tagFirst TimeMarian and Ryan

Marian and Ryan


It was Sunday afternoon and Marian Robinson had two problems. The first was that the man who usually mowed her lawn had gotten a steady job and would no longer be around. She had no lawnmower to do the job herself, and the grass was starting to get longer than it should be in her nice suburban neighborhood. She would need to do something about it, such as hiring a different gardener but those she had spoken with had all asked for more than she was willing to pay. When she was a teenager, over thirty years earlier, she had mowed lawns and done other odd jobs and had never had the nerve to charge a tenth of what was being demanded now.

Her other problem was much more serious; she was horny and didn't know what could be done about it. Her favorite dildo had coaxed an orgasm out of her the previous night, but it had been highly unsatisfactory. What she needed was a real cock. George Boxlicker, her sometime sex buddy, hadn't had time for her lately, and she missed him, especially his tongue. There were dozens of men who would be more than willing to fuck her, but she wanted something better. Tall, with large, firm breasts and sun-tanned skin, dark brown hair and blue eyes, Marian was quite an attractive woman and she knew it. She considered herself to be deserving of a man who would take his time with her, the way George did, licking and sucking her breasts and eating her pussy until she enjoyed a great orgasm, before taking his cock and.... She quickly put such thoughts out of her mind; they didn't help and they just made things worse.

While pondering what to do about the two problems, Marian heard a lawn mower operating nearby. When she looked out the window, she saw the neighbor boy, Brian or something like that, mowing their front lawn. As she watched, he expertly steered the machine around the flower beds and along the walkway, working quickly and doing a neat job. "I'll bet I can get him to mow this lawn. And do it cheap too, if I go about it the right way," she told herself.

At one time, Marian had thought of the boy as being a pervert, but she had softened her opinion of him. She liked to sun bathe by her swimming pool in the back yard and one time she had spotted him peeping through the fence at her. After she complained to his mother, he hadn't done it again, and Marian had, since then, come to realize there was really nothing perverted about a young man wanting to look at an attractive, scantily clad woman, such as herself. Assuming he still wanted to look, she knew how she could benefit from his interest.

Marian went into her bedroom and changed her clothes. The Bermuda shorts were replaced by snug hot pants that showed off her long legs and tight ass. She stripped off the blouse and bra and replaced them with a plain white cotton t-shirt. Her dark nipples were outlined under the thin fabric and her breasts swayed enticingly when she moved her upper body. "Just for getting a look at me in this outfit, he ought to mow the lawn for free," she told herself.

She went to the front porch to wait until Brian came by again and, when he did, Marian approached him. "Brian?" she called out.

He heard her over the sound of the mower, but just barely, so he shut it off and looked at her hungrily. "She sure looks good," Ryan told himself, but he had memories of her looking even better, wearing nothing at all and masturbating in the back yard. He had watched her undress and get herself off with her fingers while he was peeping through a hole he had drilled in the wooden tool shed that abutted the fence separating their back yards. Ryan still masturbated to the memory and he could feel his cock stiffening as she approached.

"Hello, Mrs. Robinson." He shifted nervously from one foot to the other, and moved to keep his crotch concealed behind the lawn mower handle.

"Hello, Brian."

"Er, that's Ryan, Ma'am."

"Oh. Sorry. Ryan, then. And why don't you call me Marian? After all, we're friends and neighbors, and both adults. You're almost 21, aren't you?"

"No, I'm just eighteen, Mrs... er, Marian."

"Okay, eighteen then, but an adult anyhow. I wanted to ask you, can you mow my lawn too? The front one here and the back? I'll pay you five dollars." That was a fourth as much as she had been paying the gardener but she wouldn't mention that.

"Sure." Ryan hardly thought about how much work he had just agreed to do for so little money; he was too busy staring at her nipples and at how her tits moved under the thin fabric of her t-shirt when she leaned toward him.

"Okay. Let me know when you're done." Marian turned and walked back to her house, a smug look on her face, that was turned away from Ryan, who was more interested in the way her ass was moving anyhow.

