tagMind ControlMasochistica Concerto Ch. 01

Masochistica Concerto Ch. 01


Part I. The Advert

Do you need $5000?:Participate in a psychological study for 5 days and be compensated immediately in cash!

Sarah's light blue eyes flicked across the poster for the fifth time that morning as she chewed her lip nervously, straddling the precipice of indecision. The psychology department's study lounge was as empty as she'd ever seen it, as if the universe was urging her to make the call. She ejected a small sigh of determination and pulled out her telephone to dial the number listed on the page. A voice replied, cool and clinical but not entirely unfriendly, "AD Research -- Roger speaking. How may I help you?"

She paused, only for a moment. The warm professionalism of the voice had served to soothe her tangled nerves, "Good afternoon. I saw a poster in the student's lounge with a call for participants for a study. It says that participants will be compensated with $5000?"

"Yes, that is correct" the male voice on the other line replied.

"I'd like to participate in your study, if any spots are left" Sarah said definitively.

"We would love to have you. When would you be available to participate?"

"As soon as possible."

She heard the voice laugh, or perhaps she had just imagined it -- his reply came swiftly, "Great. We can start tomorrow, on Monday. Please present yourself at our clinic no later than 1 PM. Inform your family members and friends that you will be unavailable for the next 5 days -- you will be sleeping at the research center. You will return on Friday evening at 6pm."

"Should I bring anything other than clean clothes and toiletries?"

"You do not need to bring anything at all. We will provide everything".

Sarah thought that sounded a bit odd, but didn't take much notice. Her mind was still focused on the money, and if anything seemed at all out of the ordinary she could simply walk right out the door. She attempted to sound chipper and confident, "Great, I will see you tomorrow then."

"Thank you for your interest. We look forward to meeting you tomorrow".

Part II. The Clinic

Sarah knocked three times on the door. The building looked less like a medical center and more like a house.

She was excited, but anxious. Everything had been taken care of -- she had told her roommate that she would be away for a few days and switched shifts at her part time job at the library. She had also texted Adam, her boyfriend, to let him know she would be unavailable that week. That had not gone as well as she'd hoped.

Sarah went over the text exchange in her mind:

Hey Adam! I am going to be away until Friday because I am participating in a psychological study. Want to catch a movie Friday night when I return?

Adam had replied: Sure. Who is organizing the study?

Sarah couldn't remember the name that was on the poster -- was it CBC Research?

So she replied: Some research center. They're offering $5000!

She expected Adam to be fairly impressed with her find. So his response surprised her: Which one? You should probably look into them first to make sure you aren't being scammed.

This message made Sarah nervous. Maybe she was being scammed. Maybe there was no hope for her to pay off her student debt. But then another thought came to her: maybe Adam was just jealous that she had found a way to get rid of debt quickly and painlessly. They were both struggling month after month with school tuition, rent and food. How often had they talked about a simple solution to their problems? That must be it. He was jealous that she had thought of this and not him. She pushed the fears the text message had implanted out of her mind.

Standing now in front of the research center, she couldn't help but notice that it looked more like a house. Adam's concerns tickled the back of her mind. She had expected a small clinic, not a private residence. Before she had time to consider leaving, the door opened an orderly greeted her.

"You must be Sarah. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Robert - We spoke by phone."

The orderly wore pastel green scrubs and was, to put it simply, handsome. He was tall, maybe six feet, and his posture permitted the faintest hint of well built chest and arms to strain the light fabric of his top. His dark brown hair was short but well manicured, and his long lashed amber eyes peered down at her with obvious intelligence and just the right amount of arrogance. His features, young and slender carried a five o'clock shadow well. Sarah felt herself grow meek before him.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Robert. I'm Sarah," she said in a voice that waivered slightly.

They shook hands.

"Allow me to take your coat - and come in!"

Sarah handed Robert her parka and walked into the building. She placed her boots on a mat near the door. The hospitality she was being afforded so far smothered her doubts and, as Sarah looked around, the last of her fears were put to rest. The room she had stepped into looked identical to the waiting room of a doctor's office: tile floors, plastic chairs, non-descript water colours and dispersed magazines. Directly in from of her was a closed door with a plastic window. Through the window, she could see the blurry outline of examination rooms. The only aspect of the place that seemed different from a doctor's office was the curved wooden staircase on the left. This looked more like that of a house. "Perhaps it leads up to the rooms where the patients sleep," she wondered.

