” He replied. “Allow me to accompany you back to your hotel and maybe we could have some supper if you haven’t already eaten.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Fran said.

On returning to her hotel room she informed Ian that the room service here was excellent if he was happy to settle for something here. She could have them send a meal up for them with some more beers.

“And we already have music,” she said as she raised her voice slightly to be heard over the sounds of the Mardi Gras outside her window.

“A done deal,” Ian replied as he pulled the chair over to the bed were Fran was resting her ankle.

The evening passed pleasantly over a good meal of Cajun food and two or three beers. They found they both had a lot in common, their love of cooking, and the outdoors, dogs and motorbikes.

“I always wanted to get myself a motorbike but just didn’t think I had the strength to manage a big bike. And wasn’t willing to settle for a little putt putt.” Fran told Ian.

“I have my bike here.” He told her. “I wanted to ride around the country on it. Maybe we can go for a ride sometime?”

“Wow, I would love that.” She informed him.

All the time they chatted, there was an undercurrent of sexual tension. She clearly had an attraction to this good looking Brit. She hoped it was returned and thought that it more than likely was as she caught him eyeing her on a few occasions.

Before they knew it, the clock chimed 1am. Ian stood up and said, “I guess I should let you get some sleep. If it is okay with you Fran I would like to come see you tomorrow. Maybe we could go for that ride.”

“That would be fantastic.” She answered.

He bent his head to hers and kissed her gently on the lips. Fran’s breath caught in her throat. Her loins pulsated as she closed her eyes and kissed him back. Lifting her hands, she pressed them against his chest, not to push him away but to feel the muscles beneath her fingers. Ian groaned and his kiss became deeper.

“Oh Fran I wont be able to control myself much longer at this rate.” Ian whispered with a husky voice.

“Don’t then. Please, Ian I want you so much,” was Fran’s reply as her fingers weaved in his chest hair.

“You’re sure?” he asked.

Her answer was to place his hand upon her breast where he could feel her nipple straining against the cotton bodice of her dress. Groaning again, he took her cue and started teasing her nipple, squeezing it gently between his fingers, rolling it. The blood in Fran’s veins was throbbing; her loins were pulsating as she arched her hips up towards Ian.

Their kiss became deeper as their tongues danced a tango from her mouth to his. She could taste the beer on his mouth along with a sweetness. A deep breath inhaled filled her nostrils with the scent of lust as well as his Aramis. Her hands moved to the back of his neck as she pulled him closer.

Ian drew his mouth away from her full red lips and kissed, nuzzled, their way across her cheek to her ear lobe. Here they tugged at the lobe as he softly blew in her ear. Fran’s response was to kiss and suck at his shoulder. A kiss that turned into a gentle bite.

“Fran, if we’re to do this, I have to remove my jeans before they cut me in half. Are you sure?” He asked.

In response, she moved her hands to his waist. Undoing the button and then the fly, she pushed his jeans down. His incredibly hard shaft pushed at the silk of his boxers, pressing into her hip.

“Oh God, please don’t wake me. I must be dreaming.” Ian prayed.

Fran extricated herself slightly, just enough that she could pull her dress up to remove it. Seeing this Ian helped her, lifting it over her head and throwing it to the side. He groaned more loudly when he saw her body. Her breasts straining in her flesh coloured bra. The nipples hard and pointed like pencil erasers. His head bent towards them as he kissed, licked and sucked the skin around her cleavage. Ian pulled the top of the bra down enough to release one of Fran’s stiff nipples.

Meanwhile, Fran was working at the buttons of Ian’s shirt with fumbling fingers. Her hands made contact with his wide hairy chest just as he drew her nipple between her lips. Long sharp nails dug into his chest as he suckled on her nipple. Ian gently nipped at her nipple causing her to rake her fingers across his chest, leaving four red welts as she pushed her nipple further into his mouth.

“Oh God, Ian I want you so badly. I have never wanted anyone so badly,” she whimpered.

His response was to pull completely away from her, causing her to cry out.

“You’re sure Fran? You really want this? Because I am at the stage where there will be no turning back.” He told her.

Her answer was to pull him back.

“No, wait,” he said.

She cried out.

“Just a second you sexy girl. Let’s do this properly.”

Standing and bending towards her, he started to fully undress her. Kissing her breasts all over, he removed her bra. Then lips grazing her skin across her belly, he worked towards her thong which he removed with both his hands and teeth. Straightening up again, he eyed her long curvy body as he completely removed his jeans from around his ankles where they pooled. Then he slipped his silk boxers down and off. His manhood, free of its shackles, sprang out long, hard and throbbing.

Fran took in his body, greedily drinking it with her eyes. The hair on his chest curled, almost hiding the welts she had left with her nails. Her eyes were glazed as they followed his body down till they reached his pulsating penis. She took in every little nuance of it. The veins that throbbed along its length. The head that was red and shining. Even the little dribble of precum that threatened to drip from it to the floor.

