tagIncest/TabooMark and Mary Ch. 01

Mark and Mary Ch. 01


The 1st chapter is just an end to "The Black Stone." Hopefully it closes that story for people who have read "The Black Stone" and provides an introduction for new readers.


Going back to the Kingdom, Mark waited in the Marble hall for Hope to return with Rosemary. Hearing the clicking of heels, Mark stood and looked down the long corridor. Rosemary looked stunning, free of drugs and booze her Auburn hair shone and her smile was dazzling. Spotting Mark she ran into his arms, kissing his neck and nibbling his ear she felt her nipples stiffen as she pressed herself into his iron hard chest.

Untangling himself from Rosemary, he was surprised to see Isabella with Hope. Telling Rosemary "she was not to speak about this place and he would see her soon," she was sent back to the hotel balcony.

Turning to face Isabella and Hope he felt his cock stiffen as he drank in their beauty. Walking through to the suite, the girls chattered excitedly as they told Mark about their children and "how his sperm donations impregnated several 100 other women."

Throwing his clothes on the floor Mark reclined on the bed, stroking his rock-hard cock and smiled as the 2 women helped each other undress. Despite having given birth only a few weeks before Hopes body was firm and toned, only her slightly heavier tits that leaked a little as Isabella tweaked them were different.

As Isabella started to suck his cock, Mark twirled his tongue around Hopes swollen nipples. Hope watched as Mark greedily suckled on her milk, his face as the sweet sickly tit milk hit his taste buds caused her to giggle. Urging Hope up she straddled his head and lowered her cunt onto his mouth. Hope gasped as Mark pushed his tongue into her wet hole, nibbling at her sex lips he reached her clit. Swirling his tongue around the sensitive nub caused her to moan as she felt the heat building in her belly.

Sucking her clitty into his mouth and grazing his teeth around its base caused her to scream as her orgasm swept through her body. Pulling back slightly, Mark watched her hole flex, her body shook as she squirted pussy juice onto Marks face. Quickly changing position, Hope rammed her cunt onto Marks cock. Hopes cunt, although soaking wet, was still tight. As his cock forced her delicate folds apart, she reached between them and scrabbled at her clit. Marks felt her cunt working his cock as she gripped and flexed on his cock, with a savage thrust of his hips he was balls deep in her silky tunnel.

As Isabella's lowered her cunt onto his face, Mark grabbed hopes arse and brutally banged her cunt. The girls started to kiss and fondle each others' tits, Isabella was the 1st to cum as Marks tongue and teeth worked their magic. As she grunted and squealed his mouth and face were swamped in girl cum.

Mark felt Hopes cunt start to ripple on his cock, ramming his cock into her, her orgasm ripped through her as she yelped and squealed with pleasure.

Ignoring her attempts to pull off him a little he luxuriated in the soft heat his cock was encased in. Letting go of her she slumped forward and slid off his cock, Isabella slid down and mounted Mark reverse cow girl.

The older women's cunt was not as tight but Mark revelled in the softness and heat of her. As she rode him Mark laid still, intently watching as his cock stretched her pink slit. After just a few minutes Mark could feel and hear her orgasm nearing. As she came she plunged her cunt down, balls deep, Mark felt his cock expand as he shot a heavy load deep into her body. After making love to both women again they fell asleep on the large bed. Waking several hours later, Mark stepped into the shower to wash the pussy juice from his crotch and face. Returning to the bedroom the 2 women sat on the bed, both in tears.

"whatever's the matter?"

"You're not coming back, are you?" the women chorused,

"I don't know, there is a lot I want to do in my own world. I feel I have gone as far as I can with the stone."

"You haven't needed the stone in months, you have been granted all and more of its powers. Just be careful, until you understand your powers, they can be dangerous"

"Will you help me understand these powers?"

"I cannot help, but if you want to come here, just think it."

Leaving the stone on the table Mark returned to the balcony.

Chapter 2

Mark was deep in thought as he collected his sister, Mary, from the house. Throwing her bag on the back seat, waved to the girls and settled into the passenger seat next to her brother. "I am really going to miss the house and the girls, if I am honest will miss the business as well."

