tagLoving WivesMarie Ch. 01

Marie Ch. 01


Chapter 01: The Audition

I'm a 45 year old husband who takes good care of myself. I run several times a week lift weights and eat right. I'm 5'11", 210#, with a well muscled physique. My wife is 39 years old and I think she's gorgeous. Many men that see her think the same, as she gets wolf whistles and verbal compliments from men, when I'm not around. She's 5'6", 125#, brown eyes, light brown hair and a well put together body. She has a 34B chest, a size 6 frame and beautiful legs. In the past few years, I've gotten her to open up more and let people see her beauty. She wears more figure hugging clothes, shorter skirts, lower neck lines, all tasteful, yet eye-catching.

I am the only man my wife has ever had sex with or even been nude for. We have been married for 21 years and have a very active sex life. She is very orgasmic and will have so many, that at least once a week, she has trouble walking because of sore legs. It's almost a ritual to try and make this happen. Sex is not always typical. She gives wonderful head, but seldom allows me to cum in her mouth, and then only partially. We have anal sex a hand full of times a year and once in a blue moon she uses vibrators.

I can't get her to fantasize about sex, with me or others, she never will talk about it. She's not a prude by any stretch, but although she will wear clothes to attract attention, she is still concerned about even a nipple slip. She occasionally tries to be a little experimental, but those times were fleeting.

In general, we lead a basic middle class life, with an above average sex life. I have always wanted a little more and found an opportunity to push for it.

My wife has occasionally acted in civic theater productions. This carried over from high school where she was in several plays. It's always been a fun thing for her and something to relax her, get her mind off day to day stuff. We live in a large city and there are several playhouses with many different venues. I caught an ad in the paper for one of the theaters known more for being risqué. We had been to a few of their productions and had always seen some type of nudity, including full frontal of both men and women. Nothing you wouldn't have seen on late night cable, strictly R-rated. Their plays had a fairly professional look and the nudity was never overly gratuitous.

The ad was for a production about a middle-aged housewife, who became bored and started cheating on her husband. I decided to check into it and found that they were looking for a 40ish woman, attractive, that would be comfortable with some nudity and being around up to four nude men. I thought for a while and decided to ask my wife to audition. It took a lot of coaxing over a couple days, but I got her to go to the audition on that Saturday. I had figured they'd want to get a good look at her since she was having a nude scene, but I wasn't ready for what happened.

We arrived at one o'clock and she was given a portion of a script and a few minutes to review it. She was called up and read her lines, along with a very attractive young man. Nothing very deep about the test lines, but she was competent and asked to step into the next room as they would like to have her for the second half of the audition. I was allowed to be with her throughout this and everything was very pleasant and upbeat. After about a half hour, we were asked to step into an office where we sat across from the director at his desk. This became where the rubber met the road. What was about to happen, if it happened, would be a life altering experience.

The director was very professional and direct. He said that he needed to see my wife naked and needed to have her do a short audition with one of the co-stars, who would also be naked. He handed her the pages and then said he'd give us a few minutes to look at the lines and decide if she was interested.

Reading the script with her, I saw that this man was to be one of her lovers in the play. He was playing a 20 year old college student and would be touching her and suckling her breasts. Additionally, they would be simulating sex, doggy-style in this scene. We were a little apprehensive as it was apparent that his cock would be in close proximity to her pussy. I was also excited at the possibility of this. It would be visually stimulating and yet would be safe and in a controlled environment. I'd deal with the feelings of 200 people seeing this at a later time. We ran through the pages again, discussed what would be happening and she reluctantly decided to try it. I made it clear that she could back out at any time and she assured me that if something occurred that I didn't like, I should stop things and we could leave.

