tagIncest/TabooMarrying Brother Ch. 11

Marrying Brother Ch. 11


Author's note: Dear readers this chapter is the continuation to the series "Marrying brother" by pretty_tamil_girl. I suggest you all to go through the chapters and dont forget to check out the other chapters in my submissions before you read this one.


In a matter of a week, the wedding was finally happening, somwya and karthik seemed to be very happy on the wedding day. Both were making a very good couple, i could see sowmya blushing when karthik was tying mangalsutra to her neck while all the rituals were taking place and everybody seems to be very happy beacause of total merge of our two families bonding strongly. I can see my husband sri still flirting with my mom like a teenager while the wedding was taking place without any fear of getting caught by someone and then they disappear into ladies toilet.

I slowly followed them to the toilets to see what they are upto and it didn't surprised me watching sri fucking my mom's ass in the bathroom while she was leaning on to the washbasin, i left the place coming back to wedding hall to see preeti teasing the couple whispering funny things to them. I can see sowmya bulshing pretty heavily and searching for someone with desperate eyes, when she made an eye contact with me she felt relieved and signal me to come to her. I went to her side in order to know what she is thinking of so desperately, when she whispered of what she wanted i was really shocked. she wanted to have her first night with arvind my brother and her brother-in-law.

I pulled preeti to the other room to discuss sowmya's request, she was also suprised that sowmya wanted her first night with her husband. with that we developed a plan similar to the one of sri's wedding with my mom, after the wedding was over everybody retired to their homes, we all went back home with newly wed couple. Everybody except me, preethi and sowmya retired to their rooms, we discussed what to do as i said "sowmya tu apne jiju se chudwana chahti hai to tujhe preethi ko karthik ke saath chudwaane ka mouka denahoga.kyun?"

"haan didi jo chahe karlo mujhe jiju se chudwaana hi hai, main unki diwaani hoon aur unki chudaiwaali patni bhi banoongi" said sowmya.

"preethi tumhe karthik ke kamre jaakar use khush karna hai, sowmya main tumhe arvind ke paas lejaati hoon aur aaj raat tumhari shaadi arvind ke saat kardoongi aur suhaagrat bhi." said me.

Sowmya was very excited about her fake fucking marriage with my brother, Preethi helped me to prepare her to be the bride. She was angelic, slim yet, with round breasts, thighs and asses.One moment, sowmya was like a horny slut waiting to be fucked and in the other, she was like a shy housewife.

We brought her to the puja room and arvind was there waiting like a groom to tie knot to his third wife. I gave a new mangalsutra to arvind and he was glad to do what he did to me, he is the one who started all these few years back. so he tied the mangalsutra to her waist as we held the saree upto her waist exposing her slightly hairy cunt to arvind. As he finished tying the mangalsutra, he planted a soft lick over her clit which sent shivers down her body and a slight moan escaped from her mouth.

"I didn't expect that. Tying the mangalsutra around the waist was so exciting." sowmya said.Preethi was getting aroused watching her husband marrying her own sister infront of her and sowmya was living that moment like a real wife.

"Kyun pati ji abto aapki teen biwiyan hai, aaj apni biwi ko achi tarah chodna aur use apne lund ka mazaa ache se chakhadena, randi tumpe marti hai aur tumhari kutiya banneka bahut shauk hai ise" said preethi.

"aur to aur aapko meri mom se bhi jaldi me shaadi hogi, abto aapko bahut mehnat karni padegi chaar biwiyon ko sambhalneki aur unki ichchayen poori karneki, kyun?" said preethi.

Arvind had undressed himself by now. We both held sowmya's hand and guided her to the bed. He mounted on top of her spreading her legs on both sides. No wonder arvind's cock was rock hard and rocking.I myself felt horny at doing this, preethi too should have felt that. She let out a moan as he went inside her. That's all I could stand.

"Okay you both, take care of your self. arvind, take care of sowmya, don't hurt her." I said and he was grinning.

I pulled Preeti out holding her hand tightly. We both rushed out of the door. The moment we came out preethi was gasping. I was so horny that I hugged Preethi and gave a deep kiss in her mouth."Oh my god. I'm fucking horny. Will you lead me to my night too??" she said holding my palm. Hers was sweaty.

I led her to Karthik's room and teased her, whether she wanted me to wait too as we did for mom. karthik was surprised to see preethi as he was expecting his wife sowmya, but preethi explained everything to him, he was quite happy with everything's going on in the family.

