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Mary Poppins


I always considered my sister in law as a perfect Mary Poppins cute, but a little prudish. She and her girls were devout Catholics, and her husband was just going through the motions. I had ogled her many times, while at the lake getting ready for bed, I had occasionally seen her in her modest silk pj's, her perfect small B breasts brilliantly pointed up topped with those small hard little nips. I had seen her mound outlined in her swim suit before, always wondering how sweet and moist it would be to lick and taste and savoir. I know that she wasn't highly sexually experienced before she married and I always wondered if she knew what really good sex was.

I was always to believe that she was truly totally unattainable, she was after all married with two kids and I was married to her sister. I probable will never actually fully have her, but I have learned that the unattainable is sometimes the most fun to never attain. We have begun to play a teasing game that has been going on for about two years.

I have told her that she looks nice before as she has dropped her kids off to catch the bus at our home. I also have given her other compliments over time. That alone probable wouldn't have gotten me very far, but it was dramatically enhanced by the fact that her spouse never notices anything about her and never goes out of his way to compliment or flatter her either.

It all started with the very little touches gestures and such; to be honest I don't know if either of us was actually consciously, doing them, the things just happened. She had picked up her youngest daughter from tumbling class one evening and they had stopped by the house. My niece was showing me some of her moves, one involving her laying back with her legs spread and doing a legs in the air splits, my sister in law jokingly laid down beside her and said watch mine too. I watched hers alright, she busted me staring right at her mound straining against her tight polyester pants, and she just smiled at me.

It finally dawned on me that she wanted me to look, she was interested, and she was dying for attention, something her husband never gave her. The game was on, I was to soon learn that however she may be interested, I had to read her mood each time before teasing, as sometimes she was in the mood to play, sometimes she was stand offish and moody. (Damn Women)

Things escalated without us ever speaking a word to one another. The trips to the lake were made better when she would lean over and I would get an eyeful down her pj top when she felt safe. I even spied those sweet little lips of her mound as she was standing above me while she was adjusted her swim suit, and then grinning back at me. It took a long while before there was actually any physical touching.

I recall the first touch was when I was wrestling in the floor with my niece and then the sister in law got involved. When she joined in it was two against one, the sister in law unknowingly was putting pressure against my dick, as I rolled, she was drug on top of me and was sitting right on top of my dick! I may be naive, but I am not sure she totally realized her predicament until she felt me pushing up and flexing myself against her mound. She stayed in position longer than necessary and gave me a sly look.

She busted me in her laundry room the next incident. We had gone out to a bbq and she sent me down in her basement to get some kitchen towels from the laundry room. I found the towels quickly, but I got sidetracked when I found some of her panties too. I discovered that she wore the daintiest things, mostly tiny thongs. I was busy sniffing the crouch as she snuck up behind me and was watching. Talk about luck, she had come down to get a clean pair of shorts as she had spilled sauce all over the ones she had on.

She about scared the crap out of me, (talk about getting caught with hand in the cookie jar) she said I was a pervert, and yes that is true, she said here and she slid out of her shorts and her panties at the same time and handed me the freshly soiled ones. I put them to my nose and loudly sniffed, she shook her head and bent over to get a clean pair, I whistled at her so she wiggled her ass. I couldn't resist and was caught up in the moment and started rubbing her bare ass. She told me to stop but neither of us really wanted to, OK I damn sure didn't want to. I pulled her back to be and ground my cock into her ass as I reached around and found her little clit already hard and swollen and her pussy drenched.

She struggled a little, but I held her tight and manually manipulated her button. I felt her legs giving out, so I lifted all 100 lbs of her and set her on the dryer and spread her legs wide and dove in. She tried to push me away, but I had each of the cheek in my hands pulling her to me as I devoured her clit. She quickly rolled from her first orgasm to her second; I came up for air and to look at her coming down from her grandeur. I quickly pulled her to me and deeply frenched kissed her and she then licked my face clean of the pollen from her the perfect little petals of her still twitching pussy. She said we needed to get back up stairs before someone missed us. I waited until after she dressed and then I pulled her to me and gave her a long wet French kiss as I ground my dick into her, because I could.

It would be a while until our next opportunity presented itself. I think the biggest reason was she was feeling guilty and avoiding me. It was on the family Hay ride in that October. Her and her husband was watching his sister's children while they were out of town. I was going to be pulling the hay wagon with my truck. Her husband said that he was going to put the car seat up front, so his little nephew wouldn't get cold. As luck would have it the car seat was against the passenger door and that put his wife right next to me.

