"Woohoo, look at you!"

"Yeow, sexy mama!"

"Oh baby, lookin' good!"

Margot blushed deeply as the barrage of wolf calls and whistles filled the room. Of all the politically incorrect and harassment-filled workplaces, hers had to be at the top of the list. And she was the boss!

"Jeez, you guys! Have you never seen a woman before?" she scolded. Outwardly she pretended disgust but inside was a spark of pleasure at being noticed. It was a man's world in her business and she had eventually found it best to look and act like her competitors if she was to be taken seriously. Over the years her feminine side had slowly ebbed away until it was almost forgotten. Every now and then she hoped for the day when she could be seen as a woman again but knew it would be a long time coming.

Meanwhile, the four of them, Margot and her three "boys" -- Jimmy, Rick and Dave - had worked together to build her business from the ground up. It had taken long days and endless nights to get there and many times she teetered on the edge of financial disaster but with her work finally turning into a big hit she was now a force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry. The process had brought them close together, almost family. The guys pretended to be old-school when they talked about women around her -- especially when they were designing avatars - but she could give as good as she got and they all knew it was just a big act on everyone's part.

What prompted the guys' reaction this morning was Margot's outfit. In all the time they'd worked together, she had never worn anything but baggy slacks and slouchy tops -- definitely at the sloppy, least feminine end of the wardrobe scale.

Today was different. Two things were coming together on this special day. At long last the industry association had decided to recognize her work at the annual awards dinner and by coincidence it was Jimmy's fortieth birthday. It was cause for a big celebration and Margot had decided to dig into the back of her closet and wear the most womanly clothes she could find. The tight, knitted dress and high heels were a little outdated but the best she could do. She'd even splashed out and bought new hosiery and make-up. After some concentrated effort this morning her auburn hair curled softly around her pretty face, the dress hugged her curves and the hose made her long legs shimmer in the light. She looked a far cry from the day-to-day the guys were used to and they were definitely showing their appreciation.

She smiled and did a small curtsey. "Yes, yes, I know. I clean up pretty well. Go ahead and make fun of me."

"Clean up? Margot, you are lookin' HOT! We had no idea what you were hiding from us all this time." The three guys sat back and stared at her, faces splitting into big grins. Rick turned to Jimmy. "Happy Birthday, old boy! I think your gift just arrived!"

Margot blushed again. "Okay, okay you guys. Reel it back in a little. Remember who's boss around here. Keep it up and there just might have to be some disciplinary action," she grinned.

"Oh jeez, I sure hope so. You'll have to spank me."

"And me!"

"And me!"

Margot shook her head at them and headed for her office. She had cleared her schedule for today but there were still a few loose ends to take care of. Regardless, she knew Jimmy's birthday was special and she had secretly brought in a couple bottles of champagne and some munchies. It would be early, but those corks were going to pop at lunch. It was party time.

For the next few hours there was a constant stream of interruptions from the guys. It was like a conveyor belt, each one coming into her office on some pretense. He'd linger, talk about something completely pointless, eye her up and down and then wander off, only to be replaced by another with the same routine. She knew exactly what was going on. She started to tease them -- showing a little bit of extra thigh while she was sitting, bending over to give them a good view of her ass or brushing her breasts against an arm -- little things that she hoped would distract them. It gave her a shiver each time she felt a pair of eyes examining her. She was surprised by the amount of pleasure it gave her to catch so much attention from them.

Finally she gave up. There was no hope of getting any work done with this going on. She got up and walked back to "The Pit", the circle of desks where the real work was done.

"Okay, I get it. I'm onto you. Look, I'll save you the effort and just stand here for a minute. Get your fill and then calm down. Jeez! 'Attention! There's been a testosterone spill in Aisle Three'." She looked directly at Jimmy. "Happy Birthday, Jimmy." With that, she put her hands behind her head, twirled around and wiggled her hips. The guys went crazy, whistling and hooting at her. She blushed again and grinned. "You know, in your own Neanderthal ways, you guys are making me feel pretty good. Thank you. Now, back to work, hmm? Can we at least pretend we have things to do today?"

"Aww, c'mon Boss. How are we supposed to concentrate today? Big event tonight, big birthday for the man here, you looking so hot -- it's too much! Let's kick back, huh?"

