tagFetishMary and her Lovers Ch. 08

Mary and her Lovers Ch. 08



When Secrets Come Out and Date Night

The next day was uneventful, and Mary would not even talk to me about what happened in the video she brought me last night. She did not say she would not talk to me about it, just avoided my questions and changed the subject frequently. I thought that I would just play it off as if I did not notice, and wait a few days to bring it up again.

She spent most of day texting someone, although she never offered to tell me who it was. I didn’t ask, and just assumed it was either John or Adam. Later that day she told me her and Tonya were going to head to mall and do some shopping, and they would be gone all afternoon.

I saw Tonya’s car pull into our drive, Mary kissed me goodbye and headed out. My mind began to wonder, as it usually did when she was not around. It began to fill with paranoid possibilities, of what she was hiding about the text messages or why she did not want to answer any of my questions about the previous night.

I then began to do something I had never done before, something that I thought unthinkable, up until now, for some reason. I suppose the paranoia was getting the best of me, but I just had to know… something, anything, more details.

I walked over to the kitchen table and grabbed her laptop. As I walked over to sit on the couch, I opened it up and turned it on. I debated closing it, putting it back and letting everything alone as I waited for the operating system to load. Even if she were keeping something from me, she would tell me eventually or make it a surprise for me.

As it completed booting, I fervently began to search around. Starting with the usual places; ‘My Documents’, a folder named ‘Personal’, a folder named ‘Notes’ and then I looked in the ‘Program Files’, searching for anything that looked like it didn’t fit. Nothing. Hmm, was it possible I was just paranoid, and there was nothing to find out?

I then, just by happenstance, clicked on an unnamed disk that was in the drive. It showed a ton of text files, named obscure things. I clicked on the first one, titled ‘One’, ironically. This was a detailed description of everything we had talked about. Almost, everything I had said, every reason I gave, and she wrote that I wanted this so bad, she was willing to try it for me. This must have been a digital diary. I knew she kept one, just could never find it, and was never sure I would ever even read it, if I did.

I then opened the next one; this one was all about Chris. How she thought he was sexy, how she thought about approaching him before he approached her. How amazing the sex was, and of course how enormous, his cock was. I then started randomly opening files, more about Chris, a few about John, the gas station fuck as well as the sex in his car.

This was a chronological, detailed account of everything she had done, since we started this. I moved the cursor to the bottom, and opened the last one. It was about last night. When the fuck did she have time to type this out, I wondered to myself.

She typed pretty much everything I saw on the video, the only difference was her detailed descriptions about how she felt and which parts she liked. I did now have a window to the events that led to her threesome now, though. It was actually somewhat boring. They played strip poker, she purposefully lost, and judged their reactions to her naked body as she sat before them. She had planned to have sex with both of them before they even started playing, it said. It was her idea to play poker, then strip poker too. Wow… I was dumbfounded. My wife really was a slut, but I honestly enjoyed knowing that… and reading her innermost secrets about how much she enjoyed playing the slut wife role.

It also said she ‘overly’ fondled John in front of Adam, while flirting with him. She even snuck a few kisses and some ‘hot petting’ when they were alone during John’s bathroom breaks, and drink refills. It stated, she confronted Adam about the threesome first, when they were alone making out during John’s absence. She then told him about me, how I got off on all this and loved to watch. That is when Adam told her about his major, and explained about all the video equipment. I guess John did not need much persuading into the idea, because she did not even both to mention bringing it up with him.

At the end, she mentioned the threesome was the second best sex she had. That sat sorely with me, at first, Knowing that Chris was her first. I quickly disregarded that feeling, as I knew she would find the new experiences wonderful.

I then grew a little bolder, and decided to check her personal email. Since it was her computer, the login was saved into the browser and there would be no hacking needed. There were random forwards from coworkers, a few from her mother and Tonya, and then I saw it. There were recent emails with Chris. Why she did not share this with me, that he was even contacting her, regardless of what he was saying, I thought to myself.

