tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMarty's Mom Takes on the Town Ch. 1

Marty's Mom Takes on the Town Ch. 1


Marty was just out of high school and working his first full time job at the hardware store. He had money in his pocket and a big date for that night with the hottest young teller at the local bank. "Nothing like being on top of the world," he thought as he came through the back door. The kitchen was quiet, but there was a platter of fresh baked cookies on the counter. "Ah," he thought as he grabbed a handful of cookies, "there are some good things about still living with Mom and Dad."

Marty's mom had never worked outside the home. His father would never allow it. She was the epitome of the good housewife. The floors were so clean you could almost eat off them, there was never a dirty dish left in the sink, and she never questioned her husband's orders. She kept herself in good shape and dressed modestly. She dutifully had sex with him once a week, usually on a Saturday night. Yes, Selena Wilson was a good wife.

Marty got a glass out of the cupboard for some milk, but forgot the milk when he heard noises coming from the garage. As Marty neared the garage door, he realized it was his mother yelling something. He knew his dad was gone on business, so he was very curious to see who could be in there with her. He stepped to the door and slowly opened it a crack. He was shocked at what he could see through the slightly open door as he peeked into the garage.

He took in the scene in a quick second. His mother, the woman who told his older sister sex was a waste of time, was bent over the hood of her car with her sun dress bunched up over her back. Her nylon panties lay on the cement floor, still wrapped around one ankle. One arm was held behind her back and the other was beneath her. Her long blond hair tumbled over onto the bright blue paint like a spill of sand. He could see that the front of her dress was unbuttoned almost to her waist, her large tits spilling out onto the hood of the car.

A large, black man was standing behind her, his pants down around his ankles. Marty could see his huge, dark cock sticking out in front of him. He couldn't believe he was about to watch his mother get fucked, and by a black man. Such a thing was still taboo in their small Alabama town. He knew his mother would be shunned by friends and family alike if anyone found out. "Now I'm going to fuck you good, bitch." Marty could hear the man say. "You're gonna love my big, hard cock. You want it, don't you?"

"Nooo!" Marty heard his mother yell. "Oh, god, please don't do this!" She started raising herself off the car but the man let go of her arm and put his big hand on her back. He pushed her down until her tits were mashed beneath her against the metal and she was up on her toes. He slapped her ass with his other hand. Smack! The sound seemed to reverberate through Marty's head. He heard his mother groan, "Nooo," just before another loud smack filled his ears. He could see red hand prints rising on the white flesh of her ass as she whimpered under the sting.

Marty felt his cock stirring. When the next blow landed Marty's cock jumped, and he could feel it swelling. As he watched the stranger smack his mother's ass and listened to her groan, his cock grew harder and more insistent, until he finally unzipped his fly and took his aching hard-on out of the cramped confines of his jeans to stroke it. Marty was fascinated as he watch the man step forward until his thick cock was nestled between his mom's ass cheeks. "Now tell me you want me to fuck you." he demanded.

Her face was turned away from Marty. He wished he could see the look on her face while she was getting fucked, but he didn't want her to see him watching her either. He watched the stranger pull her legs apart and heard her scream, "Nooo!" again. The man didn't listen, he pushed the full length of his shaft all the way into her pussy so hard he lifted her completely off the floor.

Marty was stroking his own cock as he watched the big man slam his cock into his mother time after time. Every few strokes, the man would slap her hard on the ass again, making her groan. He could see a sheen of sweat appearing on the man's muscled back, and the red welts rising on her white skin. The stranger began grunting with every thrust into the helpless woman in front of him. Marty could see the moisture seeping out at the juncture of her wet pussy and the massive dick that was impaling her. Her juices were dripping down her thighs, and her moans became those of obvious pleasure, rising in pitch as she began to thrust back at her assailant.

"Nooo!" Marty heard his mother cry out again, but it didn't sound like she was protesting anything. She began to thrash about, groaning out, "No, no, no," again and again as she came.

The strange black man just kept ruthlessly fucking her, every hard thrust lifting her up on her toes. Marty held onto himself tightly, just watching in awe for a couple of minutes as the massive black dick kept disappearing and reappearing, glistening and slick with his mother's cum. The wet sounds of their fucking made his cock throb. He knew he wouldn't be able to keep from cumming if he even moved right now.

Marty watched the man pound his giant black cock into his mother, her body tossed back and forth by his tremendously forceful fucking. Her arms flailing out in front of her, her weight seemed to be centered on her tits, her body pivoting back and forth on the flattened globes, helpless against the onslaught of his immense shaft.

"Easy. EASY!" she cried out as, however impossible, the man slammed into her even harder. Each time his mother's invader plunged forward, Marty could see the wetness spattering from their frenzied joining. The man began to grunt each time his hips shot forward, his hands on his victim's hips, bringing her back into him with deliberate force. Marty could see the sweat running from the man's brow, trickling down off his chin to splash on his mother's red bottom.

Her moans became higher pitched once more as the big man continued to batter her insides. Marty's cock was throbbing, needing to release his own hot cum that boiled in his balls. He began slowly pumping his hand up and down his own stiffness, stifling a groan as he stroked himself.

As his mother cried out, "Oh god!" and began to writhe and twist under her assailant, the man impaling her stood still and held her wriggling butt against himself. He threw his head back and groaned loudly, his mouth wide open. Quickly he withdrew from the still moaning, quivering woman in front of him, his cock still spitting cum as he stepped backward.

The mysterious man pulled up his pants, grabbed his shirt off the floor, and left out the side door in seconds. Marty's mother was still bent over the hood of the car, long drips of cum pooling on the floor as it trickled from her gaping pussy down her legs. She started to get up off the car, so Marty went to his room. He finished jacking himself off thinking of everything he had seen in the garage; of how hard the man had been fucking his mother and how much she seemed to love the intense pounding she got from the stranger's enormous cock.

Later Marty overheard his mother talking to her best girlfriend. "I know he was raping me, Glenda," she said, "but I never enjoyed getting fucked so much in my life!" After listening to her tell her friend in detail about the incident, Marty went back to his room and stroked himself to another orgasm reliving it from his mother's point of view. He never told anyone he knew, hoping he could see something like that again.

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