She paused, pretending to give it some deep thought. "Well, okaaay. I suppose I'll lengthen your chains a little. But just for today! You'll owe me big time tomorrow. We still have to meet our launch schedule, don't forget. If we don't release the upgrade soon, it's going to break my bank account."

With that, she went back to her office and pulled the chilled bottles out of the cooler she'd sneaked in yesterday. Corks soon popped, glasses clinked and congratulations were passed around. Margot had been rushed off her feet these last few weeks and was really feeling it. She'd skipped breakfast again this morning. The champagne went straight to her head.

"Whoa, that's got a punch!" she giggled. She sat down on the edge of Jimmy's desk. "Another one of those and I'll be on the floor!"

"Then have another!" rose the chorus.

"You guys...!" she grinned, trying to scold them, failing miserably.

Rick spoke up. "Hey Margot, while you were in your office, we came up with a nice idea for Jimmy's present from the boss. Are you up for it?"

She laughed. "Ha! Sure, I'm all for it. What ridiculously expensive gift am I supposed to buy for you, Jimmy? A yacht? Round the world cruise? Lamborghini?"

Rick again: "Actually, it's a lot simpler than that Margot. We all agreed that the best gift would be for you to show a little of those fabulous legs of yours to the boy. You know -- get the old geezer's heart rate up."

"Oh, come on guys, haven't you had enough fun at my expense already? I mean, there's a limit right? I AM the boss after all. You really should treat me like one once in awhile."

"Aww Margot, it's easy! Just hike up your dress, let him see what you've been hiding all this time. C'mon, you can do it. Just show a little leg - for Jimmy. We'll even make it worth your while."

"How do you mean?"

"Here's the deal: for every inch you hike it up, we'll give you an hour of free work. Can't get better than that, right? It'll be our gift to you for the award. Everybody wins. Jimmy gets a present, you keep the bankers off your back, we all have some fun..."

"Wow, you guys are making it hard to resist."

"So you'll do it? C'mon Margot, say yes!"

"Well..." Margot briefly thought this might be getting out of hand but the champagne was dropping her guard -- quickly. Besides, what was the big deal? If she could give them a thrill by doing something so simple, why not, right? Especially after how hard they'd worked, how much they'd given her? This was just a little bit of fun, a chance to let her hair down, time to play for once. In fact, the thought of showing off in front of her guys made her skin tingle. She obviously felt comfortable around them. Maybe this was going too far but still... "Okay. But realize that this is way out there, right? It's a special day for all of us and if I wasn't feeling so woozy, if you guys weren't being so pushy, if, well, anyway... Okay, here goes. Ready?"

She stood up, set her glass down on the desk and took hold of the hem of her dress. As she bent over, she staggered a little. "Wow, I'm drunker than I thought," she giggled. She slid the bottom of her dress up her thigh an inch.

"Up, up, up!" they chanted, clapping their hands in rhythm. "Up, up, up!"

She lifted it another inch.

"Higher!" they shouted. "Higher!"

She lifted it again.


Now it was four inches above her knees. "Four hours of free time from you guys," she laughed. "That'll come in handy!"

She stopped there and let her dress fall back down. A groan filled the room.

"No, no, no! You have to KEEP it up -- for the rest of the day!"

"What? You guys never said that. Just 'show a little leg' you said."

"Well, we MEANT for the day, Boss. You can't expect us to hand over the big bucks you pay us just for a little show like that can you?"

She sighed. "But there's no way I can walk around here all day holding my dress up for you."

"It's easy! Here, wrap Dave's belt around your waist. It'll hold it up for you." Dave, the quieter one of the trio, stood up and slipped his belt off.

"You guys have this all planned out, haven't you."

"Hey, we're not the best in the business for nothing, right?"

"Yes, you're right on that. I have to tell you that you've been really great this year, you really pulled it off, even when I thought we wouldn't make it. So, sure, what the hell, I'm up for a little fun with my guys. It's payback time I guess. If all it takes to make you happy is for me to show you my legs, hey, I'm good with that. It's about time you guys realized I'm actually a woman." She grinned. Her face glowed red once again.

She took Dave's belt and wrapped it around her waist. It was one of those military-type web belts. With a little -- okay, a lot -- of adjusting, she pulled it snug.

"Alright, here goes. Don't go all crazy on me now, boys." She took hold of her dress and slid it up under the belt so it would stay put. The three of them cheered as they watched her dress move higher up her legs. She was back up to the four inch limit again.