I decided to open them, as there turned out to be a few of them. They started out dull, just saying he was enjoying living in South Carolina and his new job. Then they started escalating. He started telling her how much he missed her and her pussy. How much he missed the sex and her mouth on him. I swiftly scrolled down to see her replies.

She had said that she too missed the sex, and his ‘huge cock’. That she wished he had not taken that job, so they could still fuck all the time. She told him about John, but that it was not as good as it was with him. She asked if he would ever be visiting and if he did… if they could ‘hook up’. He said he was not sure, but if he did it would be a ‘sure thing’.

Then, a few emails down the list I noticed the paper clip icon. I knew that meant picture attachments… so I clicked on those. The first few were random pictures of an apartment, a beach and some shots of him standing by that beach. Then… there were several of his erect dick, some of him stroking and a few of him cumming on a flat surface of some sort, and some in his hand.

Then I noticed some pictures in her replies. They were of Mary, most naked posing provocatively, some masturbating, using various dildos she had. There were only a few taken at our house, some in our bed, some on our couch and some even on our kitchen table. However, there was also some from her cubicle at work, and some of her in the car. The ones she took at work were merely up skirt pictures, but she never seemed to be wearing underwear.

I began to get an underwhelming feeling… Mary was secretly sharing naked, erotic photos with the ‘Greek god’ who just happened to be the best sex she ever had. She didn’t share this, why? This would have something I would have gotten off to, had I known, but, the secrecy… just pissed me off.

I could not approach her about this, as I was not very happy with what I had done to find out. I could not wait for her to bring it up, as these emails dated back a little over a month, and I was sure she had no plans to bring them up. I will just come up with something, I thought to myself.

It was a few hours before Mary returned, from the mall, and she asked me to help bring in the bags from Tonya’s car. I obliged. As we situated ourselves around the table for dinner, what I had found ate at me. I wanted to know, I wanted to ask her, but I did not. Instead, I took a different approach, not to draw attention to my dirty deed.

“Have you heard anything from Chris?” I asked as we ate.

She did not even stutter with her fork. It looked as if I did not even surprise her with my random question about someone we had not talked about in over a month. “Yea” she said nonchalantly.

I thought carefully. Maybe I was reading far too much into this, and she was not trying to hide the emails from me. Maybe I was just being distrustful and thinking since my wife readily accepted fucking other men that did not mean she readily accepted hiding things from me.

“Oh, yea” I said, taking a bite from my food.

“I get emails from him, sometimes. He says he really enjoying his new job and loves the beach.” She said continuing her meal.

I was taken aback by her reply. She was telling me about the emails, maybe she had nothing to hide. “Anything else” I continued to question.

“Yea, we started sending dirty pictures.” She said, looking up from her plate.

She told me. What the fuck was I doing? Of course, she would not hide anything from me. She loved me, I was her husband and if it were not for me, she would never even consider fucking other men. I am the one that turned her into a slut. “That’s cool,” I said back to her.

“You’re not mad, are you?”

I shook my head no, as I felt all that anxiety leave my body. “Nope, I think that’s hot too,” I said with a smile.

We finished our meal and wound up sitting on the couch again, surfing Netflix for something to watch. I still wanted to continue my grilling of last night’s events, even though I had already read her deepest thoughts about the night.

“Do you want to go out, tonight?” she asked me unexpectedly.

I looked down at her, as she lay on my lap. With a puzzled look on my face I asked “Where to?”

She sat up and kissed me. “I was thinking, you could sit in a corner booth, and watch me as I flirted with the first attractive man I saw. If things go well, we can get a hotel room and maybe you would be able to watch me fuck him.” She said with a big grin on her face.

My erection began to grow in my pants as the potentials flooded my mind. We had never done anything like that before. I wondered where she was getting all these erotic ideas, but figured it had a lot to do with her ‘new found acceptance’ of being a slut. “Sure!” I exclaimed with excitement.

She laughed harder this time. “Ok, let’s go get ready.” She said as she got up from the couch. As we headed toward the stairs, she turned to face me, “I’m not going to wear any panties tonight, then”.

As I waited by the door for her to come down, I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair, in an effort to make it seem like I was not nearly as excited as I was. “Don’t worry, you look nice.” I heard her voice as she walked up behind me through her arms around my shoulders.

