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Mary Christmas


Jay woke Dee up early as he kissed her right shoulder as she lay with her back toward his body. Her eyes opened to the bright winter morning light and she smiled. Jay’s arm draped around her and he felt her smooth pussy and slid and index between her pussy lips.

“Mmm.” Dee moaned and Jay said,

“Get up! Time to open presents.” Dee smiled and asked,

“I know its Christmas, but why so early?”

“Because I’ve always been this way. Just get up and meet me downstairs.” He kissed behind her right ear and left the bed. She lay there for a moment and stretched as she sat up naked. Her nipples already hard from the cold air hitting her breasts. Jay’s night shirt was next to her in the bed and she grabbed it sliding it onto her body. Her long blond hair was pulled over her shoulder and she saw Jay in the dining room with a smile as she walked down the stairs. A big smile was on her face just by seeing Jay’s excitement made her excited.

“What is it Jay?”

“Well remember how you wanted to try something new?” Dee got curious and asked,

“Like what new? New as in furniture or as in hair do or??? A clue would be nice, Jay.” He smiled and led her into the front room where the Christmas tree was located.

Under the tree was her close friend Mary, on of her very best friends who just happened to be bi-sexual. Dee had repeatedly told Jay many times she would love to be in bed with Mary, but she never expected he’d tell Mary. Mary laid under the tree in nothing but crotch less thongs and a Santa hat. Her one leg was bent at a 90 degree angle showing her shaved pussy. Dee smiled as her face got red and Jay walked over to Mary and helped her off the ground. Mary kissed Jay and pushed her breasts against his chest as his hand fell onto one of her naked butt cheeks. She smiled as their lips broke and walked over to Dee.

A smile crept across Dee’s face as Mary approached her. Mary looked into Dee’s eyes and smiled as Dee looked back into hers. As Mary approached Dee her eyes looked upward and saw a mistletoe hanging above Dee’s head. “It is custom you know.” She took Dee’s hands into hers and gently kissed Dee’s soft and welcoming lips. As Mary pulled away she heard Dee sigh softly and smiled.

“So,” Mary begins, “Jay tells me that I’ve been quite a fantasy for you. Wish you could’ve told me. This could’ve happened years ago.” Dee smiled and Mary’s hands started undoing the buttons on Jay’s nightshirt. “I just hope I can live up to the fantasy.” Mary’s lips met Dee’s and as they kissed Mary’s hand slid beneath the shirt and found Dee’s left breast.

Jay walked over and helped remove his shirt off of Dee as he pressed his hard cock against Dee’s body and she pushed her ass back against him. Mary pulled Dee closer to her and bent down to take a nipple into her mouth as one of her hand explored Dee’s smooth pussy.

“Mmm, Dee. You’re already wet.” Dee’s head was resting on Jay’s shoulder as his hand was on Dee’s hip.

“Mary, I’ve been dripping since I saw you under my tree. Already unwrapped for me to play with.” Mary slid two fingers into Dee and pumped her nice and slow. Dee was gyrating her hips and before she could fully enjoy Mary’s fingers Mary removed them and offered them to Dee.

Dee opened her mouth and slowly sucked all her wetness off of Mary’s fingers. Mary pressed her breasts against Dee’s and held Dee close pulling her away from Jay’s grasp. They began to kiss and Mary started to pull Dee down to the floor. Once they were on their knees Mary began to push Dee backwards and started to play with Dee’s pussy.

Mary’s fingers ran over Dee’s soft pussy lips already glistening in the bright light bursting in from the snow outside. Dee spread her legs open more trying to encourage Mary’s fingers to enter her pussy. A chuckle came out of Mary’s mouth and she bent over to kiss Dee’s lips.

Mary’s pussy was rubbing against Dee’s and the feeling of their slippery cunts was driving Dee mad. It made her want Mary’s mouth on her clit biting and teasing it as she came a countless number of times. As they were kissing Mary started to tease Dee’s cunt again. Mary slid her fingers along Dee’s pussy lips and then dipped one in between them briefly touching Dee’s cunt. Dee gasped and Mary broke their kiss and said,

“Shh…it’s going to be ok.”

“Mary, I know. Just get on with it already.” Mary laughed and looked at Jay.

“Is she always this anxious?” Jay bent down next to them his hard on already had pre-cum dripping from the tip and Dee grabbed it and rubbed the tip which made Jay want her more than ever. “Dee, not now. I’ll cum all over you and that’s not what I want right now.” Mary brought her glistening fingers to Dee’s mouth and covered her lips with it as if it were lip gloss.

“Dee, don’t lick that off.” Mary lowered her lips to Dee’s and kissed her more passionately than before. They tasted Dee’s juices and Dee wrapped her legs around Mary’s back as Mary began to tease Dee’s cunt again. Dee started to cum as they kissed and she broke the kiss as she turned her head to look at Jay with a raging hard on. She reached out for his cock but Mary grabbed it and placed it on her breast.

Mary moved her lips to Dee’s nipple. Dee placed her hand on the back of Mary’s head.

“I want to eat you out.” Dee moaned. Mary looked at her and smiled.

“I’m soaked. I’m so wet it’s running down my thighs. Would you really eat me out? Would you make me cum?”

“I’m hoping I can, Mary.” Mary kissed her again and Jay said,

“Move up to the couch.” Mary sat on the couch her legs spread wide open and Jay sat next to her. Jay bent over to take Mary’s left erect nipple into his mouth. He began to suckle on it and bit it when he saw Dee lick her lips and then dive into Mary’s pussy full force. Mary’s right hand fell onto the back of Dee’s head as she pulled lightly on her hair.