A couple minutes later the director and the young actor knocked and came in. My wife let them know we had talked and she was still interested. With that, the director had them move over toward a table and chairs on the other side of the room and asked them to disrobe. My wife had a sun dress with spaghetti straps, sandals, no bra and pair of low-rise white panties. She took off the shoes, then looked me in the eyes and slid the straps off her shoulders and the dress hit the floor. I and both the other men were staring at her. She had a nice tan, except for her breasts, which were a creamy white with dark hardened nipples in the middle. She then bent over as she slid her panties down and stepped out of them. As she stood up holding the dress and panties, I was mesmerized. The room was a little cool and her nipples were very pert and her pussy lips could be clearly seen as she was shaved clean with the exception of a narrow strip.

After what felt like several minutes of the guys inspecting her body, her co-star pulled off his t-shirt and jeans. I couldn't help but notice that he was almost rock hard already. His cock was close to 8" long and was bigger around than most I'd seen. Also, his body was a solid 6'1" with rippled abs, full chest, hard ass, good tan, any woman's wet dream. My wife was slowly looking him up and down and when she realized I saw her looking, she turned her eyes down and blushed a bit.

As they stood there, checking out each other, the director explained this exercise was to see how my wife looked, how they looked together and to see if they were comfortable and had the chemistry needed. He continued that there would be a good deal of physical contact and this was as much to see that I could handle it, as it was to see if she could. They didn't want to be home wreckers and needed to be certain that we both could handle the intimacy of the scene. He also made sure we understood that this was only a small portion of the intimate contact she could expect throughout the play.

As I saw her standing there with her naked co-star, I wondered just how much contact we were talking about and if I could handle it. I was certain I had wanted her to be naked in front of other men, but that was a pride thing, knowing I could have her and they couldn't. This scene had few words and was mostly action, with this young man performing the action only I had previously. I wasn't even certain how much action there would be and that concerned me as much as anything. I caught my wife's eyes, got up and went to her. I gave her a gentle kiss and whispered in her ear that I would support her decision. I backed up to sit nearby and she nodded to the director and said we were okay with it. The director then asked that I step in the hall with him for a moment leaving them alone, naked.

In the hall he explained that he wanted them to get a little more comfortable with each other and being nude in front of each other. I wasn't sure what comfortable meant, but in my frame of mind, anything could be going on behind that door. After several minutes, he knocked and we re-entered the room. Her stud had his arm low around her waist with most of his hand on her ass cheek. I could see at least one of her nipples was wet and could see her pussy was moist as it glistened when the light hit it. She smiled at me and then looked at the director. He asked if they were ready and both answered yes. He then looked at her co-star and reminded him that before simulating sex, he should make sure she was wet enough so no one became raw. Hearing this brought an instant mental picture that both scared and excited me. My thoughts were broken when the director said they could begin when they were ready.

The young stud pulled her to him with the hand on her ass. He ran his other hand over her hair and face and drew her in for a tender kiss. As they kissed, his hand continued down to her breast which he caressed and lightly tweaked. I saw a shiver escape her as she moaned softly into his mouth. As they broke the kiss, his mouth went down to her neck and then her breast and the hand on her ass disappeared into her crack at the base. I heard her gasp slightly and saw her tense up for a second. While he suckled her breast, one of her hands ran down his back and felt his ass and with the other, she ran her fingers through his hair.

As he sucked on her nipples and his hand worked her butt, she let out a couple moans and had moved her hand to wrap around his shaft. At this, he let out a moan. I could see she was gently stroking him, very subtlely. All this took only about three or four minutes and then he raised his head and turned her so she was facing the table with her back to him. She still had his cock in her hand and he had one hand on her breast. His dick was laying in the crack of her ass and she appeared to be pressing back against it, while running her hand slowly up and down the top side of his dick. He then whispered something in her ear; she whispered something back and bent over with her hands on the back of a chair. He backed up slightly, lowered his cock to line it up with her pussy and leaned forward. His cock head gently road the curve of her ass and slid across her labia until his hips made contact with her ass and his cock head was sticking beyond her clit. He held it there and I could see it pulsing. It was hard as granite and colored a dark purple. One of her hands went down between her legs and she ran her fingers along the underside of his shaft and head. He began to make slow stroking motions as if he was fucking her, but was only running it through her pussy lips. I could see from my angle that the top side of his cock was glistening with my wife's juices and the tip had a drop of pre-cum. On each thrust his dick would stick out between her legs, but from another angle, you'd believe they were really fucking. My wife's fingers continued to gently scrape his manhood as it slid in and out from between her valley.