“Yea… sure…” I spluttered out. Then turned and put my hands on her hips as I kissed her. “Wow…” I said to her, with my mouth open and eyeing her up and down.

She gave a little giggle then stepped out into the open and twirled around. She looked amazing, her hair blonde let down with slight curls. She wore very red lipstick, and a diamond incrusted butterfly. She wore a deep-v blouse, black with mesh around her breasts. It did not expose what was underneath, but left enough cleavage in view to spark curiosity. I pulled her closer to me, as I felt up her inner thigh, under the black mini skirt she had chosen to wear tonight. I eyebrows rose when I began to feel her pussy lips, as I brushed them slightly.

“No panties” I said with a shocked look on my face, as if I was not expecting it. She merely peered at me seductively, then reached out and grabbed her coat that I had thrown over the recliner that sat nearby.

“I was thinking we should head to the McKinley,” she stated as she walked out the door toward the car. I eagerly followed in anticipation. The McKinley was this high-class upscale hotel downtown. The two of us had stayed there on our honeymoon, and it was very nice, the perfect spot for her to take a new lover, I thought when I heard her suggestion.

As we drove, the closer we came to our destination, my stomach stated to become uneasy and the feeling in my chest started. She was not even doing anything yet, hell, we were not even there yet. Just the indication of what she might do, or what I might see excited me to the point that I already had a hard on.

We arrived and pulled up to the valet, as I walked around and opened her door. Extending my hand to her, she gave me a nice shot of her exposed pussy as she got out. I grinned widely as she tucked her arm into mine.

Before we walked any further in, she leaned over and whispered into my ear, “We should separate, so not to show we’re together.”

I agreed, and let her go in first, watching her ass the whole way. Then, I walked in, and requested a booth in the back facing the bar.

Sitting there drinking my scotch, I eagerly watched her at the bar. She was sitting alone, sipping a glass of red wine and making small talk with the bartender. Just then, I noticed a man approach and start to say something to my wife. I could not make out any indication of what he said, but he patted her shoulder as he walked away. Hmm… I thought to myself. He must have struck out.

At least fifteen minutes passed before another suitor approached her. This man was rather tall, just the way Mary prefers, and seemed attractive. Short dark brown hair, clean cut… must have been a stockbroker or some other corporate job. He seemed to make her laugh quickly, but I could tell it was her flirty laugh she gives when she doesn’t really find it funny, but more to appease.

He then sat in the seat next to her and ordered two more glasses of wine. She lifted hers and sipped it, as he continued whatever he was saying to her. Her head nodded toward my direction and the man looked over, right at me. He smiled. Then, returned to her.

This made me feel a weird mixture of excitement and embarrassment. What did she tell him? Did she say I’m here with my husband because he likes to watch me flirt with random men? Alternatively, did she go even further… and tell him she was here to find someone to fuck, so I could watch.

As the waiter came over, I ordered another scotch and tirelessly watched my wife flirt with this man at the bar. He ordered another round for them, and they were both becoming more relaxed in each other company. She would randomly put her hand on his leg, and he would graze his hand on her arm.

This went on for almost a half an hour, then he got up. That was it. I thought to myself. About forty-five minutes wasted on this guy, and he leaves? OK, maybe I was being a little annoyed that I was stuck sitting this far away from my wife, waiting, and the most likely candidate did not work out. I wondered how long she would try, before we gave up and went home.

Just then, he returned to her. She stood, and motioned for me to follow as both of them headed from the bar and into the hotel. He walked with his arm resting on her lower back and I walked a few feet behind them. She looked radiant, I thought as I watched this other man guide my wife into the elevator.

As I made it to the elevator the two of them were pressed against the wall wrapped in a deep kiss, his hands had found his way to her breasts while she seemed to grab (what she could) of his ass. I stepped, in trying not to stare, as I was not sure what the arrangement was to be. They broke free from each other, and he spurted out “Just push 57” as he then continued his kissing of Mary.

