tagFetishMary's Revenge

Mary's Revenge


I'd like to share with you what I did to my boyfriend last night.

My boyfriend Josh and I have been dating for almost five years. During that time we've tried just about everything in bed that a couple can muster. But last night was different, and I think it's something that I'm going to try again.

Josh is a great lover, and always makes sure that my needs are met. He usually focuses all of his attention on making me feel oh so good. He knows just what to do to make my toes curl. All he asks for in return is that when it's his turn to cum, I focus on his orgasm completely. Which I am more than happy to do, because I love him so much.

Josh has a fetish I think. When we first started having sex after four months of dating, he showed me things that I never could have imagined on my own. One of those things was the "cum facial." You see, I was a virgin when I met Josh, but he had been in the Army before starting college and was pretty experienced when it came to sex. It took him a while to get me to try a facial, and I will never forget the first time we tried it. He was so nervous asking me, it was really cute. We had just come back from the bars, and I was feeling pretty tipsy. So after a long time making love, as he was getting close, he asked me "do you want to try something new?" I was still new to the whole sex thing and was exited to try anything that I hadn't yet experienced.

"Sure baby," I cooed, "what do you mean?"

"Well, I'm getting really close. You feel so good, baby," he said as he laid on top of me, his hips gyrating ever so slightly.

"So what are you waiting for?" I asked with a mischievous grin.

"Well, I was hoping to do something when I came. Do you think I can cum on your face?"

Now this was a surprise. I didn't quite know what to think, so I just kind of mumbled "okay."

He pulled out of me and got onto his knees. He moved up my body, with his legs straddling my neck and shoulders, holding his hard dick in his right hand. I looked up at him with a little apprehension, not quite sure what to do. But then I saw him smiling at me and I knew that this was really turning him on, so I relaxed.

An inch from my eyes was Josh's big hard dick, which he was slowly stroking. I could tell that he was getting really close from the look on his face.

"Oh my God, Mary," he moaned. "Are you ready?"

I looked him right in the eye and said, "Go ahead. Go ahead and cum on my face."

As soon as I said the words, I could tell he was passing the point of no return. Suddenly I was very aware of how vulnerable I was, with my arms pinned to my side and his throbbing dick about to spurt cum on my face.

"Oh my God, Mary, I'm cumming..."

There is something I have neglected to mention about Josh. I think the reason he has this facial fetish is because when he has an orgasm, so much sperm comes out of his dick, it's just ridiculous. I've never been with anyone but him, but I think he is something special. Before this point I had usually used my hand to get him off, and each time I was amazed at how thick and sloppy his cumshots were. The first time I saw him cum, he was lying on his back and I was jerking him off. He shuddered, and then dumped what must have been a cup of semen all over his chest and stomach. So I think that the reason that he likes the facials is because he likes seeing my face completely covered in his jizz.

Which was exactly what happened. It was kind of cool really. He moaned so loud that I could have sworn the whole dorm heard it. I squinched up my face as he started to cum, and shut my eyes tight. And then I felt the first blast of his semen on my face.

It fell heavily right in the center of my face. I was so surprised by the warm spurt that I opened my eyes, just in time to see the second load burst from the purple head of his cock and coat my nose. I had to open my mouth to breathe because both of my nostrils got coated with those first two spurts. Josh looked down at me and I met his gaze as he continued to unload the juice from his heavy balls onto my face. His cumshot consisted of five thick spurts of cum, all of which just plopped down on my nose, cheeks and open lips. Some of it leaked into my now open mouth, and the pungent flavor of his seed coated my tongue.

My mind was racing. I couldn't believe I was doing this! It was just crazy. Finally Josh's orgasm subsided, and he stopped jerking his thick cock. The grin on his face was priceless. He rolled off of me and laid down, never breaking eye contact. He looked totally satisfied.

I on the other hand had a cup full of my boyfriend's sperm on my face. It was so warm and thick; it just stayed where he sprayed it. It was kind of weird lying there with a pile of cum on my face, but the way Josh looked at me and admired the work he had just done was kind of exciting. Still, I wasn't just going to wear his cum mask all night long.

"Can you get me a towel please?" I asked. He ran to the closet in a hurry.

So since then, I have come to realize that the cum facial is Josh's favorite way to enjoy his orgasm. He definitely has a fetish about it. I think that if he had his way, he would cum on my face every single time we made love. Which brings me to last night.