“Dee, look at us as you eat me out.” Dee’s eyes looked up at the two of them watching her and she grabbed Jay’s hard cock and started to squeeze his cock at the base and pump it squeezing harder with each stroke. Dee slid her tongue inside of Mary’s dripping cunt. She loved the taste and felt her cunt warming up again. Jay climbed off the couch and climbed behind Dee grabbing her hips. He slid in nice and hard and she knew he was closer than let on. Mary grabbed Dee’s hair and said,

“I’m going to cum…lick my clit…bite it, Dee. Mmm fuck my cunt with your virgin tongue.” Jay began to pound her pussy moaning and slapping her leg as he fucked her pussy raw as he watched her eat Mary. Dee started to pump Mary’s cunt with two fingers as she licked the hard clit. Mary sat straight up and held Dee to her cunt as she came. Jay started to cum when Mary sat up their mouths met kissing as he ground his hips into Dee’s cunt spilling his semen into her cunt. Dee started to cum once she felt his hot liquid fill her insides as she squeezed his cock with her cunt. Mary bent down and started to lick herself off Dee’s face.

Dee started to kiss Mary as she got onto her knees and held Mary close to her. Jay was behind Dee and hugged them both. His limp cock was pressed against Dee’s ass and he kissed Dee’s shoulder as she kissed Mary’s shoulder.

“What a great way to spend Christmas morning.” Mary’s hand felt Dee’s swollen wet pussy – a mixture of Dee’s cum and Jay’s. She brought it to her lips and smiled.

“So what’s for breakfast?” Dee’s breasts were firmly pressed against Mary’s and Jay said,

“Well we have all the other presents to open.” Mary smiled and looked at Dee.

“I have one I’d love to give you.” Jay stood up and went into the other room. Dee stayed naked as Mary presented her with a present and Jay came back wrapped in a blanket. Nervously Dee opened the package to find a brown box. She looked at Mary quizzically and Mary smiled as she urged her on. Dee opened the box to find a strap on. Mary smiled and leaned over to Dee and kissed her neck as she grabbed Dee’s nipple pinching it. Jay got onto his knees and found another present and gave it to Dee to open.

Dee set aside the strap on and opened the earring box to find nipple clamps enclosed. She smirked when she saw that attached to them were mistletoe. She looked at Jay and smiled as she asked,


“So I can remember to kiss them.” He and Mary helped Dee place them on her nipples and then Mary asked Dee to stand up. Once she was up Jay stood up and took a nipple clamp and handed the other to Mary. Jay kissed her lips and played with her quickly hardening nipple and Mary sucked it back to a nice hard nub. The two of them replaced their mouths and hand with a clamp. Jay bit down on her lip as he attached his.

“Fuck!” Dee hissed as Mary attached hers.

“Should we have breakfast while those work on her a bit?” He looked at Mary and Mary smiled.

“You decide. She’s my friend I’m not deciding that.” Jay felt her cunt it was warm and inviting. Mary watched Dee’s facial expressions and knew she was turned on and ticked that she’d have to do this for about an hour. Jay smiled and pulled Dee’s head to his and kissed her lips gently.

“Do you want to continue?” Dee smiled and nodded.

“In the bedroom though.” Jay held her hand and they walked to the bedroom. Dee climbed onto the bed and Mary climbed in next. She placed her head on Dee’s cunt and began to eat her pussy cleaning Jay’s cum and Dee’s cum out. Dee started to get worked up on more. Mary pulled away and then looked at Jay’s half erect cock.

Jay had been standing on the side of the bed slowly masturbating as he watched the show. Mary got on her knees and started to bring his erection back on. Jay locked eyes with Dee as he held Mary’s head. Dee played with her nipple clamps. She loved the pain/pleasure.

“Dee,” Mary looked at her. “Can Jay fuck me in the ass?” Dee nodded and Mary smiled. “Great! I’ll be right back.” Mary left the room and Dee smiled at Jay and got on her knees to suck his cock. She loved his cock. The warmth. The look. The hardness. Mary cleared her throat when she walked back into the room with some lube and the strap on.

“Dee,” Mary said. “Come over here and suck this cock to get it ready for your cunt.” Dee did as she was told and wrapped her hands around to Mary’s ass and started to tease her anal hole. Mary started to fuck Dee’s mouth and Jay walked up behind Dee and pulled her into a standing position. He kissed her mouth as Mary massaged her ass as she slid a finger of lube into her anal entry. Willingly Dee bent over the bed offering her ass to be open wide to Mary. Mary smiled and turned her around laying her on her back.

Mary’s fingers plunged into Dee’s pussy as her lips lightly kissed Dee’s nipples as Dee screamed. Mary removed one and sucked the nipple as Jay applied the lubrication to Mary’s ass. He slid in hard and fast which caused Mary to accidentally bite Dee’s sensitive nipple causing her to scream. Mary followed the same procedure as she removed the other one.

Mary slid into Dee and kept sucking Dee’s nipple as Jay watched over Mary’s shoulder. He held Mary’s head to Dee’s breast. He slowly rocked in Mary’s tight ass. Mary lowered her strap on so it slid in easily to Dee’s cunt. Mary felt Dee’s cunt walls as they clawed onto the strap on. Mary felt Jay stretch her cunt out more as he got closer to cumming into her ass. Mary began to pound Dee’s cunt in rhythm with Jay’s slams. Jay came as Mary came. Dee started to cum when her lips met with Mary’s as Mary pumped her cunt harder and faster. Dee held Mary’s head to hers and remained kissing her until her orgasm shook her entire body to a halt.

Once the breathing had returned to normal Mary left promising to return for dinner with everyone else. After all Jay and Dee were the hosts for this year’s Christmas Party. Maybe Mary will stay and clean up.

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