Later, with her second problem still on her mind, as it had been for the last week, Marian looked out the back window and saw Ryan at work there. The day had gotten hotter and he had removed his shirt. She had always thought of him as being fat, ever since he had swum in her pool as a child, but she realized that was no longer so. Upon seeing his bare torso, although there was a little extra weight around his waist, she realized he was not what she would call fat. In fact, it looked as if he had been working out; his chest was big and so were his shoulders. He looked quite strong and athletic and able to take care of himself.

After a minute of looking at his chest and shoulders and the muscles in his arms, Marian realized he might be the answer to her more urgent problem too. He seemed to be available and was almost certainly horny. She could swear him to secrecy but even if he did tell somebody, there was nothing anybody could do about it. His parents might get pissed off but he was 18 years old, and fair game. Marian was pretty sure he would be awkward and inexperienced, but she could teach him to give her what she wanted. After he finished the lawn, she decided, she would invite him into the house to pay him and play it by ear from there. One thing for sure, he was a better prospect than anybody she had exchanged emails with.

An hour later, they were sitting across the kitchen table from each other, with Ryan still nude above the waist, his shirt draped over the back of his chair. She had paid him and offered him a cold Pepsi, which he was glad to get. He had stuffed the money in his wallet and sat down to drink his pop, a few stray blades of grass clinging to his sweaty, muscular body. Marian smiled in anticipation of that body lying under hers and began her efforts to bring that happy circumstance about.

"Ryan, you're all sweaty. Why don't you take a shower?

"Yeah, I'll do that as soon as I get home."

"Why not use my shower while you're here? I can wash your back for you."

"Ahhhhh. Ahhhhh." Ryan was tongue-tied at that thought. She was suggesting washing his naked back. With her hands. The same hands he vividly remembered watching her use to fondle her tits and pussy.

"C'mon," she said, coming around to the other side of the table. "It's this way." Marian led the young man to her bedroom and her personal bathroom. Under different circumstances, she would have directed him to the shower in the hall bathroom but she wanted him in her personal space, with its reminders of her and its proximity to her bed.

"Step in here and get yourself wet and I'll be right back with soap and a towel and a washcloth." Marian directed him into the shower stall, turned on the warm water and left, to gather up what would be needed.

When she returned, barefoot but otherwise dressed as she had been, she smiled at the sight of Ryan, standing naked with his back to her. After admiring his broad shoulders and tight ass, Marian opened the shower door and soaked the washcloth and soap.

"Step back here by the door so I can soap up your back," she told him. When he did, she worked up a lather on the cloth and started by scrubbing across his shoulders and upper and lower back.

Marian continued washing farther down, lower than she really had any need to go, but Ryan made no objection and they were both enjoying themselves. "You've sure got a cute butt," she told him, and emphasized its cuteness by running a soapy index finger between his buttocks and wiggling it where she felt the puckered area. Ryan didn't object to that, either.

"Okay, go ahead and rinse off." Marian gave Ryan's ass a playful slap and, when he stepped back under the stream of water, placed the cloth and soap on the shower caddy. Quickly, while the water was spraying his back, she peeled her t-shirt off over her head and pushed her shorts and bikini panties down to the floor. She stepped out of them into the shower and closed the door behind herself.

Ryan didn't know she was there until he felt Marian press her naked body against his back and her arms go around him to fondle his stiff cock. Still holding his erection with one hand, she slid around in front of him and smiled at his blushing face. She smiled for two reasons. First, she wanted to put him at ease as well as she could and, second, she liked the way his shaft felt in her hand. It was hard as a broomstick and bigger around than either her dildo or her ex-husband's or George's cock. Once she was in front of him, she saw it was longer too. It felt good in her hand and she knew it would feel even better in her pussy.

"You've got a nice dick here too, Ryan. By any chance, were you hoping to get this into my pussy?"

"Ah. Ah. Er, yeah."

"Well, that's good because I was hoping that too. But first, let's get the rest of you washed off. You're just as sweaty in the front as you were in the back."

Quickly, she retrieved the soap and washcloth and washed Ryan's chest, arms and sides. She knelt in front of him to scrub his belly, which put his cock bouncing just inches from her face. Although she hadn't washed it yet, Marian couldn't resist the temptation and took it into her mouth to stroke him a few times with her lips. Suddenly, she heard him panting deeply and felt his cock throbbing and jerking in her mouth. She knew he was about to cum, so she tightened her lips and stroked faster, keeping her tongue in place to catch his semen when he erupted.