You see, last night, Josh and I got in a fight. It was over something so stupid, too. But if there is anything good that comes from a lover's quarrel, it's the make up sex. So after we taunted and annoyed each other for a few hours, and then eventually dropped it, I was feeling like "making up." And Josh was definitely up for it, too.

Keep in mind that four and a half years have passed since I lost my virginity. I now know exactly how to get Josh off: With my hands, my mouth, my words, my pussy, even my feet. I am not just some little naive girl trying to do whatever she can to accommodate a more experienced lover. I like to consider myself something of an expert.

I knew right away that Josh wanted to go crazy and just fuck me hard as hell. He was still mad about the argument, and wanted to get "some revenge" by tearing up my tight little pussy. But tonight was not going to be his to control. No, this was my night to call the shots. So I told him, with a dead serious look in my eye, "Tonight, you are going to give a facial like never before, you big dicked fucker. I'm going to get you off, and you're going to do exactly what I say."

He didn't say a word, just stared at me with a shocked look on his face. But I knew that he wanted to give me a big sloppy facial, so he let me get down to work without hesitation.

I started off by lubing up his big dick with a glob of Vaseline. I looked him in the eye while I stroked his thick member and said, "Tonight you are going to dump the biggest, thickest load of cum in your life. I'm going to spend the next hour getting you to the point of orgasm, and then backing off, and then back on it, and then off it, until you feel like you're going crazy. And then when I'm ready, I'm going to have you give the biggest facial ever."

Just by saying that, I knew he was already halfway to cumming. I know exactly how to get Josh off.

For one reason or another, hearing me talk dirty about his impending orgasm sends Josh into state of sexual frenzy. He loves to hear me talk dirty about facials and cum and anything related to his orgasm. So I gave him what he wanted; I have never been so dirty.

"Mmmm baby, are you building up a big fat load of cum in those balls of yours? Are you going to shoot that load all over?" He was eating it up. I would get him close, and then stop right on time, and just lightly stroke his throbbing cock, and then get him close again.

So how long did I keep this up for? 45 minutes. That's right, for 45 long minutes I brought my boyfriend up to the threshold of orgasm before backing off, only to bring him back again. I talked to him so dirty, for so long. I told him how badly I wanted to see his thick, gooey cum, and how I longed to see it spurt from the head of his fat dick. Each time he would get close, I would stop stroking and look him in the eye, saying "not yet baby. I want this to be the biggest load ever."

You see, I had him hooked. I knew he wouldn't cum before I told him to, because he wanted to give me a facial. And so for 45 minutes he endured the most excellent handjob I've ever given without cumming. Yes, he was building and building and building towards release, but I was going to be the one who would decide just when that would happen.

So finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, I was ready. I knew just what he wanted. We hadn't had sex in several days, so I knew that his cum load would be thick, stringy, and massive. And of course, by building up the pressure in his balls for 45 minutes, the longest I had spent just teasing him like that, I knew that this particular cumshot would be one to remember. Oh yeah, he was going to unload like never before.

"Okay, honey, are you ready for your facial? I asked in my sexiest voice. "Do you want to cum for me?"

"Oh yeah," He whimpered.

"Well then, why don't you show me just how much cum you have in those big heavy balls of yours," I replied. "Cum for me Josh. Shoot your cum out of the head of that big dick you have."

I was working him real good. I said so many nasty, sexy, dirty words, I think maybe the Pope would have cum. I stroked, and talked, and squeezed Josh's fat dick, and he squirmed and clenched and flexed until he stood at the brink of the most powerful orgasm of his life. And as he stood there, ready to explode, I stopped one more time.

"Oh No! What are you doing?" He asked with a panicked look on his face. I could tell that he was dying to cum.

"Don't worry Babe," I said with a mischievous grin. "I'm about to give you the best facial of your life. I just want to make sure that it's perfect."

"It's going to be perfect, believe me. I can't take this any more!" He replied with an exasperated look on his face.

"Oh, baby, don't worry, I'm going to take good care of you. Are you ready for your facial?" I asked in my sexiest voice.

"Oh yeah!" was his response..

"Okay, swing your legs off the bed, with your feet on the ground so I can suck you off."