"Sarah, why don't you take a seat in our waiting room. I'll be back shortly with some tea and the papers we need to go through before we can get started".

"Sure," Sarah said. She eased into one of the plastic chairs and plucked a Time from the pile of dog-eared magazines that seemed to populate every doctor's office in the world. Robert returned a few minutes later with a teapot, two cups and a clipboard. Sarah put down the magazine. Robert delicately placed these items on the table before the plastic chairs, followed by a cup of tea. He then gestured to the clipboard:

"This is the contract you must sign if you wish to participate in our study. Let me summarize it for you: in short it says that you must stay here for three days time and willingly participate in all testing activities. In exchange you will be compensated with $5000. By signing this form, you agree not to leave before the experiment is completed. Is this clear?"

Sarah nodded and read the contract herself for good measure. Thinking of how exciting it would be to be debt free, she signed the dotted line and dated the form. She then returned it to Robert.

"Thank you" he said in his sugary voice. I will give these forms to Dr. Kremis and will return for you shortly. Do you have any questions for me at this time?

Sarah thought for a moment, and then asked:

"What type of research will I be participating in?"

Without skipping a beat, Robert replied: "Dr Kremis is interested in physical response to sensory and auditory stimulation".

Sarah nodded.

"Do you have any other questions?"

She shook her head.

"Great. I will be with you during all of the examinations and tests while you stay here at AD Research. If at any time you have a question, you should feel free to ask me. Please direct all of your questions to me though, not to the doctor. It is best that way."

Robert left the room and Sarah returned to her magazine. She flipped through the battered pages, her mouth suddenly dry. She remembered little of what she read, and sighed in relief when he returned a few minutes later.

"Please follow me, Sarah. We will begin your examination now."

Sarah walked through the open door that Robert held and entered a short corridor. On the right were 5 examination rooms. On the left was a large bookcase filled with overflowing medical files. It looked like an ordinary doctor's office.

Robert led Sarah into the first examination room. "There is a hospital gown on the bed. Please put it on. I will return in a few minutes."

Robert closed the door. Sarah stripped, feeling a bit nervous for a reason she couldn't quite pinpoint. The examination room was sparsely decorated but had all the typical paraphernalia of a physician's office. Little glass jars held tongue depressors and balls of gauze, and sickly bio-hazard container accompanied a clear plastic container of fresh syringes.

There was a single mirror in the far corner, and Sarah looked herself over as she measured the gown against her naked body. She was small and lithe, standing only 5"2. Her perky breasts were a bit smaller than she liked, but they still stood out on her lean body. Her skin had a hint of tan that suited her wavy, chestnut brown hair. She was pretty, but had always dressed like a librarian - and not the sexy kind. Adam frequently mentioned that her frumpy fashion sense concealed curvaceous hips and a thick, firm ass. It was her favorite feature, and she turned to admire herself in the mirror as she slipped the paper gown on and sat on the bed. Sarah made a face at the mirror to ease her anxiety, and noticed with pleasure the thick pout of her rosy lips and the clear blue of her eyes. She hoped Robert had noticed too.

The room was cold and she suddenly felt a bit sheepish. She was sure her hard nipples were visible through the thin paper. She sat erect on the bed, waiting.

Robert knocked, then entered, carrying a clipboard. He sat down on the rolling chair in the left of the room, a chair placed before an oak desk. He coughed into his balled fist, "I will start by going through the order of events for the day. First I am going to get your background information, which is useful for our data collection. Then, Dr. Kremis will come in and we will conduct a medical examination. After the examination, we will run your first tests. After the tests, you will be served supper and have some free time in your room to watch television, read and rest. We will recommence testing tomorrow morning afternoon. Is everything clear?"

Sarah nodded.

"Great," he said smoothly as ever. "Then let's begin".