The entire ride up, to floor 57 was somewhat strenuous for me. They did not stop their heavy kissing, and I could see her grab his package a few times. His hands roamed all over my wife’s body, but never found the panty-less prize hiding under her skirt.

When the elevator door opened with a ding, I moved to the side as he pulled her along into the hall. When we reached the door, which I assume was his, he slid the key card through and the door opened. It was a nice room, with a kitchenette and divider that opened up to into a bedroom. At that time, I noticed a Jacuzzi tub in the corner. Yea, stockbroker I thought again.

As I walked into the room and closed the door behind me, I noticed a couch off to the side, so I took my seat. I watched as they immediately jumped in and started their enthusiastic kissing again. Then, she started to undo his shirt, and he helped until it was off. He had a rather large tattoo on his chest. It was some type of tribal design, but actually worked well with his muscular physique.

Mary went down and started kissing his chest while her hands roamed his abs, which were very defined. He seemed to be more muscular even then, Chris was. I mean, Chris was rather muscular, but this man seemed to be more defined, which only kindled my embarrassment.

She leaned away from him, holding onto his belt as she kicked off her shoes. Then, to my surprise, got down on her knees as she fumbled with his belt, sliding it out of the loops and throwing it aside. She was going to suck his dick already. I was taken aback, wow… Mary was really a slut.

My erection grew as she unzipped him, pulling his pants down and exposing his under garments. They appeared to be silk, gray silk. What the fuck? My mind began to race, this was the most ritzy manly man I had seen my wife show and interest in, let alone eagerly look at.

My eyes grew a little bit, by her expression when she slid down the silk boxers and exposed his, already hard cock. It was large, not Chris large… but at least eight inches and rather fat around. She coupled her hands around it as she looked back at me with a look of excitement on her face. “This is nice,” she said to me, before turning and taking him into her mouth.

I grinned at her; I like it when she talked to me while she was with other men. I much more preferred it when she was not dominating though. She adamantly sucked his dick; while I watched, her head bob up and down and noticed he looked at me. He shot me a grin, so I grinned back. “She’s good at this,” he said with a big smile on his face. “You really like seeing her suck cock.”

I shook my head yes. “I think it’s hot” I replied to him.

He rather chuckled. “Well, I’m from San Diego, here on business, but when I’m here… feel free to call me” he said placing both hands on Mary’s head. He began guiding her head, as she let out inviting moans.

He gave a few pants, as he started pushing her head down even further. He looked up at me again, “So, what do you like just jerk-off while I fuck her” he asked.

“Not sure,” I started. “I’ve only been there one other time, usually she tells me about what happened when she gets home.”

His gaze left me and he focused his attention more on Mary again, “Well, feel free to stroke it bro,” he said giving random facial expressions that he was enjoying what my wife was doing. Then, I reached down and unzipped my slacks, as my cock was practically begging me to be released.

As I took my hard on out of my pants, my wife turned around to me, “Yea babe, stroke that dick,” she said with a smile, “Because I’m going to fuck the shit out of this cock.” She then turned and resumed her sucking.

I stroked my dick, as she sucked for what felt like forever, until he finally pulled her up to him, began kissing her and slid his hand under her skirt. She willingly invited his fingers, as she took off her top. The kissing became more elevated as he took the rest of his pants down, with his foot. He then pulled down her skirt and shuffled with Mary to the bed.

“Should I strap up,” he asked looking back at me.

I shrugged, “That’s up to her.” I said.

He then looked at her, waiting her reply. She giggled, “Well…” she murmured. “Ray, will you eat the cum out of me?” she asked.

His face widened as he looked back to me, again. I felt a wave of embarrassment wash over me. Then, I thought about it for a second. I do not know this person, and may never see him again… “Sure” I said.

His expression grew happy and he rolled in Mary’s direction, lifted her legs slightly higher and ran his fingers over her pussy. Telling she was already wet, he moved closer and slid his dick inside her. I began my jerking and he began his thrusting.

Mary let out a loud grunt when he first slid in, from his girth, I am guessing, but that seemed to dissipate as he got in and started his motion. He moved her legs over his arms, and I had a better view of him entering her as well as her soles raised in the air.

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