Meanwhile Ian was getting an equally long look at Fran.

“My God Fran, you are even more beautiful than I imagined.” And he lay down next to her once again, kissing her breast while his fingers teased the nipple of the other.

Fran’s fingertips found his hard little nubs and squeezed and pinched them. The groaning was coming from them both now. Both their bodies gleamed with sweat from the heat that the overhead fan could do nothing to help. The quilt beneath them puckered and piled as Fran squirmed beneath his ministrations. Her hands trailed down across his stomach towards the shaft that was pressing into her body. Ian was moving his hand down towards the little puff of pubic hair that she kept at the top of her crease. He reveled in the silkiness of her skin, beneath his fingertips. The tip of his index finger pressed between the lips to feel the ever increasing wetness there.

“Well there is no denying that you want me as badly as I want you, Fran.” He whispered.

As she started to caress his length, Ian found her clit and started teasing, rubbing it. Its hardness increased so now it was poking out like a tiny female dick. Making circles over it with his finger, Ian kissed Fran deeply and sensuously. Their tongues teasing touching each others from his mouth to the hers. His finger increased its rubbing of her little pearl making the moaning woman writhe around the crumpled quilt in ecstasy. Her hand was now caressing the full length of his throbbing hard cock. Her free hand was raking at the skin on his back as her body increased its ride towards its orgasm.

“Oh please, I want you inside me so badly,” she implored him.

Ian answered with a groan saying “not yet love, as hard as it is for me to wait, not yet.”

Fran whimpered as he moved his lips to her nipple and his finger slipped through her warmth and wetness to feel her tunnel of love. It squeezed and pulled on his finger, trying to draw it deeper. It throbbed around his finger as her body started its ride to orgasm. Building the pulse as her orgasm deepened. Her body arched, pushing her tit in his mouth. His gentle kisses and sucks at her nipple turned to harder bites as her orgasm burst from her, soaking his finger.

“Oh my God, I …I….I.”

Unable to finish what she said as her body tensed and bucked beneath his mouth and hands. Ian groaned and started to move his mouth across her stomach, kissing licking and sucking as he went. When he reached the little tuft of red hair (all that she had them leave at her waxing), he lifted his head to face her and said, “I must taste you!”

“Oh God,” she groaned, her pulse still racing and her body still writhing in its final throes of her orgasm.

His tongue was sliding along her length now, from her clit to her pussy. Her body was writhing again beneath him.

“I don’t think I can stand this any longer, Ian. Not without having you inside me,” she told him.

His reply was to push her back as his tongue dove deep inside her flicking left to right like a serpents.

“Aaaaaaarrgghhhhh!!” Her fingers locked in his hair, pulling his face into her wet puss. She locked her legs around his head as her body tensed again before her juices started tumbling down her canal again, smothering his tongue and threatening to drown him. He licked, sucked and swallowed as it kept on and on. He had never seen the likes before and he was not a young man with no experience to draw from. Not only were her juices abundant, they tasted like a sweet nectar with an earthy tang.

Ian could no longer hold back. Climbing up her body he entered her with a thrust. Still in the throes of her orgasm, Frans muscles gripped his hard cock as she wrapped her legs around his back and arched her body to meet his every plunge. He stabbed inside her deep and hard, hitting her cervix with each drive. Her body seemed to be cumming again and again as Ian finally released the dam. His sperm rushed deep inside her to joins hers as they dribbled out of her together and ran down her crack. Fran had been digging into his back so hard that she now realized she had drawn blood.

“Oh my, I am so sorry Ian,” she apologized.

“Fran love, there is no need for sorry. That was unbelievable, fantastic, the best, I’ve never had it like that. No words are sufficient to describe how good that was.” He told her.

She was blushing deeply. “I…I don’t usually…..” she stammered.

“It’s alright, love,” he said kissing her softly. “Please don’t feel embarrassed about something that was so beautiful, so fantastic!”

“Just tell me that this will not end please baby. I can’t lose you after that.” He added.

She smiled and pulled him closer as she kissed away any doubts.

The next morning as the sun was rising Ian picked Fran up on his chrome and black harley and together they rode out of the heat of the city. Finding a quiet shady spot beside a slow moving stream Ian stops the bike and from the side panniers produces a picnic of chilled wine, fresh lobster and strawberries. As he hands Fran a glass of wine, he goes to his knees holding a ring set with a single diamond and asks Fran to be his bride in this life and all those yet to come.

Fran gasps with surprise, looks deep into his eyes and whispers, “My love, even though we have only just met, I feel I have known you all my life or perhaps in a past one. You are my soulmate. I feel it in my bones. And as this is a perfect world and we are both free, then yes. I would love to be your bride, to be with you for a lifetime. To have your children. I love you Ian.”

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