I kneeled down on my knees between his thighs and began to kiss and nuzzle his throbbing penis with my full, pouty lips. I could feel Josh's dick jump and squeeze against my mouth, and I knew that the time had come for me to finish this boy off for good. I started jerking his slippery dick with my hand, right under the fat, purple head.

"Okay Josh," I said in my very sweetest, most innocent voice, "Are you ready for your facial?" I looked at him from my knees with my wide, blue eyes and rubbed the pre-cum from the tip of his member across my upper lip.

"Oh my God, Mary... Oh my God... Oh MY GOD..."

It was starting. He had reached the point of no return. The chain of events that had been sent into motion had now reached their conclusion, and Josh was about to unload a half pound of sperm from his enormous throbbing cock. But as I said in the beginning of this story, tonight was going to be different.

As he crossed over the point of no return, and the thick semen in his balls started it journey to the tip of his dick, I immediately wrapped both of my arms around Josh's thighs. He shot me a look of total surprise. I jumped to my feet, hoisted His legs skyward, and propped his naked body up against mine, his feet now flailing about above him. In one quick motion I reached around his body and grabbed his cock with a well lubricated hand. I could feel it jerking and pumping, building towards it's inevitable release. I started to jerk it violently, and suddenly I felt a surge of immense power.

Here I was, holding my boyfriend's body upside down, his spasming cock jumping in my hand, his body shuddering- The look on his face- something akin to horror, I think.

Here he was, suddenly heels over head, locked into the throws of passion, with a huge red dick pointed menacingly at his face.

It was time. I felt the telltale sign of throbbing muscles at the base of his dick sending him into orgasm. I spoke in a low, sulty voice.

"Looks like someone's going to get a taste of their own medicine." I said. "I've taken more facials from you than I can even count. So today, you're going to find out first hand just what it feels like to get a Josh @#$%^&* facial."

Josh was completely upright, his legs bent around my shoulders, his neck bent under the weight of his body, his face exposed and vulnerable. I looked down on him from between his up-ended legs like he had looked down on me so many times, and suddenly understood why he got such a kick out of giving me a facial.

I squeezed his cock in my hand and said "this is my dick, Josh. This is my cum. And now I'm going to give you the messiest facial of your life." Josh looked up at my face and the throbbing dick that was about to dump its contents all over him. The look of shock on his face will be something I remember always.

And then he came. I was aiming his beet-red penis right at the center of his face, and when it started cumming, it didn't stop for ten seconds. I looked down on Josh with satisfaction as the first thick, gooey glob of his sperm exploded from his cock and plopped messily upon his upper lip. His lips snapped shut. The second volley of cum rocketed out of his huge cockhead and splashed down across both eyes, forming hot white pools of goo in each socket. I could tell that Josh was having an amazing orgasm; his cum covered face was crinkled up in the throws of pleasure. But he was also getting a taste of what it feels like to be the one on the bottom, a feeling that he will be sure not to forget soon.

Josh's thick penis and heavy balls unleashed the most cum I have ever seen. Spurt after spurt of cum gushed out of the head of his cock, aided by my rapidly pumping hand. The first two spurts were thick and heavy, and plopped down like cake frosting on his surprised face. But after that, the next three were launched downwards onto him at high speed, splashing into his hair, eyebrows, and onto his lips.

And he just kept cumming. Glob after glob of sticky semen burst forth from his throbbing member, completely coating his face in a mask of hot gelatinous sperm. The last shot created a long, sloppy string of cum that connected Josh's face to the Dick that had just soaked it. I ran my hand down over the tip of his dick, sending a shudder through his whole body.

I look down at Josh. He is limp now, completely spent. I am amazed at the sheer volume of cum that now coats his face. His eyes are no longer visible, his nostrils glued shut, his lips coated by cum, his hair dotted by streaks of sticky white sperm.

A really, really big smile forms on my face.

"So honey, how did you like that?" I ask. Josh is silent.

"Tell me, Josh, did you like the huge facial I just gave you?" He doesn't speak, because if he did, his own cum would run into his mouth.

"I think I understand now why you enjoy giving me facials. This might just be something I could get used to," I say teasingly.

"Can you get me a towel please?"

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by Iamcurious99911/20/17

A Taste (so to speak) of His Own Medicine-or Cum.

What's sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander. Gives a whole new meaning to sexual intercourse as a shared experience, didn't it?

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