Mary And Rob Fuck Their Mother


'Oh yes please,' he replied. 'I'll think about it but right now as you seem to like the smell of my undies I'm going to let you smell my wet pussy, would you like that daddy, you mustn't touch or lick or kiss it unless I tell you, is that understood.'

'Yes, of course,' he replied.

Mary sat back on the sofa alongside her mother. Ellen was in a state of heaven as Rob's huge cock pounded deep inside her, she knew her orgasm was slowly building up. She pinched her nipples to heighten the pleasure.

Mary pulled her father's head down to her shaven pussy. She held her lips open and her dad took a deep breath and inhaled the wonderful aroma of her dirty little girl's cunt. Mary was so excited and she too wanted to cum. She had to decide whether she was going to allow her father to lick her to orgasm.

She said to her mother, 'I'm going to let daady lick my cunt and make me cum, I want you to watch him doing it to me.'

Ellen was so excited and so close to cumming that she would have done anything she was told to. She turned her head and watched as her sissy husband lowered his head and slowly licked all the way up his little girl's wet slit. Mary shivered as his tongue rubbed against her clit. She held her lips apart and then put her hands behind her daddy's head and pulled his face tight against her wet slit.

Ellen was amazed as he had never done anthing like that to her but it didn't bother her as she was about to cum. As Rob plunged deeper inside his mum she pushed her body forward to meet his thrusts. Somehow she managed still to watch her husband lick her little girl's pussy as her orgasm crashed through her body and even as it subsided Rob kept on fucking his mum until she came a second and eventually a third time.

Meanwhile Roger was lapping at his little girl's pussy. He couldn't believe how wet and gorgeous smelling her pussy was. Mary had to admit that she was enjoying her daddy's cunt licking and sucking and knew that soon she was going to have a great orgasm. She hadn't felt this horny and wet with hubby James for a long time. She pulled her father's head harder against her and ground her cunt hard against his face. As her huge orgasm started she held his head and face against her so that he could barely breath and she didn't release him until she was totally satisfied.

She finally released him and immediately made him sit up and watch his wife still being fucked by their son. Even though his mum had cum many times Rob had not and he intended to shoot his hot spunk deep into his mother's cunt. He sped up and soon spurt afer spurt of hot cum was propelled inside his mother's womb.

Mary was now kneeling between her dad's legs and rubbing his cock. The head was still coated in her lipstick and she decided that now was the time to let him cum.

She said, 'As you're a sissy I think you need to be milked, stand up and face mum.'

He did as he was told. Mary stood behind him and reached round his front. One hand grasped his tight balls and the other his shaft. She squeezed them tighter and tighter until he winced with pain. Meanwhile her hand was slowly running up and down his shaft, then she said, 'Mum sit with your face just in front of dad's cock as he's going to cum over your face.'

This was going to be a new experience for Ellen although Rob had cum over her face many times, Roger had not as he felt it was too dirty. She sat forward and stared as her daughter wanked her dad off. It was such a sexual sight that Ellen was getting excited again. Mary soon had her father at the point of no return and a couple more rubs soon had him shooting his cum all over his wife's face.

Ellen loved the feel of the hot cum on her face but Roger was very embarrassed and disgusted at what he had just done to his wife and in front of their son and daughter.

Ellen wasn't at all bothered and sat back down on the sofa and relaxed still with her husband's cum dribbling down her face.

Mary decided she needed fucking and sat down on the sofa next to her mum and said, 'Come on Rob, it's sis's turn now.'

Robert needed no second telling and was hard straight away and his hard cock slid so easily inside his sister's wet cunt.

'Suck my tits, mum and dad,' she ordered her parents.

Roger and Ellen sat either side of their daughter and sucked one of her tits each. Mary's first orgasm was almost instantaneous but one was never enough for her and her brother soon had her cumming many more times. She adored the feeling as her nipples were sucked by her parents and soon she felt the wonderful feeling of Rob's spunk shooting deep inside her.