Looking across at her Mark was captivated by her natural beauty, it was the 1st time in a long time he had seen her without makeup and in casual clothes.

"I will try to make our new life just as exciting as your old one"

"Whatever you do will be great, its not so long ago I lived in a grotty little cottage with an abusive husband. I owe all of this to you, even this body I occupy is thanks to you"

Hearing her talk of her cottage, reminded Mark of unfinished business, starting the car, he headed north towards Hartlepool. After an hour or so Mary leaned across and unzipped Marks trousers, her breath caught in her throat as she pulled his flaccid cock towards her mouth. Mary loved the taste of cock, during her escort days she had lost count of the amount of cocks that had blasted their seed down her throat.

As she expertly licked, nibbled and sucked his bulbous bell end Mark groaned and slowed the car slightly as he moved his arse forward. As His cock grew rock hard, Mary was unable to take much more than an inch or 2 into her mouth. Looking at the monstrous pole sticking out of his jeans her pussy flooded her panties as she thought about it stretching her young cunt.

Looking down Mark was amazed, it seemed that he could now control his cock size by thinking he wanted and extra inch on his girth. Mark was having a hard time keeping the car in a straight line as his sister's head bobbed up and down on his rock-hard cock, seeing a lay-by Mark pulled off the road.

The car had barely stopped rolling as he felt his cock swell. Mary managed to swallow his thick ropes of cum, loving the taste she squeezed and stroked his heavy bollocks and as his cock started to soften took his entire length deep into her mouth.

The lay-by they had stopped in was tree lined and a little way off the road. As his sister sucked his cock, Mark was soon raging hard 'Need you to stop sucking me, want to fuck you real hard."

As Mary got out of the car she slipped her sandals off, bending over the bonnet she flipped her skirt up and pulled her panties aside showing Mark her soaking wet pink slit. As Mark pushed 3 fingers into her she thrust her hips back, urging his fingers deep into her slippery depths "Oh dear god I need your cock inside me now!"

Ripping her panties off he pulled her cunt apart and pushed his fat cock into his sisters sopping wet hole. As his cock pushed her delicate folds apart Mary bit down onto her blouse sleeve as he forced the biggest cock she had ever seen into her. Reaching behind her and putting her hand onto his stomach "fuck, give me a minute, you are massive."

Relaxing Mark relished his sister's cunt as he gently moved the 4" or so she had taken, in and out of her sopping cunt. With each thrust he entered her a little more, soon she had around 10" of rock hard cock. Feeling his cock hit the top of her cunt, Mark backed off a little and began long slow strokes deep into her. Mary squealed with pleasure and pain as she pushed her cunt ever deeper onto her brother's giant cock.

Deciding to give his sister the best of both worlds, Mark changed bodies with her. Mary was stunned to feel sex from a mans perspective, but knowing the pain that his huge cock could cause she pulled out slightly and pumped as fast as she could. Mark couldn't believe the feelings he was experiencing, an intense heat welled up in his lower stomach, he felt his whole body convulse as his cunt spilled cum all over the massive cock as it started to pour spunk cooling and coating his deepest places.

Jumping back to his own body they laid on the grass verge trying to recover Mary panted "that was fucking amazing, you should have stayed a bit longer, my cunt is still cumming."

Arriving in Hartlepool, Mark parked outside Marys small terraced house. As Mary walked up to the local shop to get some milk and supplies to last the few days they expected to be there, Mark went through the post. Finding the letter, he wanted he sat down as he read the developers offer, it seemed that Marys little house was worth 160 grand.

Mary was shocked at the offer, her mortgage was around 30k, after expenses she would bank around 120k. Mark reminded her that she would have to go back to her old body for a while, this gave Mary an idea. Explaining to Mark that "sometimes she could feel the young girl, whose body she occupied, struggling to get out from under Marys occupation."

Mark was unsure what they could do about it, going upstairs they found Marys old body exactly as they had left it. Realising that he didn't have the stone anymore Mark concentrated and cast Mary back to her old body. Sitting up Mary felt very strange, stiff and lethargic, standing up she felt very wobbly and dizzy. Realising that she was bursting for a piss she rushed off to the bathroom, forcing her heavy, tired feeling legs to carry her to the bathroom.

