tagLoving WivesMasquerade in Venice Ch. 02

Masquerade in Venice Ch. 02


Masquerade in Venice – The Seductions

This is a continuation of a story – Masquerade in Venice. To appreciate this Chapter, it would be best to read the first story to get a good feel for the situation and context. The characters in this story are also in “One is not Enough.” The author appreciates comments and suggestions from readers. These stories are based upon mostly real life situations and fantasies to be enacted in the future – only the names have been changed to protect the “guilty”!

They spent the next day doing the sightseeing that they had planned out prior to their trip. Back in their room about 4pm, both jumped into the large shower together to remove the sweat and grime of walking through the hot and humid city in the latter part of summer.

“What do expect to happen tonight?” asked Ian as he watched Sherri shave her legs. “I know we fantasize about making love with other couples from time to time but Sergio and Gabriella didn’t look that wild a couple”, he added somewhat as a casual afterthought.

Sherri replied, “Baby, they specifically came into the hotel bar to meet a couple like us and I had the feeling it was us that they were expecting! You saw the way she was dressed and how suave and sexy he was. And, don’t forget about all the touching and stares. So, I don’t think they are the typical ‘Ozzie and Harriet’ couple of Venice but on the other hand not quite the ‘Osborne’s’ either”. She chuckled and she looked at him. “I think you are getting a little nervous about what could possibly happen tonight. Remember, you are the one who accepted the invitation so fast without asking me at the bar last night,” she added.

Ian recalled the meeting in the hotel bar the previous evening. He thought it was a nice touch when he received a phone message from the hotel management offering a free drink to them at the hotel bar, compliments of the management.

They immediately met Gabriella and Sergio within minutes of sitting at the bar and before long they were invited to a Masquerade party the following night.

“I know I did and I think the drinks made me feel a little more comfortable and unaware. I don’t know if strange men having sex with you without me around is something good for us as a couple”, replied Ian, looking at his beautiful wife’s body and imagining strange hands roaming over it at will .

Sherri stood up next to him, putting her razor on the side of the tub and slipped her tongue into his mouth and said, “Honey, you are the love of my life. I love you so much. Nothing, I mean nothing, could change the way I feel about you and our deep love and respect for each other. Don’t worry about other men; I will be with you the entire night.”

She then smiled in her seductive way and said, “You will forget all about your anxiety about me when you see sexy Gabriella again and if you get really lucky you might see the both of us together. I think she likes me and you know how it goes; you can’t predict what is going to happen in advance between two sexy women.”

At that moment she turned around and bent over giving him a view of back her heart shaped ass and legs that she knew drove him absolutely crazy. He immediately pressed his aroused cock against her and put his hands on either side of her hips.

“Whoa, cowboy, you’ll need all your ammunition tonight after the party with me.” She seductively said as she escaped his grasp ands stood up facing him with a sly smile. Sherri was the type who didn’t purposely seek out sexual situations but once she was ‘immersed’ in one she put her qualms and reservations to the side and went with the flow of the moment.

Ian smiled and kissed her on her lips and said, “Okay, I won’t worry about anything except seeing you at the party and being with you. I know I’ll be able to pick you out of a crowd of even 1000 women. Let’s look for one another as soon as we arrive at the party and we’ll go from there,” Ian felt better knowing Sherri would be with him throughout the party………..or so he thought………

Both went down to the lobby at 6pm. Sherri was wearing a mini-shirt and tank shirt combination with her 3 inch heels. She looked stunning and sexy with her large and firm breasts spilling out of her push up bra. She couldn’t help herself looking as good as she possibly could be even though they were going to a masquerade party. Ian was wearing a sport coat and slacks with a black dress tee shirt.

The very attractive young man and woman that were waiting for them and introduced themselves as Patrizia and Marco as they stood up and approached them from a nearby sofa. Both were college students from the university in Milan and their English skills were very good. Marco was very well built man, in his mid twenties, who looked like he spent more than an average amount of time in the weight room. He was handsome with black curly hair and sparkling blue eyes and was dressed completely in black. Patrizia was a beauty who sizzled at first sight. Ian immediately noticed her outstanding figure with very pronounced and large breasts and a beautiful pair of high heeled pumps. She was wearing a short black skirt and a very expensive red silk top.