"Name?" "Sarah" "Age?" "20" "Eating habits?" "Good. I'm vegetarian, but have never been anemic." "Any medical complaints?" "No." "When did your menstruations start?" "When I was 14." She tried not to grow red. "Have you ever had an operation?" "Just once to take my appendix out." "Are you on any medication?" "Birth control" "Do you drink or smoke?" "Just recreationally." "Any psychological disorders or chronic medical conditions?" "No" "Are you sexually active?" "Yes" "What type of activities do you do?"

She had never been asked this question before by a doctor and felt suddenly shy. Robert looked dead serious though, and not the slightest bit uneasy. He may as well have been asking her about her favorite brand of shampoo. "Umm...touching and oral..." "No penetration?" "Not yet," she said in a small voice. "Are you a virgin?" "Yes" she said, extremely red now. "Do you masturbate?"

Sarah said nothing.

"Sarah, you agreed to participate willingly in our study. So I will ask you again, do you masturbate?" His soft face acquired a sort of hardness Sarah had not previously detected. "Yes" she whispered. "That is all, then" Robert said. "I will return shortly for your medical exam." Robert closed the door behind him.

Sarah felt on edge now. Those questions had made her uneasy -- she didn't like talking about sex with anyone other than Adam, and she was even a bit shy with him. "Chill out," she told herself. "They're doctors, they have to ask those sorts of things."

She took some steady breaths to calm herself . She let herself think about Adam, his beautiful messy hair, his piercing eyes and his strong but loving grasp. She already missed him.

A few minutes later, the door opened. Robert walked in. A young man with striking green eyes followed in his wake. He was dressed in a flawless white lab-coat. She had never thought such an inocuous garment could convey such authority, but there it was.

"Sarah, this is Dr. Kremis". Dr Kremis put out his hand, but did not make eye contact with her. He shook her hand vigorously. "Dr. Kremis had read your file and will now begin your examination." Sarah nodded. "Please step down from the examination bed."

Sarah hopped down.

"Undress the patient." Dr Kremis said flatly.

Before Sarah knew what was happening, Robert was behind her, lifting the paper gown off her head. She was naked and cold before these two strange men. Her nipples grew harder. She was shivering.

"Weight" Dr Kremis said.

Robert led Sarah onto the scale in the room and she followed obsequiously. "112 pounds" Robert said. Dr Kremis scribbled this down. Sarah was led off the scale.

"Blood pressure" Dr Kremis said again. Robert attached a cuff around her arm. "107" he said.

"Heart rate" said Dr Kremis. Robert pulled a stethoscope out of his pocket and placed it on her breast. Sarah felt a strange chill travel through her as the cold metal made contact with her nipple. "102"

"Measurements" said Dr Kremis. Robert whipped a metal ruler out of his pocket placed it between her two eyes. He called out a number and quickly moved the ruler between her two ears, her hareline and chin, taking the most unusual measurements of her face, all the while calling out numbers that Dr Kremis quickly recorded. Soon the ruler left her face and he took other measurements: distance between shoulder blades, chin to navel, nose to feet, nipple to nipple. Sarah felt like a piece of cattle being appraised. She felt increasingly uneasy.

"Get up on the bed,"said Robert.

Sarah felt herself relax. The measurements must be over now.

"Open your legs," he said.

Terrified, she did as she was told. Robert brought the collapsing ruler between her legs and began opening and closing it, taking all sorts of measurements. He muttered numbers that the doctor took down. As Robert continued to measure her, Sarah felt some strange begin to happen. She noticed that her cheeks were warm and that she was beginning to grow wet.

"Patient is secreting, doctor" said Robert. Sarah flushed. Dr. Kremis noted this too.

"You may close your legs now Sarah," said Robert walking away. She did, shivering from shame, fear -- and something else she could not not identify.

"Come take a look at the measurements a moment," Dr Kremis said. Sarah turned over onto her side and watched Robert join the doctor at the desk. She then heard him mutter in a low voice, "Do you think she is too tight for the tests to function?" Robert was silent a moment. "Borderline," he responded softly. "I say we give it a go anyway."

Sarah could not begin to fathom what they were discussing.

"Great," said Dr Kremis in a normal tone now. "That leaves only the sensitivity testing".

Robert opened a cabinet under the examination table and took out an electric box with probes attached. He stuck probes to her ear, neck, nipples, nose, and tummy.

"Open your legs" said Robert. Sarah spread them open and he attached another one to her clit and placed one deep inside her cunt. She felt it grow wetter. He placed another on her anus.