A few seconds later, his cock jerked and deposited a big gob of viscous fluid on her tongue. Marian savored the taste and the texture just long enough to swallow it and catch the second spurt. This one felt and tasted just as good and she left it there to be joined by a third gush of Ryan's semen. She swallowed what she had in her mouth, placed her thumb at the base of his cock and brought it forward to squeeze out everything left inside. Once his cock had been milked of all his semen, she took it out of her mouth, licked under the ridge, and smiled up at him around the big, mushroom-shaped head.

"That was really good, Ryan. Now, let's get you washed off the rest of the way; I've got a lot more fun things in mind."

Kneeling again, Marian washed off Ryan's legs and his crotch and finished by gently taking his cock in her hands and soaping it up. She smiled, observing that it had hardly softened at all and was becoming harder as she fondled it. What she had always heard about very young men seemed to be true.

"Okay. Now, you do me." Marian turned around and relaxed as Ryan did the same thing for her back as she had done for his. As he scrubbed inside her ass cheeks, sending thrills rippling through her, she reached around to play with his cock. Marian was elated to find it was just as hard as it had been when she had taken it into her mouth.

"Don't forget my front," she told him while turning around so he could wash her there.

Marian thrust out her breasts and, after they had been washed and rinsed, asked "Do you like my titties?"

"Yes. They're really beautiful."

"Show me you like them. Kiss them. Lick them."

When Ryan bent to do as she asked, he was too tall and just pushed her breasts out of the way with his tongue. "Like this," Marian instructed him, and raised his hands to cup them under her luscious globes. "Okay. Now, lick my nipples."

While his hands held her lovely breasts in place, Ryan stroked the nipples with his tongue. He was surprised to find they were hard not soft the way he had expected. His friends had told him that nipples are soft, almost rubbery, but he was licking two dark, hard nubbins. As his tongue caressed them, they seemed to be made up of dozens of tiny ridges, which felt better the longer he licked them.

It felt better to Marian too, so much better that she could feel her slick juices trickling down her legs. Every touch of his tongue seemed to send a charge from her nipple to her clit and her pussy was squirming in anticipation. "That feels wonderful, Ryan. I love the way you lick me but right now, I want to get this big dude in my pussy." She gently squeezed his cock while she said that.

They both wanted the same thing so they quickly finished washing off the front of her body, turned off the shower and stepped out to dry each other off. Holding his arm, the horny woman led the equally horny man into the bedroom, where she had already stripped off the bedding, except for a sheet. It was warm, and they wouldn't need any covering. She stopped to take a condom from the bed stand drawer and remove the wrapper before telling Ryan to lie on his back.

This confused him because he had thought the woman had to lie on her back while the man was on top. He knew that she was far more experienced that he, though, and did what she said. Besides the experience issue, he was afraid she might change her mind if he didn't do what she wanted. Ryan lay flat on his back, his cock pointing straight into the air, while Marian climbed onto the bed, straddling his legs.

Once again she admired his big, hard cock and leaned forward, taking it into her mouth and stroking it between her lips while she laved the shaft with her tongue. She had no intention of sucking him off again, just of getting him wet enough for her to roll the condom onto where it belonged. Before mounting Ryan, she smiled again, putting him completely at his ease.

"We're really going to have fun today," she told him.

"I'm having fun already."

"So am I, but we're going to have a lot more. Now, just lie there until I get into position. Then, let me do the work."

Marian walked forward on her knees until her brown pubic hair was pressed against the underside of the erection that was waiting for her. Leaning forward and placing her hands on either side of Ryan, she raised her body until her pussy was directly above his cock. From anticipation of what was about to happen, she was lubricating heavily, her juices streaming down her legs or dribbling onto Ryan's cock. She supported herself on one hand and held his hard shaft with the fingers of the other so she could rub the head in her wetness, spreading her slick juices.

Ryan was a little nervous, never having done anything like this before. He had been fantasizing over it for years, though, much of the time lying in bed thinking about the same woman who was about to make his dreams come true. Already he thought of it as the greatest day of his life and he knew it was going to get better.