“We want to give you each something that will allow you to recognize each other at the party”, said Patrizia as she reached into a velvet case. She removed a beautiful gold and silver choker and placed it around Sherri’s neck.

Sherri looked in the mirror in the hotel lobby and said, “It is beautiful. I would love to be able to afford something as nice as this some day”, turning from side to side admiring it in the mirror.

“It is yours to keep, Senora. It is a gift to you from Senora Del Angelo.” said Patrizia

As Sherri was admiring the beautiful piece of jewelry, Marco opened a small box and handed a surprised Ian a small emerald ring with small diamond clusters. It fit perfectly on his right ring finger.

“At tonight’s party, you will be able to find and recognize each other by looking for these pieces of jewelry. These parties can be quite crowded and confusing with people blending together very easily”, Marco said with a grin.

Marco added, “If you have never been to a Masquerade Party in Venice before, then you will find it very different than any in the entire world. First of all, everyone wears costumes and full face masks. Sometimes you have no idea who is speaking to who…..a famous actor, beautiful actress, politician or whatever!”

Sherri replied, “This sounds like it is going to be fun. Ian let me look at the ring closely so I know what to look for later on.” As Ian extended his right hand, he thought again how easy it would be to pick Sherri out in the crowded party or how Sherri could recognize him given his height and stature and now the distinctive ring. He inwardly relaxed knowing he would be with his wife during the entire party.

As Ian and Sherri kissed each other goodbye, at least for a few hours to prepare for the party separately, Ian walked towards Marco and asked him how far to their destination. This was to be his first shock of the night. The young man told Ian with a big smile that his escort was the beautiful and very erotic Patrizia and that he, Marco, was taking Sherri to Gabriella’s home.

“We will all meet at the party around 22.00 hours or I think 10 o’clock as you say in America,” Marco added.

With that said he walked over to Sherri, offered his arm and led her to the revolving door of the lobby. Both of them, turned around, and waved to the stunned and unbelieving Ian and his very nubile and sexy Italian escort.

Patrizia noticed his look and said “Don’t worry she is in good hands with Marco”, not realizing herself the truth of the double entendre.

Patrizia was no more than 22 years old and she told Ian that she was not from Venice or Milan but from the Naples area originally. She noticed his stunned look as he looked at his wife cross the square arm-in-arm with the young stud Marco walking like a peacock with his wife and had the feeling that he wasn’t listening to her but had his mind on his wife.

“Do not worry about your beautiful wife…she will be treated very, very nice. I will take care of you and get you ready for the party tonight. You know how we women are, Senor, we need to be pampered and spoiled all the time. She will be in a very good mood for the party in a few hours. Can we have a drink at the bar together?” Patrizia asked him as she grazed his arm with her left breast as she wrapped her arm in his and steered him to the bar where it all started the previous night with Sergio and Gabriella San Angelo.

At that moment, he became aware of the sexuality and strong personality of the young beautiful Italian woman walking beside him, who he thought, until just moments before, would be accompanying his wife to the pre-party. He had been so engrossed with thinking about Sherri that he hadn’t noticed the sexy woman except in passing.

“I just love older men like you who have so much wisdom but retain their looks and vigor”, she said as she slipped onto the bar stool and crossed her legs giving him a view of her inner thighs.

The rest of the patrons turned their heads in the bar as they walked through the glass doors and looked at this very different but sexy couple. Patrizia’s long dark brunette hair with its natural perm and her short skirt and 3 inch Italian pumps blended easily with middle age Ian’s casual European style. He must be paying very much to spend the evening with such a beautiful local woman, they thought collectively, assuming that the young woman was a very high priced escort that were very numerous in the higher priced hotels of Venice.

Ian focused his mind and looked at her for what seemed the first time. He gazed at her dark and sexy eyes that appeared to hungrily and intensely be staring into his green sparkling eyes. After a second or two, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well”, he stopped looking down at her beautiful tanned legs, “I traded one beautiful woman for another so I really can’t complain…. can I now?”

“You will never complain about your time with me” she cooed in her Italian accented English. “No one ever has yet” she added in a low voice as she re-crossed her legs and slowly rubbed her heel across his slacks.