Dr Robert pressed a button on the machine. "High sensitivity readings on her ears, nipples, clitoris and vagina." He said mechanically.

Dr. Kremis took all this down. Robert removed the probes.

"We will come back in a few minutes for testing," said Robert.

Then he and Dr Kremis left the room. The door slammed shut.

Sarah sat up as soon as they left. A damp stain had formed on the parchment covering the hospital bed, beneath the place where her legs had opened. She felt disgusted with herself and violated.

She knew now that Adam was right, this was no ordinary psychological study. She had been hoodwinked. But just thinking of Adam made her feel worse. His warm face came to her suddenly, and she had wanted nothing more than to be held in his arms. But she was completely unworthy of him. They had promised to be faithful to each other, and here she was, a slut, her body telling doctors she was theirs. She felt sick.

She understood now that the tests concerned her sexuality. She wanted no part in this. Not even $5000 was worth this feeling of complete violation, horror and shame. She needed to get out.

She knew she didn't have long to act. She quickly dressed and turned the doorknob. It was locked.

Her breathing quickened. She looked around the room for a window -- there was none.

She had only one other choice: she would have to make a run for it when Dr. Kremis and Robert opened the door.

She waited, her back flat against the wall next to the door.

She heard footsteps approaching.

The door opened.

Dr Kremis entered.

Sarah bolted.

Robert tackled her to the ground. He was waiting for her in the hallway.

"Patient attempted to make an escape." He called to Dr Kremis. "I've got her".

Robert lifted Sarah as though she weighed no more than a pillow and flung her onto the examination room table.

"Usually takes them a few more hours before they try to escape" Dr Kremis noted.

Robert started to undress Sarah, but she fought back kicking and spitting and screaming.

"Doctor, I think I better use the restraints".

"Yes, I suppose so. Though I do like to wait until the second day to take those out."

Before Sarah could understand what was happening, Robert had blindfolded her. He put her arms above her head and secured them in cold metal restraints that must have been attached to the bed. She continued to struggle, but Robert was much stronger than her. He ripped her clothes off her body. And pulled her leg wide. They too were placed in metal restraints. Sarah screamed.

"Get the patient to shut up Robert".

Sarah felt some sort of gag being forced into her mouth.

"Well now that that is sorted out, we'd best start the testing. Insert the moisture detector".

Sarah felt a small, slender instrument resembling a q-tip being inserted in her cunt. She squirmed but it was no use.

"Start the music" said Kremis.

A tape player clicked and a piano concerto started.

"I will start with the ears", said Kremis. "Stand by the moisture detector and take measurements I don't want to miss anything".

Sarah felt her heart pounding in her chest. Suddenly she felt a soft feeling on her ears, moist and smooth. Like lips. But a bit less authentic. It moved in and out of each crevice gently, soft as rain. She felt her cheeks growing warm.

"Arousal has started," noted Robert. "Patient responding with high moisture readings to the vaporizer."

Sarah suddenly remembered where she was -- those were not Adam's lips on her ear, but some medical instrument. She felt shame wash through her again as she felt her arousal glistening on her swollen lips.

"I will use the electrolizer on the right ear now," said Dr Kremis. Suddenly she felt a searing pain in her ear. Sarah screamed, but no sound came out. The pain stopped, and the lovely feeling on her left ear continued. The pain started again. But this time it felt different -- strangely -- pleasurable. She started sighing deeply.

"Patient's arousal level increasing with inclusion of pain element. Secretions high."

"Excellent. I will add the nipple stimulation".

Sarah felt her nipples pinched between something that felt like a clothespin. She screamed, but, to her surprise, it was not a yelp of pain. It was a moan of pleasure.

"Arousal level increasing steadily doctor. Patient's secretions are dripping everywhere though..."

She felt her juices dribbling between her legs to gather between the bed and her ass.

"I will add the clitoral stimulation quickly so as not to lose momentum"

A buzzing started between Sarah's legs. Her pleasure grew and grew -- she felt far away from the office, from the world, she was just melting into a pool of pleasure. Her body was heaving up and down and she was moaning and sighing deeply. The music reverberated in her mind. She had become nothing more than an animal.

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