"If my brother is having a fuck with my wife, then why not me have a fuck with his wife?" said karthik.

I saw that sri was busy with mom fucking her ass in every possible position, so i went to dad who was waiting for his new wife cum daughter. when he saw me, h embraced me into his arms and started kissing very passionately. He ripped of my saree and blouse kneading my big tits very softly and lovingly. I felt like a pricess being worshipped by her prince showing pure love towards her.

"Oh my god! I love you. I love you... I love you very much, dad." I was moaning.

The panties were steaming hot and smelly with sex as they were wet with my cunt juices. He licked my panties and wetted them more with his tongue. I squealed and moaned as he did that.Without removing my panties he inserted his hand inside over my ass and splitting my ass cheeks inserted a finger into my asshole.

"Anju beti, aaj mai teri gaand bahut pyaar se chodunga." said dad.

"Dad you are amazing, aaj aap meri gaand mar hi lona, meri moti gaand aapke lund ke liye taras rahi hai, par apna paani meri choot me hi daalo kyunki main aapke bache ki maa banungi" said me.

Listening to this dad got very excited and he started fucking my ass very slowly and passionately, i was enjoying his deep long but slow strokes, he buried the whole cock into my asshole and then slowly pulls it out until the tip of his cock touches my entrance and then thrusts it back pretty deep with slow strokes. I had experinced a very rough anal sex with my brothers and husband but i never experienced such a loving anal sex from my dad.

He then let me get in to the doggie position inserting his cock into my asshole once again and started giving me some medium strokes by holding on to the two mangalsutra above my cunt to which i was moaning and grunting "ohhhh....fuck...fuck my ass daddy.fuck your little slutty wife and make her pregnant..chodona..ahhhh...zorse daddy aur zorse."

"I'm going to cum, Anju" dad announced.

"Yes daddy, please fuck me faster. Pour you cum into your daughter's cunt. Make me pregnant. I want your baby. Please..." I pleaded.

"Oh my god! Dad..." I moaned as I reached my orgasm, my third in the night and fell to bed as my hands and thighs couldn't hold me anymore. Then dad took out his cock of my ass and thrusted into my wet dripping pussy. I could feel his hot cum, pouring into my cunt and filling it.

"Dad, I love you." I said to him softly, as I laid myself on my back.

"Me too... a lot." Dad smiled, as he moved beside me and holding my breasts, he licked them softly and kissed them.

After few months, it happened. All the four ladies in our house me,mom,preethi and sowmya got pregnant. It was very kinky that four ladies with big bellies roaming around the house, it was a sight to watch. Mom got knocked up by sri(My husband), preethi got knocked up by arvind, sowmya knocked up by karthik and me knocked up by my own daddy.

We introduced mom and sowmya to the temple rituals which were by now a part of our family. sri enjoyed taking mom's ass i guess till now more than 50 times and still cant resist fucking her ass even she is pregnant with his child.

Sri milked mom like a cow into the bowl and then started pouring all the milk he squeezed out of mom on to her head until she is drenched. The milk flowed all over her body, flowing along her cleavage and her cunt lips. Arvind did the same to his wife and karthik who was the inventor of this ritual also did it to his wife sowmya. we let the milk on our bodies dry on its own, by the time we were dried the strong scent of milk was allover the temple making everybody crazy and horny.

Then there was a big orgy taking place as everyone started lovemaking with their mates leaving me and dad alone, we went out of the temple walking naked along the riverside and chatting about the craziness going on in our family, the wind was cold and i was shivering being naked with big belly. dad took me into his hand while kissing me passionately and started walking back to the temple where the orgy was fully on. Before we reach the temple i got the strong urge to pee because of the cold weather, dad put me down to let me pee.

As it is pretty hard to sit and pee, so i started pissing standing just besdide to my dad holding his hand strongly. The piss started to flow pretty hard on to the ground and then suddenly dad started fingering my cunt even when i was pissing. He left my hand, kneeling down to his knees caught my piss into his mouth and started swallowing it. It was very kinky watching my dad tasting my own piss, i pulled him to my mouth after finishing my piss and kissed him passiontely tasting my own piss from his mouth.

Sri's parents arrived the next day to perform the rituals to each and every woman of our house. They were all happy for us and sri's mom was bit jealous of my mom as she got knocked up by her son. she was eyeing for her son-in-law arvind who already had his great time with her, well maybe some day arvind might knock up his mother-in-law too.

To Be Continued...

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