A few minutes were spent recovering and Ellen and Roger were exhausted and happy to finish then but both Rob and Mary hadn't yet finished using and abusing their mum and dad.

After recovering Mary said, 'Daddy, I need to pee, come upstairs to the bathroom with me.'

Roger got up and tottered after his daughter and followed her to the bathroom. Robert immediately got in between his mum's legs and started licking her pussy clean which was now leaking all his cum.

Mary led her father into the bathroom, he was still dressed as a sissy and walking in the high heel shoes.

Mary said, 'You want to watch me don't you, like you did when I was a little girl.'

'Yes, my dear, he replied.

Mary stood in the bath, pulled her pussy lips apart and started peeing. Roger couldn't believe what he was seeing and his cock soon got hard again as he watched his little girl let out a long stream of pee.

When she stopped she said, 'Now daddy you must lick me dry.'

Her father stepped forward and lowered his head. Immediately he could smell her pee covered pussy and it made him harder. He wished he had asked if she would pee over him. He licked her pussy lips and could taste her pee, he started licking the whole length of her pussy. Mary was now getting sexually aroused by her father and held her dad's head against her pussy as he licked and sucked her pussy lips and her clit. She was soon about to cum and she held her father's face tight against her pussy and quickly orgasmed.

Mary loved the warm glow orgasms always gave her. She then told her father, 'I know that when I was younger you wanked yourself off while you sniffed and smelt by panties now you're going to wank in front of me while you look at my naked body.'

'Oh no, I can't do it, please don't make me do that, it's so embarrassing,' he replied.

'Do it, wank yourself and make yourself cum, I want to see my dad wank and cum while you're dressed as a sissy girl,' she ordered him.

Mary was standing there stroking her pussy and playing with an erect nipple. Soon her dad's cock was getting hard. She thought he looked very silly and embarrassed as he stood there stroking his cock and dressed in his pink dress, stockings and high heel shoes. But she was also getting excited as his cock got harder.

'Tell me what you want to do to me as you wank,' she told him.

He was getting so aroused that his embarrassment soon left him and he said, 'I want you to suck me and let me cum in your mouth and cum in your cunt and in your arse.'

Mary was doing this to humiliate her dad but found herself getting very turned by watching him frantically wanking his cock and telling her what he wanted to do to her. Her nipples were hardening, her pussy was getting very damp. Suddenly Mary realised that she wanted her dad to fuck her and fuck hard and rough. She leaned over the bath and said, 'Oh daddy, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me rough, I just need your cock in my cunt, quickly, make me cum and fill my cunt with your spunk.

Her dad walked over to his little girl, his erect cock sticking out in front of him. Mary felt him behind her and she put her hand behind her and guided his cock inside her very wet pussy. Roger started fucking his little girl as hard and as deep as he could. He reached round to play with her clit and found Mary's hand already there doing just that. They played with it together. Both the orgasms were approaching and suddenly Mary called out, 'Oh yes daddy, that's it, yes daddy, I'm cumming, oh that's wonderful, quick shoot you spunk deep inside your little girl's cunt.'

Roger did exactly as she wanted and emptied the contents of his balls deep inside his daughter's cunt.

They both collapsed in a heap and took a few moments to recover then headed back downstairs. As they got to the top of the stairs they heard Ellen scream out in ecstacy as Rob gave his mother yet another orgasm.

Mary and her dad soon got back downstairs and as she stood in front of her mum, she felt her father's spunk trickling out of her cunt and down her legs. Mary said, 'Oh mum, look what dad's just done to me.'

Ellen said, 'Yes and I can see you enjoyed it,'

Now it was time to clean up, get dressed and Rob and Mary to go home to their partners.

Exactly a week later Ellen's phone rang, she picked it up and heard Mary say, 'Hi mum, it's Mary, do you mind if Rob and I come round to see you and dad tomorrow?'

'Oh great, we can't wait,'Ellen replied.

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