It got much better for both of them. With her pussy and his cock both ready, Marian held the tip against her tight opening and lowered her body slightly. She gave a great sigh of delight as the head wedged into her, sending joy coursing through her body. To prolong the initial blissful sensation, she stayed where she was for a few seconds, before putting her hand back on the bed and slowly lowering her body to envelop more of Ryan's cock.

She stopped again when it was halfway inside her. This was the biggest and hardest and youngest cock she had felt in a long time, maybe ever. Incredible pleasure was radiating outward from its path, from where the thick shaft was stretching her opening to where the head was burrowing into her and expanding her love channel. Fresh juices gushed inside her pussy, easing the deeper passage of the big shaft. Marian moaned with joy from the sensations that swirled through her.

"Are you okay?" Ryan was concerned about her moaning and hoped he wasn't hurting her.

"More than okay. Your dick is making me feel just wonderful. How does my pussy feel to you?"

"Great. Better'n anything I ever felt."

"I'm really glad to heat that, and it's going to get even better." Marian slowly lowered her body the rest of the way until she was completely impaled on Ryan's cock and she could feel his pubic hair tickling her sensitive and engorged pussy lips. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled out from the entire length of its presence inside her and she paused again to revel in the incredible sensations.

She decided to use the more intimate female superior position, with its full body contact, later moving to the cowgirl if she needed it to cum. From the way her pussy felt already, she could almost have an orgasm without even moving, just lying on top of the young man while his cock filled her to capacity. Marian leaned forward, stretching her legs out beside Ryan's and curling her arms under his. Her lips were close to his ear and she could intimately whisper directions to him.

"Bend your knees," she told him. "Put your feet flat on the bed. Oooo, yeah, like that." When he bent his knees, his legs forced her thighs farther apart, getting his cock a fraction of an inch deeper into her pussy. Even greater swells of pleasure radiated out, inundating her body.

Slowly, pulling with her forearms and pushing from her knees, Marian moved her body forward until she could feel that only the head of Ryan's cock remained inside her. She paused and reversed her direction, pushing back and again enclosing his hard shaft in her pussy. Ryan felt his cock being enveloped and reflexively thrust forward to meet her, eliciting another ecstatic moan when she squished against his pubic area. This time he didn't ask about it because it felt so good to him that he almost made the same sound.

"Yes! Yes! Like that! Keep doing that," Marian whispered into his ear. There was no need to whisper because nobody could have heard them anyhow, but the intimacy increased their enjoyment.

Both of them kept doing that, Marian sliding forward and back and Ryan driving his cock in to meet her. As they slowly and affectionately fucked, Marian could feel her level of pleasure mounting and knew she would cum soon.

Until then, Ryan's arms had been lying at his side but Marian wanted to get them into action. "Put your hands on my ass. Okay, but put your fingers inside the cleft. Oooo, yeah. Yeah, that feels good." A different kind of delight rippled through her body as she felt his fingertips caressing her puckered hole.

A few dozen slow, deep strokes later, Marian knew she was on the verge of cumming. "I'm ready to cum, Ryan. When I start, hold onto me and keep fucking into me, but harder and faster."


She picked up the speed of her strokes and Ryan matched the increased pace. At the end of every one, just as her pussy lips pressed wetly against him, she raised her ass, scraping her clit against the top of his cock. "Uh! Uh! Uh!" Marian whimpered as she felt a tsunami of pleasure rising to overwhelm her.

"Yes! Yes! I'm cumming! Keep fucking me!" she blurted out.

Her movements became more erratic, her lower body wobbling on top of Ryan. He remembered what she had said, though, and held tightly to her ass cheeks while driving his cock in and out of her. His own pleasure was mounting too, from how tightly her pussy was squeezing his cock and from the knowledge that she was cumming from what his cock was doing. As he plunged it over and over into her pussy, he pushed down on her ass, maintaining the contact with her clit that she needed.

"Ah! AH!" Marian cried out, her back arching and her body clenching as she climaxed. After her orgasm, she lay quietly on top of Ryan, who kept ramming his cock in and out of her pussy.

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