Sherri’s Story

It was only a five minute walk to Gabriella’s home which was only a few short blocks from St. Mark’s square. Sherri felt strange walking with the handsome young man. His arms were so hard and he had black hair with sparkling blue eyes. A little shorter than Sherri with her heels on, she felt very secure and comfortable with this man who looked like he could have posed for one of those Greek or Roman statues she has been seeing in all the Venetian museums.

“I will be assisting you to get ready for the party. I’ll be available to help you anyway you desire tonight. I am a masseuse also and Gabriella told me to make you a relaxed woman,” said Marco. With his Italian accent it sounded so sensual and the thought of a massage to Sherri was at the moment better than sex……….little did she know.

The door to the palazzo was opened by another young man who was dressed in a tuxedo. He led Sherri and Marco through the large entry hall into an intimate sitting room, one of several off the hall. “Can I get you something to drink, signora?” asked the young man. Before she could answer he continued, “Mrs. Del Angelo recommends her favorite for you. Would you like a glass brought to you now?”

Sherri said she would be delighted to have the special drink and then Marco excused himself and said he would return to give her a massage when she was ready.

Within a couple of minutes, Sherri was contently sipping her Compari and soda and admiring the paintings and beautiful objects in the room. She heard the strains of a Vivaldi concerto echoing through the numerous rooms of the house. She thought that this home was so beautiful and there was an aura of class and refinement as she touched an antique vase. This vase looks like it is hundreds of years old, she thought to herself, admiring a scene painted on its side that looked like an ancient Roman orgy with nymphs and little men with erect penises.

While she was it the middle of her thoughts, she heard light footsteps and as she turned she saw Gabriella walk into the room. She was dressed in black, floor length, transparent negligee with two inch black pump heels. Her large breasts were very visibly outlined as was the black g-string she was wearing. Her hair was up in a towel and her makeup was minimal. She walked across the room and kissed Sherri on both cheeks.

“I am so glad you made it” Gabriella said. She mentioned that she and Sergio felt that she and Ian might decide not to come to the party. After a few more minutes of small talk and Sherri thanking her for the necklace, Gabriella grabbed Sherri’s hand and led her up the stairs. “We need to get you more comfortable and out of these clothes so you can prepare for the evening like the spoiled creatures that we are.” Gabriella smiled.

In the large guest bedroom, Gabriella walked with Sherri to the large bedroom window and they looked to the canal below them. On the bed was a negligee similar to Gabriella but red in color but not quite so transparent. “I thought we could get ready together and that you would love this outfit”, Gabriella said turning towards the bed and said, “After you change and have a massage, I want to introduce you to some of my friends who will be getting ready on the third floor. Let me help you get out of these clothes.”

Sherri was starting to feel the effects of the drink. Her body was tingling and she wondered if it was the drink or the decadent and refined atmosphere that she had walked into with the red walls and nudes scattered around the house. Gabriella was standing, in her transparent gown, in front of her and reaching around and unfastening her bra, fumbling in unclasping by reaching around Sherri. As the bra was released, her breasts momentarily brushed against Gabriella’s breasts through the negligee. Looking into her eyes, Gabriella leaned into Sherri and kissed her sensuously and passionately on the lips and as Sherri’s mouth opened she pulled her closer to her breasts.

After one minute of intense dancing of their two tongues, delicately searching the depths of each other’s mouth, Gabriella stepped back and admired the American beauty. Sherri’s breasts were even better than she imagined….very large with beautiful areolas and erect nipples. She took both her breasts in her hands and slowly massaged them.

“Have you been with a woman before, Sherri?” asked the beautiful Italian woman.

“Yes, a few times but always in a group situation, never alone with a woman by myself”, replied Sherri staring into the eyes and lips of the woman massaging her breasts.

“If you lived in Venice, we would be spending many afternoons together while our men were away,” Gabriella whispered as she moved her hand down to Sherri’s thong covered pussy.

Sherri jumped at first but it felt so good that she closed her eyes and licked her red lip lips with her tongue and allowed the sensations to engulf her. “That feels so good, rubbing my breasts and my clit at the same time” she almost shouted coming out of her semi-conscious trance

Gabriella knelt down on the carpet and pulled Sherri’s thong slowly down her legs. She kissed her just above her clitoris and said “I wanted to do this at the hotel last night. You are more beautiful than I ever imagined”, whispered Gabriella as Sherri lay back on the bed. Sherri spread her legs and allowed Gabriella to sample more of her shaved and totally bald private parts. Gabriella inserted her finger into Sherri’s wet pussy and lightly licked her clit with a light flicking motion. After a few minutes of this teasing by Gabriella, she climbed up on the bed and started to kiss Sherri’s neck and lips and started to concentrate on sucking and biting her breasts while continuing to finger her pussy.