Lifting her dress over her head she took her panties off and felt relief as she relieved her aching bladder. Feeling uncomfortable she took her bra off as she sat on the toilet. Finally, the stream of piss stopped, dabbing her pussy dry she stood and examined herself. She had always been proud of her body and as she rubbed her skin back to life she started to feel much better. Walking back into the bedroom she was aware of her slightly heavy bottom and thighs, putting her fingers between her legs she felt the familiar large full lips of her pussy.

Mark was stunned, he had forgotten how pretty his sister was as he took in her pretty face, large breasts and shapely legs. Seeing her brothers admiring looks she felt proud of her body and started to doubt her plan. Seeing the young girl hadn't come around, Mary asked Mark to bind, gag and blindfold the young girl whilst she went for a shower.

As the hot water streamed over her, Mary was lost in thought. Her original plan was to offer the young girl 100k to make the body swap permanent but, as she soaped her own body and her hands drifted across her firm tits over her slightly fleshy stomach she was having 2nd thoughts. Gasping as her finger found her clit she pushed between her fleshy lips into her womanly softness.

Forcing herself to stop, she turned the water off and quickly dried herself, wrapping her long Auburn hair in the towel she walked back into the lounge. The young girl was still unconscious so Mary quickly explained to Mark what she had decided to do. Nodding in agreement Mark took the young girl down to the car, putting her in the front seat he fastened her seat belt and headed off into the darkness.

Reaching an out of town hotel, Mark parked in a quiet corner of the car park. Untying her he jumped into her body and walked into reception. Checking in, he went through the suitcase of clothes that Mary had said he should leave for her. Satisfied that there was nothing to incriminate them, he laid on the bed, checking that the10k they had agreed to give her was in the jacket pocket he left her body.

As pure energy, free of a body Mark could drift through walls and soon re occupied his body. As Mark walked back into the house he was nearly knocked off his feet as Mary, still nude, wrapped herself around him. Fervently kissing him she said "Thought you might stay with the young girl and leave your old sister here.

"No fucking chance" he growled as he undid his pants, holding her with 1 hand he fished his rapidly hardening cock out. As his cock snapped fully hard he lowered her a little so his cock stabbed her sex lips. Wrapping her legs around his waist Mary rammed her cunt down onto his thick shaft. It had been almost 2 years since this body had been active and Mary was a little worried that her muscles wouldn't be as strong as they used to be.

As Marks length entered her and she heard his gasp she knew her pussy worked just as well as it ever had. Mark slid easily in to Mary's dripping wet cunt, she had always been his favourite. Her pussy nectar was delicious to taste and he loved the way her juice blasted from between her lips as she came. Soon he was balls deep in her silky depth's, with his cock completely enveloped in his sister they shared a passionate kiss as Mark revelled in the way her cunt worked his cock.

Slowly withdrawing until just his bell end was at her entrance he slammed his entire length into her. Mary loved the feeling as his cock filled her sopping cunt to the max. Mark continued to slam into her Mary could feel her orgasm building, wrapping her legs around Mark she slammed herself up to meet his thrusts. Mark felt his sister's cunt flex as her legs started to shake and she squirted juice soaking his bollocks and the bedsheets. With a final thrust Mark felt his cock expand and throb as his cock sprayed ropes of thick spunk deep into his sister.

The next few days flew by as the sale of the house was completed, moving out Mary couldn't help but feel a little guilty.

"Wassup sis" Mark asked as they locked her door for the last time.

"Think we should find my husband and give him some money, will get solicitor to draw up divorce papers for him to sign at same time."

Mark was stunned at her thoughtfulness and generosity. "OK, can ask him to do that now as we need to drop keys off."

The solicitor provided a letter and divorce forms, with a financial agreement whilst they waited. Checking into the hotel they ordered dinner, as they ate Mark read the financial agreement. "Wow your giving him 50k?"

"Yes, although he never made any contribution to the the house or mortgage, I feel I owe him something."

