tagGroup SexMarie and a Bunch of Guys

Marie and a Bunch of Guys


Here's a short story that I've shared with some readers who have written to me. Hopefully, if you don't get aroused by it, at least you will be amused.

Unlike my stories, this episode actually happened. Not one of my finest hours, but I was young and dumb and, as the saying goes, full of cum.


Sophomore year of college, and the last actual day I would be on campus for that year. There was a party - typical thing with cheap beer and Boone's Farm wine. Probably don't make that anymore but it was the most vile stuff grapes have even been associated with. What I liked about it most was that it wasn't beer.

The party moves around and I'm in an apartment with a few guys I don't know and a couple of guys I do know, one of whom is a guy I had been seeing (up until that night) off and on all that semester. There's another girl there that I don't know, so I feel comfortable. Just a bunch of long hairs and a couple of girls shooting the shit and getting loaded.

One of the guys suggests that it would be a good idea if we played strip poker. That doesn't sound all that good to me, but it was the last day of school and all and I was going through a little wild streak after Ken (the love of my life up until then) and yours truly were done. We start playing poker and I'm doing good. Still have my socks and one shoe, not to mention everything else still on. One of the guys is down to his underwear and I remember his underwear were torn around the elastic top. The stuff you remember!

All of a sudden, I notice that the other girl had vanished. Maybe I was staring at the guy in his underwear when she left. Then I start losing. The socks are off and so are my jeans. Wasn't wearing a bra so I got a free play when I lost for like the fifth time in a row. By then, I know that something is wrong with this card dealing, but I am confident that my semi-boyfriend will make sure that I'm okay.

My blouse has to come off when, despite the mathematical chances of this happening, I lose once again. Now, regardless of how modest and ashamed I am about my breasts these days, back in my late teens I had a nice pair on me. Not big, but these babies jutted straight out, like they were in one of those pointed bras that Madonna wore for a while in the 90's. Defied the law of gravity, and my nipples/aureoles were fat red cones that almost covered the ends of them. Wish I had a picture of them back then. THAT I would post anywhere.

I take off my top and I hear one of the guys exhale while another clears his throat and suddenly it's very quiet in the room and all eyes are on me. I'm not hiding myself, so I guess I liked the attention.

"Told you," my pseudo boyfriend said to everybody but me, and one guy growls and grunts a little.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"Who cares?" I was told. "The party is just starting."

Now other clothes are coming off. Dicks are swinging and springing around. I have my panties still on and they aren't coming off.

"Here," boyfriend says as he shows up beside me at the kitchen table, his dick hard and pointing at me and I almost fall off the chair.

"Not here," I said, but he's insistent.

I start sucking his dick and there's a hand groping my tit and another on my lap. I slap that lower one away while my boyfriend tells everybody to stay cool.

Boyfriend comes in my mouth, and the fact that I swallowed his load seems to amaze the group. Four guys are now around my chair and as my boyfriend steps away another guy appears, dick in hand. I'm surrounded by a bunch of guys that look like Canned Heat.

"I promised them," my boyfriend says. "Told them how cool you are."

In 1973, this is the kind of girl I was when it came to oral sex. It made perfect sense to me. He promised these guys that I would suck their cocks so I did. Actually, like I have always maintained, you don't do anything drunk that you don't REALLY want to do, so I started sucking this guy's cock too. He cums while hands play with my tits. Every once in a while a hand tries to get down below but I protest and boyfriend makes them stop, because he doesn't get down there either.

Another dick and then another. I keep having to take drinks because my mouth is getting dry, but that's fine with them. Drink up Marie! Hands continue to knead my tits and one guy is playing with the hair under my arms. Probably not thrilling to a guy in 2010 - armpit hair on a girl - but back in the early 70's we were all free-spirits or pretending to be, and a lot of guys liked that hippie look. Ken had asked me not to shave when we were dating and so, since I wasn't very hairy and the hair was so light it was nearly invisible, I had gone along with it for a time.

The four of them - all white guys by the way - all get off and now my boyfriend is back for more. He tells me how he got hard watching me take care of his friends and whispers in my ear that he loves me and is proud of me. By the way, he adds, maybe this would be a good time to have sex, as in real sex. Intercourse. There's a bedroom we can use.


Boyfriend cums in my mouth. Ever have five guys cum in your mouth? Well, no I know you haven't. Technically it was four guys cumming once and my boyfriend twice, and now I realize that they're coming around for seconds. No no no.

"I gotta go," I say trying to put on my blouse while guys are still playing with my tits. Not easy. I put it on backwards but don't care, because if I had any kind of a reputation an hour ago it was disappearing fast now. "We gotta go."

"One more," my boyfriend says as I look down and see that I've got my blouse on backwards. "It's his apartment. You gotta."

Another cock, and this is a new one. Attached to a darker skinned guy. An Indian, Feather not dot. There were a lot of Native Americans in that area of very upstate New York, and I guess I'm on his turf and expected to pay rent for the joy of having my mouth used as a sperm bank in his dump. If boyfriend thinks this guy is owed a blow job, maybe he should do it, I think... but don't say.

This cock is dark, short, fat and uncircumcised. The second uncircumcised one I'd ever seen and I'm not a fan. That comes from an experience that I would like to share but can't here.

His cock tastes like he kept it a sweat locker. Nasty fat dick that I try to get off really fast, but of course he's a dawdler. Finally he cums and I get up and look for the door. His cum was so bitter and his dick was so rank that the combination had my eyes were watering and I couldn't see. Boyfriend helps me find my way to the door and I almost fall down the stairs when I start running after hearing one of these guys ask, "Ain't we gonna fuck her?"

I make it out to the street just in time to projectile vomit the half gallon cocktail of cheap wine and semen I had consumed during this "party". Boyfriend asks if I'm alright?!?!?! I throw up on his pants for an answer. On purpose. My only regret was that he didn't get the first volley, which was more impressive.

I tried to put a little humorous angle to this, because to be honest, up until the end it wasn't all that bad. I got to show off my titties and I sucked a few dicks of guys that I thankfully would never see again, including my alleged boyfriend. Marie's walk on the wild side. Today, there would be pictured of that episode all over the Internet because these asses would have had their phones out capturing those precious moments for the whole world to see. God bless the 70's.

So in answer to the frequently asked question about how wild I was sexually in my real life, that is my one and only sexual experience with more than one person.


thanks for reading

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by Anonymous10/18/17

Marie is one of a kind

No one is better.


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