“Suck and bite my nipples”, Sherri gasped.

Gabriella took the nipple of her right breast and gently sucked on her nipple and then looking at Sherri in the eye bit down on it with her teeth. She continued doing this with both of her large breasts for several more minutes.

Sherri was on fire and wanted a release in the worst way.

“Gabriella, please make me cum…I need you to use your tongue on me”, Sherri cried.

Gabriella alternated between her left and right breasts while fingering her pussy with her long red nails. Her tongue left her breasts and she played with Sherri’s navel piercing for a few seconds, pulling the little barbell between her teeth. Finally, she placed her lipstick smeared mouth over Sherri’s clitoris and inserted a second and third finger in her pussy. With her other hand, she slowly circled Sherri’s anus her long fingernail and slowly and gently inserted the finger into the very tight but receptive orifice after lubing it with her finger.

After a few minutes of alternating with sucking and flicking her clit and pumping her pussy and ass with her fingers, Sherri felt an orgasm building and overtaking every cell in her body.

UMMMMMMMMMMM AAHHHHH HHHHOOOOOLY FUUUUUCCK”, Sherri screamed and shook her head back and forth as an intense orgasm racked her body causing her ass to bounce up and down on the bed.

After a few seconds she collapsed backwards with every nerve ending in her body tingling and sensitive. When she opened her eyes a few minutes later, Gabriella was lying on the bed next to her and kissing her forehead and whispering in her ear, “Are you all right…. la maggior parte della donna bella?

“Yes, I feel soooo good”, replied Sherri.

“That’s great because it is time for you to have your massage….you will very relaxed and ‘loosened’ up for the party tonight” said Gabriella.

“But I want to take care of you too” whispered the American as she reached over and touching one of Gabriella’s breasts.

“Don’t worry……orgasms will not be a problem tonight for me. You will see for yourself. I will be with you tonight”. Gabriella smiled and leaned over a kissed Sherri on the lips. She added, raising herself off the bed, “Relax for a few minutes before your massage.”

About a half hour later and semi-awake, Sherri felt someone else in the room. She looked up from her fetal position on the bed to see Marco and another young woman.

“It’s time for your massage and Nina has brought you something more to drink,” said Marco. Sherri looked at the young couple. Marco was wearing a pair of black silk boxers, a black tank top that showed off his heavily muscular arms and he was setting up a massage table. Nina, about nineteen or twenty, was wearing white flowing long pants with a white tank top. It was tight and transparent enough to see her breasts and nipples. She was blond with brown eyes and very attractive. Sitting up, Sherri instinctively covered herself with the sheet over her breasts and took the glass from Nina. She felt incredibly alert and aware of her body still tingling and sensitive. She was so thirsty that she gulped the drink down in two gulps.

“Nina, please get the signora some more to drink while we start the massage” said Marco as he prepared the table for Sherri’s to lie down upon.

As Sherri arose from the bed, she noticed Marco’s eyed widen as she approached the table, feebly holding the sheet to her body. As she lay down, Marco said, “Gabriella asked me to give you a relaxing massage and to prepare you for the party. After the massage, Nina will help you get ready. She is an artist when it comes to makeup. I will start the massage now. You will like, signora.”

The massage started on her calves and she quickly feel into a light sleep. She was dreaming of being at a big party and being the center of attention of all the guests. She felt many hands on her, massaging her breasts, and being penetrated simultaneously by several men at the same time. She noticed Ian to the side of her and he was fucking the young Italian girl, Patrizia, which met them at the hotel. Ian was standing between her legs as she lay on a table and was holding her by her ankles. Both were staring and smiling at Sherri as Ian pumped the girl forcefully over and over again. Then a man placed a big penis in Sherri’s mouth and started to fuck her mouth and she slowly swallowed him inch by inch. This seemed to go on for a few minutes when she felt a finger massaging her clitoris as she continued to suck on the cock.

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