After dinner Mark decided that he would go and look for her maggot of an ex husband, it bothered him that she wanted to give him anything and he had offered to solve her problem... permanently. Mary had made him promise that he wouldn't hurt him and would get bank details and the forms signed.

Going to the grotty bed sit he had found him at before drew a blank, Mark decided to try the pub he had 1st met the maggot at. Walking into the bar area he saw the fat cunt playing pool, deciding to watch him for a while Mark walked up to the bar and ordered a beer. The barmaid's eyes lit up as she recognised Mark. Passing him his beer she whispered, "When you done with that fat bastard, I finish here in about 30 minutes"

Looking at her lined face and heavy tits he remembered practically raping her as he bent her over a wall after he had beaten Marys husband to a pulp, almost 3 years ago. "OK, maybe I will."

Mark took his beer and walked over to the pool table, as he walked into the light from the pool table the fat man saw him. Turning his cue around he started to swing the cue at Mark, screaming that he hadn't seen Mary in years and Mark should leave him alone. Easily stepping aside from the swirling cue, he landed a heavy blow to the fat mans head.

Collapsing onto the floor he wailed please don't hit me anymore, tears rolled down his cheeks as he waited for the beating he felt sure was to come. As Mark went to pick him up to explain what he wanted he was hit hard on the shoulder with a pool cue. In absolute rage Mark didn't feel any pain as he focused on the 2 men behind him. One held the shattered cue and the other was throwing punches at Mark.

Shaking the effects of the mans well aimed punch to his head Mark propelled him backwards into the wall. The impact was huge as Marks bulk propelled by his powerful legs smashed the man's head into the wall and broke several of his ribs. The mans scream was cut short as Mark fist smashed into his mouth and nose.

Quickly turning Mark chased the other man out into the alley beside the pub, knowing he was fucked the man jabbed the broken end of the cue at Mark, raising his hand to protect his head, Mark cursed as he felt the shattered cue puncture his forearm. Snatching the cue Mark went to work, shattering the mans body with heavy blows an uppercut lifted him off his feet and over a small wall.

Going back into the pub he found the fat man still sitting on the floor, noticing the stain where he had pissed himself, Mark told him to sit on the chair and listen. Trembling with fear he listened as Mark told him what Mary had decided to do. Putting the documents in front of the fat cunt he watched as he scrawled his signature and provided account details.

Shoving the documents in his pocket he turned to the fat cunt, "If this is what happens when I have promised Mary not to hurt you, just imagine what is going to happen if I ever see you again!" As he walked out of the pub he asked the landlord "Do I owe you anything for damages"

"No mate, those 3 are nothing but trouble, it was a pleasure seeing them get beat." Mark shook the landlords hand and headed out onto the street. The barmaid, Gloria was waiting for him, "think you better let me take care of that arm for you." Looking at his bloodied sleeve Mark followed her back to a small apartment overlooking the river.

As Gloria cleaned the hole in Marks forearm she chattered excitedly about the way Mark had beaten up the local hard men. When she had finished he pulled a £50 note out of his pocket, throwing it on the table "Thank you, something for your trouble."

"It was no trouble, please don't leave, I am so turned on from watching you fight."

Mark grabbed her and threw her on the sofa, releasing his straining cock he told her to kneel and shove her arse up. Doing as she was told, she was unprepared for the massive slab of meat that forced her cunt apart. Mark grabbed her hips and pushed his cock into her pussy until he hit bottom. Gradually Gloria's screams of pain turned into moans of masochistic pleasure as her pussy was hammered.

Looking down Mark could see his cock was stained with blood as he rammed into her cunt. Deciding he didn't give a fuck he increased his pace into her old cunt. Gloria was making strange grunting noises as Mark felt her cunt tighten onto his cock. As she came she rammed her arse back to meet Marks savage thrust's and almost immediately crested into another orgasm. Her cunt flexed and spasmed around Marks cock as he shot a big load deep into her pussy. Letting go of her hips she slid of his cock and laid face down on the sofa. Mark smiled as he looked between her legs and saw a river of heavily blood-stained spunk running out of her cunt.

Washing and drying his cock in her bathroom Mark walked back to his car and headed back to the hotel.


Part 2 to follow. Comments welcome.

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