I drove very slowly and would occasionally stop for pea breaks as everyone was drinking but me and his wife. It wasn't long and the baby was asleep. We talked a little and she told me that she had never been eaten out before, as I had done several months before, nor had she ever had an orgasm. She told me that she and her husband only had sex about once maybe twice a month. She complained that she never got any enjoyment out of it; he would just bounce up and down on her until he was ready to come and then she would have him pull out and come on a hanky because she didn't use the pill. She said she had begun to withhold sex because she had to cook, clean, and take care of the kids. She said he didn't share any of the chores around the house, why should she share her body for him to get off, again being short changed, and it was the only thing she had to punish him with.

As I said before the only reason I ever got to play with her is because I listened and was genuinely interested in her. As we talked that night in the cab of the truck, I had her lower her pants and panties. I diddled my fingers in her honey pot and got her boiling, she complained that I had stopped and didn't finish her off as before. I told her to masturbate and finish herself off, she complained that she had never done it, and then she groaned and squirmed begging me to finish her off. I told her I would, but only if she gave me hand job. She agreed so I finished her off and then she did me.

Well we are almost up to date as to where this game is at today. We have twice come very, very, very close to no holds barred complete carnal knowledge. I say that because I don't consider it complete sex unless there is full complete, total penetration from complete to end, or at least that's what we have told each other to make things more acceptable in our minds.

The first of the two most final meetings happened at my house. She had dropped her daughter off for tumbling and was killing time at the house. I was downstairs reading wife stories on Literotica when she walked into the room. She looked over my shoulder and we read a couple together, she said they were pretty hot. I pulled her around to sit on my lap and continued to read.

I soon was grinding up into her ass with my ragging hard on and she was matching my thrusts. I spun her around and lifted her skirt up and pulled her back into my lap in a straddling position. As usual she had on a pair of her sexy little g string panties. I told her to play with herself as I pulled my cock out of my sweats and played too. I was slowly jacking off and making sure my cock rubbed against her fingertips I could feel her heat and her wetness. My cock head was already fully flared and angry looking, I had to be very careful as I was very close to coming. I just took myself to the edge and stopped and let her slick fingers occasionally brush it.

She leaned way back allowing her back to push against the computer desk and pushing her mound more into direct contact with my dick. I quit stroking it and just pushed the head between those wet red lips of her flaming pussy and allowed her to grind back and forth. She had countless orgasms as she sawed her hot pussy back and forth on my cock, several times we did achieve penetration, although never more than two to three strokes at a time. I started to come between those lovely petals of hers while she was in her own throes of orgasm, the added heat of my jism against her clit rolled her into another and when we finished we came to the realization that I was fully buried inside of her, not really knowing how much of my come may have finished being delivered into her hot pussy. She later told me that she made sure she fucked her husband later that week and ensured that he couldn't pull out before ejaculating in her...insurance.

Our last liaison is not much different than the previous one. She said that things got a little out of hand with me delivering at least some of my load inside of her. She did say that she liked having my dick rubbed all over hot pussy and especially roughly over her clit; she said it was exciting because it was taboo and she was being so bad! We again found our selves at her house in the basement. I had gone by to drop some things off for my Brother in law; he and the kids were gone. She opened the door and was out of breathe from working out in the basement. I carried the stuff down stairs and she got back on the bike and took off. I teased her and said I would like to be the bike seat.

She soon finished and I grabbed her and kissed her pressing myself into her. She already pumped up from exercising and was hot and sweaty. She had on those little tight shorts that women wear to drive men mad, they were already camel towed up in her juicy lips. She said she had to be careful and not to let things get out of her control. She was soon sitting on her husband's weight bench and was giving me a bj. I have never been one to complain, but this really wasn't one of her strengths. I soon had her lying back on the weight bench with her legs over my shoulders as I lapped away like mad man on her hot little pussy.

As she calmed down a little I lowered myself down between her legs and ground myself into her as we kissed. She had her legs high up on my back leaving her spread wide open and very inviting. I wanted nothing more than to bearing myself as deep as I could and stay there forever. She unbuckled my jeans and pulled Mr. happy free and started rubbing her clit with his head. I stood and stepped out of my jeans and then she grabbed me again and started rubbing herself with my dick, she refused to let me take over, as she feared things getting out of her control. I lifted her legs up very high and spread them obscenely wide and watched her as she masturbated with my cock.

I let her legs rest on my shoulders as I roughly pulled at her nipples hidden under her shirt. I continued thrusting meeting her strokes as she teased her clit with my cock. She placed her hand down on top of my cock, holding firm pressure as the bottom side slithered back and forth through her splayed lips dragging her little clit back and forth. As she neared orgasm again she kept bucking back and forth and as I thrust forward one time, she bucked to high and I rammed my cock straight up into her tight juicy pussy, she immediately arched her back and orgasmed as I stayed buried deeply inside her smashing the flared head of my cock against her cervix as rope after rope was unmercifully unleashed into her wanton womb!

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I would love to see more chapters of this story. Great job!

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