Mary's Story


He was penetrating me to the very core of my womanhood.

I thrashed as I could arms and legs flailing. I was crying hysterically.

The pain was so intense; my whole being was impaled on his ebony cock.

At the same time my orgasm unbelievably escalated. I saw kaleidoscope colors. Waves of sexual euphoria washed through every part of my body.

I lost all perception of time and place. How long I thrashed in combined pain and ecstasy, I never knew.

I was dimly aware of my insides being flooded with hot semen.

At some point I was aware that he had withdrawn. I still lay beneath him, an exhausted, sweaty, cum covered mess. I was panting trying to regain my breath.

I felt wonderful. I hurt. I was sore. I had no energy, but I was consumed by the warm glow left from the earth shattering orgasms I had just experienced.

Ken moved to lie on the bed beside me. I pressed my pale white body against his Blackness, content to just be in the presence of a man who could bring a woman to such heights.

I was in Nirvana. I should have been thinking about getting home to my family, but I never gave that a thought. I only wanted to be next to the man who had conquered me as no other man could.

I lay there, content. I slept the sleep of pure exhaustion.

It was early morning when I awoke to Ken lifting my leg and pressing his hardness against the petals of my vagina. My back was to him. He had an arm around and underneath me grasping and completely enveloping a breast in his huge hand.

With a great sigh he forced his thick member deep into my vagina still slick with his semen.

I left out an involuntary cry as he pressed himself against my cervix. He stopped there and began to make love to me with great long strokes.

I was very sore from his last assault, but was soon overwhelmed by more huge orgasms.

He pounded me, pulling me tight against his rock hard body.

I just lay there quivering from recurring orgasms that shook my entire body and whimpering. I had no idea what it was like to be taken by a real man. I didn't want it to stop.

How long we lay there, his huge Black cock plunging over and over again into my small white body I have no idea. I was in another place. My mind was driven to a place of orgasmic bliss by the combination of pain and extraordinary stimulation provided by his huge cock.

Eventually I felt him slow and groan as I felt his hot Black seed pump into me, filling my womb from the very back of my vagina.

Never before had I actually felt any other man cum inside me, but Ken came so hard, I could feel each blast of his hot Negro cum. Each blast triggering another orgasmic wave.

"Oh God I love you," I murmured as he withdrew.

"I know you do woman," he responded. "You belong to me now."

I fell right back asleep, but it was more like an orgasm induced coma.

I didn't regain consciousness until mid morning. Even though my vagina and abdomen were very sore, I felt marvelous. I just wanted to lie in bed and stroke my swollen clitoris, which I did for perhaps half an hour.

Finally forcing myself to get up, I noticed a pile of hundred's on Ken's pillow. Quite a tip, I thought to myself as I surveyed the scene.

Recalling that I had a family I retrieved my cell phone. I was so sore it hurt to just take a few steps. It felt as if I had been hit in the stomach with a baseball bat.

Ignoring the many messages and voice mails, I called Ben.

He sounded frantic when he answered. "Where are you; are you OK?"

"I'm fine." I murmured.

"I've been worried sick. Why didn't you come home? Why didn't you call?" Anger was creeping into his voice.

"I just wasn't able to until now." I responded softly.

"What do you mean, not able to?" Ben challenged, his voice rising.

"I'll be home in a few hours," I replied as I closed my cell phone.

Then I lay back down on the semen stained bed that smelled of Ken. I reached my fingers between my legs, and as I began caressing myself, I thought of how beautiful it was to be a complete woman. I thought about how right it was to belong to Kefentse!

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