"There you go boys." She turned to Jimmy and smiled sweetly at him. "Happy Birthday!"

"Thanks Margot!" he laughed. "We could say you've gone above and beyond."

"Step out into the middle here Boss, give us a good show!" urged Rick. He really was the devil of the bunch. Margot knew he was the one who had probably come up with the idea. The other guys looked to him as a kind of team leader. He was always eager to push the limits.

Margot was getting into it now. Her inhibitions were dropping away and those long-ignored desires to be noticed were going to her head almost as quickly as the champagne. She moved to the empty centre of the room and did a little twirl. With the loud encouragement of the three men she wiggled her hips and strutted to her office door and back as if she was on a fashion runway. The attention was making her tremble slightly and she sensed she was even starting to get wet. She knew she was crossing the line but she didn't give a damn, not today. Perhaps it was the wine talking but she thought, 'Hell, whatever happens, happens. Tomorrow is another day.' It was time to finally let loose and blow away all of the stress from the past year.

She stood again, hands on hips, in the centre of the group, soaking up the appreciative looks from her boys.

Rick spoke again. "Let's give her a full day's work now guys. Hey? What do you say?" The other two nodded in agreement.

"You bet!"

Rick turned to Margot. "How 'bout it Boss? A full day's pay?"

"What do you mean, 'a full day's pay'?" she asked.

"Simple. We give you a full day's pay -- what's that usually, ten hours? -- and you hike it up a full day's worth."

"Ten hours -- ten inches, are you crazy? It'll be halfway to my ass by then!"

"Oh, come on Boss, it wouldn't be any more than a pair of shorts would show!"

She couldn't argue with that. In fact, in her state she couldn't argue with anything. She was way beyond tipsy now. She pulled more fabric up under the belt, slowly sliding the hem of her dress higher and higher.

"Go! Go! Go!" they cheered.

More and more of her thighs came into view -- six inches, now eight, now nine, now ten. Her modest knee-length dress had become a minidress, hovering about halfway between her knees and hips. She stopped and looked at them.

"There! Happy now, boys?"

"What do you mean? You can't stop there! You have to give us the full ten inches!"

"I have!" she argued. "Look! A full ten inches over my knees!"

"No, no, no! Ten inches above where you left off!"

"What are you talking about? You said a full day for ten inches!"

"Yeah, but it was already at four inches when you agreed. Ten inches from there Boss. C'mon -- you agreed!"

"There's no way I'm showing you guys four more inches. I'll be showing half my ass!"

"Boo! Quitter! How will Jimmy feel if you go back on your gift now, hey? Don't be a spoil-sport Boss. C'mon."

Her head was spinning now. She'd lost control. "Oh what the hell, I've gone this far. What's another few inches?" Once again she pulled her dress up under the belt. Her thighs were almost completely exposed now, the hem stopping just below her ass. The dark tops of her pantyhose were in full view. If she moved at all they would see her panties.

She held out her arms and did another little curtsey. "Tadum! Feast your eyes boys. You'll never see me like this again, I can assure you."

"Damn, Margot," Rick was also well under the influence of the champagne. "You are one hot chick. C'mon babe, shake what yo mama gave ya!"

Margot was taken aback by Rick's boldness but she was even more surprised by her willingness to go along with it. She clasped her hands above her head and threw her hips from side to side, giving the guys her best bump-and-grind. Without realizing it, her movements were making her dress creep further and further up her hips until her panties were now in plain view. The guys went crazy when she shook her shoulders, causing her ample breasts to sway back and forth. They were hooting and clapping, egging her on to do more and more. She was on the verge of giving them a strip show.

"More! More! More!" they pleaded.

"No way! This is all you get!" she laughed. Margot stood still, panting, pulling hair out of her eyes. She looked down. "Oh, shit! Why didn't you guys tell me? Look how high my dress has gone!" She brought her hands together to cover her crotch but was drunk enough to not even think about pulling her dress down. Her ass was in plain view, the dark hosiery tops covering white lace panties.

"You're kidding, right?" answered Rick. "You really expected us to tell you to stop and pull your dress down again? Do you think we're crazy? God, Margot, you are amazingly hot! I mean, seriously, your legs are gorgeous and your tits! Shit Margot! Your tits are incredible!"