During this I heard nothing except the occasional moan and the sound of his cock rubbing her wet lips. I was in a trance seeing this young stud have his way with my bride. Although he wasn't penetrating her, he was surely getting her hotter by the minute. Meanwhile, my dick was harder than I thought possible. As jealous as I was, I was incredibly turned on. I couldn't take my eyes off her pussy, seeing his cock poking through her legs and hand with each stroke. I thought that once in a while, I didn't see the tip of his cock, but I figured it was just her hand obstructing my view. This simulation went on for about five more minutes and I heard my wife's breathing increase. Suddenly he grabbed her hips more firmly and began driving hard into her. Her hand tightened around his cock so I was unable to see it and she let loose with a powerful orgasm. He continued to slam into her until a few seconds after her orgasm let down. He then let out a loud grunt as he pulled his dick from between her legs and it erupted with a thick white stream of cum landing in my wife's hair and a second hitting her asshole. Then he started rubbing his cock in the crack of her ass, while squeezing her ass cheeks against his cock. She reached around and ran her fingers over his cock head as he stroked. He continued to stroke and proceeded to cover much of her back with his seed. She continued to gently caress his cock as it began to slow its thick flow and allowed a puddle to form between his cock head, her ass and her hand. She finally let go and he leaned forward enough to help her straighten up. He kissed her neck and I saw another shiver. While nuzzling her, he was fondling her tits and rubbing her nipples lightly between his fingers. He again whispered in her ear and she gave a coit smile. She lifted her hand with his cum on it and brought it to her face. She turned to lightly kiss his lips and then brought her hand to her lips and ran her tongue between her thumb and forefinger. I almost came in my pants. She had a glob of his sperm on her tongue so he could see and then she seductively curled her tongue and brought it into her mouth and swallowed. Then they kissed again and began to realize we were still there.

Their breathing had calmed and as they separated, the young man apologized to her and said she was so incredibly hot, he couldn't hold back any longer. She assured him that this wasn't a problem and she was flattered that such a good looking young man could find her attractive.

After we all came to our senses, I looked at my wife and caught her eyes. She smiled a reserved grin and glanced down again. She was a sight, her alabaster breasts had taken on a rosy hue. She had hand marks on her hips and cum dripping down the crack of her ass. She appeared a little ashamed as the director handed her a towel and she began wiping off the evidence. Her co-star ran a towel over her back and ass, paying a little extra attention to her crack. He brought the towel through her legs and even ran it between her pussy lips, which elicited another shiver and a small smile. He then leaned in the whisper again, but this time, she looked in my direction and quietly said something back while lightly shaking her head. They finished cleaning up and dressed casually as if what had happened was the most natural thing ever.

The director asked us to wait in the hall while he talked to the other actor for a minute. After about five minutes, the director came out and let us know that the part was my wife's if she wanted it. He let her know that she looked fantastic with Brad (her co-star) and if she accepted, rehearsals would begin Monday night at 6pm. There were only two weeks before opening night and if she said yes, she should expect two weeks of late nights. She said she'd call by Monday noon.

I almost had to carry my wife as we walked out to the car. She was pretty quiet and I figured the guilt was working its way to the surface. Once in the car, I let her know how much I loved her and how erotic that scene had been. I let her know that although things went much further than I had expected, she had no reason to feel any shame and that I would support her in this play, if she chose to do it. She let out a little sob and the 45 minute drive home was a relatively silent one.

Once we got home, I brought her to the bedroom and had her undress, the same as in her audition. I took off my clothes as well and then copied the scene that was fresh in my mind. The only difference was I penetrated her. She was incredibly wet and I slid in with ease. She felt different or maybe my level of excitement created that perception. In any case, I only lasted a few strokes before blowing my load in my gorgeous wife's cunt.