Rick was going too far but she now knew for sure that it was really turning her on. She wanted to show off for them. She blushed again, feeling a full mixture of pleasure and embarrassment at what he was saying, what she was doing. She couldn't believe she'd gone this far but at the same time had no desire to stop.

"So here's the real deal Boss. A full week's work for your bra. How 'bout that, huh? Give us your bra, we give you a full week, no pay."

She wasn't sure she'd heard him correctly.

"What? Are you kidding me? Now you want me to take my bra off for you guys?"

"Sure! Just think of it -- a full week for such a simple thing! Keep the dress on, just take off your bra!"

Margot stood there, silent, looking at each of them. Behind those dark-circled eyes and weary faces they all had eager, hopeful expressions. She knew they'd worked really hard for her, gone more than the extra mile all this time. She could give them this. She wanted to give them this. "Oh my God, I can't believe you're asking me to do this! What's worse, I can't believe I'm agreeing to it! But for my guys, my fantastic bunch of guys, you've got it."

Cheers filled the room. Without another word she reached behind her back and began to undo her bra through the fabric of her dress. It took quite a bit of effort to work around the thick knitted material. Finally she felt it unhook and loosen from her breasts. Sliding her sleeves up, she was able to grab the shoulder straps and pull her arms through them. She reached down under her neckline and started to pull the brassiere up and out. Her breasts slumped heavily against her body.

When the men saw her breasts fall free from the brassiere and sway heavily under her dress, they let out a roar of approval. She felt a shiver up her spine. Her nipples hardened. She shook her shoulders again and made her tits swing from side to side. The guys were clapping and whistling. She kept tugging the bra up and out, slowly, like a strip-tease. Suddenly she felt the hooks of the bra snag on the back of her dress.

"Oh shit, it's caught." She struggled with it, trying to reach behind her and unsnag it. The result was a worse snag and a wonderful view of her tits and crotch for the guys. "I - I can't reach it, it's going to ruin my dress. Here Jimmy, you're the birthday boy. Help me here please. Reach down under and unhook me, okay?"

Jimmy stepped up behind her and slid his hand down the back of her dress. The snag was barely within reach and the more he tried to free it, the tighter the neckline pulled against Margot's throat.

"Ack, stop! You're choking me!"

"Sorry Boss. I just can't reach it that way."

"Oh damn. Now it's really turning into an interesting day. Okay, you'll have to get at it from the bottom I guess. And - no - you won't be doing that out here for all to see. Come with me."

The other guys let out a loud moan when they heard this.

"Are you sure you don't need all of us to help, Margot?"

She playfully stuck her tongue out at them and stepped into her office. "Shut the door Jimmy."

As he closed the door, Rick called out "Have fun in there Jimmy! Tell us all about it when it's over!"

"Rick's feeling pretty loose right now Boss, just ignore him."

"It's okay Jimmy, I can make an exception for today. Besides, there's nothing I can complain about. Truthfully, I've been totally into it, going along with it all by myself." She turned her back to him.

"Try and grab it from underneath."

"I, ah, I can't get at it with that belt on Boss. You'll have to take it off."

"Oh, right. Of course."

Margot slipped the belt off then turned her back to him and waited. She shivered as she felt Jimmy slide his hand up under her dress, rubbing his arm against her ass as he did. As his hand moved higher he began to lift the back of her dress. He kept on pulling it higher and higher until it was up to her hips. Her ass was completely in view now.

"Um, Jimmy, that's high enough don't you think?"

"No worries Boss, just trying to get at it so I don't wreck the dress."

"And having a good look at my ass at the same time, no doubt. Right Jimmy?"

"Well... God, Margot, I never knew you were so sexy. Holy shit, you were hot out there. I mean, you were driving us crazy. You can't blame me for wanting to see more can you?" He was eyeing her up and down while he worked at the snag.

"No, I suppose not. And really, I should have stopped it way before now. But you know what Jimmy?"

"What's that, Margot?"

"I'm liking it. It's been a long time since anyone paid attention to me and for it to be you guys - I'm good with it. You're all my boys. It's all good."

Jimmy took his time with the snag, slowly lifting her dress higher as he worked away at it. He had both hands under her dress and it was up to her waist now. He tried to concentrate on the snag -- it was really in there -- but kept looking down at those long legs and curvy hips, all that smooth silk covering her skin. His cock was standing at attention, creating a huge tent in his trousers, right behind Margot's ass. She wasn't making any effort at all to keep her dress down.

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