After my release, we showered and then screwed like never before, with almost no words the entire night. We fucked. We both were in a place of sexual excitement that we'd never experienced. I lost track of time, but every time one of us woke through the night, another incredible round ensued. It was 1pm Sunday before we came up for air.

Once we had settled down, it was time to discuss what had happened. We had showered and were relaxing with a couple drinks and some lunch by our pool, when I broached the subject and asked what was the last thing he had whispered in her ear and what had she replied. Apparently, he asked if she would clean him. I said that would have been a smaller deal than much of the other, but then she said, with her tongue. He figured since she had tasted his cum, she wouldn't be reluctance to suck off the rest of his seed. She felt that was a line I wouldn't want her to cross. I asked was it a line you wanted to cross? She answered very quietly that she wasn't sure.

I asked her to run through what had taken place while I was in the hall and what she was thinking and feeling as the scene progressed. She gave me enough detail to cause my sore, worn out cock to come to attention, again.

At first, she was thinking it was cute, a license from me to allow her to show her body and enjoy a young guy as well. It wasn't until she saw him naked with a hard-on, that she realized this was much more than that. He was so attractive and young. He was fantasy material, even though she said she never fantasized. She had never been in the presence of another bare cock and the size only added to the moment.

When the director and I left the room, she was surprised and very nervous. She hadn't expected to be alone with a naked man. He put her at ease by staying back the first couple minutes and just talked and looked at her body. He complimented her and specifically mentioned her tits and how she was shaved and her tan and just made her feel relaxed.

Before he touched her, he asked. He said her skin looked so soft he wanted to touch it. She let him. He ran his hands over her shoulders and down her arms and then around to her back. He stopped as his hands just started onto her butt cheeks. He looked her in the eyes and asked if he could kiss her, she didn't answer and leaned in to him. As they started kissing, she realized his cock was touching her with its base against her pubic bone. He kissed a little firmer and pressed his crotch tighter to her, she didn't pull back. He broke the kiss, moving his mouth to her breast and with one hand still on the top of her ass; he moved the other around to her pussy.

She was startled at this and he straightened up to face her, leaving his hands where they were. He explained that even in simulated sex, she had to be wet or they would be rubbing each other raw. He thought she knew that his cock would be running over her labia and clit and if she was dry, it could get painful.

Without another word, he lifted his finger to his mouth, moistened it, lowered it to her pussy and ran it over her clit. She said she almost came instantly. As he massaged it, she began to get more excited, her breathing quickening. He then started running his finger over her vaginal lips. They were getting very wet and she was approaching the edge. It was then he stuck his finger as far in her pussy as he could and she shuttered with a powerful orgasm. He began thrusting his finger in and out until she settled down. He then lowered her to a chair, removing his finger from her box. As she sat there catching her breath and wondering about what she had just done, she looked up and saw his large cock only a couple inches from her mouth.

She reached out and touched it, running her fingers over its length, then circling her hand around it. She loved how it twitched in her hand and how soft it was while being rock hard. Her other hand then went lower and caressed his large balls. She softly rolled them in her fingers, feeling their weight and softness. They were smooth as he shaved except for a small patch directly above his shaft.

When he spoke, it startled her. He simply told her to put it in her mouth. She told him she couldn't do that, it would be going too far and she wasn't even sure she should have gone as far as she had. As she was saying this, she realized she had been slowly stroking his cock and some pre-cum had oozed out of the tip. He convinced her to at least kiss the tip. She felt like she owed him something, so she leaned forward and kissed it at the opening. When she pulled back, she realized some of his pre-cum was on her lips so she looked up at him and slowly ran her tongue over her lips, cleaning them off. She then stood up and they kissed gently and had just separated when the director knocked on the door and it opened. She knew I would know something had happened, but not exactly what, but since I said I'd support her and it was only some harmless touching, she thought I would be alright with it.

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